Sunday 4 / 16 / 00 — 8:56 a.m.

[Note: The first part of this dream ended up predicting a future situation that would unfold in the next two and a half weeks. A man whom we shall call “T”, an acquaintance of David’s, was rather intensely asked to leave by JV, another mutual acquaintance.

T ended up staying at David’s house for over two weeks and both understood that it ended up feeling like an imposition.]


D: This was a long and interesting dream series. I have now been asleep for about six hours, which is not really enough but it is a very good start. Apostol featured in heavily. He was in an apartment with me again, which I can’t say that I was totally excited about.

[7/25: Right away we can see the parallel prediction being made; namely, of a person staying in the house who would be a challenge.]


D: At the very end I was playing guitar with Eric and some other friends, and I was surprised at how well I was getting it to sound.

[7/25: As later stated in the reading, this has to do with the ability to get along with others as friends, thus transforming the situation of T’s stay in the house from a negative into a positive.]


You have had to lose a million pounds more than twice. Think about what Robert said with regards to the Platonic solids, and you will understand what we are talking about.

Look not to the sidelines where no one seems involved, but rather to the front lines, where everything is fitting together so nicely.

[7/25: Most likely, the name Robert refers to Jane Roberts — partly because of her last name, and also because the entity Seth referred to her “true soul name” as being Ruburt.

It is possible that the losing of a ‘million pounds’ refers to the change of energy density levels that occur from one to another, as the Platonic Solids do represent the different frequencies involved.]


D: I do remember that there were large manuscripts printed out on stacks of paper, and there were a lot of really strange things going on in this dream. It was a totally different place that I was living in with a big kitchen.

[7/25: This turned out to be an exact vision of the new place that I would find to live in, only I did not see it in the paper until three days before the first of May.]


D: Furthermore, I had been doing a lot of research and many people were interested in it. A guy was doing something involving camera work from a high window that was far away from another building. He seemed to be coming up with findings, but they were also interested in coming up to me.

[7/25: As revealed in the reading, part of this dream was discussing my concerns with being under surveillance.]


D: I also seemed to be on some kind of bicycle or motorcycle, but the more that I rode it, the more that the seat seemed to be a little disconnected, so I was going back.

[7/25: This is a metaphorical statement about the disconnection that I would feel while T was staying at my place.]


I then came to this area where there were many neon lights, both on the cars that were parked as well as on the walls.

I then realized that someone tried to put an ordinary-looking chair, not unlike the ones you used to see in college all the time, and once you removed the chair the bike might hold up a little bit better. It wasn’t even mine, it seemed like it might have been that guy T’s.

[7/25: Obviously this could be paraphrased as “Once you removed (that guy T from your house) your vibrations might hold up a little better. Also, the college metaphor indicates the graduation from one state of learning to another.]


Struck in between two dimensions, the sound of the chord reveals how much there is to be known. And it is with this revelation that the greatest candidates will then make themselves known and become available to others.

We have no reason to think otherwise than to be very proud of you, David. Similarly, we remind you that the Fed is continually going up and down, up and down, and these economic concussions should not surprise you.

If one were to exercise great restraint, one could remain detached from what is occurring around them. However, more recently you have been intimidated by those who would attempt to cast a dark pallor over the work as we know it.

We again want to remind you that your life, while apparently seeming simple to you at times, is very complex and very valuable to us, and it would be extremely difficult for anyone to cause you harm with our protection, if not impossible.

[7/25: This is in response to observations of other researchers who have been intimidated, harassed or even killed, and the ongoing presence of a wiretap on our phones.]


This is the simple, raw truth that you must abide by in order that you not cast any negative aspersions to the nature of the work that you are now doing.

We have a whole host of other proximities that come together when the script is rehearsed long enough to find a solution. You have won many medals in the higher realms already, and as we continue along, there can be no further doubts about the validity of the work that has been done.

The breath of the divine and superstring theory and aether theory and the like are not ultimately the point. The point is what you do and what you have done as a soul, and how these actions and accomplishments reveal your true self and how you are to function as a loving being.

[7/25: Here they are obviously referring to the chapter titles of my work, showing me that the writing is not ultimately as important as the integrity of my soul.]


Once the apologies have been ordered into alignment, we could then realize how they also have had their share of difficult times in the past.

Now and again, when we really see the personality structure for what it was, we find that there can be no further order but to come into alignment with the universal forces in as direct a manner as possible.

So please be aware of the amount of forethought that has gone into these designs, and you will see how accurately these propositions can be stated.

All we have is the present glow on the clock to show us where we are going. So when you try to buy some time with this cosmic energy, it can only be done so far.

That is why it is important that you continue to work diligently in the here and now, as you must not simply believe that these events are indefinitely postponed into the future. A similar call to action exists in the minds and hearts of many of the mind / body / spirit complexes [or people] upon your plane.

Working with crayons and getting along with one’s peers, they can begin to flush out the rudimentary aspects of the theories that we have been dealing with for so long.

[7/25: This reading seems oddly portentous of the development of a message board for the website so that people can discuss these readings and the issues raised by them together. The forces remind us that the time is indeed getting shorter.]


And in a truer sense, the entire fabric of civilization can be seen as a sort of harmonic wave function, possessing its own innate characteristics of up and down movement and the like. You may also want to include this graph in the book in the space-time present when we do these workings.

D: Yep, I got that same idea, [related to the sunspot cycle maximum periods and the movement of societies.]


So let us again reside squarely in the notions of immaculate service, immaculate love and immaculate movement through the aether, and we will not be led astray.

Now is the time to fulfill the prophecies that have been set forth. By indicating how much more there is to learn, one may routinely recognize the Divine inner self within as being the source self of all beingness.

Well, we wouldn’t realize it if it didn’t generate itself from all the previous activities involved in its existence. On the other hand, you might also be aware that it really resides in the mid-sixth density as a source of everlasting intelligence to be drawn off of for all future activities.

In order that we not fail to realize the implications of all that has been stated, we again find that the epic transitions will indeed occur in the blink of an eye. Nothing can possibly prepare you for what they will be like.

We think it also important to realize that when the truest species arrive on earth, it will be because of spontaneous evolution, not genetic creation or tampering.

If the immediate circumstances do indeed occur, others like Albert Einstein have not passed up this opportunity to witness the coming of a new age. You have every reason to gently articulate these propositions without force, but rather completely understanding how far you are willing to go to alter these basic genetic predispositions that you have had.

[7/25: I think that the forces are saying here that we can overcome “genetic predispositions” to third-density behaviors and shoot for a higher level of initiation of mind, body and spirit. A more advanced appreciation of diet would be one example.]


So now and again, we remember that our mission does involve a certain amount of forbearance and a relaxing of duties in other areas. While this occurs from time to time, the more involved and fastidious workings must be blended in harmoniously with the other day-to-day activities.

Similarly, the wires on a piano produce good sound, but it is as a result of the euphonious vibration that that sound is provided. And thus, you see our reference in the end of this dream to the experience of your friend Eric that are still forthcoming in the space-time present as we speak these words.

[7/25: Eric did come to visit me in Virginia Beach and we had a nice time hanging out.]


Regardless of any skeptical posturing on behalf of the defendants, we see that your book will hold up to the closest scrutiny. In the meantime, you can become more and more aware that the bulletins that we serve you with are indeed worthy of your consideration and time to invest in.

The crimson shades of the flower petals are prepared to open and expand into full bloom. Blood is thicker than water, and you are all blood relations of ours. So we are, in a sense, taking care of our own family.

Based on the considerations involving the Grid, we do indeed remind you that many things are changing. And so, bearing that in mind, it shouldn’t be possible for you to think of anything like this without immediately coming to a space of pure joy about it.

We have already reached some of these intimate propositions through your own work with the secret societies, if you prefer to use that term.

I would prefer not to indicate them as being secret anymore, for nothing remains hidden at this point. All the information is freely available now, and so it is more of a shell game, for those who would attempt to keep the secrets are not able to do so because of the speed with which things are changing.

So in that light, in that love, in that glory, Medusa does then have a purpose. It is that aspect of the self that must be apprehended at a distance without looking directly.

Since you [David] have not broken any legally signed vows or otherwise, you have no reason to be concerned. The head of Medusa will go off, so to speak, just as the prophecies would have it. And we want to imply that the entire proposition rests in absolute harmony and absolute service.

The gestation period of humanity is about to come full circle. And in that gestation period, we have found that the boundaries of existence have been clearly defined.

So in order that we not talk your ear off, we do then thank you for these workings, and we do remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.


D: Yeah, somehow my stomach is just doing some really weird and painful stuff here. I guess I shouldn’t have eaten all that stuff before I went to bed last night. Now I am paying the price. I do feel that the next big phase for me is going to be doing a lot more global readings like this.

I also must admit that knowing what I know about all the extra research that I have done and then going back through and rewriting the original Convergence is really a profound difference. I am really seeing how much things are changing, and that is very exciting.



[3/19/09: A month went by, and in the meantime I did manage to get the Law of One Study Guide posted, which everyone really liked. Then I lost my grandfather, after he had been hospitalized with illness for a little over two months.]

To everything, there is a season… Wilcock‘s grandfather, Donald Frederick Wilcock, Ph.D., had simultaneously passed away when we first made this post at 1:00 a.m., 8/26, where we had said that he was very close to death.

Wilcock‘s father was informed at 1:03 a.m. by Hospice. Another flight to NY for the next few days is now on the itinerary.

We thank you for your prayers and support and apologize for the delay in posting — but the Law of One Study Guide should keep you busy.

Despite ongoing snags and setbacks, we are making VERY significant progress on Convergence III and may even have it totally finished in about a month.

Time is short and there are very encouraging signs ahead for this work to reach a much larger audience. For example, all of a sudden at 03:25:00, Richard Hoagland mentioned the whole thrust of our 2012-based hyperdimensional physics research while on-air with Mike Siegel on 8.23.00! This is the first time he encouraged the concept on-air.