Monday 4 / 17 / 00 — 11:31 a.m.

D: Wow. This was a wild, wild series of dreams. No jet noise this morning, so I slept very solidly, even though I went to bed late.

We are then seeing the future importance of the Platonic Solids by initiating a new system of thought on the topic, based upon the notions of vibration and how they have come across to the individual seeker. What we tack on here is the literal effect of how much your magazines will affect others. If we put it back, (which is right,) and even if we get to a certain point, the Platonic Solids must become the driving force of the harmonic cycle. And without these solids to consider, then the whole proposition pops out of acceptance.

[9/4: This is obviously referring to my own (Wilcock’s) research, and the fact that no matter where it takes me, the Platonic Solids must remain at the forefront of the hypothesis.]


There are those times where you are made just like us, and in so doing we had to use two natives to get to the point before publishing it in order to survive.

[9/4: So far I have indeed had two different possibilities for publishing that have not worked out. This is the only meaning I can think of for the “two natives” referred to above.]


The immediate consequences of these actions predispose certain limitations onto the problem, and Maurice Cotterell and others certainly indicated this through their explorations of the Great Solar Cycle, and the interdependence of numbers such as 72 and 144.

We have two ways now for you to initiate luxury, either within yourself or on the planetary level.

The Hebrew radar that you were given does then show quite directly how these spiraling energies affect everything else around them. And if you stray a little too far from the centralizing nature of the truth, then what we have is an overabundance of material success without the corresponding spiritual balance. This is what you are seeing now in the marketplace, and it will continue.

[9/4: The reference to the “Hebrew radar” could have to do with the work of Stan Tenen, which indicates a connection between the Hebrew alphabet and a spiraling coil within a tetrahedron. Each letter of the alphabet is a different shadow of the coil.]

Tuesday 4 / 18 / 00 — 12:15 p.m.

A summary statement of what we are doing includes the following:

That we are occurring on time with the changes;

That there are an infinite number of steps to take, but a finite number of proper ones;

That the internal change, movement and dynamics of these activities will become more expressly situated in the present moment as time progresses.

True to form, the spherical mass of [the Earth’s] gravity will realign itself.

However, there are those more immediate considerations that help allow us to open up the field of conscious energy in such a way as to reveal the inanimate structures of consciousness, and in so doing animate them, creating dynamism where before there might have only been static potentials.

Much to the chagrin of avid church supporters and Fundamentalists, Christianity is like a withering fruit, dying on the vine of its past conceptions and fearing its inevitable plummet to the earth.

And over and over again, when we have attempted to intervene and produce positive changes in consciousness, we see that the persuasiveness of the group psychology is so great that these efforts are largely thwarted.

Similarly, the galaxy produces a discrete energetic change in its radial frequencies, and this is dependent upon the nature of each individual soul who experiences that change.

You must remember that there is a very important personal level to everything that we have been discussing. And so, when there are missiles on both sides, and Saddam Hussein is trying to acquire them, we cannot fail to grasp the deeper levels of the conflict, and how they are representing the issues and the warfare occurring in the mass psyche.

Obviously, we are only speaking here of the immediate after-effects of such a transition; for without these effects, there can be no time dilation, no super-potential in the moment, no overarching need to recalibrate the measurements of magnetic north, et cetera.

It may be truly said that when one is trying to force oneself into a pre-described pattern, there can be only chaos and disturbance. And when one is attempting to align oneself with the ideals and motivations of the Oneness, they will find that the natural laws of the Universe are harnessed on their behalf, and there can be only positive movement, positive change, positive transformation.

The calling card of the higher realms is the polarized healer, of self and of others. It is through such entities that we are able to perform our functions, and become more equipped to produce the vibrational changes that are discretely continuous, but at the same time noticeably punctuated.

And so, paving the way for a larger conception of these events, we do see that the thinking process is quite extraordinary when it is fully opened up and explored for its highest potentials.

Finally we have a system whereby all aspects of the Creation can resonate in harmony and Oneness, and we never have to fall back upon pre-described choices of polarity. We can instead allow ourselves to stay in the flow and recognize the opportunities for the raising of one’s vibration as they occur on a moment-by-moment basis.

We have always tried to answer the following questions:

That there is a God;

That God is abundance, light, love and happiness;

That the world that you see is but a snapshot of a larger reality;

That without this underlying unity, there would be no universe as you now know it;

That the grounding necessary to apprehend these changes lies innately within you at this point;

That without such gradual changes, there could be no discretely immediate changes taking place either.


We are trying to open up the way for each of you to become more and more discretely situated in your positive polarity. This then allows you to function in the positive images of God’s light and God’s creation. And when you know that this is the best way to function, there can be no other question as to how it will take place.

You already have all the tools in front of you. You already have the learning modalities and the necessary lessons in life that you have absorbed.

So therefore, be it in the immediate moment, be it within a few days or weeks, or even if it is an idea that takes form only in your next life, remember that you too can take a very firm leadership role to help distribute this material to others in such a way as to increase public awareness of the realities that are taking place at this time.

No longer will you have to fumble around and try to find the secret connections between disparate events. Instead, you can relieve yourself of wonder and worry, and live closer to the truth with the knowledge that all is good, all is pure, all is sacramental in the eyes of the One.

And thus, even as you struggle with your lessons and occasionally falter at the gate, there is only purity and balance inherent in this Universe.

We thank you, and we remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. We do realize that you are becoming more and more capable of seeing that for yourself, and this pleases us.

Go forward, then, in the light and in the love of the One Infinite Creator, realizing your true potential in every moment of your existence, in every thing that you see, everything that you touch and everything that you are becoming moment by moment.

Know that this transition will be natural and spontaneous and more incredible than your wildest imaginations. We thank you. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

There are still a few more things which we would like to say, if we have the time. The closing greeting does centralize David’s mind somewhat, and this is what we wanted.

We see that the changes that are opening up involve more and more abundance than has ever before been seen. And in that abundance, we then find that there are greater and greater opportunities as well.

We follow those oaths which prescribe certain truths to be self-evident, that all otherselves are created equal in this Oneness and that there can be no false pretenses about one’s true identity.

Moreso, the entire potential field of aetheric energy now surrounding you is indeed increasing in its compression factor. This should alert you to the immediate juxtapositioning of past, present and future events, and of the variable nature of time itself.

Although you can continue to subjectively measure time as a unit that is charted out based on your path of the Earth’s orbit through the Solar System, you do still find that the subjective experience can be dramatically different, and this is as it should be.

If you can train yourself to have a more intuitive feel for time, and not keep watching the clock constantly, then it will pass much quicker for you. If you are constantly worrying about time and when you are going to get something finished, then it will be much more difficult.

D: I know that here they are speaking about how I was in such a mad rush to get the book finished yesterday, and I didn’t quite make it.

The immediate troubles that are encountered all stem from the relative ease with which your lessons can be acquired and then implemented. We don’t have the time to explain each and every component to you, nor do we want to. You have to make your own decisions, and these choices are based upon your previous understandings, lessons and knowledge.

Many of those who seek readings from us feel that by having an access to this source, they also have access to an intelligence that will prescribe a life for them, with exactly the right calibrations and in exactly the right methods that they would wish it.

We would assume that this is true for a large number of entities who would seek such guidance, as we have found it to be more constant than we would have realized.

Instead of viewing this solely as a burden, we take each chance that we have to reveal some of the fundamental underlying points of human nature that become more and more apparent as time progresses. When we realize that the Inner Self, that everlasting presence of the Soul, cannot be duplicated but rather exists as an everlasting unity, we are on the path to self-understanding.

Indeed, it would be unwise for us to act as spiritual crutches, and not allow the self to draw upon its own inner resources to answer these most difficult questions.

Nor should any of those reading this feel that they are incomplete in some way if they have not listened to this voice accurately enough to get a good, firm grip on it.

What we do see is that each and every one of you are fundamentally capable of aligning your lives to the greatest truths that are then seen, allowing you to open up, expand and unfold into a new way of life never before seen.

And so, we don’t allow ourselves to become overly concerned, as the reality of these propositions is that each one of you is changing every moment. Each entity, each soul is becoming more and more complete, and the discrete abundance of higher vibrations are making this proposition more and more possible.

Limited though your actions may be, you can take a firmer grip on your understandings, and from them derive the fundamental constants of your life just as there are fundamental constants behind the origination, growth, development and movement of the Platonic Solids as such.

So when we open up the next chapter, we do again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Now we take our leave of this instrument. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. Adonai.