[3/19/09: Obviously, by this point the dot-com collapse was well underway. I now knew that my readings had not misled me when it came to the prophecy of an economic collapse. The beginning of the following reading mentions this.]


Thursday 4 / 20 / 00 — 8:21 a.m.

The market bloodbath continues for a while longer. We have always tried to determine where the greatest opportunities lie, and how you yourself can best navigate through them.

We have already explained that what was believed to be anathema to normal social functioning before has now become almost passe’. In the meantime, we do acknowledge that we exist, and that there are going to be a series of revelations made sometime soon this year, based on current probabilities as we see them. That should interest you very much.

[5/21: This is exciting indeed. I have no conscious memory of saying these words. 9/15: As for the series of revelations, in doing this research I have overturned a wealth of astonishing new information in the last few months, all of which will be seeing its way into the finished product of Convergence III.

I am also extremely encouraged by Richard Hoagland’s open acknowledgement of the Mayan Calendar and 2012 as a hyperdimensional event, and I will be sending him a copy of the book in hopes of expanding his knowledge base on the subject.]


More and more often, the chances for us to explain ourselves are coming through in a clear and undistorted form. You, on the other hand, have had access to these types of transmissions for a long time. So we do think that it is important for you to keep a clear sense of how this is functioning, and what will work most explicitly for you.

It is funny, but I think it wise for you to look deeper into the issues at hand, and see the silliness of all these transient things; the impermanence of the physical. What is far more important is that you complete the immediate work that is set ahead of you. And thus, you can look into the moving, but that should not consume you either. And if you should decide that where you are is the best place, then stay there, but you need to make a decision.

[Note: At this point I was unsure of whether I would move out of my residence, which was right in the flight path of the Oceana Naval Air Base. The lease ended on May 1, and thankfully I did move!]


We suggest that based on your experiences, better places are still available, and you should be looking into this. And with that, let’s continue to research the dream.

[dream content excluded]


So examine the Barbury tree to see what new forms might emerge as of yet. We have already explained much more about this to you than you realize, but a few more quick glances of the overview will help you to see how all the pieces fit together.

We do remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

[Note: Here they are obviously talking about the Barbury Castle 1991 crop circle. Indeed, it has many layers of meaning.]


Saturday 4 / 22 / 00 — 10:37 a.m.

D: This dream was very interesting, possibly triggered from the fact that I saw The Hobbit (cartoon) last night, for the first time as an adult.

Now and again, another star vanishes in its orbit. Because of the latent discoveries still in potential, there are many more opportunities for there to be dramatic rediscoveries of ancient truths. There has to be something more interesting for the reading audience than what has already been seen.

These new discoveries will take the form of everlasting truths of life, in terms of the philosophy of the concepts themselves, once duly applied to the art of living, thinking, feeling, and believing.

Fortunately, cities upon cities engage routinely in prayer and other meaningful activities. Therefore, when the truth becomes known, it is more easily set about into its normal pattern and course.

Without these everlasting truths in place, one might still feel that the universe is a grand and impersonal machine — but with them in place, it is almost impossible not to realize that there is great import to many of those things that would be considered irrelevant.

[UPDATE: As we were cleaning up this code for the new Divine Cosmos website on 3/20/07, right at this point, we just got a call for the person who used to have our phone number… and he was inviting her to a prayer service! A very interesting synchronicity…]


So, we do not endorse the wholesale redistribution of information as it stands right at the moment, as this book comes to completion. It is much better to make sure that the philosophies are given some space as well.

Now in other matters, we have already adjusted the outside barometric pressure and temperature as much as possible, in order to insure that an even keel is preserved. However, the immediate circumstances of danger do foretell difficulties in the very near future regarding the weather patterns.

In this sense, it would be more prudent for you to be away from the beach, as there are a certain number of these disturbances that could be potentially possible, as we indicated in your dream from approximately two weeks ago.

[9/15: At this point I was considering certain places that were directly on the Oceanfront, though I did not end up going with them. The dream they are referencing was of an utterly colossal hurricane that ran up the East Coast. Thankfully, it appears not to have happened thus far.

Obviously, the overall prophecy of dangerous weather patterns came true during the summer, with a significant portion of the Western United States burning up from wildfires. It is interesting to note that they apparently have been using their own technology to minimize the effect of weather disturbances.]


We have looked all around in order to try to describe the beauty with which we see life. There are so many opportunities to experience this joy and bliss and happiness, and all too often it is wasted.

The more that you recognize that life is a big school and that you are always learning, the more that you can also have a sense of humor in the midst of all this, and become ever more convinced that your role is a good one, and that it can be met with love and without fear.

Somewhere along the line, your elders must tell you when, where and why you have done wrong to yourself and / or to others, and how to rectify it.

As this knowledge becomes available, please do not judge yourself. Rather, allow the knowledge to become solid information without allowing it to overwhelm you. Simply be clear about the thumbnail sketches that have been sent in your direction, and know that you can indeed move through them one at a time.


Wednesday 4 / 26 / 00 — 9:54 a.m.

D: In this dream, the focus more than once seemed to be on death. There were these two boys, and one or both of them had some sort of rare disease or something. There was an image that I saw very clearly for a rather prolonged period.

Both of these guys with these red, rash-like lesions on their faces looking very dead in a car, as though they had been hit by some sort of plague or chemical warfare. It turned out that one of them wasn’t dead, one of them lived, but it was the other one from what I thought.

I did get something about waves of nausea just now, but I am treading on thin ice trying to channel about that. I just got, “No, you’re not.”

The assumptions you make evade the truth. We are trying to alert you to some of the more distressing probability vortices with regards to the use of chemical warfare and such, and other similar biological agents.

As these types of phenomena are already occurring on various parts of the globe, you should not be surprised when you pick them up from the mass mind.

[3/19/09: Though some of these things have been used, it will never amount to a large loss of life. That point has been consistently emphasized over the years in my work.] 


Saturday 4 / 29 / 00 — 9:09 a.m.

[CONTEXT NOTE: Wilcock was sent the complete catalog of books from Bradley Cowan regarding stock-market cycles. He is bound by signed agreement not to reveal the information contained in the last two books, but it is very compelling to say the least and adds enormous support to the notion of a harmonic universe of space/time.

Interestingly, these books came in right during a high-stress period. At literally the last minute, Wilcock located a new residence that was perfect for his needs in every way, and was now in the process of preparing to move.]


The printers emerge at just the right time to do just the right thing. You now have the full access to the Cowan books, and this excites me greatly.

When recognized, the techniques involved herein will make the universal picture look much more fascinating than you had previously thought. And with the hard evidence to back it up, there can be no denying it.

Today, as we start this reading, you will be breaking down your belongings and moving through the process of bringing them to the new abode. You have our thanks and congratulations regarding your successful location of this new opportunity. We are very, very happy that through your own diligence and persistence, you were able to find this property and not let it slip through your fingers.

In this case, we do admit that there were several options available that would have been right for you, but this one certainly was at the top of the list, and you did very well.

[Note: After I had already moved in, I discovered at least three or four dreams that prophesied various telling details of the new place, including the number of the address.]


Now a little count of the tears involved in the past will show that we have already transcended the level of difficulty that created them.

Now we are moving into a phase where there will be more stable financial income, stabler livelihood and lack of jet noise, and a much more healing walk each day in general, based on the scenery that will now be around you.

[Note: Ask any resident of Virginia Beach about jet noise and they will tell you that it is simply awful. I seriously considered leaving the city altogether if I couldn’t find a quiet space.]


And so, you can indeed rejoice in the fact that you have now arrived at your destination, and can indeed begin living the life that you had wanted to live when you first came to Virginia Beach. You are correct in seeing that yet another major cycle has been completed, and its effects are indeed going to ripple through your consciousness.

Everyone is talking about the May 5, 2000 planetary alignment. What they don’t realize is that there are other higher level major cycles involved here. The ultimate cycle, again, is human consciousness, and either its willingness or unwillingness to proceed.

We do concur that the vibrational levels will continue to be increased as a result of this, and that this conjunction was used as a hallmark for past philosophers to triangulate upon.

It does not, however, indicate that there is going to be a sudden pole shift, or other associated events. What you do want to be aware of is how quickly these probabilities are changing, each moment that humanity makes greater strides in its awareness. So for now, it should be obvious that the cards are laid out on the table, and all that we have for you will be more and more easily visible each moment, each day.

The cotton candy machine still beckons you at times to partake of it, and this must not be done. It is far better to orchestrate one’s own Divine evolution than it is to orchestrate one’s own collapse.

Spend time acclimating to the higher energies as they continue to stream inward, and you will not be led astray. Rather, it is important for you to take the heightened G-force of what is occurring, and expand it into the personal focus, looking at all the different ways that what you have accomplished for yourself spreads out to the others around you.

Yes indeed, you have a system in place that can cause great changes — a system that can increase your effectiveness and overhaul the normal sense of despair that so many on your plane have. What we want to see is happiness, harmony and peace, and we feel that these probabilities are enhancing every day, every moment.

We are glad to have you here at this time with us, and we do remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.


Sunday 4 / 30 / 00 — 6:06 a.m.

By giving rise to a certain subconscious process, the oil cartels provide a means of identifying themselves that is outside the reign of normal scrutiny, into a form of supernatural terror. In the meantime, we are overjoyed to hear of your sudden, imminent progress. It truly can work both ways, and that is very important.

[9/15: It is interesting that I would be posting this reading from April in September, right during a time where the ever-increasing oil and gas prices have finally triggered a very serious problem in Europe, especially England, where currently 90 percent of the pumps are empty and there is a massive strike going on where the truckers are blocking all new oil from getting in.

At this time they appear to be standing on the brink of an economic collapse unless immediate and drastic measures are taken. And even more interestingly, the oil cartels are telling the people to “blame their governments” for the problem, while this reading obviously indicates otherwise.]


The textures and colors and paints are not mismatched at all, but rather exceed our expectations quite dramatically. We seek to have you discover more and more of yourself, and in so doing find the greatest amount of Light that is possible…

[one sentence of reading and subsequent dream content deleted]


I have the blueprints here. You certainly should think twice about the way that you have intended this reason for your existence to be.

We do insist that the schedule conflicts arise from discrepancies in the past and present coming to a new level of possible misstep than what has heretofore been seen. This is due to the expanding public presence and the promotion of the material as such.

Now and again, we do have the material to provide you with an immediate filibuster, to overwhelm the previous entrenched positions in any and all areas of the conscious and subconscious mind.

And therefore, we do again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Take that thought, and allow it to become more and more a part of your daily existence. You will find even greater levels of joy, and of fear-mongering being dissipated as such.