Wednesday 5 / 10 / 00 — 9:39 a.m.

D: What an incredible, incredible series of dreams this was. There was a lot of content surrounding trips, traveling of one sort or another. It seemed as though the traveling was going to take place on an airplane, and there were different airplane stations involved.


A distinguished professor such as yourself will indeed see that the next cycle of events involves a battery of probabilities. We are intending for you to succeed, and that does involve success in the long run on many different levels.

Enjoy the opportunity to be of service in the situations that present themselves to you each and every day, and you will find that this mystical arranging power of life’s events will again hold sway for you.

[7/11: This has a more than coincidental connection to the fact that I transcribe this after just returning from the airport with my first fully paid flying lecture trip away from home.

Of course, I did not know this at the time that the dream and reading came in. Even more interestingly, the reading referred to me as a “professor,” and the talk I hosted took place in a college lecture hall.]

Thursday 5 / 11 / 00 — 7:56 a.m.

D: This would be a real hard dream to forget, because it was just so incredibly jammed full of information that was just so powerful.

The overall gist of it, although it didn’t start that way, was that I ended up with just complete and total Ascended capabilities, but I thought of some new tricks as well that I just hadn’t done before. Obviously it hinted at the ARE study group as well.


I just read about you in today’s newspaper. That is something that more and more entities on your plane will be saying as time progresses.

[7/11: Indeed, my most recent, highest-attended speaking engagement in Knoxville did feature an ad that was run in the newspaper. But this obviously is going well beyond that to a more long-term future view.]


The esoteric issues will come to the fore with greater and greater simplicity, but also greater and greater complexity at the same time.

Your mission is to perform this work of extreme importance, and in a timely fashion. We feel that the restructuring period that you are now going through is very important indeed, and you should not disavow that fact.

[7/11: Interestingly I am just now at the end of that period in question, and I do indeed feel completely transformed.]


Essentially put, the activities that we have looked into for you to complete are of a completely honest nature, and lead one to believe that the future is very bright indeed.

You have all the tools necessary to bring forth these propositions, and therefore we applaud your efforts in the bringing of same to the surface of your conscious awareness yet again.

No harm has been done by your free will decisions on how you have conducted your business. Instead, we find that more and more you are staying in step with what we have been asking for you to do.

The whistle is being blown, signifying that the race is to begin.

This is the final countdown. As long as you know this, you have the power to be in a position where you can do something with the knowledge.


D: I just checked about my client reading this morning, and I got a very clear, “Sleep for yourself first.” I am still feeling quite tired.


Friday 5 / 12 / 00 — 7:43 a.m.

D: This dream was highly strange. A lot of it was in a very strange, semi-futuristic environment. This was one of those dreams that was just really amazing, but once again I have overblown my circuitry in being able to remember it, and I just need to go back to sleep badly right now.

This was indicative of the high degree of progress that has been made, nullifying entire prophecies by the sheer wake that is created in the aftermath of these concerns speeding by.

We are pleased and happy to report that all things are positive in light of the changes being met, and how they will develop further. The stationers are indeed pleased with what they have seen, and you can bet that five-for-one odds are pretty good, indeed.

[7/13: This encouraging paragraph certainly appears to tell us that more and more of the most severe Earth Change prophecies are being reduced or eliminated, thanks to our progress as a planet at this time.

The five-to-one odds appear to be mentioning the probability factors involved in how well we will move through these events. Other so-called Internet prophets still cast a depressing picture.]


This is the only chance that you have left, so it is important to be clear about it. A paper trail remains between the here and the there, and it is in your dreams where you can begin picking up the pieces.

Look not to the inner self as something mysterious and foreign, but rather a deeper layer of the personality that is bleeding through to the conscious with encouragement at all times.

The future power will be stored in the immediate appreciation and understanding of how one likes the fairytale about Jabba the Hutt and other such creatures as opposed to the hero or heroine who is sent to vanquish them.

Within the self, you must all continue trying to overcome the forces of sloth, greed, materialism, et cetera, in order to arrive at greater and greater levels of wisdom and understanding.


9:26 a.m.

D: This dream was very intense. It seemed that over and over again, there was a gigantic dinosaur / Godzilla-type creature, but without the fins on the back of his head like Godzilla. It would periodically rise from the earth.

At certain points it looked like a giant serpent, and they even referred to it as such. That is interesting, because the movie I watched last night referred to the evil force as a serpent. Mike Myers was in the dream somewhere.

This serpent force seemed determined to keep rising up near this one house that was like something that you would see in college and taking bites out, stuff like that, killing people, causing serious damage and then disappearing. So over and over again we were trying to figure out how this thing would work and how to stop it.

[7/13: Obviously this is talking about larger-scale problems in society, but it is also talking about the serpent force in myself, and its connections to sexuality. Those fragments can indeed be related to my general attitude and demeanor in college, being frustrated.]


All of it was what one person called “making time.” In order to do this, we have to bend over backwards to detail the possibility vortices concerning different states in your global village, and how they may or may not respond.

This dream does then depict the delicate game that must be played at this time in order to serve and protect your people.

[7/13: Obviously the dream is focusing on larger-scale issues of the negative forces impacting human consciousness, specifically in issues related to sexuality, where it is clear that we have some of our most severe problems.]


The electrons will go into the fourth density, and this dream simply represents the opportunities that we have to produce healing in the meantime.

D: My stomach is in a lot of pain, I ate a bad food combination pretty late last night, salmon and grains.

This was a big problem. This monster would appear out of nowhere, start kicking some butt and then disappear just as quickly.

There was a lot of official ignorance about this thing, and I know that it has been used in my dreams in the past to symbolize nuclear exchange of some kind. I am thinking that it might have to do with North Korea doing it to South Korea, just one possibility.


The charring and restructuring of society is not our goal. We seek to provide answers to the paradoxes, and to make sure that all goes on exactly as planned in our heavenly scripts. That is all for now.

The blindness that we speak of will be eliminated indeed, as we were commenting on the ever-persistent increase in the presence of extraterrestrial hardware in your mainstream technologies through reverse engineering. This will as yet be one way to help liberate the people.

[Note: The rest of the dream, as follows, is what they are referring to in this last paragraph.

I was hanging out with Chris B from high school, the grade above me, who was an active drug and alcohol user during that time. We may well have been having an illicit conversation regarding his use of alcohol or drugs. All of a sudden, this little floating box showed up; it was only about ten by ten square and about three inches deep. In more than a few small ways, it looked like a miniature slide projector.

[7/13: In retrospect, it appears right for the moment that the box may represent the higher forces, watching over us as we go through our experiences in polarity and seeing all.]


It was flying right near us, obviously taking pictures and being used as an implement for spying. It was really close to Chris and he was telling us to be paranoid about it, because it was the cops.

I said, “Boy this is ridiculous.” So, when it was looking at Chris B and it got really close to me, I just reached up and grabbed it right out of the sky. I threw it down on the ground and ripped out the batteries, which were D cells, a total of six of them. It couldn’t work any more.

I then realized that there was a laboratory back over at the building where all of the trouble was happening. I believe that my friend and massage therapist RD and another teacher, who was like a gym teacher, were responsible for running this thing, and they were saying that they were trying to use it for positive purposes.

So as I went back there, I was again back in the middle of this scene where the creature was going to come, and that was another way in which it recurred — there were several of them.

The last thing seemed to be that there was a mattress filled with popcorn. I was with someone else and we were actually hauling it up the side of this crazy, crazy house with the idea that we were going to feed the serpent with it and get it to go away again.

(I just remembered in transcription that the house was like my first rented place on Innis Ave. after college.) It was a wild plan, but it might work. The serpent obviously represents evil and the various traps that someone might fall into, strongly telling me to resist it.

[7/13: In other words, you don’t have to “kill” the serpent within, just observe its tendencies, feed it in a harmless way and allow it to go back to sleep.]


Sunday 5 / 14 / 00 — 9:56 a.m.

D: The most exciting thing in an earlier part of this dream was that I had a UFO sighting, and it had NASA writing on it, as if it were a NASA craft. For the first time I didn’t see it for very long, and I was trying to write down exactly what it said. It was obviously an anti-gravity device.

The second time, it showed up and really hung around, and I realized that this was no ordinary device; this was a “message unit,” and its purpose was to convey a message from one person to any other person in the world.

It had some sort of intelligence that even if the mail couldn’t get to you, when you put the message in it would just travel to wherever you were in the world, whether there was a phone or not, and stay near you until you grab the message. A doctor was using it, and I was actually being encouraged to hold onto it for a little while. So that was really neat.