[3/19/09: There are also readings in this excerpt, but we gave it a ‘dream’ title because the dream is certainly interesting — it suggests a Masonic-oriented secret-government presence on Mars. Witness testimony such as Project Camelot’s “Henry Deacon” suggests this may, in fact, be true.] 

A highly complex and intriguing dream about the possible long-term knowledge and direct exploration of Martian anomalies highlights this second section from May.


Wednesday 5 / 17 / 00 — 7:34 a.m.

D: This dream had some precarious moments. At the very end just now I hadn’t been watering my plants, and they wilted on me. I had opened up some dresser drawer cabinets while I was in there, and they were looking wilted.


He regroups for a moment and allows this whole process to become much more certified than usually possible.

The contest winners all agree that the detrimental effects of such salvage efforts are overcome by the positive ones.

And thus, don’t fail to submit a resignation form to those outmoded beliefs and attitudes of the past when they are so newly restructured in the here and now. You have all the tools necessary to overcome past programming and mental conditions in favor of the new information.

But we can indeed say that the future is very bright, and you will need not be so concerned about how it turns out, as it is all of God.

In the meantime, while we continue to propose a new setting on the scale, we also have to be realistic about how much time and effort we have invested in the finished product.

So let us again say that the Divine temperament is influencing this work, and many things are possible that would and could have never existed before. You have always been your own best savior when the tools of your awakening are turned within. So lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil within yourself.

Barnaby’s* circus plans are indeed contra-indicating shoplifting and other such nefarious activities. The cat continues to be let out of the bag more and more, and the larger-scale versions of these types of crimes are becoming as visible as the Platonic Solids, once truly understood.

[7/17: *Barnaby’s was a restaurant in New Paltz right near where I stayed when I moved back there after graduating college. It also could refer to a combination of the Barnum and Bailey circus names.]


More and more, you are definitely becoming a purified emissary of light; a vessel that has been emptied out to receive the grace that wells up from within, and restores vitality and creative energy flow.

We have only good things to say about you, and we love you. Please remember that. You have only to gain when you live in this path. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

Smiley Smith keeps on jumping as well.

[9/15: Still I have no idea what this part means.]


Thursday 5 / 18 / 00 — 7:33 a.m.

Chasin’ the Masons


[3/19/09: In this one instance we have not italicized the dream, since there are no readings that interject along the way… and this makes it easier to read.] 

D: Tonight is my big night with Laura Lee on the radio. I had just an incredible series of dreams here that were very, very comprehensive and amazing.

It all started out in the beginning, or whatever I remember as the beginning, with a very long series about driving at night in a wooded area and kind of getting lost. That took up a pretty variable length of time, but it was pretty intense when it happened. I don’t remember too much about it, except that it looked like my hometown, but way out in Glenville where it is hilly and very country.

Eventually I found my way through all that stuff, and I came to an area where a party of some sort was going on. It was occurring in this incredibly ritzy area. There were a lot of women around doing their thing, mingling and talking and so on. It was just a beautiful place, and it had a lot of outdoor courtyards and the house was beautiful inside.

So as I started to hang out with people I realized that there was some very elite stuff going on. An earlier section with all this stuff with the building, I met an attractive blonde-haired woman who was tan and had a nice body.

She had a picture of herself, actually a series of pictures of herself from a Playboy magazine in 1988. She took the cover off so that people didn’t see what kind of a magazine it was, but I still recognized it by the inside pages and the table of contents.

She wouldn’t show me the pictures but kept looking at them and wistfully trying to remember. I told her not to worry and that she would indeed get some retribution for all this, and it would all come back to her in a positive way. She would be able to recoup whatever losses she felt, so she did thank me for saying that.

It got stranger after this as time progressed. I am sure that it would make a fantastic movie. Someone ended up going inside the building and showing me this series of little pins. They had symbols that looked astrological.

D: Just yesterday, my friend T was telling me about the symbols for the different signs for astrology and planets, especially the planets, and how these symbols illustrate some very basic truths about the different archetypes. All of it works off of a circle, cross and crescent.

So anyway, I see these medals and immediately realized that they were Masonic in nature. I also realized that they were small-time, and it wasn’t really for a person making waves, even though there were about 25 of them there. They seemed to be more of tokens than anything else.

So somehow, I knew how to interpret them. There was one little medal towards the bottom right hand corner that had a cross that was split. I said that this meant that at that time, the person’s sense of material self was split. It seemed that this woman who was the Playboy bunny had some sort of connection to him, I am not exactly sure what it was.

[7/14: Now in retrospect it is obviously about my own healing of the parts of myself that had desired to see such literature.]


Time kept on progressing further along, and I realized that the Masons were all around me. I ended up seeing a book, a bigger book, and it had some sort of pictures in the back, some of which looked more like photographs and some of which looked more like impressionistic paintings.

They all had a number under them, usually three digits in length. It did appear as though some of the photographic plates were mirrored in the paintings that were in the books side by side. The layout was such that there were maybe nine pictures on each page.

So time went on a little bit more, and it seemed that a meeting started to happen around me. It was pretty high-level and I have no idea how I weaseled my way into it. There was some big thing going on where they were watching a movie that looked like it was on Mars.

There were some very artificial-looking ruins of all different kinds, and they were showing these astronauts walking around them.

I saw at one point an object that was very rectilinear, about waist high, maybe six feet by two feet by two feet, sort of like a large coffin but it was very square.

At one point I saw the astronauts walking along over a grating, and some of the sand was slipping between the grates in certain spots.

So I figured out that this was Mars, and at some point I did ask how long it would be before they were going to let the public see this kind of footage. They said, “Probably about 150 years.”

I just argued with them and said that I really didn’t know if all the secrecy was necessary. I said that people could handle it and they have been prepared very strongly for this.

Anyway, there was one guy who was a traitor. It wasn’t me, but one of the members. They were going to have to go after him and shoot him. The gun that they eventually did it with shot what looked like these red beans instead of bullets, but they were very definitely lethal.

I think that it had already happened and the room had sort of cleared out. Then I saw my friend who I refer to as Antonio, and in reality he had given me a lot of information about the Masons in the first place.

So, he started to show me this book that he had. It seemed that it looked very similar to the Bradley Cowan book in a lot of ways, although I didn’t see that in the dream. There were a lot of places where it had been scribbled on and written over, and it was loaded with mistakes and editorial errors.

So he handed this to me. It had a green cover and was bound with golden letters, sort of like the Cowan books only green-covered. On the inside, it did have a picture of a guy, sort of Italian or Mediterranean looking with longish hair.

He was trying to slip me this book without other people seeing; he had been keeping it under a large piece of folded paper. But, they did see — there were too many around for us to have avoided it.

So then they asked me what right I had to try to understand these mysteries myself. They didn’t even say that, they just said, “What right do you have?”

I said that I was very familiar with the Mysteries. I said that they had to get all their knowledge from reading books, but I can go into my higher consciousness and use Universal Mind to get all the answers that I need — and I don’t need any other method but that.

They still didn’t seem to be impressed, so I started to explain all the other things that I knew. I talked about geometric stock market structures; I talked about Thothermes Trismestigus, and the Emerald Tablets. The more I said, the more they started to understand how much I really did know, and they were very impressed.

At some point after this, there had been this murder thing with the gun, surrounding a guy who I believe was the companion of this woman who looked like a Playboy bunny. The whole thing got very strange.

I believe that what happened was that — yeah. The next thing, before it got into the murder stuff, was this. There was this setup that is rather difficult to explain.

There was a big room about fifty or sixty feet wide, and the main and significant feature was a big sloping floor from the top left to the bottom right, at about a 45-degree angle.

At the bottom, the floor was just flat going down, but over that flatness was a strange matrix of metal bars, and they were ornate, mostly at right angles to each other but not just simply carved like axles or rods.

They had sort of sculpted looks, and they were different sizes and widths. They could curve up and down in their vertical direction, even though they were straight from the top to bottom in the horizontal plane, preserving the straight lines and right angles.

Some of the bars were painted, and the paint seemed kind of old. The idea was that people were jumping around on it from bar to bar like a circus, doing tricks.

Some of the bars were very thin and more precarious than others. I decided to try this, because I already had a propensity for flying by this point. So, I believe that as I was jumping around on these bars and trying to do circus tricks, someone was just brutally murdered right in front of us.

I believe that the police seemed to show up very quickly, and somehow they were also after me. I ended up needing to get a gun to defend myself. The police didn’t implicate me, but it seemed like it was a close call and it could have been that way.

As time progressed further and the police left, there were people coming after me and I was going to have to shoot them. I finally did, and I had to collect these beans and put them in the gun through the tip where they would come out, sort of like the toy gun that I had in second grade that my mother wouldn’t let me keep. But they were very real when you shot someone with them.

So this was one of the first times where I was actually shooting people in a dream and it was working (i.e., it actually hit them.) After only a little bit more time, it turned out that the Mars situation that I had been seeing on film had blended in with our own.

I believe that this guy who they thought they had killed had come back, and he wanted vengeance. It was somehow related to a mysterious force on the Martian planet that had resurrected him. He was not at all happy with these Masons and was coming after them.

So the attention shifted to these giant piles of dirt. They were all cone-shaped, although they didn’t look all the same and were just loose dirt. I didn’t know what as going on at first, but then it turned out that all these people were resurrected from the dead, still looking undead.

They were all an armada that this one guy who looked evil was going to be coming back after these Masons with. All the people showed up inside school buses. I got out of there, realizing that it wasn’t going to do me very much good. That’s as far as I am remembering of that section, but it was just very intense. I am sure that there is going to be further intensity as I continue.

[9/15: As far as I can tell, this dream is metaphorically exemplifying the stress between one secret group and another for control, and / or the decision to release classified information.]


Saturday 5 / 20 / 00 — 6:38 a.m.

[Note: The issues of addiction / recovery most likely will continue in most people’s dreams for the rest of their lives. Wilcock now has eight years sobriety.]

D: This dream was very, very comprehensive, and it sent me back into high school yet again, or at least with those friends. Once more I was using marijuana. Anyway, there was a whole crew of people from school, but most of them were not the real hard users; it was people like MW, JG and a few others. Brad was definitely involved.

In the end, there was a bunk bed. I remember the Hasbrouck Dining Hall, too. I remember seeing DB, a couple of other girls from high school. She is the one who died, so it holds a special metaphorical significance.

I was in some kind of a bunk bed towards the end, and I really got the feeling from others that even though they were sharing some with me, I was the real drug head.

I knew on some level that I was sick because I had smoked marijuana. But then I was saying that because marijuana was a medicine, I needed to smoke it more to make myself feel better.


As I changed my diet, I changed my acne. Now there is a whole new reason to be still and await for a higher order of events to unfold in my life.

Guaranteed to please in half the time. True spiritual sobriety will be my biggest selling point with the higher realms, and that involves seeing through one’s own course of events to make sure that the highest possible echelons of being have been cleared, assimilated and understood.

The basic way that he lives is exemplified by a single phrase: that he who do so to others does so to himself. Within that concept lies all other ramifications of future actions, and how they precipitate into your physical experience.

So realize that the best opportunities come last, and that we now can begin fully clearing some of the issues that have held the greatest amount of energetic charge for you in the past.

There are new levels in which you are seeing why the marijuana effect was so deleterious, and how it has indeed taken you almost eight years to recover from it. That is an important point.

D: My stomach is distracting me.


The flash is disintegrating into a dim brightness. You do not need to rejuvenate it again. The more important point is how the polygamist shares himself with many others, and does not take care of his energy wisely.

See this in yourself, and the ways in which you have in the past constantly allowed your energy to be dispersed and spread out, and only occasionally living up to your own highest expectations. Now is the time where you can rejuvenate that process, and in so doing create wisdom and healing.

For now, we depart, and we thank you, David. Never forget that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

Warheads and missiles were in the War Department long before the reasoning, discernment and ability were present in using them. When you understand how this hyper-athletic mentality penetrates through the military and government echelons, you are well on your way.

D: Yes, that does make perfect sense. Playing those sports was another way of conforming to society, as expressed through the corporate media, government, et cetera.