Astonishing Wilcock Readings “Hit:” War in Israel Predicted Almost Down to the Day, Three Years in Advance


DW: First, let’s begin with the article that emerged yesterday:

Israel Strikes – Palestinian Authority Declares War

Middle East NewsLine


RAMALLAH – Israeli attack helicopters struck Palestinian targets in the West Bank and the Palestinian Authority has declared war.

Palestinian Authority officials said that hours after four Israeli soldiers were killed by a Palestinian mob in Ramallah Israeli attack helicopters struck targets in Gaza. They said the police headquarters in Gaza City near the office of PA chairman Yasser Arafat was leveled.

Arafat’s private home in Gaza was also struck, witnesses said.

PA officials said Arafat has declared war on Israel. At 1550 hours local time [0850 hours EST] PA radio issued a communique that declared war on Israel and called on the Arab and international community to help the Palestinians.


DW: Now, we enter the Wilcock Readings themselves. All along, we have had these readings in the back of our minds and in fact handed a packet with some of these exact same excerpts to Charles Thomas Cayce, director of the ARE, at the end of a Search for God study group meeting in Virginia Beach in January 1998.

As is often the case, the exact time-dated nature of this prophecy was not fully clear until the event actually happened.

Until war was actually declared we had not gone back to look at these readings, due to how busy our schedule has been, but we were aware that prophecies had been made.

As soon as we actually checked we were shocked at their accuracy. Again, these readings have remained unchanged since the time of their transcription in late 97 — early 98 and several people were given paper copies at that time.


Saturday 11 / 29 / 97 — 12:39 p.m.

D: At the very end of this dream, I was being shown some sort of military building description. It harkened back to an earlier part which was like a whole military title of people were asking me, and I had to ask people if they were living across from this.


These are some of those things in life that no one likes to talk about, but it is a necessity. The differences in opinion will not hurt anybody for now, but be strongly advised for what the future holds.


D: Please speak more on the Palestinians.



But alas, nobody’s perfect. We are still trying — from a promotional standpoint. I hope you get the point.

D: In other words, you want me to promote these things.


Yes, precisely.

[NOTE: This reading is continued at the end of the document — we have inserted later readings first in order to enhance context and readability.]


Tuesday 12 / 9 / 97 – 6:35 a.m.

[Note: This dream featured me going hungry and having to ask others for food.]

Once we get down there, you won’t like what you see. With the year / article 2000, we don’t have many choices. We have information, and if you don’t miss it, we will have a premiere.

Sounds like a jump-start for your car.

[Note: In this dream lingo it is well established that the “car” refers to the spiritual vehicle of the human being, that portion that will actually participate in the dimensional shift process.

The key point here is that a window is being established for date-sensitive prophecies regarding Israel both before and after the statements were made in the readings.]


Wednesday 1 / 14 / 98 — 7:15 a.m.

[Image of green Mohonk pen, then:]

October, pointing toward August. It touches the heart in a very special way; but alas, redemption comes at a price. That part is not always easy to understand.

Palestine – Israel – you should keep track of the bombings, as it is only a matter of time now before things get underway.

[10/13/00: The last reading above referred to 2000, and now here we are with an indication of the exact month and within two days of the exact date. The first line mentions a Mohonk pen, which was the hotel I had been working at a few months earlier in 97, followed by the mention of the month of October.

I stopped working at Mohonk on October 10, 1997 and kept a pen which I used for months afterwards. Obviously the date of my cessation of work is almost exactly three years prior to the start of this war, October 12, 2000!

The mention of August could mean that these problems will not cease until August of 2001, perhaps, or may intensify further at that point. More clarification is necessary. I had totally forgotten that any mention of October existed in this reading until I actually saw it.]


D: I saw Palestine initially in italics, with a yellow circle around the word.

We want to be your host, your guide in exploring these new dimensions. That is our greatest power. When you really, really want to, it will be there; i.e. stop using your [band?] and start thinking clearly.

D: Could you please clarify that statement a little bit?


We are referring to the process of self-integration.

[end of data on Israel prediction; article can be cut here.]


Saturday 11 / 29 / 97 — continued

Removing Negative Media and Dietary Influences

[Continuation from reading at the beginning of this article, starting directly after the words “Yes, precisely.” It obviously is intended to be read in concert with the prophecies as given.]

[Note: very slow dictation in following paragraph.]


The intensity of experience on your plane has been little matched in the history of civilizations in this known Logos of your Milky Way Galaxy.

It has been quite a difficult time for the forces involved to bring about a reconciliation of the various different paths and orientations of your inhabitants. As we have indicated before, your planet is replete with those who have had to repeat cycles from other spheres of existence they had originated before.

Therefore, it may well be said that a very high percentage of people on your planet have seen and experienced the cataclysms that inevitably surround harvest in most cases before. As those planetary spheres have ceased being viable for them, they needed a new sphere with which to attain the immortality that comes with the relieving of the carnal burdens of three-dimensional existence.

To that end, your Earthen sphere has provided a great service, and a sacrifice of magnificent proportions, considering the magnetic, tectonic, environmental and psychospiritual damage that was by necessity inflicted in order to bring this about.

There are many forms of life on your sphere now which are sacrificing their lives in order that you may learn these lessons appropriately. [This includes] your marine life, your trees, your fish and waterfowl, birds, and even certain forms of insects which are going unnoticed as the rainforests are cleared down each day in greater and greater amounts.

Many of the indigenous animals of the American continent are being wiped clean from their natural habitats, and they are all aware of this on their own level.

It is because of the actions of bellicosity and greed of ownership on behalf of your people that it has been chosen that these creatures were to depart.

Therefore, think on this, as it has become a matter wherein they are making a sacrifice because you have no longer earned the right to have them; you don’t deserve them by your very actions.

In order to stave off Earth Changes, there needs to be a massive, sudden and immediate global effort to halt or reduce many of the consumer-based problems now inherent in your sphere.

As the American country is the focal point or axis of global economic business, it is changes within the administrative structure of this body that must by necessity be realized.

Unfortunately, we see that the probabilities of these trends being reversed are very, very slim. These trends must be revered on the level of the individual consciousness, not on the level of the whole.

This is not a top-down system; it is a bottom-up system. Thus, it is spiritual realization sweeping through society on a mass scale that will bring about these changes.

It is individual transformation, spiritual growth and attainment, achievement of understanding and the spreading of that understanding to others, which then translates over into the spheres of politics, the spheres of business, the spheres of communications, all the different outlets by which your society is promulgating its current consumer mentality.

Thus, instead of focusing your efforts on trying to change the massive structure now in place, it is far more apropos and more useful for you to turn inward and to seek those aspects of yourself which are aligning with the fallen, negative energies inherent in the catalyst that is offered within your sphere.

These negative energies offered are constantly being presented to you as if on a platter, and many of you, in fact, will buy the platter, make your selections with ease. The reason why the platter continues to exist is the very fact that you are the benefactor of its products, and with free will oblige and consent to take those items presented therein.

Thus, when we say that we admonish you to stay away from television and media and to turn inward towards a diet of purity and toward a lifestyle free from the constraints and constant searching for material objects, we can tell you that we are facing a difficult, uphill battle.

This message must somehow turn against possible as many as sixty or more years of almost daily programming, sometimes in the amount of six hours or more a day.

[This is done] whereby these marketing devices, which we have referred to here as platters, most notably the television, have consistently invaded your mental space, squawking away at the confines and recesses of your conscious and subconscious, imprinting deep programming, deep understandings of self and relation to the whole.

To that end, it is this same mentality which becomes so dominant that it has infiltrated through to all sectors of your society, including the very highest secrecy, most compartmentalized sections which are referred to in other materials herein.

Thus, turning away from your television is the first major step of renunciation in leaving behind a system that is killing itself. The television markets products to you as its primary objective.

Its primary objective is not your entertainment; its primary objective is to continue to feed the consumer machine of greed and material ownership. You are well aware that almost any television program now will expose you to usually about fifty percent marketing or more, and this is simply intolerable.

As you go about your business, doing pots and pans in the sink with the television on, or trying to talk to somebody with the television on, the voices of these commercials must be heard by a portion of your brain which then translates the information directly to the subconscious. [The subconscious] then forms gestalts of thought patterns that must be cleared out through careful work in the dreaming plane.

Should you not impede this flow, it must go on, and on, and on. The images of sex displayed before you are not wholesome, the images of violence displayed before you elicit fear and feelings that the world is crashing in around you. With the constant encroachment on your own personal space on behalf of your televisions, there is a feeling of inadequacy, as the materials presented therein are of a much higher quality than what you yourself possess.

You are falling prey to very careful marketing schemes designed to bring about a greater need for these products within you.

This is on a conscious and subconscious level, as has been revealed through various advertising campaigns that have come to light, such most notably as the fact that Joe Camel had very sexual symbols within the nose and mouth. If you look closely, it is very easy to see the symbolism of sexual intercourse and of genitalia; but as this character is no longer used, you may have to dig around a little, but it is there for anyone to see, very clearly.


[Note: As well as the obvious similarities to male genitalia, the nose and mouth area is a perfect upside-down rendering of a very large phallus entering a female from a behind view, and an isolated view of the intersection of the cigarette with the vertical lips on the mouth is even more explicit. This is arguably the most blunt attempt at subliminal advertising in history!]


Thus, the problem with your present government is rather easy to see; it is all around you, the signs therein. However, what you may not be realizing is that every time you pick up that remote to turn on that television, you are participating in the continuation of the very structure that has birthed this materialistic machine in the first place.

Neither should you look with distaste and disgust at your government. Though this is healthy in the beginning, it is not necessary, as a deeper understanding is to come to the point of realization that the government is merely doing its job.

[That job would be] in providing you with the appropriate catalyst, that you may realize the inherent need for a relinquishment of these materialistic drives and urges and for a further striving forwards towards the light, towards that universal center of compassion that we have discussed.

Thus, when the word has been given, thou must follow it in due course. What we are saying here is that by simply understanding the functioning of the government and its role, you may very properly look upon it and smile, and decide with free will to remove yourself from the loop which has captured so many of your people.

[You may decide] to take free steps forward, away from those things that would drag you down; your television media, in many cases news media. We definitely admire the idea of going into forms of media that you have more control over, such as newspapers, so that you choose what you do and do not see. This is important, as you are subjected to much less marketing.

Also, a proper understanding of the necessities of diet and so forth will make you realize that the television is also subconsciously programming you to have cravings for the very foods that would kill you, lower your vibration and increase your body weight, taking you further and further away from qualifying for ascension in the near future.

Thus, we also urge you to become a patron of health food stores, and to purchase more whole vegetables, either raw or cooked, it does not matter. Get more into the habit of whole grains. Begin exploring these health foods, and try as much as possible to stay away from meats, refined sugar, white flour, et cetera. These things are crucial, as these foods only perpetuate the cycle that television watching produces.

Television watching also enhances the need and desire for cigarette smoking, which is singularly one of the most problematic constructs of energy designed to bring you down in the present society. It has now become obvious that there is not even a need to conceal the very fact that these products were designed to produce addiction, designed to produce dependence, designed to produce enslavement to the materialistic machine which ever churns forward.

Thus, any person now smoking cigarettes must be aware that if they despise government conspiracy, despise what is going on in this society and have a desire to change it, the very ignition of that cigarette to their lips is perpetuating the system of materialism and death which is killing your people.

The inhalation of these smokes, these different toxic fumes, has a direct effect upon your own spiritual and vibratory level, and it WILL impede your ability to remember your dreams, to have psychic experiences, et cetera.

The resin from the smokes stores directly into the alveoli in the lungs, which is then assimilated into the bloodstream through the delicate tissues therein, and thus your entire bloodstream pollutes the entire body with black resin which comes directly from the smoke that builds up in the lungs.

As this resin accumulates in different body centers, it impedes their ability to function. This is most noticeable in the skin, where you can see that a long time smoker ages more quickly than that person who would not smoke. It affects all organs in a similar manner; thus, with this toxicity present in the body, it impedes the light, as the Light must constantly be directed towards the rejuvenation and healing of the body as a whole, severely compromising the body’s immune system.

This, by its very nature, must lower the vibratory rate. For someone who would quilt smoking, we suggest very strongly a high dosage of vitamins thereafter, and a great amount of distilled water in order to try to flush the toxins as quickly as possible.

Similarly, we would now comment on alcohol, as in a sense it is on a very similar scale. Alcohol, as you know it, is a poison. Therefore, the act with which alcohol has upon the brain is that of a poison which kills certain cells, and in so doing gradually affects centers of balance, coordination and concentration. But, be ye not deceived, and realize that it is every other cell in the entire body that also is duly attacked while the poison is present.

These toxins cause untold damage; as they damage cells in the brain, so they damage cells in the skin, the hair, the bones, and the internal organs. Though the brain is the easiest to see, it is the entire body system which suffers a similar attack in the same amount of time.

Thus, you will see the nose getting large, red and bulbous after a lifetime of this use; you will see the face pale, watery in a sense, lacking a smooth skin texture. Again, the skin is being attacked on a mass level. Each cell in the body is partially dying after the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Thus, to participate in this is to willfully know that your cells are being destroyed throughout your entire body.

Anyone who is trying to rejuvenate and / or heal themselves should take careful note of this – that even one or two glasses begins this process, and forces the Light within you to redirect its energies away from your growth and into these healing operations. Therefore, as you venture further forward into the realms of understanding, this is another renunciation that must be met. It is very important to stay aligned with universal forces, and this is an action that would impede your psychic activities.

As the activity in your brain is damaged further and further, more and more of your concentration and spiritual energy must go throughout the body, and especially the brain, and immediately repair the systems.

If you could see on a microscopic level how quickly the healing is being effected in your brain tissues, how quickly the computer is making massive communication between its different centers and trying to realign those points together so that they may form new matrices by which to use those cells not yet destroyed, you would be awed. The amount of spiritual energy devoted to this task is very high.

To a certain degree, the destruction of these tissues impedes the natural flow of protection around your auric system. Thus, negative entities can very easily penetrate you, even in small dosages, but especially in larger doses, and then therein we see a much higher focus on negative energy; we see violence, we see sex, we see all these things brought about by the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

To a great degree, these lessenings of inhibitions is only partially that which stems from within the entity itself; it stems to an equal degree from the negative forces which are surrounding the person, which are trying to find a way in. This provides a very easy entrance for them.

We urge you to think on these matters, and to consider them on a very high level. Alcohol and cigarettes will only bring you down. The same could be said for marijuana and other illegal drugs, though we feel that these answers should be self-evident without a further detailed explanation such as this.

To summarize, the most important way to handle a situation of a government about of control and run amok is to simply turn inward, turn off the television, and reject the poisonous food and drug products that would leave you wanting.

Caffeine is a similar problem that we will discuss. Your studies have problem that it deeply affects the gastrointestinal tract, causing cramping and constipation. If you are not able to process these things, and they stay within you, it leads to darkness, cancer and weight.

Thus, the caffeine in coffee acts as a stopping block to effective eliminations. Also, as they alter the mind spectrum by a similar fashion, they are also acting upon and destroying brain cells, which again consumes light energy. Furthermore, caffeine over stimulates the adrenal glands, which sit over the top of the kidneys, and by this fact put a drain on the entire kidney system, which is your main line of defense against disease.

Thus, frequent use of caffeine takes away your adrenal forces, your adrenal secretions, which then means that it is much more difficult to get an added burst of energy when necessary. The functions of the kidneys is greatly inhibited, so that there is an increased need for greater drinking of water, for greater focus with the body on the cleansing of toxins. This greatly increases your susceptibility to disease. There is more to say on this, but the connection grows thin.

In reference to the government, we can say only this: turn away from that which would bring you down; turn away from that which would drag your soul to the same abyss that the system is heading to in its own. Turn towards the light; turn within, and stop the squawking boxes of noise from impeding the silence that you need to know Self. Thank you, and God be with you.

D: The clock said 1:23 at the end of this, a really nice way to end the dictation.

I ended up sitting in this hallway as a part of this job with the military, and there were animals that were chained up in there, one of which was a mountain lion which looked like a gray cat.

The mountain lion started getting loose, and people were afraid, and I ended up putting this harness back on the mountain lion and petting it, and it ended up being very nice to me and wasn’t threatening at all. This cage area seemed to be right next to the AV room in High School.