This dream/reading graphically shows us that we really aren’t doing badly as a third-density planet, compared to certain other cases.


Friday 3 / 10 / 00 — 9:58 a.m.

D: I fell asleep last night on the couch, about 12:45 a.m. I didn’t even get up and come in here until around 6:30. It is now 9:59 a.m.

This dream had some weird stuff going on, no doubt about that.

A magnificent time, yes.


D: The image that comes to mind first was this really strange and scary-looking extraterrestrial that was very tall, about nine feet. It had a head that wasn’t quite human and very long arms. There might have actually been three pairs of arms, I believe, sort of like what you would see in one of those video games.

This creature was very angry with one of its minions, and it reached out and slapped him across the face at one point. That was amazing to see, because he had such a reach. The arm shot out some twenty feet to make the slap.

His head was definitely different. The mouth was very big, and the bottom of the head was wider than the

top. After slapping this guy, this creature tried to pretend it was human. Its face looked more human, but it was still hugely tall.

It walked through this hallway and into a bathroom somewhere, and all these people tried to follow it in, being curious about what they had just seen. They got into the bathroom and realized that it had just disappeared.

Then we look up and realize that there are all these humans squatting on the ceiling, apparently defying gravity.

At first someone joked about it and acted like it was funny and interesting, but then someone else screamed out the word “Replicators!”

[3/19/09: This was years before “the Replicators” were introduced as villains on the Stargate SG-1 program.] 

D: We realized that these people were some sort of monstrous parasite like a vampire, and that if they landed on us and did something, I am not sure what, we might become like them.

We all ran out of the bathroom, but apparently these people had dealt with the replicators all the time, and apparently were not that scared about it. The whole thing was almost like a joke to them.

That is just one little part of a huge number of different sections that happened. I really feel like I was seeing some sort of alternate reality in that part.


You were.

Just as a little bit of clarification, we wanted to show you some of the alternate universes that exist.

Think about this. When the propensity to increase the salary is made even more a part of society in the negative sense, there can be situations that develop that make your degree of imbalance pale in comparison. We were attempting to show you one of those systems.

We do not wish to have the Earth labeled as the “worst” example of a third-density planet in the galaxy. This is clearly not true. Yes, indeed the harvest is mixed, and it could be more effective than it is, but your planet is largely positive, and this is a very good thing. So keep that in mind.

D: Yes, I will. Thank you for alerting me to that.


There is no finer duty than this. We want you to be happy with the earth and with the harvest, and not cast any feelings of judgment on it.

D: One additional note on that big monster. It was wearing a big trench coat, and its skin color wasn’t human, but grayish and fishy.