Wednesday 3 / 8 / 00 — 11:25 a.m.

The pilots then scheduled the flight to be delayed a few more months, while the surrounding circumstances continue to occur in greater and greater fashion.

You have all the experience that it takes to believe in the propositions set forth herein. And thus, don’t take our word for it when we suggest that the instreaming forces that create gravity on the Earthen sphere will indeed have edged upward, surrounding the May 5, 2000 timeline.

[5/5/00: WOW. Here we are on May 5, 2000, transcribing these words for the first time…]


You can expect that there will be further changes and adjustments in the direction of the mystical as this proceeds further.

Now is the time to become that person who loves a mystery, and who defines it moment by moment by the process occurring within himself.

Very short circumstances there are for those who break loose of the cycle and pattern of karma. There are an infinite number of mediocre opportunities to be of service, and a far more intensive number of grandiose opportunities.

In order that you not fall short of the goal, we do give you structure in terms of approximate timelines within which to finish this work. The Stargate will indeed open again at the approximate date of 2012 and thereabouts, but you do have opportunities before then as well.

So let’s keep viewing your higher body as an extension of your physical body, and see how the evolution takes place. We have almost completed a cycle of beingness with you.

The work that we are doing constitutes the actions of those who love you so much that they are willing to painstakingly pull all of the levers and push all of the buttons, thus releasing the stored potential within the self and allowing it to be made manifest to the greater personality structure.

You have all the tools within you that you need to succeed, and for this we are very grateful.

We appreciate all that you have done in aligning your true cosmic energy fields with those of our own. There are infinite races of beings in the universe, infinite possibilities for how systems will function, and yet you have found many of the greatest secrets that underlie the creation as you know it in your own area.

There are as yet further simple things that you will learn, and we can help facilitate this transition for you. Now is not the time to worry about that. You have enough knowledge from your reading and writing right now to produce the finished product. Simply believe in yourself and keep a tight drum on your schedule as you work these things out.

Again, most of the book can be salvaged from the past, only restructured and rewritten for clarity. And thus, there is less work than you might have otherwise wanted to believe…

Simply begin to analyze and deconstruct your motivations so that you have a much firmer grasp of the idea of how it comes about. We do think that the idea of creating an address where one may send love offerings is appropriate.

There are many who are studying your work who would help you in smaller ways, and this is important. The use of the post office box would be a very good one for you, and we will remind you of that again if you choose not to do anything about it.

All along, the steps that you have walked have been very interesting to see. Infinite gradations of light can appear moment by moment and arise in forms never heretofore possible. However, in the interim period we can then indeed take stock of our vibrations and expect a great deal more from ourselves than had heretofore been possible.

Though many will stay sleepy and unaware, others can indeed arise to greater and greater heights of self-awareness, and this is good.

The miracle cure for humanity will require that the stepping stones are met and crossed in order. This refers to not only stages of personal initiation, but the actual chakras themselves, and their respective balances.

So as you begin to partake of the balancing wave that underlies all human endeavor, you too can begin to increase your light quotient and become as a radiant soul.

Please expect nothing less than the highest from yourself, and know that you can indeed make your life one of greatness. All the available tools that you need are laid out in front of you and it is emblematic of your personal spiritual transformation.

In order that we not confuse you, we continue to say that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. It might seem otherwise when we take these fragments of the self off of the bicycle rack and request that you ride them as soon as possible to detangle the issues that are involved; but in the long run, this is as it should be.



The Pentagon still complains about our visitations, but they are very necessary to keep your species from annihilating itself.

We don‘t view all of these occurrences as negative, however it is easy for one who is uninformed to perceive negativity in their midst. This is a function of the mirror to the self when it is turned within.

So many of you have significant nightmares and other such dreams that are stored up in potential within the deeper self. It is our responsibility to release them in the dreaming and waking states on a timeline or schedule that fits quite nicely with the experiences of the entity.

And thus, you are always being prepared and challenged for the next step, and since the preparations are so close to completion now, naturally that process has to increase in frequency in order to merge with the upcoming events themselves.

Over and over again, we have sought to provide you with a solid bedrock of support as you go through these experiences.

Each time that you successfully cross a new hurdle, we are indeed working overtime to insure that the appropriate positive manifestation in the karmic sense occurs thereafter.

When you begin to realize the non-deterministic structure to your physical plane of existence, and the degree to which intelligence sculpts and molds everything that is occurring, you can indeed have a greater appreciation for all the positive events that are brought to you.

In a Newtonian universe of simple cause and effect, the one particle bumping into another, these magical processes would not occur. It is wise for you to always recognize and thank the higher forces in manifestations that you achieve.

Never forget that the entire pathway is visible to us in your third-dimensional sense, and we are always standing by to help you and guide you through it.

For now, we depart. We again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, and that events will prevail in your future that define that quite correctly.

That is all for now. We now end this reading. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. Adonai.


Thursday 3 / 9 / 00 — 7:43 a.m.

By forming an improved version of the overview regarding the dynamic behavior of the aether substrate, we are then able to discuss the title of self rather than the product. And the title is God.

In some ways, you could say that there are infinite opportunities for the mailbox to cast its shadow, * and that no two will be ever the same again in space and in time. And yet, at the same time the mailbox continues to exist.

This purposeful behavior is as yet another reason to accept the notion that the aether itself is fundamentally conscious. It ultimately has to be in order for matter to continue to hold its shape, and that is a very important point.

[*Note: 1:44 p.m. on transcription 5/6]


The distinction between charge and mass is essentially illusory, as mass is simply a manifestation of pure charge in a compact state. So look at all these discoveries as opportunities to dramatically widen your base of knowledge and achieve immediate financial success in the picture as well. Now we have the positioning to really make things start happening here.