Tuesday 2 / 21 / 00 — 4:30 a.m.

[Note: Some dream content deleted. The setting was on a farm, hence Harvest or ascension. David had alfalfa sprouts growing out of his fingers in this dream, which he could cut off and eat.]


D: The strangeness continued, because it seemed that there was a hovering craft of some kind that they were working on. This craft was obviously supposed to be exemplary of very high levels of technology.

Even though it was in the context of a farm, they were putting a lot of work into this. There was something that they hadn’t figured out yet in terms of how to do it, but they were getting really close…

So again they were really close to solving the propulsion system. There was a billboard that at one time had something else but was long since run down. It had two rather small and simple glyphs carved into it, which appeared to contain the final secret to the propulsion system.

Both glyphs were red inside where they were carved as opposed to the outside of the sign being white. One shape was like an arrow pointing to the right, and another shape was roughly rectangular, but it had circles on both ends that were half-circles, I think, and their tips pointed out at the top and bottom and the circles curved inwards towards the middle.

Anyway, we see this guy who is apparently working on this formula, and we were trying to help him or just talk to him. Then, my mother asked if he was a savant, and my brother said that he was; in other words he was gifted in one area and disabled in other areas.

I said to the others, “Well, if he does find it, and that on the billboard is already it, then should he be allowed to claim the discovery if he is a savant?” They didn’t know, but were saying that if he discovers it, he discovers it, and he should get the credit.

We walked up and started talking to the guy, and in a rather futile and stupid way, he is trying to tell us in his own words, “Everything is commerce.”

As he is saying this, he is digging in the mud and he dislodges a computer mouse that looked just like the one I used to have, except it was black and it was buried in the mud. Then he started yanking on it, and I realized that it was connected to an ergonomic keyboard just like the one that I have now.

As soon as that happened, the window outside the physical room that I am sleeping in here sounded like someone was knocking on it. That is the only time that it happened all night like that, any night that I have been here, (at my mother’s in Florida, right next to Bimini,) and it scared me enough to wake me up.

So I think that I am supposed to be the guy who was the savant, who was working very diligently on some things but very blinded in other ways. I am also supposed to be the person with sprouts manifesting out of my fingers. That seems to be a positive sign.


D: This is one of the first nights that I have woken up and dictated a dream in the middle of the night in a long time, so I think it is important. I think that the basis is that I had been told already that I was supposed to be the father of anti-gravity in one dream.

I think I took that very, very literally, more so than I needed to. As a result, I have continued to try to pursue much more scientifically oriented information, when I have actually assembled more than enough information in my mind to get the book finished.

I need to work on presenting the material that I do have instead of continually trying to find fascinating new information that may or may not fit the theory. So, let’s go ahead and get a dictation on this.


The full moon welcomes a few new seers to the table, and we forget to define the fact that if one is to be accused of stealing cotton, one must also determine the motive as for why someone would consider this such a valuable resource.

We are establishing a unified format of service for you, and this involves going deep within to discover the true depths of the self — depths that cannot withstand anything but the highest and purest forms of Light available.

You are correct in sensing that the apple tree beckons one to eat of the tree of the fruit of knowledge, and that to become too engrossed in the idea of same and temptation of same is to be psychically attacked and have your effectiveness rendered asunder, such as in the case of the movie “Pi,” which you have been watching.

[3/29: This movie was very stressful, dealing with a man who essentially goes crazy from working with number theory and attempting to decode the hidden master structure of the universe.]


When Henry Dossey plays the standards, he does so with a certain flair for the wicked fusion of sound and light that becomes him each and every moment, and the cantaloupe opens to reveal the fruits concealed within it.

Don’t you remember that our favorite songs are the ones created by you, when you examine your own inner searching and longing for the truths of life from the personal level?

[3/30: Actually I think the readings meant Larry Dossey. It turns out that he is another doctor who talks of the mind / body connection. He might well be a very good person to include in the book.]


Instead, we do so often see that the root of all these concerns is based in commerce, as we indicated in the dream. We are purging the remainder of yourself that feels that financial success is somehow a necessary byproduct of the work that you are doing.

And of course, this is the ultimate goal behind reasons such as wanting to write for a certain specific scientific audience that only represents a very small cross-section of whom you are dealing with.

Now is not the time to try to split the two apparent halves of your talent apart, but rather fuse them together. You may certainly write a portion of Convergence that is left-brained, and certainly you are capable of seeing that your psychic gifts have validity that can be measured, and this is important.

The ESPN service board declares that a few new corrections must be made in order to ensure that the stats get out on time for the playoffs.

In order that we do not confuse you or befuddle you somewhat, we do think it to be certain that your life will continue to expand into new boundaries of existence contingent with your own capacity to extend your senses beyond the mere rational world of experimentation and so forth to the far more important subtle world, where truths are available through direct knowledge that comes to the aspirant through nothing more than a direct illumination from the mystical wellspring of creative thoughts within.

And thus, you have every reason to open up a new infolded geometric structure within yourself; a structure that gives the final lie to fifth-density vibrations and resides squarely and cleanly in the sixth, fusing compassion with your wisdom at all times and never getting overly attached to the wisdom.

The course of events that have manifested themselves in your life at this time all point towards this reunification being very necessary and very possible.

For you see how a very small number of people, namely (name of person) and a few others like (this person,) have made you try to sway your writing efforts as though anyone who reads your writing is going to be insulated from the rest of your work, from what they believe to be a purported past life identity.

Rather, you need to practice self-acceptance and understand that this schism does not need to exist.

We can predict in advance when a cyclone will appear in a certain area, and say with a given amount of reputability that it is on the way. You have seen prophecies similar to this and many others with us over and over again.

There is nothing wrong with mentioning this contact in the book, regardless of what (name of different person) says. We are fortunate enough to have you on board that we are happy to continue to determine the ways in which you can be of highest service to others in your mission.

Don’t let the scorn and derision of others stop you from being effective in your goals. Keep a clear head and remain relaxed, knowing all the while that there is indeed a final conclusion to these words as they now stand, and that this moment does indeed approach with the unwavering certainty of the clock striking on the hour.

And we will add that this circumstance does not differentiate between past, present and future at the moment of its arrival.

It is almost entirely a creature of the collective human consciousness, and this “cosmic trigger” can be set off at will over the next few years, depending upon the vibrations of humanity as a whole.

We want you to stay on track, and realize that everything that has been extended to you has been part of a massive gift from higher intelligence.

You yourself have done nothing; it is rather the work of the Christ and the Father / Mother God that is moving through you. As long as you can remind yourself of that, you can continue to reorient the focus back onto the goal and the destination, which is to achieve a final reunion with this light / love energy.

If the book becomes overly technical in its writing capacity from start to finish, then it will not inspire people in the way that is necessary. Use your intuition while writing.

You may loosely follow (name of other person’s) guidelines, but also allow your guidance to move you, and you will find that many things will fall into place as you outline your book and where certain arguments will be placed.

Again, we are happy to have you on board, and look forward to continue to serving you in the future, and uncovering more and more of the mysteries of self so as to lead to the betterment of conditions which dictate existence at this time.

For now, we depart. Thank you for being who you are and for your continued dedication to this work, even to the point of wishing that you could get back to it while you are on an enforced vacation.

That is good for you to see, as the arousal of Divine energies within you is nearly complete in the form that we have been hoping for.

Now all you need to do is unveil the final, transformed self to the conscious mind, and live in that state as often as possible. Why? Be CAUS.

D: That was spelled like Peter Gersten’s UFO group / legal action committee.


Once again, we do remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. And even the likes of Elvis Presley are hoping and waiting for you to succeed. Keep all of this in mind, and we will be in contact with you again soon. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.


Friday 2 / 25 / 00 — 2:34 p.m.

[Note: Dream had to do with trying to overcome financial problems.]

D: I somehow knew that it was going to be 2:34 p.m. But it was 2:33, so I was off by one minute. But maybe I just looked at the clock a minute earlier, so it might not be anything.


The rough agencies which handle this bank are insured to let us know when and where the problems and cash difficulties will arise. You already apprehended the nature of this dream as you awoke, and that is good. You are learning your structure quite well, and we only want the best for you.

The unchanging principle in these electrodynamics and financial dynamics systems is of the everlasting One Light and its source energy that sustains and upholds your existence.

The framers of the universal laws all agree that when these simple considerations have been met, it is then possible for the channels of manifestation to be cleared, thus providing a more appropriate framework for these various works to be produced, and for the immediate gratification in the literal sense of finances to be garnered about.

And so, we again emphasize the directly conscious approach to solving these problems, as in so doing you then have the ability to reach out far and wide for assistance to the universe. And then, just as in the principle of a free energy machine, you are capable of sustaining a current in the absence of any apparent generating force at all.

Some electromagnetic coupling exists between the spaces of physical matter, and you are learning of this quite well.

Keep your eyelids focused on remaining open and aware of how some of these most complex statements in your studies continue to relate back to the concepts of everlasting Oneness, and how this Oneness affects the entire course of your evolution and behavior.

What we don‘t want is to see you lapse into separation consciousness, and feel that because you believe that something isn’t working, that you then create it that way… Continue to be useful to us and to yourself, and you will find that the engines of prosperity will create exactly what you are needing…

D: Ok. Oh, one more sentence.


We are trying to unlock a major bias here – a bias that exists between the worlds of buying and selling and the worlds of Spirit. For one who is perfectly balanced, there is no separation between them.

This is the essence of self-realization when applied to your category number two in your intake conversations related to the jobs.

[Note: In category II of our intakes, a person is asked what they have done for jobs in past and present and their current attitude about money, whether they see it as a universal creative flow or get caught up in the poverty consciousness that afflicts so many.]


Sunday 3 / 4 / 00 — 4:54 a.m.

D: This dream seemed to process in part what I had read, or actually listened to on the Internet this morning about this sergeant [Sgt. Clifford Stone] who revealed his work in extraterrestrial crash recovery.

The dream itself featured Don and Bob T. My brother was there as well. Don was disappointed, because it seemed that he had failed several tests back to back. That was all taking place in the backyard of 621. It seemed that there was some sort of MENSA test or IQ test or something that he was going to take, and he didn’t do as well as he wanted to.

I am Archangel Michael. The profit losses before the corporations now are set to require more download time than ever before, in terms of the relative relationship that packs in the discrete quantities of information necessary to remain viable and successful.

There are only a finite series of opportunities to stress the motherboard, so to speak, before it gives out on you. And this will be happening to greater and greater degrees.

[3/19/09: Another blatant prophecy of the impending dot-com collapse, which began in mid-April 2000.] 

Having thus perfected the system, the waste is generated when the flames fly in the direction of entrance to absolute profit, and the entire affair is grounded yet again.

The mobile operations that we speak of are entirely consistent in a self-defined and self-ordering macroscopic universe.

We want to think no less than to believe that the Meisner effect and other effects such as sonoluminescence are in reality an essence which pervades throughout the entire creation that is only just now beginning to really be appreciated in the scientific minds of certain aspects of modern humanity.

This positive effect does require the entire outcome of these events to be molded and manipulated in a single brush stroke, away from purely mechanical concerns of how these forces would function and instead hammer them into an appropriate level of jurisdiction that then gives rise to the current through which amperes flow and the like.

The least exciting realization or discovery would be the inert properties of the substance before its compression. The much greater discovery is the dynamic energy of the spiraling lines of light, and how the changes in rotational inertia can help to harness this all-pervading energy source.

As the perturbations continue, we really want to consider the results of this research to be null and void until the appropriate headings and subheadings are made.

We caution you to remember that this work does involve a discrete amount of time in its arrangement, and that in this case we really have now composed enough information to launch the creative process at a speed that is comfortable for you.

The first day that God created, so to speak, there was the development of the first cause; that decision to fragment the self into the octave or spectrum of awareness. These products are still visible even now, and their metaphysical connections cannot be severed form the equation.

Therefore, we do suggest that as much as you may want to appeal to the disciples of the scientific fraternity, that you keep in mind the extraterrestrial connections and the theological connections as well. Or, in your own words as Pythagoras, “Do not speak of Pythagorean concerns without light.”

One shaman should reap the rewards as much as another, and remember that you are not so much writing this for the scientific community as you are for the intellectual and spiritual community.

Do not be afraid to change the architecture of this burgeoning project to reflect early along where your sources arise from and how you were led to do this research in the first place, as this in and of itself is a very interesting subplot, regardless of what [name] said to you about whether you should use it or not.

Every time that we defy gravity in the common sense use of the term, there is great interest generated. And so, you can see that the discussion of anti-gravity becomes much more vivid when the new understandings about creation are fused into the equation.

The sacrifice of longing is necessary, as Sir John Alexander and Porphyry would have it. Iamblichus’s vision, which you just read for the first time last night before you do this reading, is then a direct product of vivid personal revelation.

Do not forget that your personal revelations are also equally important when looking at the big picture.

[4/2: Interesting that I was far enough ‘out there’ in trance that I did not know consciously that I had not conjugated the verb “do” correctly in the above paragraph. Iamblichus’s vision has to do with an Octave-based universe and the rest of it remains a mystery.]


And so, the material is appropriate and ready. Now you can continue to work out your ideas as to the precise nature of some of the theories involved by the process of writing itself, as this has borne such magnificent fruit for you in the past. When you are forced to articulate these concepts in your own words, then the answers will become much more evidential.

The most important concept to argue will be the fact that all is One, and it is the vibrations of the One that form the light / love energy that creates physical reality. We can indeed work in these concepts of the magnetic field and other such things from the Ra Material all along, if you would so choose.

Remember that the darker generations of mankind will not be able to see the immediate soaring spiritual implications of these concepts, and thus need some degree of assistance in being brought to a point where the material is being digested.

It is for that reason that we suggest that you are unafraid to lay the supernatural alongside the natural, since these concepts are very hyper-advanced in the scientific sense anyway. You might want to juggle in these few new ideas with some of the existent material that you have already created in order to arrive at a new whole.

D: I just had the telepathic understanding here that I could introduce the section on the aether by talking about the Ra Material.


That would be one way to do it.

And so, Socrates and Hipparchus and many others were looking into the divine spiritual implications of the knowledge handed down to them from Atlantis.

You yourself can continue to philosophize upon current theory that has been handed down to you, so as to arrive at new conclusions. We do not want to tire you excessively with the baggage of continuing to keep this vortex open. So, we thank you and remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

Remember that a marriage is wanted, not an annulment. We respect the immediate research that you have done, and now it is time to stop doing it and get down to business. You and I both know this.

Thank you, and Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

The mathematical physics will take on a whole new dimension, you see…

D: I like the joke!


Monday 3 / 5 / 00 — 8:24 a.m.

[Note: Dream content deleted — it was obviously relative to David’s struggles of whether to include psychic-based information in his latest efforts.]


What we want to do is to have you remind yourself that you are fundamentally denying your entire being every time that you try to write something about these concepts without honoring your own abilities or how you got the information, while also not honoring the importance that the more esoteric psychic and spiritual information has onto the concepts being discussed.

The fact of the matter is that we really need a spectrum of awareness to work off of in a book like this. The book should be designed to pave the way for the realization of the wisdom that is being brought forth by humanity’s interaction with the extraterrestrial forces.

And as those forces have kept increasing in size and potency, more and more people will have an innate tendency to accept them, since there is so much publicity at this time.

The unfolding and infolding geometries that will create a new age are quite easy to see and to deduce, based on all the available information.

Now you have your Cadillac car of the Divine as a vehicle of Ascension that can help many others. We want you to finish this project for yourself as well as for all others who may read it, as it will make such a difference in their lives.

We thank you, and we again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

A lecture on plate tectonics will be approaching soon, so be on the lookout for that. For now, we depart. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.