Wednesday 1 / 05 / 00 — 12:59 p.m.

[portions edited out]

D: There was another part of this dream that was very strange and I just remembered it this second. In that part, there was a small group that this wealthy conglomerate of high-profile businesspeople was trying to impress and create a favorable atmosphere for.

And so, they ended up showing these people a big hotel lobby, and it had huge high ceilings.

Then the people ended up being brought back there later on, and now these wealthy forces were trying to dress it all up with balloons and streamers. There was even some talk that they made the roof look like a UFO or something.

[2/25: Amazing. Just three hours ago as I transcribe this, Sabrina was telling me about a friend of hers named Rob who had just shown her photographs of a three-story house with a whole room on the roof that looked like a UFO.

This room could actually be lived in, with windows and everything, and was owned by a friend of his! These types of correspondences just blow my mind!

She had just seen the photograph on Saturday the 19th of February for the first time. We both tried to figure out how in the world these forces could have set up such a synchronicity a month and a half in advance.

She only rarely gets to see this person, and if she hadn’t decided to tell me the story when she did, the whole thing would have never surfaced. I guess the forces must take that risk.

I actually played her the sound of my voice on the tape saying that last sentence just to drive it home. We were both shocked at the power of prophecy that has been shown here.]

[3/19/09: The part I forgot to mention here, but did mention in “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?” book I co-authored with Wynn Free, is that Sabrina just happened to be visiting the ARE that Saturday, and it was the one and only day that Rob was in town visiting as well. Therefore, they had to both be there at the same time for this to have worked.]


The whole idea was that they were trying to do this to make people more happy so that they would be comfortable spending their money.

D: Although I wasn’t thinking about the dream this way, I again had very serious thoughts about the Stock Market last night. This occurred specifically because in my intake conversation with a client last night, he was basically chalking up my article on the stock market crash to a failed prophecy.

But we still don‘t know if the stock market is going to crash or not, so it is a bit pre-emptive to say that. They did say ‘very near future,’ but they didn’t qualify that with anything else. I was the one who interpreted it as being the crash of 99.

So this seems to be related, because they were trying to sell the people into the idea that this building was theirs, as if they could move in and start living there. It was dressed up with New Year kind of paraphernalia.

I totally knew that it wasn’t theirs, and it was starting to get to be all too obvious because people were walking through the lobby to get into their own rooms.

So these people had been conned into thinking that it was like their house, when in fact all the others who were patronizing the hotel still had the right and the need to walk through.

[2/25: Just this morning Sabrina was at a healing meeting at the Ramada hotel and I was asked to drive out and see her. So, the coordinates are again very solid.]

[3/6: This dream appears to be a continuing reminder of the fact that it is truly only a matter of time before the fabulous wealth that many believe they are making from the Stock Market comes tumbling down.

And only those who have gotten out before the bloodbath gets started will be able to preserve their revenue. The rest will lose everything.

Given the severe tensions with China and Russia that we are now experiencing and the very serious market jitters now in force, we need to think seriously about this.

The connection of the New Year paraphernalia to the previous dream again indicates that this economic collapse will precede the “New Year” which symbolically refers to the start of a new grand cycle of time, and the Ascension that will occur alongside this event.]

[3/19/09: It is very interesting, in retrospect, to notice that Obama’s inauguration happened right after New Year’s Day 2009, and it was a focal-point for the public realizing that the economy really was in deep trouble.]