This latest reading reminds us that there are huge crowds of loving beings who consider those “awake” to be the superstars of this planet — those like yourself. Even if you don’t feel it in your own life, this love and attention is always focused upon you.


Saturday 1 / 22 / 00 — 4:58 p.m.

D: We went back to sleep to catch a few more hours, somewhere around 2:30 or 3:00, thereabouts. It feels refreshing, I will say that. I have already had some big meals here. Breakfast cereal as well as a big salad.

[Note: Dream and personal reading content deleted]

[phone rings in background]

Most Americans want as few moral supports as possible. You have the right idea, which is to make haste in the direction of unfolding and expanding these areas of knowledge to their more oppositive functions, and thereby periodically relieving somewhat the entire structure of matter and isotopes, et cetera, as it is then seen.

The Charles Bible and others have issued skepticism and buffoonery of the original teachings, and until this course is rectified there will be those hackers who insist that they are listening to and obeying God’s will, but nevertheless vehemently attack anyone who opposes their so-called majority viewpoints.

You can remain steadfast and secure in the knowledge that their opinions do not hold sway for you, and are more appropriately delegated to the realm of “interesting distraction” as opposed to meaningful objection.

Since there are so many different ways to view the One, we do not consider it to be a calamity if one should desire to view through a different format than the one we are using. The bottom line is service to others or service to self, and both paths have their position, however brief in time, in the overall continuum of learning.

We suggest that you focus on service to others, as there will be no need for you to be diverted back on course at some future point. You can align freely and continually with the everlasting light of the One Infinite Creator, and thereby enhance your growth and motion in the positive at all times.

The tracklights have been mounted, and we see that Morgan Fairchild and others like her have modeled themselves accordingly to a pattern that has been pre-described by those otherselves in your physical plane.

Do not feel slighted by those who would beat to a different drummer, those who would choose to act or look or think or feel differently. They may very well be reacting to the planetary vibrations in the only way that they know how, and they should not be judged.

Even with someone who is particularly grossly overweight, and you have certain subconscious ideas about that person, be willing to accept the possibility that they are just like you, only choosing to deal with the stresses of life in a different way.

Similarly, do not prejudice yourself against those who would use cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and the like, as they are going through their own according difficulties as you have done, and are choosing to deal with them and process them through such an addiction.

We again emphasize that the universal creative flow permeates through all those in the Creation, both large and small, humble and selfish, grandiose and poverty-stricken.

There should be no reason for you to view the superstars on television any differently or with any more respect and admiration than you would yourself, or any of your own neighbors and friends.

Similarly, you should embrace as part of the everlasting totality those people who you may see on the street, or who you read about in foreign countries that are starving.

Within each soul lies the key to the everlasting light of the Oneness. We can describe this to you without modernization using the language that was given many years ago, such as “Even as ye do this unto the smallest of these, ye do it to me,” and others of similar accord.

Retribution will come to yourself as you forgive your own inconsistencies in the past — those times when you were judgmental, overbearing, ruthless, indecent, unwise, et cetera. The real shocker comes when you cast aside your prejudices and alienated viewpoints about yourself and / or others to embrace the all-encompassing nature of true universal kindness and compassionate service.

Many of those glitterati on your plane command the spotlight, and thereby great respect, while you yourself find yourself wishing that you could be more like them, or that you could attain such popularity.

As one can see if investigating David’s dreams and the like, within the perspective of your own mind / body / spirit complex and the dreams therein, you are always at center stage. And every effort that is made is designed entirely for you.

When you can realize this, you can begin to give yourself more credit. Embrace those who you do interact with every day as the ones who shall hear your philosophies and accept your service to others.

There is no need to shoot for grandiose positions of authority in the media or elsewhere, as this should not make a difference to you once true enlightenment has been attained. Simply be comfortable and satisfied with yourself as you now are, without needing to fall back on any of the typically measurable indicator signs of success.



We see that David has recently contacted Carla Rueckert, the channel for the Law of One/ Ra Material series. Even though there has been no formal public embracement of this work in the sense of popularity, David still treated the experience as though he were talking to a great celebrity — for in his own mind and the mind of many others who would view this site, Carla is a legendary historical figure. It may not be seen immediately, but it will be seen.

And in a similar sense, each one of you is a legendary historical figure, because every person who is conscious on earth represents a discretely small minority. Remember also that outside of the earth there are billions and billions more entities than there are on its surface, as Carl Sagan might have once said, in reference to the number of stars in the night sky.

And so, do not fail to realize that even if you will never see such popularity while physically incarnate, it does not change for a moment what your reception will be like after graduation from this system.

You are indeed the superstars of the third density. You are able to maintain an aura of completeness and majesty in a realm wherein so much disharmony has been sown in the past and present.

This does indeed afford you quite a unique role, as it is as though you were in hell itself, and are transforming it through your own love back into heaven. There is little else that is more incredible and wonderful of a task for one to have chosen, and you will be recognized and rewarded accordingly.

Keep those thoughts in your mind when you remember why we say that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Even though we use that sentence as our closure for each period of working, never dull yourself to the impact that the words actually do have.

No matter how much you can conceive of being loved, it still cannot match up to the truth, as the human mind does not have the necessary understandings to truly grasp that of which we are speaking.

For now, we depart. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.