CONTEXT: David is just now in the final stages of recovering from a heavy-duty flu that came about from the inhalation of toxic fumes during the fire next door. This dream/reading gives very obvious hints that this condition was known to be on the way in advance, before anything had happened, including the fire.

Also note that even though the “coordinates” are fixed to today, 2/24/00, as we transcribed it for the first time, the dream reading itself was produced over six weeks in advance.


Wednesday 1 / 05 / 00 — 5:17 a.m.

D: [In bathroom]

This dream was interesting. It felt pretty profound while it was going on. I am not exactly sure what it is trying to tell me yet, but we will get to that part soon enough.

The first big section involved my old house of 621. It seems that I had been scheduled to meet a guy who was a drummer from a band, and we were supposed to be hanging out and talking or something.

I believe that this drummer was supposed to come over to my house at some point. It was never totally clear how I was going to get him over there, whether I was supposed to go get him or not. It was very late at night, similar to what the time is now – like 5:00 in the morning.

D: I am sure that most people would never want to get up this early just to get a dream down, but you have got to take each one as being important.

So for whatever reason, even though I had scheduled to meet this guy, I ended up blowing him off. I basically blew him off because I was feeling sick.

[2/24: VERY revealing premonition here of the long-range flu illness that I would encounter soon after the fire, and have only recovered from in the last five or six days.]


So for whatever reason, I was feeling a lot of angst about canceling out. I wasn’t really sure how to proceed, and I wasn’t sure how angry he was going to be.

[2/24: This is actually quite obviously related to my clients, who ended up being delayed while I tried to get my health back in order for their readings – still to the present.

The musical metaphor is, as always, related to my work with the forces – and in this case it also has to do with those who get readings from me also learning the same abilities.]


The house at 621 was largely dark. Since I was not going to have him come over, all of a sudden for whatever reason I started seeing apparitions of human beings in the house all over the place. At first it was really scaring me, but then I suddenly thought of both the movie “Sixth Sense” as well as Sabrina’s abilities.

I said, “I shouldn’t actually see this as a problem – I should see this as a sign of my advancing psychic abilities. And in that sense, it is actually a good thing.” So that is the way I was trying to get myself to look at it. And as soon as I started thinking that way, they seemed to be everywhere. None of them were negative, they were all basically positive.

D: For some reason, I was just reminded of the fact that most people who are stuck in some realm of the lower astral will have some body part magnified, like their arm or something.

Anyway, I discovered later on that this guy had been thinking about coming over specifically to tell me about this surgical procedure. I believe that this is what he was going to tell me.

The procedure was supposed to produce extreme enlightenment and healing, all of the New Age trimmings that you could want. There was a special clinic where you were supposed to go and get this process done, and the promises that they made about it were pretty large-scale. They really were hyping this thing up.

[2/24: Quite clearly, now the dream is describing the positive effects that my flu sickness would have, which I am only just now really seeing – so once again the “coordinates” are very well met.

The condition itself was quite horrible, though, and I had to really try very hard to see any positive value in it when I was in the middle of it, tossing and turning all night, drinking water constantly to avoid dehydration and going to the bathroom every hour without ever sleeping.

The intensity of my illness is reflected in the passage below where I considered this “clinic” to be a “really, really bad place.”]


I finally got to this clinic, and I realized very quickly that it is a really, really bad place. They were performing some sort of operations on people, and the farther that it went, the more incapacitated the people became.

I started to look around and realize that most of the people had at least one hand that appeared to have shrunken, similar to what happened to victims of an atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The hands were all wrapped up in bandages, but you could see that they had gotten smaller. It was really horrifying to observe that. Some people actually had both hands wrapped up like that, though for most of them it was just one.

The other noticeable change that went along with this was that they became more and more slow in their motions, in the way that they walked and talked as this went on.

[2/24: These wounds are consistent with those of burn victims – in this case the “fire” of an atomic bomb.

The clear parallel to the upcoming fire next door, still more than a week in the future, and the resulting sickness from inhaling burning plastic and other toxins that would stop me from using my hands and the rest of my body to work on this computer, is quite easy to see here.]


There were some people who were so bad that they had both hands wrapped, and their jaw was sort of hanging down and they could hardly do anything except walk at an extremely slow speed, with shuffling, halting foot motions.

Somewhere around this time, all I can say is that these images that were so negative seemed to be counterbalanced with the idea of the sprouting of peas and beans that I have been working on here.

[2/24: Again, the sign of new life that comes from all of the suffering.]


D: It really does make life a lot different when you stop doing drugs and sober yourself up. I did play drums yesterday for the first time in a long time, and that was feeling really good. I am also up to date at the present with my reading schedule, so that is good.

I really think this dream is about drug use, and the fact that people think that it is going to make them more enlightened when it actually does significant damage to the body- as in the case of the staggering, shuffling people.

I myself know how much of a trap this is to get stuck into. And maybe on some level, I still hold onto the concept that there is a part of me that is rebelling against society, still very actively – especially conservatism.

And on one level, things like not watching television are an outcrop of my attitude that came from using drugs some seven and a half years ago. Another similar attitude was that of not paying bills.

So something happened yesterday where I really made a discrete shift of awareness in a very short period of time. It was really never going to be in my best interest to want to do something like that ever again.

I think I was telling Sabrina about how much misery it ultimately brought me, and how it basically destroyed my whole life, systematically speaking.

I know that this tape is going to run out soon, but I should just start a reading now, because I feel one there. They often have used this drug metaphor as one for society, and I just put up another reading about that. So we will see how that goes over here.


You will write a letter to the heads of state, and determine if they are ready for this information. We are speaking facetiously here of those discrete aspects of personality that reside in the higher realms immediately above the physical and beyond, and whose process-oriented goals stem in the direction of achieving total contact with these forces in every sense of the word.

The more we forbid contact to occur, the greater the desire will be to bring it about. And when you never look at these things twice, we have actually begun to speak about it already in what you would term as the past.

[2/24: This paragraph is quite amazing, as when we consider all the context from this dream and others before it, they clearly indicate that they knew that the fire and my resulting heavy-duty sickness would “forbid contact to occur” with them in the sense of my ability to do these readings.

Just like they said, this would create a greater desire in me to regain the contact thereafter. And in the next sentence they completely reveal what they are doing here: “And when you never look at these things [i.e. the dream messages relating to a sickness] twice, we have actually begun to speak about it already in what you would term as the past [i.e. before it actually has happened.]”

It is also interesting for me to note that this reading was the very first one that I have transcribed since my full flu recovery, and it is also the first one to speak of the illness directly like this. So, for me it is very easy to see how incredibly well-matched the “coordinates” are on this.]


So realize and understand that your vocation and your avocation can be one and the same. The caterpillar indeed turns into the butterfly, and we find that your wings are ripening very nicely.

Just as we thought that it could take you to a whole new level, so has it been done. The conclusion that we have reached is that the choices you make ultimately determine the future course of your evolution, and / or how far that evolution will progress.

Now that your choices have continued to be healthy, some major energy blockages are moving out.

[2/24: As if we needed any more convincing, the word “healthy” was kicked in, associated with removing energy blockages. The sickness was obviously planned in advance, based on all this information!]


[Note: One sentence of unimportant personal material deleted]

Different stages of evolution require different levels of participation. In order that you not become too confused, we have always given you as much as you can handle at any one particular moment in space-time.

On the timespace level, there is only ever going to be the eternal Now. And thus, the ghosts that you see and are no longer becoming afraid of represent those things that used to be fears in what you would call the past. The more that they are integrated, the more that you see their folly.

[2/24: Here they refer back directly to the dream that I had just dictated before, wherein I could see many different ghosts in front of me.]


And so, the design becomes a lot stronger than we might imagine, and the realizations that are now underway in the mass collective consciousness are quite profound. For you see, David, this dream goes far beyond just being for yourself, as it actually refers to the state of the human collective consciousness at large.

We have often used the metaphors of drug use to indicate the ways in which society is debilitating itself, and here that metaphor was combined with the idea of radiation as well.

[2/24: In the dream dictation I apparently did not communicate where the drug use occurred in the dream, but the readings clearly indicate that it was there, associated with the radiation hospital.

So on the personal metaphorical level, the message here is that my recent sickness helped to clear out any residual attitudes and emotions within me that would exemplify the maladaptive choices that we associate with drug use, such as self-indulgence, laziness and damaging compulsive behaviors.]


There are many on your plane who would think that the usage of certain chemicals, marijuana and the like will bring about their spiritual enlightenment. Although we have stated this material before, we will repeat it again for clarity.

Any chemical that alters the mind spectrum, including caffeine, nicotine and refined sugar, is ultimately very detrimental to the enhancement of the spiritual vibrations. There is no question about that, nor has there ever been, and there is no provision that we are giving you to make you think otherwise.

The same rule applies for alcohol and any other mind-altering substance that you can think of. It is simply not wise to take them. Now we did have a client recently who had extreme cases of pain in the physical body, and was required to take a rather advanced painkiller for this.

He was not happy with this choice, but went ahead and did it anyway out of necessity. In cases like this, you have to judge what is right and what is wrong for yourself with the knowledge that your vibrational rate does suffer as a result.

In the deeper sense, we find that even as society has created billionaires and the like, it has also systematically siphoned away money from those who would work on the lower ends of the spectrum. And when you really look at it, you find that there are only two choices – to be of service or to withdraw, as we have discussed in the Ra Material and other sources.

The best way to be of service is to accept the sacredness of the situation, and the fact that it has a purpose. If you are not capable of doing this, then it is better for you to withdraw your energies from the situation and not be concerned with its outcome. What we are alerting David and the reader to is the propensity towards wanting to single out these negative forces and treat them with contempt and disdain.

[2/24: Since they had just discussed billionaires siphoning money away from the masses, the clear representation here is that these people are a manifestation of negative forces acting upon our planet. Of course, these forces also refer to fourth and fifth-density beings that are oriented towards service to self.]


We do not agree that there is nothing wrong with them in the sense that they are causing trouble and the like. We have always stated that their influence can be very troubling. However, it is important to remember that these forces must be cared for and loved in a very firm manner – a manner which also is stating that you are not going to let the manipulations go any further than they already have.

A gunfight is occurring on both sides of this issue, as we have so frequently said. And the outcome at this point is up to you. Each one of you who reads these words has a choice as to how you will live your life each and every day.

Remember that the negative forces are simply symbolic and metaphorical representations of those forces that coalesce within you each and every moment, whether you are willing to see them and face up to them or not.

The more that you become aware of that fact, the more healthily you will be able to live your life, for you will have the discrete knowledge of purpose and understanding that comes with one who has attained enlightenment and balance.

[tape flips]


The greatest challenge that you have as a human being is to accept and integrate the self. And this can occur on many levels. The more important phase of the journey develops itself through the regeneration of sorts that comes about with learning and understanding the true core of what soul evolution is about – namely self-acceptance in the eyes of the One.

Now understand that self-acceptance refers to the fact that your true self is the One. It is not located in separation consciousness. And therefore, you can be still within yourself and know that you are God, while also reminding yourself that all others are God as well, as is everything in your environment and the universe at large – both in this dimension and in all others.

So it is a good exercise for you to process all the challenges that you go through each and every day, and always remind yourself that anything that you see in others that frustrates you is simply a part of yourself that has not yet been healed. When you become perfectly balanced, or at least begin approaching that point, the little idiosyncrasies of others will not affect you any longer.

David has distilled two basic laws about this on his own that dramatically affect the interactions that you all must have with otherselves.

– Number one is “Attitude is everything,”

– and number two is “Like begets like.”

And they both play off of each other very directly, so that they are almost the same expression, phrased differently.



It is very important to keep a positive attitude, as one of the things that you will realize is that the others around you will have a natural tendency to adopt the same type of attitude that you yourself have. And thus, if you are feeling predominantly negative at any one time, it is all too easy for you to project that negativity out into your environment and leave the others feeling the same way.

Your attitude is everything, and what that also means is that if you have a person around you who is suffering from negative emotions, you can raise that energy to a discretely new level of vibration, and change the whole energy dynamic completely. Remember that a positive attitude is a higher vibration than a negative attitude.

And so, if you can raise up the ante when playing these games of the Spirit, then you have the discrete possibility that another who is around you will either raise up to your level or withdraw from the situation.

The most difficult challenge is for you to not exhibit your patterned reactions when another self is indulging in negative emotions and trying to draw out your own negative side to get you to snap at them or otherwise.

There is a lot of discipline that comes about with the concept of remaining clear and straightforward in your decision to either be of service or to withdraw.

To be of service is to raise the vibration, or as they might say, to “kill ’em with kindness.” If you cannot do this earnestly, then you should withdraw from the situation, as you are not going to be of assistance by getting defensive.



You will find that like begets like. And thus, if your attitude is not well, then you will find quite quickly that everyone around you begins to have a negative attitude. Similarly, it is a positive attitude – a smile kept on the face and a pleasant feeling stored within the heart – that then creates the greatest joy and abundance in the otherselves around you.

This is the attitude that you should try to adopt while you are working and going through all of your daily routines. David was finally able to integrate this towards the end of his term in the corporate temping world. It was quite magical for us to see.

Although he had a job that was extremely rote and uninteresting, a job which almost all of the other employees in the department hated, his attitude was very positive.

Many of the others in the office thought that there was something wrong with him, because there were times where he got so absorbed in what he was doing and the joyfulness of same that he would forget to leave his desk at the beginning of the fifteen-minute breaks.

Everyone else would rush out the door to go have their latest cigarette or to otherwise do anything they could to get away from where they were. David was capable of simply breathing, meditating and relaxing into that space, so that he was at peace with what he was doing and did not notice the passage of time, nor care.

Understand that to be at a job and to watch the clock avidly is another form of negative emotions. What you are fundamentally telling yourself is that you do not want to be where you are, which is always going to be right now.

The greatest service that you can provide yourself is to remain clearly focused in the here and now, so that you are always comfortable there. You will find that in the stillness of mind is the greatest peace, and you need not meditate to get this, though meditation is a very effective tool.

We suggest that life becomes your meditation in general, and that you strive to remove those sources of mental scattering that would be so detrimental to you.

David noticed while he was working at this job that many others in the office would listen to music through headphones while doing their work – and it can be fundamentally stated that with all this distraction, there is very little time for the self to have the fullest level of deep-seated thought and awareness necessary to tackle the most fundamental issues within the mind and spirit at large.

And so, strive always to lower the level of distraction. We do not often cover this material, as David has done so quite nicely himself. It is precisely television and radio in its most consumer-driven forms that brings about the scattering of Mind, for when it is used as background noise it obliterates a great deal of subconscious process — as there is an aspect of your mind that must pay attention to it, and this robs the discrete elements of change and fluidity of expression that are necessary to occur in your subconscious mind.

It is this extreme level of distraction that makes it so difficult for many to sit still in a lecture or classroom without feeling a sense of boredom very quickly.



David also is fond of using ritualistic behaviors in order to better ground himself in the here and now. One of these behaviors is to keep his house very orderly, neat and clean. We suggest this for all of our readers, for the simple fact that it is a discipline of Mind as well.

You should take a look around you at your living space, and recognize that it is a reflection of your inner mind and the connections therein. Take a good honest look at your mind by looking at the room around you and the house, and see what it is that your mind looks like.

Is your mind neat and orderly, tidy and connected, or is your mind scattered and slovenly and immersed with needless things that are scattered about? You will find that as you clean up these messes in the physical sense of your dwelling, it will also release the energy that you put into those messes by the fact of leaving them in the first place.

While David was staying in his first semi-permanent living situation here in Virginia Beach, he realized that this person whom he had chosen to live with had messes in the house that had not been touched for many years. And similarly, those soul fragments had been lying dormant for an equally long period of time. In that particular case, the messes beneath messes involved art supplies that had not been touched for many years – and this represented the dormant potentials within the Self that were never utilized.

Another ritualistic behavior is to make sure that you have a set routine of exercise each day. David has a small circuit in the local neighborhood that he walks, and it is specifically designed to last him about fifteen minutes and to be as beautiful as possible along the way, given the requirements of the area.

Sabrina has asked David in the past why he does not change his walk, as to her change is very important. We are not promulgating David’s behaviors as being right or wrong, or saying that they are better than the other choices.

What we will say is that an appreciation for ritual is indeed very important. We have worked with David long enough now that he begins to feel responsible if he does not do this walk at least once, and preferably twice each day.

And he also discovers in the midst of doing it that even though it is the same path, he has new insights about himself, his work and the world each time. And therefore, it is more a question of the potentials that are within you, and how you see those potentials against the backdrop of everyday society.

You can similarly view your work as another form of ritual, and by keeping your mind clear and still you can experience the movement and change within yourself as you go through each and every day.

David was able to perform a great deal of work in his stilled mind while he was at these jobs, and this work involved such things as plotting out the ideas and concepts that later formed the book Convergence. And so, it is a fundamental process of your evolution to remain focused within, and not to let yourself get distracted by what the world provides.



The reason why we used the drug metaphor in this dream is to illustrate how pressing of a concern it is – as those who continue to indulge in such behaviors will have greater and greater degrees of cancer, ill health and negative karmic outcomes as the vibrations continue to increase.

Things are never going to get any easier for that part of yourself that clings to the negative vibrations. Quite to the contrary, you will discover that more and more of your inner self is being exhumed for viewing in the present as each day passes.

And this process of knowing and accepting the self can end up being far more valiant and amazing than you had ever thought. So take this stored energy from within yourself and process it in such a way as to transform your daily circumstances.

Keep your house clean and your dietetic intake pure. Assist not another in lowering a burden, but rather in raising one up. And here, we are indicating that it is important to help those others around you to have their own growth challenges that they can work with, instead of simply making their lives easier.



Most spiritual people upon your plane seek always service to others in its basest form, which is that of unconditional love in the fourth-density sense of the term. But again, when you move up to the fifth density of wisdom and the sixth density of compassionate wisdom, you realize that the question of being of service is far more complex than simply being a martyr.

You have to move very actively through all the different layers of questionings that come about to find those parts of the self that are of most use, and then accentuate them.

Sometimes, those parts of the self will involve things that you do not normally consider to be spiritual, as your idea of spirituality on your plane is still tied up with what David might call “airy-fairy” concerns – that all is Light and Love and Wonder.

While this is true in the highest sense of the term, there are many intermediate steps necessary in the physical sense. Sometimes, in order for us to work with you, you have to be jarred very strongly out of your existing negative conceptions.

The physical body is an excellent tool for doing this, as it will manifest its appropriate health concerns in order to teach you what you need to learn from the inner self. And thus, there is nothing that occurs by accident, and we have covered this material before.

Whatever portion of the body is ill at ease must be seen as a metaphorical representation of the issue that is at work itself. The work of Louise L. Hay has a lot to do with this, and you might want to check that out for further study of these issues.

[2/24: I will interject here that those who are always radiating love without using any wisdom are often completely defeated by those who are self-serving. And thus, the wisdom becomes a very important part of the next stage of development.]


In the end, the most documented path for future success involves the realization that in order to truly become spiritual, you must also possess those characteristics of integrity, of cleanliness, of forthrightness and of self-worth.

It is very important that you preserve your own integrity and self-worth in order to be most effective in your service to others. For you will discover that you are not being of service by allowing others to walk all over you.

You must learn to communicate what you are truly feeling inside and not keep bottling it up to be hidden from view.

Your emotions should not be spoken if they are overly harsh and damaging to another, unless they can be done in a very peaceful way. You do not need to speak in a harsh and defeating manner in order to express that something is bothering you.

It is definitely possible for you to be angry at first and then process and deal with that anger so that it becomes accepted before you actually speak what is on your mind.

You will find that by communicating what you are really feeling with the other person, you are overcoming fear and the sense of limitation in exchange for the direct appreciation of the light that it brings.

You do have to confront fears within yourself about whether this person will be able to handle your true opinions. You will find that those relationships that are positive and beneficial for you will actually be strengthened, whereas those friendships or relationships that were never in your best interest in the first place will begin to show their natural flaws and will dissipate as such.

This is not a bad thing, for the process of spiritual growth does involve the acclimation of your external environment to mirror that of your internal. And thus, if your house is a mess on the etheric level, it may show up as a mess on the physical level in terms of the relative lack of order therein. But this is not necessary.

Your house can also be a mess on the physical level in terms of the emotions and interactions that occur between its members. And so, it is important to gain compassion for others and for their suffering. If they do not understand these fundamental truths within themselves, then you can take upon yourself the responsibility to teach them, and in so doing you will create new light and new love that will extend for a very long time.



Always remember that the doorway to the Infinite is opening wider and wider every moment. And these techniques can be of assistance to you in realizing your truest potential. Look not to the future with scorn and disdain, but with awe, wonderment and excitement.

Regardless of the changes that must occur to produce Ascension, there are still only going to be those events that are positive, as they will remove the impediments and obstacles that still hold you back.

You can strive to do this within yourself each and every day through the techniques that we have enunciated here, along with many others. And of course, always remember that you are eternally guided and protected, and surrounded with our Light and Love, and that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.