Tuesday 1 / 04 / 00 — morning

The millennium welcomes a new seer – new and improved, that is. Genesis takes the biggest hit of all, as it requires one to be more in tune with the pattern of life from a discretely non-vernal standpoint as opposed to a sequential one.

[2/16: This passage is open to many interpretations. Perhaps what they are referring to here is the idea that the idea of these long-term cycles will undermine traditional Biblical concepts of a creation at or around 4000 BC. I think the “seer” welcomed for the New Millennium is each person who is reading these words, as well as myself.]


I wish I could lose those extra pounds, some say, but the reality is that the weight begins on the etheric level first. And so, by healing those issues within the spirit, we do then find that the physical body changes itself quite dramatically and quickly.

Just add a little color to the matrix, and we know that all is well that ends well.

The entire surface of the Creation abounds in joyous light and compassionate love. There can never be any other way to the One but this.

And just like the manufacturers of Gerber baby food bottles would say, you have to make it palatable if you want it to be eaten. So we do try as best as we possibly can to prepare you for the future while informing you of the past and what has happened before in these circumstances.

[2/16: I think that here they are referring to the fall of Atlantis.]


Now all along we agree that the purpose is a magical one – namely, you are learning that society and civilization as a whole is about to be transformed in a way that is so fantastic that it completely befuddles your whole logical mind to put it all together.

And the more that you try to do so, the more that you exist in fear, for there will never be any other opportunities to do this but those right in the present. And if you are not feeling joy in the present, then the vacuum is generally filled by negative emotions.

And so, as these readings are wont to say, your attitude is indeed everything. Wear your sunglasses if the light gets too bright, but at least keep focused on the goal, which is your own Ascension process.

Keep storing the available nuts and grains and beans, as these future probabilities are more realistic than you want to realize, and we continue to inform you of that.

Do not feel that these prophecies are a failure if the changes have not manifested overnight. Rather, understand that the prize catch of these workings is to take those situations that are manifesting all around you and to relinquish any attitude of fear that they might create or produce.

In this sense, you have then overcome many of the great trials and tribulations of fear that many would face. If you are incapable of feeling anything but joy, (even in the face of your own death, which should not be necessary in this case anyway,) then nothing will hamper your effectiveness, and you can indeed move forward with a renewed participation in your own divinity and Oneness.

The light at the end of the tunnel will always beckon you forth, and it shows that there is always a happy ending, and that good does triumph over evil. So keep that in mind when you are playing with issues of boredom and wrestling with the forces within yourself that would seek to simplify these matters so as to make the path less acceptable or clear.

[2/16: Here they must have been referring to the post-y2k depression that I had. I was so totally prepared to deal with it that when it didn’t happen I had to rethink my life.

I also started to feel as if all the prophecies were wrong and that society would just keep on lumbering along indeterminately — and in so doing I was freely ignoring all the evidence from every corner that we are not living in a sustainable society.

Therefore, I was “seeking to simplify these matters” that the readings have referred to. In so doing, one also makes the necessity for earth changes less clear and/or acceptable on the conscious level.]


David has wrestled with these feelings himself recently, and we assure all parties involved that we are not telling you this as a metaphor only.

We do think that it is important for you to become aware of how delicately the balance in your world order is being maintained, and how any significant disruptions that buckle the world’s economy could have immediate and long-lasting implications on the current way in which things are being done.

The y2k crisis has given all of you a chance to contemplate and reflect on this possible reality. And our purpose has always been to try to get you to frame this in a positive sense. Do not forget that.

We have never said that anything would occur at the time of the rollover itself, although David may have interpreted some of his dreams in this manner. Many of those dreams did indeed indicate what was brewing in the collective subconscious mind of humanity, and the relaxing of strain that has come in the mass mind since the rollover is truly extraordinary.

We eagerly look forward to the ongoing raising of the planetary vibrations, and their concomitant effects on each entity in its daily workings therein.

Some of the statements that we utter will seem self-explanatory, and our point is not to make a complex geopolitical reading at this point. All that we wish to do is to see to it that you yourselves have overcome the feelings of limitation that you have at any given time.

Do not allow the kinks or bumps in the road to spoil your attitude – to make you feel any less joyful or peaceful. Talk of y2k, et cetera, did certainly have that potential.

By making you aware of the real probabilities therein, any disruptions that may result will be much less grievous. And the goodbye reading that was produced was designed, of course, to get you to realize that we will always be with you, and that you do not need to read these readings to know that.

[2/16: I, for one, practically demanded that we do such a reading in time for it to be posted before y2k – so great was my assumption that we would have trouble.]


So let’s think again about it. Know and understand deep in your heart that there is only one way to the Light, and the path is straight and narrow. We don’t ever want to confuse you with inconsistency at the soul level.

It is much wiser and more prudent for us to be directly up-front and honest about everything that happens. While we are doing this, we are also giving you all the tools that you need to have appropriate responses.

If you had thought that changes were underway quicker than they turned out to be, then you are that much more prepared to relax and be joyful in the meantime, so that if ever they do happen you will be able to survive them with an attitude of peace and forbearance.

And so, bearing that in mind let us again say that it is quite easy to cast out a ghost in the machine once you recognize the power of the Light to transform all that is seen into its true essence.

And therein lies the ultimate Light and Wisdom that can be attained on your material plane.

We thank you, and we again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

These workings continue to feed you with everything that is at our disposal, to make you aware of the reality of these propositions and of your own existence in the higher realms. And for that, we thank you.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.