Sunday 1 / 02 / 00 — 9:54 a.m.

D: This dream was quite elaborate, and very interesting. There was a bedrock or undercurrent of secret societies in the sense of the Atlantean Mystery school being handed down from generation to generation — and it was time to bring it all out.

One could criticize the three Islamic dancers for not getting the message any sooner. For some who thought differently, there are myriad questions and concerns that arise themselves at the appropriate moments of time when the perching on these concerns is removed, and they must be dealt with directly.

[2/14: This paragraph is fairly anomalous, but I get the gist of it. Much of the mystery traditions were supported in the Sufi faith, which was centered in the Islamic countries. Sufi dancers are called “whirling dervishes,” which most of us have heard of before – so this is probably the reference to the Islamic dancers. Perhaps I am the one who “could be criticized for not getting the message (about these secret societies) any sooner.”]


D: There was a whole section involving CVC, the local Virginia Beach musical performer. A lot of this was about rehearsing for a musical performance.

[2/14: Every student of these readings should know by now that musical performances in these dreams always relate to the psychic function, and my outer application of it to the world.]


D: There were all these wires or strings that looked similar to the copper tubing that makes up the pyramid that I erected over my bed. They were all strung together through this room very elaborately, and I guess they were supposed to trigger a tape recorder at the right time to start playing. We were having a few technical difficulties with that.

[2/14: This certainly appears to be a prophecy of a major tape recorder failure that occurred approximately fifteen days later, which I did not notice for several days. The microphone jack, inside the machine itself, simply stopped pulling current out of the microphone. This also happened at the same time that gravity finally dealt one too many blows to the duct-taped pyramid of copper tubing and I finally took it down out of frustration and a certain degree of psychic burnout from how much it sped everything up in my life.]


D: DB from the Fellowship was involved, and a lot of my old high school cronies were there too. A lot of the action with me seemed to involve the musicians themselves, and the fact that I was trying to help them tune up their chops to be able to play this music and do it the way that they wanted to do it.

[2/14: Clearly this is about how my work impacts others.]


Everyone speaks so dishearteningly of Mars, as though there were nothing more to learn. Quite to the contrary, we do find that an almost infinite potential of absolute facts can be derived from the whole of this question, such that an inordinate amount of factual information could be brought forth and understood.

[2/14: You will notice that I stumbled over myself in the above paragraph. I noticed that I was getting way too close to the surface, as by the time I heard “infinite potential of absolute facts” I was well aware that they were referring to something new about Mars.

So, until I could get to a level of dissociation again that was deep enough for the information to continue, the content in the above paragraph simply duplicated itself again in slightly different words. This is a rather unusual phenomenon and only happens when my mind gets too close to the surface if it happens to pick up on something.]


Understand that a similar form of archeological research was done at the closing of the Atlantean civilization by Ra-Ta, thus confirming the remote antiquity of human civilization on a different planet. David is correct in seeing that this is what was being referred to in the Cayce Readings when the topic was brought up and discussed.

[2/14: It does make sense that with the capacity for Atlanteans to travel to the Moon, they could just as easily have gone to Mars, and thus this is very eminently plausible- and it may help to explain why I was so inspired and shaken to my core the very first time I saw a picture of the “Face” in Odyssey magazine in the late 70’s.

The Cayce Readings had said that Ra-Ta had proven that the human race was far, far older than they had thought, with archeological evidence. They never volunteered information as to what this evidence was, or where it was located, and now we have the answer.

This above paragraph seemed to complete what they wanted to say on Mars, and then my mind was completely out of the picture – I had heard my name and knew what the information was. Now I could really slide back in, and you will notice the same cryptic quality in the following paragraphs that illustrates the fact that I had no conscious knowledge of the content.]


In our thicket, we find the business issues are over come by the spiritual issues. And this comes about when the opposite authorities from those now seen in power are called into question.

[2/14: This is again speaking of the fact that the power authorities of business on this planet must be eventually undermined by the forces of Light.]


The myriad displays of light and color that heralded a new age and new millennium have subsided for now, and the half-truths continue onward for the time being. Rest assured, however, that those of Earth cannot be simply cordoned off from the rest of the Universe forever.

There will be a time when all that the masters said must come to pass, and the energetic cleansing will be at enough of a stage of completeness to render these concerns inoperable, so as to renew them on a higher order of events.

[2/14: In a highly encoded form, they are saying here that even though y2k passed without event, the prophecies they have been giving about eventual technological breakdown must come to pass — possibly through activity such as solar flares, etc. as the cycle continues to reach its completion.]


The dream indicates the broken clause that is still in place – a sense of finite preparation that must be made to reach the goal that is nevertheless quite confused in its wake. This dream is appropriately a response to the mass collective consciousness, and how it has weathered the storm of its own fear and love of transition points.

[2/14: Here I assume that the preparations they refer to were seen in the dream by my teaching other people how to play music – or metaphorically, how to increase their spiritual vibrations. Also I think that the dream indicates that we have just about reached a critical mass in terms of how much longer the knowledge of Atlantis can be suppressed.]


The key to understand the heart of this matter is to go within and find where the seat of the soul resides, as Gary Zukav might say.

Let the primitive moonbeams of light transform your being, and accept new paradigms with joy and with grace. Never again will you fall into feelings of having been corrupted by the inaccurate samples of God’s love and majesty that had been fed you in the past.

The life that you will lead will be one of ingenuity, forethought, and beingness, and only our most gifted pupils are selected for the intimate teaching propositions – propositions that go much farther than anything that could be seen or done on the Internet at present.

[2/14: Here the reading might sound like it is only for myself, but I believe that it is for every reader of this material. All of us will be called upon as teachers to the degree to which we can be utilized.]


While the spiritual traditions continue to be balked, do not fear for the fact that the knowledge is not coming out. For it is indeed, and it must continue to do so as time progresses.

It is easier to determine the future structure of events than you might think, and when you find out that the missiles are all stored in one place, (and we are speaking metaphorically here of those issues within the self,) then you never need to look very far to find out why the nightmare continues, and how you can bring about its resolution.

[2/14: “Missiles within the self” would clearly refer to lingering aspects of hatred, distrust or other negative vibrations that could destroy our positivity if not carefully monitored, brought forth into full consciousness, processed and healed with love.]


Lend an ear to those concerns that make up the rosy cheekbones and otherwise embarrass you. Now is the time to be grateful for all that you have accomplished, and to turn over control at the helm of the ship to the part of yourself that resides squarely within the notions of intimate and infinite wisdom.

Fear not the processes of soul transformation and evolution, as they are occurring all around you, and they must continue to do so regardless of whether each individual entity participates in the collective consciousness or not. And again, it is the cycles of time of which we have spoken that will determine this translation factor.

And so, with the dawning of a new day, the turning of a new page, the revealing of a new picture, there will be many changes. Whether the y2k bug bites or not, the entire surrounding environment is one that is ripe with transformation, and the cycles continue to function.

Remember that the promises will be kept, and everything is occurring on schedule. Keep your faith intact and realize that your planet is going through a most extraordinary birthing process, the likes of which have never before been seen.

[2/14: A very important point for those of us who get impatient, thinking that “everything” is going to happen in another week! Possibly, we could still be talking about twelve more years to go before Ascension / vibrational shift completion.]


We give you these messages to help you understand how intensively we are working with you to facilitate your spiritual evolution and Ascension. We also want you to remember that you are One with the galactic human consciousness that is written throughout this entire Logos, or galaxy, and several others as well.

And so, until the next time, we remain as the spoken representatives for the Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator.

We thank you for being here with us this day, and remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.