Saturday 1 / 01 / 00 — 9:55 a.m.

D: Okay. We have got y2k, the morning after. The time is 9:55 a.m., but that really doesn‘t mean much because I went to bed at 5:08 a.m., or something like that.

This dream was a pretty direct corollary to reality. A whole bunch of people were having meetings, and it was basically about y2k and that kind of stuff. JV showed up at the end.

There was a meeting involving several different people, and we were sitting around in a circle. It was supposed to be a discussion, and I got quite upset because JV cut me off. At that point, she was acting in sort of a teacher role.

One of the things that happened was that it suddenly appeared that I had inadvertently gotten thrust into the role of finding the responsibility of dealing with all the kids from my high school, in terms of organizing a reunion together. And I was really surprised, because I said that I didn’t think I was popular enough to do that. I was insured, though, that I was the one who was supposed to get the job done.

[Note: Again we have the endless, repetitive metaphor of the need to reunify the past and process the information in order to better understand yourself in the present.]


One of the weird things that happened that was really cool involved MW and maybe a few others. He was effortlessly doing gymnastics, going end over end from his hands to his feet as he ran forward.

The flips and twists and turns that he did without anyone spotting him were just totally incredible- he was so good. And I was just in awe of him. He had a green sweater on, as did someone else. The someone else was with him, but was wearing different clothes.

I guess that the bottom line was that it appeared that I was going to be expected to do things that were even more incredible than what Matt had been doing. And that was a pretty daunting concept.


D: You can definitely feel this great sigh of relief in the collective consciousness. It is totally tangible and not my imagination.


Free and clear advice is what we want to give. To better beset the negative opportunities as things of the past, we no longer needed to be so focused on those issues that would hold us back from our highest and truest forms of potential. But in the minefield, you have to walk carefully, for there are many potential disasters.

God does not speak to you alone, nor does he only speak to someone else. This everlasting presence of light / love and beingness surrounds you in each and every moment, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

And so, it is time for us to put your Goodyear tires on and re-evaluate your mission priorities and ours based on the milestone that we have now reached, and the concomitant effects on the planetary vibration as such.

You will see that many others will receive doses of light radiation never before expected, and this is good. The radiations emanating from the One are distinctly inviolable, and possessed of great tendencies of light, love and joy.

When the circuit breaks wide open as it is wont to do, there must as yet be a series of close opportunities to go as far as possible with this information, and all the while continuing to see how it beckons forth a few new fragments from the whole of your beingness to be cleansed and healed.

Deep relief washes over us as we see the turning of the tide of events. And thus, we can describe each movement forward in your society as a positive step, whether it is immediately viewed by you as such.

And in the deeper sense, we find that there are many repetitive opportunities to speak of the Law of One in a non-compulsory capacity that elicits positive understandings and creates an ambiance of joy, love, light and protectedness.

We do finally want to reveal to you that what the extraordinary measures are will involve much more than we have already stated. There are reasons for you to understand that this is a good statement that we make, that it does not have to do with the changes themselves as much as it has to do with the positive changes that will be occurring in society and on the planet at large.

You now have an opportunity to rethink many philosophies based on the fact that an entire millennium has passed. Everything that is occurring around you can be seen from this new perspective.

Remember that the concept of the year 2000 was so deeply embedded in the collective unconscious that computer programmers simply never foresaw it actually occurring. It just seemed that everything would remain in the 1900’s forever, since it had been that way for so long — ever since all the technology that you now use so extensively was born.

In 1901, the Wright Brothers first discovered the airplane in a workable capacity, and you have a host of others whose compounding discoveries quickly transformed the structure and scope of society as you know it. And this is just a blip or a nanosecond of time on the graph.

We did indeed insert those, what you call alien technologies into your society via the gifts of landed discs without personnel, which you could take for yourselves and reverse-engineer to determine what technologies could be used therein.

And so, where you now stand is in a situation where your technological level has occurred on schedule, and is continually supported by the work and the efforts of higher intelligence.

Every time you hear the name of the year, do not dull your ears to what it really means. We have spoken in these readings of much larger cycles of time, and yet it is very difficult for you to actually conceive of the fact that these cycles will end.

We can speak about Ascension eternally, and in an ongoing fashion, and yet you never really can think about it in terms of happening right now. The point of contact will always be right here, right now. And you can take that guidance and use it on many levels.

Those soul fragments that we so often speak of, fragments which separate themselves from the core of your beingness during a painful episode in your past or otherwise, do then remove your effectiveness in dealing with the present and being right here, right now.

Recognize that as this new millennium begins, you have an opportunity to completely change the hologram – to completely redefine everything about recycling, and many other laws and concepts as well.

There will always be a few new upstarters who will rejuvenate this sense of freedom and upliftment, and that is important. And for now, let us remain absolutely clear and focused on the goal, which is that prized communion with the One that comes with the true, diligent application of all that you have learned throughout all these years and lifetimes.

Never fail to realize how vitally important it is for you to remain fully composed within yourself, and fully joyous in the midst of these changes on a personal and planetary spectrum. You do have every reason to understand exactly what is going on, based upon your study of these readings and other materials.

There is no ambiguity or mystery here. Bearing that in mind, see each new opportunity to move higher and higher up the ladder as another great way to bring this wonderful spiritual event out of the probable future and into the here and now.

We have said before that your society would create its own Ascension through reaching the critical mass of understandings necessary therein. The vibrations have lightened somewhat dramatically since the rollover itself, and David has noticed this on the intuitive level this morning.

Since issues like this are so embroiled in free will, it can be difficult for us to discern how far it will move until, in your terms, it has actually happened.

[tape flips]


But now those ideas can be buried in the past, as we have a new grab bag of opportunities that presents itself every moment, even now. When you are willing to take your constructive criticism from others and roll with it, and allow this planet to move in the directions that it must go, you have attained greater light, love, wisdom and compassion.

Every available opportunity that you have to work on the issues within yourself is an opportunity that brings you closer and closer to your final goal and destination.

In the Bible, we referred to a thousand years of peace, and that time begins now – on the ideational level of Mind. You do have the choice to turn your back on the patterns that have characterized the past in exchange for the new information and love that is available in the present.

You do have the opportunity to view how society is moving through a naturally predictable cycle of its evolution which does indeed lead to some very powerful realizations among its many members. You can indeed approach the throne of everlasting Light and Love, Grace Beauty and Might, and stroke the metal that creates it, knowing that you have arrived at this structure through your own diligent work and application of all that you know.

You can prepare to sign your name on the everlasting skein of life in the Akashic Records, and thus leave behind the attachments that have characterized your growth issues and struggles in the past. Accept the concerns and conditions in society and others as sacramental and beautiful- as being just so.

You yourself always have a choice as to which direction the wheel will spin. For now, we thank you for being here with us, and we do remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.