[3/19/09: No readings in this entry. However, this is a fascinating example of how I had a dream that was blatantly personal, showing me what a situation I had gotten myself into in my relationship. At the time I totally did not see it, and actually did not understand the dream until now, when I reviewed it. The dream did also predict the fire that was about to happen in the house next door to me.]


Note: This is the first installment of what is going to be a series about the fire that destroyed the house next to David Wilcock’s.This dream / reading was the last thing we transcribed right before the fire itself.

Obviously this is a “once in a lifetime” event and even our earliest assessments reveal that the time-bending effects are extraordinary — the fire had cast a significant future shadow accordingly in the few weeks building up to the moment itself.

Through association, this dream makes clear references to the symbolic importance of the fire in showing what must happen to society on a larger scale if we don’t change our ways. David is reminded that just because the y2k rollover date has passed, that does not at all mean that such changes in society could not occur.

This event caused David to lose electric, water and sanitation for an entire night and subsequent morning.

The fire seems to dramatically underline David’s need to take the prophecies of his readings seriously, and not just automatically discard them because of the fact that we are now well into January 2000.



1/18/2000 – Note to Our Readers. Nothing is wrong with Asc2000 principal investigator David Wilcock. He is not depressed, he has not given up on this website, and he is essentially financially stable.

No “chemtrails” are being sprayed over Virginia Beach. He is healthy, happy and sane.

In fact, he has stumbled over an incredible series of new information and is working overtime to rework it all back into the revised text of Convergence, which will be posted when ready.

Furthermore, David has been led to start a whole new book which we will post chapter by chapter as it is completed. The tentative new title is The Atlantean Heritage, and it will systematically trace the breakdown of Atlantean knowledge as well as the reunification of same.

As a result of all this extra work, his readings transcription has been less intensive than normal. We do not yet have the next global reading in series ready for publication at this point. For now, go and take your own sneak preview of our Atlantean Heritage.


1/25/2000 – Personal News Flash! The house directly next door to David Wilcock’s was completely destroyed by a gigantic fire last night, starting at 1AM, which took firefighters over two hours to subdue.

The surging flames came within one foot of Wilcock’s house, but it did not burn, though the vinyl siding warped. The amount of synchronicities and psychic premonitions surrounding this are astounding.

David is extremely fortunate that his house still stands, and yet he never doubted that he and his property would be fine. The upper area next door is nothing but cinders and the lower apartment is completely ruined with water damage.

Everyone got out of the building just fine and the American Red Cross is assisting the downstairs family. We will have a big article up about this as time permits and as David’s feet warm up from being outside so long, helping the family remove possessions and board up. David temporarily lost all water and electric — and his y2k stash came in very handy indeed!



Wednesday 12 / 29 / 99 – 9:10 a.m.

D: Boy oh boy! If this dream wasn’t ever intense, I don’t know what would be! I think the title was, these four words I just got,


All Together Creating Fun

[1/25: Based on the “channeled” title, it seems that the real point of all these events is ultimately to unify us as a planet and make it a far more enjoyable place to live for everyone.]


It was pretty amazing- very amazing, actually. I had, I guess you would have to call this a vision of a probable future of what would have happened if there had never been an Ascension in our near future and our society had just sort of continued lumbering along and advancing in technology. Or maybe, it was also supposed to be like Atlantis. There are several different ways that you could take this.

[1/25: I now realize that these social descriptions are about our own society, just slightly changed and advanced for dramatic effect.]


The first tip that it was definitely not an Earth civilization that we are familiar with happened by something that I saw several different times. It was a glorious feeling – no body, no sound, just rising and rising like an eagle, looking down.

There was an area where I was, and then that area would zoom out and you would see that it was a space-age looking building, just flat with no big roofs or anything.

But then as it zoomed out more and more, you realized that all of these buildings were just nested within each other, on multiple levels, and each one nested together looked like each part of the next, and it got bigger and bigger, like a fractal. (In a fractal, there are repeating patterns that look exactly the same no matter how intensely you magnify the view.)

As I said before, this dream showed me several times that what I was dealing with was some sort of huge city from the future. It was obviously not anything like the Earth was now. What had happened was that all the buildings were homogenized, and they all had this E shape to them, except that the bottom of the E (would connect up to another shape just like it, at a 90-degree angle. And the more it zoomed out, the more buildings you realized that there really were.)

[1/25: During the time that this dream came in, I was conducting research on fractals, which will appear in the next “Convergence Research Update” as well as the Convergence rewrite.]


[tape flips]

I was plunged into this society from the future with the fractalized buildings, apparently, at an equivalent or perhaps future version of the Sojourner Truth Library at SUNY New Paltz, where I went to college.

I could tell right off the bat that this was not supposed to be the present, rather the future. The way I could tell was that people were using an ordinary elevator near the entrance to the building, and it seemed that they actually had to pay to use it with a hyper-advanced system of some kind.

It seemed that there was now some sort of system involving a tag that everyone had to carry that was like not only money, but identification. You couldn‘t do anything anywhere without having this tag.

It wasn’t imbedded in the skin like the Big Brother / Beast scenario from the Bible would have it. I believe it was something that you had the option of wearing in a few different places, but most people wore it on a wristband.

So anyway, the attention was focused on this rather burned-out looking guy who also had it on his wristband. He seemed to be lingering around the elevator as though he were waiting for something to happen.

And then, a woman had gotten out of the elevator right before he approached it, and she had used her card. When she was out of sight, he quickly dashed over to the area where she had just put her card in and stuck his own card in, then deftly typed out a few things on the panel.

At the time I didn’t know what he was doing, except that he looked a combination of guilty and excited after he left. (Although I am giving it away, later on in the dream the mystery was solved, and it became quite obvious that he had some way to hack into that computer system and get money off of her identification.

Maybe it was only the money that she had used to go up the elevator, or it could have been more. It wasn’t a whole lot, just a little. Doing that seemed to have made him happy. I discovered later that he had used that to feed himself, that this was the future technology equivalent of stealing money to eat.)

So, things were already getting strange as I saw this guy working. I said, “What am I doing in this place? This is really wild.”

I go into the bathroom, and there is a radio playing music from, I don’t know, like the 80’s or 90’s, something familiar, or maybe even older than that – but it was music that I knew. Yet at the same time, it felt like it was now Oldies in the same sense as we would listen to big-band jazz or 50’s pop.

I went into the bathroom and it first looked like there were only sit-down toilets in stalls, but then I saw some urinals in the back. They already had urine in them – and the shape of them was very different.

It was not the same design that they have right now, only slightly different but definitely not the same. The bowl was more rounded than geometric, and there was a sort of lip built up around the inside that poked up more than it ever normally would now, as now it is usually just flat porcelain.

There seemed to be an African-American man assigned to work in the bathroom who was lingering in the background, and we might have exchanged a few brief words of kindness as I entered or left.

[1/25: The bathroom seems to indicate the waste, the misuse of the gifts of humanity. The man who was supposed to clean it was bored and disinterested and had long stopped caring about the condition of the bathroom.]


So then we get to the part where I came out of the bathroom. Somehow I quickly discovered that there was a gigantic, futuristic, television-style console that was in the middle of this large, rectangular room, right near the staircase.

On this television screen was the equivalent of the Sightings website, and I was pretty amazed by this. The whole design of the website had changed, and it was now called Sightings Level Five, as though there were four other different sites as well.

I didn’t know what the Level Five meant, but it had clickable links and everything else. So just seeing the futuristic look and the graphical interface was pretty incredible. And it appeared that you could touch each word on the screen with your finger and bring up full video, so it wasn’t like reading articles any more- the Internet had now become a completely full video interface.

So, I realized at that point that the Level Five meant that I was on the fifth floor of the building. I never did take an elevator to get up there from the bathroom, but somehow I knew that this is where I was. So then I either willed myself or went down the stairs or something to end up in the fourth level.

D: I wonder if this has to do with my trances. That is interesting, because I do call them Level Four and Level Five.

[1/25: It does make sense, because Level Five is the deepest information. As we shall see, Level Four information is useful, but nowhere near as powerful as Level Five. I have been striving more and more to have all my readings come from Level Five, which means doing less in exchange for higher quality.]


In Level Four, there appeared to be a duplicate of the website, except that the fonts were all different. It still looked neat, but it actually looked like the style and writing at the Ultimate Counter.com website when I was trying to find a replacement counter for my website.

What I realized that was unique about this level was that everything that was contained within any of the articles was in a hard copy- there was only one copy, but they were all filed in this big rack. I knew at that point or soon afterwards that this had all been a big office building at one time, i.e. the old college library, and they had gotten rid of all the book stacks and it was all converted for this Internet purpose now.

So having seen that, I found this copy machine and got the idea of how great it would be to copy some of these articles for myself.

Someone else I knew was with me, maybe my mother. I said, “Wow. I can’t hardly believe that the mass public doesn’t know about this service yet, because if they did, what an incredible amount of popularity this particular building would have. Everybody would just keep on flocking here to use this free copy machine, have hard copies of all the articles – this is just incredible!”

[1/25: This seems to be about my website in general and how I am making all of my information available to everyone, and posting it in a format that engenders easy printouts.]


I then saw Mr. Guare, a teacher’s assistant from my old high school, who was intended to look like Dr. Steven Greer, and I think I noticed their similarities at the time. Both names are pronounced almost exactly the same.

He looked at us and he didn‘t say anything directly, but then I realized right afterwards that you weren’t supposed to use the copy machine, and by getting close to it some sort of mysterious signal came out of it that alerted him, and that was why he came out of his office.

[1/25: This could relate to my concerns that if I got too popular, through someone like Dr. Greer, I might encounter problems in my life from those forces that would want to stop me.]


Then I believe that the character shifted back to the original elevator character, who seemed to be like a drug addict and was really hard up. I think that it wasn’t until this point that I actually realized that what he had done with the key card was to get some food, because he was starving on this system.

He figured out a way to steal some money so that he could get some food. In short, he did something very negative and was proud of himself- and suddenly this tripped off a bizarre effect.



At this point, it might have been the first time that I saw a very strange and frightening woman.

There were several things that happened that just completely defeated any concept of normal waking three-dimensional reality, and they happened quite often.

It wasn’t just one or two events, it was ongoing. That is one of the things that made this dream so totally amazing. There were all these things that just completely defied reality.

So after he mentioned his stealing to someone, and laughed about it and stuff, this woman showed up for the first time. And it was really scary.

I believe that in the different ways that the woman would come, it would be either a young girl or a woman. But the woman always looked the same. She wore a yellow raincoat that might be smeared with mud, and she always had a deathly look of deep sorrow on her face.

When she would show up, everything would seem to slow down and pause, and it was extremely dramatic, just like a tunnel-vision scene in a horror movie with the scary music in the background.

Literally, it was as if the entire fabric of reality would change when she appeared – and it was terrifying to me. None of the hyper-advanced electronics would function whatsoever – just a screeching halt.

The weird thing was that nobody else ever wanted to acknowledge that she existed. It seemed that they had become conditioned to it and just didn’t care. They would simply wait until everything started working again, usually only ten or fifteen seconds.

[3/19/09: I was completely blind, at the time, to the fact that this was directly talking about the traumatized personality aspect of my girlfriend and what I was already starting to go through in living with her.] 


The reason why it bothered me so much was that somehow something bad would happen to her every time. She would be covered in mud, or she would do extremely violent things to herself, or she would just stare at you and show up out of nowhere.

Every time it just gave me this really irksome feeling, and I was really surprised that these people just didn’t see it.

So I think that it was the first time that she came out and nobody was paying any attention that I said, “What the hell is going on here?”

Even as she was horrifyingly mutilating her own body and staring you dead in the eye the whole time that she was doing it, they tried to act like she totally didn’t exist, and it was my first clue that maybe everything that I was seeing was like a big computer simulation or a Matrix, and that none of it was real.

The whole experience would get so dreamlike and obviously distorted that it seemed that the entire world was about to disappear to reveal a hidden stage that no one had ever expected would be there, similar to the Holodeck in Star Trek.

So as soon as I had the thought that it was all a simulation, it again seemed like I went through the same scene that I did in the beginning.

Beautiful, totally quiet but for the sound of a light wind, rising and rising like a bird. WHOOSH!

My point of perspective suddenly panned out, and I had no body – just a point of awareness. I again saw these buildings that were all fractally interrelated.

Each level as it kept panning back would look the same as the level inside of it. And it just got bigger and bigger, until finally you could see the largest level of the integrated E-shaped structure set in against a background of pristine green mountains and ocean water to the left.

The entire scene looked like it was rendered by computer graphics – the ocean especially looked very artificial, like computer animations that were designed to mimic its appearance and ended up appearing very patterned and repetitive.

So after it panned out that time, I came back to an awareness of being in a body, and that I was now walking outside, completely away from the matrix-structure I had just been seeing.

I was walking down a highly artificial-looking woodsy path with grass and a few trees, almost like the set from the Mr. Rogers show in a way, and I found this very bizarre bird or owl type of creature perched on a log.

It was speaking to me as though I were a child, and it looked very funny and childish.

This is where things really started to get weird. In a nasal, cartoonlike voice, it was asking me things like, “Why so glum, chum?”

It somehow knew that I was depressed from the iniquities of the man’s stealing and the horrors of the self-mutilating woman.

I just smiled and answered, “Well, I don’t know.” And then it said, “Read books. Read books and you won’t be depressed. Just enjoy the thrill of reading, and you will become happy again.”

[1/25: This was very clearly a message to me at the time that the dream came in, as well as for any future low-points, that what truly fuels me the best is new metaphysical studies. And I certainly have been getting my share lately, and feeling great!]


And as it talked to me, it changed in shape. It started out as sort of a Donald Duck shape, but made out of wood. And then as it kept on talking, it looked more like a pelican carved out of wood, except that the eye was in the top of the beak, which was really weird.

Everything was very strange and hyperdimensional. The pelican almost looked like one of those Dutch wooden shoes that had been elongated. But that wasn’t quite it either. It was just obviously made out of wood, so it wasn’t real.

[1/21: This is again quite amazing. Just within the last two days, the Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia Beach, which I walk through every day, put in a whole series of beautiful new outdoor sculptures. I saw them the first time at night, and they looked like they were made out of wood.

The whole idea of a bird with eyes near the beak is an exact approximation of what the two statues look like which now flank the entrance to the Center. The eye is directly above the beak, which is quite small and the heads quite elongated.

It is amazing to see this in the dream, as about five days ago I had a dream a day or two before they put in the new statues.

In my dream, a big white truck was at the Center and unloading some equipment, and some other things happened as well that might be very significant in hindsight — I’ll have to transcribe my way there.

The dreams knew that the statues were coming, even though I had no idea that it was going to happen whatsoever. It was definitely a dimensional shift to walk through there and suddenly have all of this beautiful new artwork show up like that.

1/25: The “coordinates” of the future were obviously being very well set here on the 21st. The artistic quality of the sculpted duck face in the dream is almost incredibly similar to what two of these new statues look like, which directly interrupt my walking path.

The forces were making it very obvious that they knew exactly where I would be in future coordinate time when the dream would be transcribed. Therefore, the likelihood of the big fire being seen as well rises considerably.

They had to match these coordinates redundantly in order to prove the point so well — and in a brilliant fashion they tied in all these visual metaphors from my then-future into the plot of the dream itself.

Indeed, the whole rest of the dream seems designed to use the prophecy of this dramatic, highly tragic fire as an example for myself and all my readers. I will know more as I continue in transcription.]



So then, I believe, that is when it got even more radically strange, and the plot shifted again into something where I was seeing the Queen of the whole society. And it was almost like Alice in Wonderland.

She had this royal entourage that was with her, and a lot of it was just really silly. I remember that they were dressed up in these outrageously loud red and white costumes that were overly elegant, very much overdone. I never did really get a clear reason why, but it was just clear that it was all image-conscious, hyper-fancy and just really strange.

[1/25: Obviously this is a statement about our society in general, which idolizes wealth like a god in a very mentally-ill fashion, just like we are all living in a collective Alice in Wonderland delusion of materialistic grandeur.

I just re-read the list of “Senior Future Prophecies” from my yearbook and almost every graduating kid in 1991 programmed him or herself for fabulous wealth, success and power “in twenty years,” with a few humorous or honest exceptions.

I didn’t write anything, as I was totally not into conforming to anything that the school or society wanted me to do at that point. It was my own form of protest — if I were to write, I would have written the truth of my feelings, not a lie, and at that time I didn‘t want to share my feelings — namely that I felt I was to become a spiritual figure for many people.]

[3/19/09: Again, in hindsight it is obvious that this dream was re-iterating itself about what I was really starting to see from my girlfriend at the time. She is clearly the Queen portrayed in this dream, but at the time I did not see it.]


So, in the midst of this it seemed that they were either loading her into or taking her out of a super-fancy cream-white Rolls Royce with solid gold bumpers, wheel rims, headlight rims, hood ornament, racing stripes and door handles.

This woman who was supposedly the Queen had the hots for me. There was no question about that — she was teasing me just like a woman from a bad teenage sex movie. And she was a very, very attractive woman- blonde hair, buxom and a perfect body.

So, the first time when they were working with this car and there was all this entourage around her, I didn’t really take it very seriously.

I seemed to have a rather adolescent personality and mindset at this point, and I did make some sort of suggestive comment about her, because it was obvious that I could – the opening was there. I said something playful, theatrical and stupid like, “My, my, my, you are very sexy to be a Queen.”

[1/25: My experiences here seem to be concerning the way in which humanity has been seduced by the love of money and power and the carnal forces.]

[3/19/09: See? I didn’t get it at all.] 

She was starting to seduce me, and it was when that happened that I think the woman in the yellow raincoat showed up again.

And like I said before, she might have been damaged in some way, or stained with mud or would damage herself, but she also had a very distinctive face that I have never really seen in this life before.

She just looked very sad as she mutilated herself in front of me, blood and debris flying. And I wondered what she was so upset about, but I wasn’t making any connections. No one else seemed to even be able to see her besides me.

[3/19/09: The dream very clearly spells out the two different aspects of my girlfriend at the time, and brings them together to show the duality that then existed.] 

So, I was still trying to figure out why this woman showed up. In the back of my mind, I was still thinking about that guy who had committed fraud with the card system, and how therefore this all had to be some sort of society in the future.

So after that point, things went back to normal and I pretty much stayed with the Queen.

There was some fabulously wealthy looking stuff going on as we were together, and almost ridiculously overdone — as though someone had turned Alice in Wonderland into a full-blown modern movie.

So somehow we ended up in my old friend Don T’s house, and the Queen was still there. Where the refrigerator and back door was in his kitchen, there now seemed to be a pit.

[1/25: This is one of the most direct dream references to an event that would completely change the internal structure of a house – namely the fire in the building next to my own, which almost totally destroyed the building.

Although the upstairs floor did not cave into a pit like this, the entire apartment was burnt to a cinder and the roof had completely fallen in.

Had it burned a little longer, it very well could have produced a pit just like the one in the dream — perhaps the probability vortices had shifted since the dream, and this level of damage was deemed no longer necessary.

The coordinates are obviously amazing… there is just no doubt about the fact that this event was completely pinned by the forces.

An event as powerful as a house burning down does not happen by chance — it is ALLOWED to happen for karmic reasons. Were it not karmically apropos or chosen by the Higher Self, the angelic forces would thwart the fire — i.e. a smoker might wake up in time to extinguish his cigarette, psycho-kinetic force would stop a frayed wire from causing problems until the person clearly was led to find it and cut off the electric, et cetera.

When you trust God, all is well — and when you do not follow the simple teachings of God, namely to love others as the Self, you’d better be ready for the karma. Therefore, just like my early car crash in 1996 when the work first got started, this event was planned for quite some time before it actually manifested.

There could well be repeated references to this fire in earlier dreams that I have not published on the web, which I might find when I go back through them in the near future.]

[3/19/09: In a real sense the dream is tying the fire that was about to happen next door to my house to what was going on in my personal life with Sabrina. Don T shows up in reference to the addictive part of my personality, and here I had fallen into codependency and did not see the dangers ahead — but the dream warned me nonetheless.] 


I walked in and saw the Queen leaning over this pit. For all intents and purposes — I don’t necessarily know if she was naked, but she was wearing this skin-tight leotard, and it left absolutely nothing to your imagination. It was very, very thin material and very tight and clinging.

So I said something to her, to the effect of, “My, my, my, Queen, you sure have changed. You sure do look good — you are so sexy.”

And then she turned around, and as I was talking to her, she basically became completely naked almost immediately — her clothes just disappeared before my eyes. I started to feel intense pleasure, like we were having sexual intercourse.

Her body was perfectly tan, perfectly muscled, she had perfect breasts and her face looked tangentially similar to that recording artist Jewel who everybody talks about.

[1/25: Obviously the analogy of the fire next door is being tied in with society’s love and fascination with sex symbols. We are literally dancing on the rim of the volcano by the way that we treat these people as objects.]


So I felt like I couldn’t quite have sex with her. It was close, but I would have to wait to actually do it. However, the feeling of rubbing against her was close enough, if you know what I mean. It all happened really fast, and it was just wildly erotic and totally exciting.

Almost as soon as that got done happening, this little girl comes in the door with a raincoat on, and it was covered with mud in different spots. And then sure enough, this same woman appeared who would systematically torture herself in horrible ways every time that she would show up. This was the woman with the yellow raincoat, soaking wet black curly hair and sad face.

[1/25: The raincoat is the most amazing part of this. During yesterday’s real fire, the rain was pouring down in buckets, and all the firemen had bright yellow outfits — not a single one of them wore any other color. Obviously they were covered with soot, which in this dream was mud.

There were more than a few neighbors and emergency workers wearing yellow raincoats as well, complete with the soaking wet black hair. (And now we get an 11:11 p.m. on the clock to boot! Wow.)

Now in dream terms, the mud always indicates a sexual indulgence, and that metaphor plays itself out here quite nicely.]


I even stopped our sexual adventure, and I said to the Queen, “Who are these people? Why do I keep seeing them, and what is going on?” The Queen said, “Oh, they just try to interfere. You never know when they are going to show up, and we just try not to pay attention to them.”

Somehow I looked out in the other room or I just knew that Don and the others who were watching TV had realized that it had gotten stuck. They had been watching Godzilla, [who was breathing FIRE and destroying the buildings of a large city,] and all of a sudden the picture froze. There showed up this grid of white lines, horizontal and vertical.

And every time that the lines intersected, there was a heart. It was a typical-looking heart design, but it was throbbing. And in the middle of that grid was the word “SHATTER” in big letters.

[1/25: The fire certainly did shatter the hearts of those involved – an incredible wake-up call to change the way that they live and treat each other. Furthermore, the Godzilla metaphor was used in my dreams before, associated with a possible terrorist strike on NYC that was thankfully thwarted.

Telling the FBI my prophecy is what got the horrible phone-tapping started in the first place… and only recently has it again significantly declined from where it had been. So the Godzilla connection is definitely related to Earth Changes — though I would NOT AT ALL say that this is a prophecy of any nuclear exchange.

The forces have said that they will intervene if we try to use them, and deactivate them before they can do any harm.]

And SHATTER seemed to mean that at the point that this happened… OH! I get it. Wow.

The word SHATTER meant that at the point that this happened, there was some sort of glitch that happened in the system that caused everything to shut down for a moment and stop working. It was then that the opportunity came for this shocking woman and her crew to show up.

[1/25: Since we were so close to y2k at the time I dictated this dream, I was feeling that it was confirming that something was about to happen. Little did I realize that in the fire itself, I would lose all of the four “essentials” that were so feared about y2k — gas, electric, water and sanitation.

(Well, I don’t have any gas, but it would have been gone if I did have it.) More than that, it is about the shattering of the entire way of life in the building next door.

There had also been a symbolic portent of this event several months earlier as well, where the bathroom of their house had somehow been penetrated by a giant Boa Constrictor — no kidding!]


And it looked this time like the woman had a frying pan, and there was fire coming up and she looked like she was going to stick her head in the frying pan several times to try to prove her point.

For some weird reason I automatically grabbed her head and started to help her do it.

Almost immediately I realized that this had to be a dream, and that she had to be a reflection of myself and that there was no way that I was going to do that. So I stopped doing it.

[1/25: Want fire in the dream? Check. People in yellow outfits in the rain? Check. A pit in the middle of the building? Check. Now we have the frightening woman associated directly with fire coming up and self-immolation – in other words, the complete loss of one’s possessions and destruction of the way of life.]


All of a sudden, I realized that the connection was this: every time she showed up, it was always when the moral standards had gotten the lowest.

That was when this SHATTER thing would happen, and everything would grind to a halt- all the machines and automation — and then she would materialize to give us this message. And as soon as I figured it out, I said, “Well, what is the message that you are really trying to give?”

[3/19/09: It is true that any time my ex and I got physically involved (which had only started in the recent past) all sorts of issues would come up that would somehow turn into three days of fighting. At the time I still didn’t consciously see the connection this dream was making.] 

At that point, in my mind I started putting the story together. But as she started talking, I was waking up, and it was almost like a reading and I couldn’t hear it.

That was frustrating, because I wanted to hear what she had to say. But instead of words, my mind was flooded with a huge surge of thoughtforms – a true “thought-ball” or ROTE as Robert Monroe would call it – Related Organized Thought Energy.

In order to cap off the plot portion of this dream, the ROTE appeared to me in my mind and said that at some point in the past, all of this society had gotten totally technologized and automated. It was almost as though it were a matrix — none of it was real — it was all like a big computer simulation.

She had somehow figured out what had happened to the society, and she was now part of a very small number of people who were a resistance.

She had figured out a way to exploit a natural glitch in the system that would allow her to periodically intrude into that reality.

So when she did, she was capable of projecting an image of herself going in, looking at people and then doing these horrible things to herself. And obviously, it was designed to make them realize that they were really inflicting this exact same harm upon themselves.

[3/19/09: This is a great message. It shows that Sabrina’s manifestation in my life, and all the horrors she put me through, was really nothing more than a reflection of what I was already doing to myself. This is precisely the message I’ve put into our epic “metaphysical musical” entitled Wanderer Awakening.] 

Since her image and indeed the whole world was only a hologram, her own actions really didn’t do her any harm at all from her physical standpoint. Her body was fine in the “real” world, in other words.

Unfortunately, nobody seemed to be getting the message. Her warnings were happening so often to them that they had gotten conditioned to seeing her, and nobody would pay attention when it happened.

And that was one of the things that freaked me out so much.

I now knew that her purpose was actually to say that the whole system had to stop, and that they were going to keep working until enough people realized what their message was and started to take action to change all the problems and moral quandaries.

I then knew that the whole fiber of their society was all backwards. And she would only intensify the disruptions to greater and greater degrees of severity the more that they didn‘t listen.

[1/25: And obviously this dream is talking about our own society. The woman represents Mother Earth, who is showing us signs of absolutely grave crisis left and right that we continue to ignore.

The longer this goes on, the more of a SHATTER there must be to balance the karma. In my physical reality, the microcosm of this SHATTER was the massive fire which decimated the building next to me, while miraculously leaving my own untouched.

Everyone involved obviously programmed this for themselves on a higher level, for vitally important spiritual reasons. I feel that this event was such a turning point and so obviously pre-ordained that it will show up again and again in my dreams – and interestingly, this one had already been transcribed before the event ever happened.]


So, as I realized this, it was this incredible moment of awakening. I knew now that the woman would show up every time that someone was doing something that was morally wrong.

And the little girl with the raincoat, and the fact that they were always covered by mud — mud signifies carnal forces, i.e. indulging in sex, drugs, alcohol and other forms of wanton self-gratification.

That was just SO intense of a dream. It definitely is inspiration, there is no question about that. I am going to meditate for a few minutes and then get up.

[1/25: And the story is just beginning. We will put the whole thing together in the next few days. Eventually we may fuse these articles together into a grand document. It is clear that the forces have used this event as an incredible example, tying it into the big picture.

You never expect to smell smoke, hear crackling and popping noises outside followed by banging doors and screaming, then to open your door and see nothing but smoke.

It was quite something to watch the fire rage out of control as we waited what seemed like eternities for the firemen to show up. I watched as the edge of a twenty-foot wide sphere of fire puckered out the siding on my building. It really made me realize that the idea of “everything is just fine” is TOTALLY not true.

We KNOW that this SHATTER must come. It MUST come, because these problems are rampant in society. So it is good for us to be prepared in advance.

My y2k preparations were a Godsend – candles, water, food and warm clothing, plus the strategy of not flushing the toilet.

I will never again doubt the validity of these prophecies. I have been SHOWN. I hope YOU get the message too and think again before selling off your cans of Baked Beans to the highest bidder.

My latest “thing” is to do sprouting- it is EMINENTLY easy and can completely supply your need for vegetables.

All the materials are really cheap and all you need is water, darkness and two to five days of time. I am going to put up a whole section about sprouting soon, as it has really changed the style and costs of my dietetic life, and it is an excellent survival idea to boot!

And of course, let’s remember that the FINAL point of all this is that we are “All Together Creating Fun.” (And we end with a 12:12 on the clock.) We must remember WHY all this has to happen, and that its purpose is a very positive one, all the way around.]



Hot Times in Virginia Beach:

A Very Close Call


This is a side rear view of where the fire next to David Wilcock’s apartment originally got started. Flames initially burst out from the far left corner of the side of the house illuminated by the sunlight in this photograph, and David witnessed this first emergence.

By this point, the sounds of electrical wires burning sounded like firecrackers going off, and the entire neighborhood was nothing but a haze of smoke, reeking of burning plastic.



This was the view from which David watched the firefighters work in their two-hour effort to put out the blaze.




This is a view of the awesome power of the fire to completely melt vinyl siding like taffy candy. As you can see from the sky poking through the window, almost nothing of the roof remained after the fire. Miraculously, the downstairs apartment suffered only water damage, and the framing is going to be preserved. The top will have to be completely gutted and rebuilt.




This photo gives you a very good idea of why David had a very close call. The flames were literally licking at the walls of his house to the right, warping and puckering out the vinyl siding and threatening the whole house to catch on fire. The firemen said we were very lucky indeed.




This gives you a good idea of the total devastation that took place in the upper apartment. Only the charred remnants of the framing boards remained.




Again: imagine if this was your house! The flames were so hot that literally everything was destroyed inside. The good board that you see in both of these pictures above was installed later to keep the wall from accidentally falling down.