Tuesday 12 / 28 / 99 — 8:48 a.m.

You need to arrive at a place of more secure stillness and peace within yourself, and that necessitates the arrival of a few new participants into the equation, so that we have then changed that which exists at present into a new, greater whole, composed of so much more validity and motion.

[1/21: Two interesting things immediately show up as I transcribe this. One, I have been reading the Dewey Larson material, and the word motion is constantly used as a defining characteristic of how our universe functions. I just found the website three days ago.

Secondly, even as I was transcribing the sentence I was thinking about my long and wonderful phone conversation with Carla Rueckert, the channel for the Ra Material / Law of One books, last night on the telephone right before the lunar eclipse.

For some reason I had never tried to get in contact with her before, and once I did everything really clicked, since we are both scholars of the same material and she actually lived all the events that I have studied for four years now.

Right as I was transcribing the above paragraph, I was thinking about how she had said that it would be nice sometime for me to visit them and do a co-channeling session with her. So you can imagine my surprise as I am thinking this and it is immediately followed by this phrase from a reading that came in over three weeks ago.]

[3/19/09: Interestingly, the path for where I would go next — three years later at this point — was established just as my first major initiation was underway.] 


The harvesters need to ride on the currents of the public opinion vibration, and they cannot take action until the appropriate understandings have been reached. We now hope that through these teachings and others like them, these understandings may be appreciated at face value and accepted in due course through a much quicker period of time.

It stands to reason that in so many cases, the minds of your people are distracted by myriad different stimuli, both from outside the self and inside the self. Stilling the mind and stopping this incessant chatter is a very important procedure that takes time and a diligent application of knowledge to endure.

By not watching television, you force yourself to see what is cooking inside your own mind, and uncover the canonical dictation of same instead of simply running away from yourself to have another misadventure in TV land.

We do speak in a derogatory fashion about your television, as we feel that its negative influences are strong enough that it is not worthy of your time and consideration at this point. We have spoken of these things many times before, and do not need to repeat our words here again.

The luminous body does indeed take form as you continue to strip away the walls and partitions that blockade the outer self that is the Ego from the inner self that is your own core of Oneness.

We do not want to appear to be sideshow magicians, but we can tell you that the rabbit will be pulled out of the hat at the appropriate time, and the missiles stored within the silos of the self will be defused and rendered inoperable.

So just for a while longer, continue to laugh and relax before you really have to be put on the spot and call upon all of these things that you know to be true. There is still some time for you to enjoy the illusion that life will not change, and that all things are going to remain stable.

Take this time to get even more clear about what your mission priorities are — namely the full enlightenment and revelation of the self by the One Self, in order to realign these fragments of Divine Essence within you to their central core.

The realization of this divinity within yourself comes about when you are capable of walking through the vineyards and plucking those grapes that are of the sweetest taste, to then mold and renew the vital energy with the offerings that are then made available by the Higher Self.

Those who congregate together in joy and in service to the One Infinite Creator can have quite a quickening effect upon your personal growth process. And thus, do not feel that these workings are telling you that you should only pursue these avenues of thought and exploration in silence and solitude.

Rather, now is the time to begin fostering more and more intimate friendships with those in your own local area, so that when any changes do arise, there is a support network in place.

You will also find that working on these issues collectively as a group does make quite an enormous difference in the effectiveness with which you can pursue these ideas, and that is an important concept as well.

[Phone ringing in room – pause]


Maintain the effectiveness and continuity of these workings with the understanding that arrives to the inner self that the phone is always ringing, and you can pick it up any time that you want to and begin listening to the pre-recorded messages that will be in place for you.

You can become your own client, and seek to do readings for yourself. The best way to do this is through diligent meditation — day after day, you must finally accept that zone of stillness and peace that you have resisted for so long with distraction and mundane recourses to typical events of the day.

Instead, you can move towards the crown of victory of attainment of mastery over the physical illusion by quelling the furies within the self such that your odometer does indeed become perfectly aligned as a bank of digits.

[1/21: As any long-term reader of this material knows, I have often had repeating digits show up on my odometer at precisely significant times — often it is the exact moment that I pull into my driveway, and suddenly the “wrong” turns that I made while driving make much more sense. Some of these synchronicities are discussed in the article “Telekinesis Roundup.”]


All is occurring according to a greater plan, and you are part of that plan as well. By strengthening your own Light and Love and bringing it forth unto others, you are performing the highest service that is available to you.

So don’t feel confounded by responsibility, or that you are otherwise incapable of proceeding. Simply allow yourself to relax, and become complacent with Divine Order in your life.

Understand and recognize that once all is said and done, what you take with you is that very essence of life that you grasp every time that you are willing to turn your back on a negative thoughtform or habit pattern and achieve its more difficult and yet far more rewarding opposite.

It may seem that we ask very much of you, and that these are perfectionistic demands that cannot be met. Understand that in the deeper sense, all must again return to Oneness, and the Oneness is perfection. We think that overindulgence in perfectionism for the wrong reasons can be very detrimental, but you should also understand that God is perfection.

The perfection that you should strive to attain within yourself, more than anything else, is the complete abandonment of worry, guilt, fear, anger, sadness, depression and other negative emotions, and the complete adaptation of joy, life, love and service to others as the maxims by which your life is led.

Take every available opportunity for these negative emotions to arise as another chance to practice meditating on their opposite, which is in the positive, and then balance those energies together.

[Pause-unpause tape — brief break]


And so, this panorama of new consciousness awaits you every time that you are willing to receive it — and that implies the gradual elaboration upon the laws of infinite intelligence within the mind complex of each seeker such that these influences might then be met in the day to day life.

We thank you, and we again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. For now, this is our mantra, as always. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.