This reading, done before the y2k rollover itself, appears to already know what it was going to be like. In addition to that, it continues to remind us that this does not automatically nullify the prophecies surrounding the social restructurings necessary for Ascension to occur. David sorts out his own feelings about y2k in this article as well.


Thursday 12 / 23 / 99 — 9:37 a.m.

D: I just woke up this minute spontaneously. I have not moved, been to the bathroom or drank water yet.

This dream seems pretty terrific in terms of its relevancy, so I wanted to make sure that I got it.


Were there to be more than one reason for what is going on here, we just need to take a look at a deeper solid of truth to unveil and explore the hidden caustic comments that still remain when discussing this issue.

The abandonment of vitality need not continue, nor must you feel the corporate clone. With the great man’s gifts, see how the tide of events has turned indeed. The sharp objects we have spoken of need not impale you, and that is important.

[1/04: All of this seems to be personal material to get me more motivated to renounce any feelings of angst over getting this work done, i.e. feeling like a stressed-out corporate clone.]


D: I want to get some of this out. There was a whole section towards the end that had to do with a military base. And although I was not directly in the military, I was living on this base for some reason. That was strange, as I wondered what I had done to make myself choose that. There was definitely the schema of moving around, which was one of the first words that the readings said.


This accomplished singer indeed has much more to say, because it stands to reason that the most empirical facts have yet to be determined on some levels of importance.

Therefore, we should continue to remind you that the work is never truly finished, merely progressed through different stages of evolution. And these games that people play involve much more than the direct foresight of the issues closely at hand.

[1/04: And thus we can see here that they [the “accomplished singers”] already knew that this would be their first new reading after the y2k roll-over. They are comparing this to a new stage of evolution in the work itself, and perhaps the “last chapter” could be seen as the end of one book and this as the beginning of another. And since they say that “the most empirical facts have yet to be determined on some levels of importance,” there may well be some very important things that I do not yet understand about the timelines and / or specific events surrounding the Ascension scenario.]


The deeper challenge arises with the ability to use forethought in an active manner so as to duplicate the conditions of heaven while still here on Earth.

The passive voice is not as suitable as the active voice, and thus, David, you have now remembered that part of the dream.

D: Yes, as soon as you said ‘passive voice,’ you also gave me a vision of that. There was also a part of the dream where someone had been looking at the way that I wrote the original manuscript for Convergence, and was severely criticizing the fact that it wasn’t more direct.


In troubled times like these, the will of the individual self matters much more to those who only see the tears that are shed in themselves, rather than the tears of others. Awakening to a global perspective, we notice that the intermittent opportunities to become more cognizant of others’ issues and expectations continue to arise with greater and greater frequency and power.

[1/04: I do understand this. What they are fundamentally telling me is that I have to write the book in a way that will be of most use to others, not of most use to myself – and there can certainly be a difference between those two things. I had been having the ideas coming in for a whole new book that would actually need to be either a side tangent, appendix or entirely different volume to Convergence.

This book would systematically trace the existence and breakdown of the information structure of Atlantis and where all the pieces are today, including how those pieces assemble together into the question of Ascension. It seems that it is too much material to add to the extant Convergence text as it now stands, since it is the product of a wealth of new research that I have been conducting.]


Integrating these fragments together will prove that the truth is necessarily borne out by the immediate mastery of life’s most fundamental issues and paroxysms [=fits, outbursts.] While a little gunfight is continuing to occur between these two issues, we can still perform many services that are quite formidable in their power and potency.

And that should alert you to the fact that we are certainly not a force that simply speaks from the outside and cannot intervene where appropriate. Quite to the contrary, the degree to which we can mold and manipulate the physical illusion would be quite fascinating to you to perceive of it. We have covered this material before.

[1/04: Going back to the first two sentences above, they refer to my ongoing struggles for self-integration that were occurring at the time of the reading itself. Even though there was quite a battle in myself as I wrestled with the idea of losing power and time to finish my projects due to an imminent y2k-related collapse through the year of 2000, along with other personal issues I could not ignore including lack of money, I could still produce this material.]


The purported enemies of the One all take their ties simultaneously, and transform them into a new whole that they feel cannot be quashed. We are here, and have been here, to tell you the opposite.

Unless we make a direct statement such as this, there might well be the impossible nature of Truth assumed at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons.

The relative value of the dollar will not stand up to the angst of the global populations and their resultant collapses in terms of their Westernization. More and more, you are becoming dependent and reliant on each other, and this cannot change overnight.

[1/04: It is interesting that they mention the world’s economic collapses due to its Westernization. We already saw this accelerating throughout Asia in 1998. I think it is important to remember that we don‘t need a y2k bug to see these changes come to pass, and thus to think that all these problems have suddenly evaporated is to again bury one’s head in the sands.

The icecaps aren’t melting any more slowly and we still have to address the extremely grave environmental and climatic concerns that are coming about from the accelerating vibrations as we head into the fourth-density.]

The hook is baited, and the fish must all find it and be captured. In this metaphor, the fish represent those bastions of society that have no choice but to become ensnared in the whirlwind of events as they continue to unfold.



At this point the corporate media is portraying a scenario where, almost as if by some miraculous, metaphysical sweep of a “magic wand” over the world, NOTHING is wrong and hardly a single computer anywhere has been affected by the y2k bug. This, despite the fact that there is such widespread usage of non-compliant systems throughout the world, along with the inevitable problems with embedded chips in the oil industry that I have previously alerted my readers to.

(No business in their right mind is going to tell the truth about their level of compliance, so remember that too. We won’t know what is going on unless their ability to deliver products is obviously compromised in the future.)

This public perception of the “non-event” scenario was so strong that I even went through a brief, depressing period (about four hours long last night) of questioning the results of these readings and wondering if they were somehow using this as an opportunity to teach myself and all of my readers a harsh lesson. 

Good old Dad even called me up and said, “Well, David, if you want to keep your business going, you’d better stop making those crazy disaster prophecies that we all know are never going to come true — otherwise you might have to start looking for another job.” Thanks Dad.

You all out there can send me an Email if you think that there is no benefit to this work and I should just abandon the whole thing, stop posting articles, dreams and research and go back to corporate temping where I can use my 75-wpm typing skills to tie up 60 hours a week for 200 dollars. Not.

If that idea were true and these readings were simply “crying wolf” with no wolf, then I would feel a sense of extreme responsibility — even though I have very little say over the content and wording of 80 to 90 percent of these global readings, as it comes straight from the Source at a very slow speed and I pay little or no attention to the words themselves and / or how they fit together as they come in.

In short, if nothing at all happens and society just keeps on humming merrily along for years to come, then these forces would have some extreme apologies and explanations to conduct, as the trust of myself and many other readers of this material, the Cayce material, the Bible and so many other spiritual texts would have been totally defeated. Frankly I feel that they have more than adequately explained why the “status quo” needs to be interrupted, and the longer we have to wait before this happens the more damage the Earth will sustain.

I do not now believe that the “non-event” scenario that is being set forth is the case. There are just far too many systems that were not repaired for there not to be trickle-down effects and economic slowdowns and / or collapses as a result of this situation. If sewers were non-compliant, you wouldn’t know until they stop up.

If a water system is non-compliant, you wouldn’t know until the gravity-fed “water towers” are empty. So let’s not rush out and sell our supplies and blow off the ascension2000 website and others like it as “false teachings.” We’re not even a week out at this point, and we really need anywhere from three to five months to really know the truth, because it probably won’t be spoken to us before it is right up in our faces. And this is not paranoia but intelligence speaking.

I think we are all grateful to still have our lights on, and in the deeper picture, we must remember that the negative forces still exist and these events continue to be the most probable way for them to be rooted out at the present. The only way we can overcome such prophecies is for sweeping, sudden and dramatic changes to occur in our entrenched systems in the very near future — and there are really no signs of this taking place in the immediate present.

So I will continue to ask my readings to speak the truth, and go to these depths of trance where I do not know what I am saying until I transcribe it anyway. I am not going to pass judgement on these results and in one sense feel very relieved that if these things are going to have to happen, we have more time than I thought.]


The homicides and myriad problems of physical violence will be surmounted by the need and desire of society to maintain order.

And thus, it will not be an anarchic situation, but rather one wherein a carte blanche has been handed to the established ways of society, and a new envelope is produced to contain it so that it may be sent to the appropriate authorities at the appropriate time and utilized as such.

[1/04: The above paragraph is important. It is again reminding us that these changes will not be anywhere near as “bad” as so many people have projected. I must continually remind myself of that as well. It will give us an opportunity to completely change the way that things are being run.]


Between and below the front paws of the Sphinx, the room still occurs and stands fast. Look closely at the moon, if possible, and see the architectures that others have written about.

This will be part of the reference that is then made when the Hall of Records itself is opened. And as you are aware, the room underneath the Sphinx is but a portal, or the beginning of the labyrinth to lead to this location.

[1/04: This is a very tantalizing paragraph indeed! They again confirm that some of the lunar ruins that Hoagland and the Enterprise Mission and / or lunaranomalies.com have alerted us to are actually Atlantean. I think that the “Blair Cuspids” are one such example- an obvious set of obelisks on the Moon that are arranged again into the shape of the constellation Orion, just like at Giza. Pictures of this are in the book “Psychic Discoveries.”]


You don’t want to become beheaded by your own consciousness. The transformations of light and love and purity must continue to occur in the midst of suffering and lack of grace. So don’t continue to feel overwhelmed by what is occurring when the rookies of the spiritual realm become completely disillusioned.

Your job, along with others like you, will be to completely polarize in a positive direction so that everyone who meets you will recognize that you are an authority figure and a friend. That is all the license that you will need to begin doing your own work.

As we have already stated many times before, the changes that will precipitate this need will arise more and more quickly than you could have forecasted unless you are already very aware of these trends of prognostication.

[1/04: Now that statement is even more clear, as I think most people have already written off the whole thing at this point.]


Once more, we again state indeed that the superstores are to become a thing of the past. In certain senses, there will be a renewal of the Mom and Pop businesses, for the simple reason that they require less participants and corporate structuring, and can therefore accommodate the changes with much greater ease and fluidity.

Corporations will blow apart and scatter to the winds very quickly when the profit motive is eliminated, and you will be quite surprised when you see this.

D: Anyway, for some reason the dream scattered pretty quickly upon awakening. I do just remember at some point that I became aware that I was living in a military base.

I was thinking to myself about how since I was there, it really meant that I would have an opportunity to live my own way, because I knew that I wasn’t in the military. I would also be able to go through the experience of those places that many others had who had been in the military before.

There was an area where I was sleeping that was near to many others in bunk beds. There were large buildings like hangars. There were large strips of concrete tarmacs between buildings. There was a definite purpose in mind.

I seemed to run into jazz musician Miles Davis at some point, and he actually was running with me as we continued to try to figure out where we were going.

I remember that there was something involving a few other guys around the area where my bed was, and I wasn’t very pleased with them. They seemed to be very mundane people. So I was trying to keep my own sense of identity in the midst of that.

[tape flips]


Hardware failure necessitates some changes that can be seen as both negative and positive. In order that we not delude you somewhat, there will be those who have considered the opportunities and find that grains, beans and vegetables are the only appropriate choices that are remaining for the time being.

We have spoken much about such a relatively short period of time in your history, and yet we enunciate it further to ensure that it does not surprise you when it happens.

By discussing it in such detail, you have a firmer expectation of both what will happen and what will not happen.

What we can say is that the enemies of the One are prepared for this to occur on their own level, but they are not prepared for the public reaction to same, nor for the degree of unpreparedness that their own participants will demonstrate.

[1/04: I would like to think that what they are saying above is that the entrenched negative forces in power, or those whom they are calling the “enemies of the One,” are not prepared for how POSITIVELY the public will respond to the loss of these conveniences.

I can imagine that Cayce felt equally foolish when he was predicting the Crash of 1929 before it ever happened… people just don’t believe that society could change like that, or that the whole stock market is really nothing but a hot-air balloon of overinflated, groundless consumer confidence that could actually burst.]


So, the seed does sprout forth and burst into bloom when it is placed in a favorable environment. We do remind you that as the wind torrents continue to increase, there are still more reasons than ever to keep believing that all is being guided by a superior principle, and that therefore you should not worry for your needs will be met in a changing and dynamic fashion.

You will be forced to cooperate with others, and this is only a good thing, never a bad thing. The benefits will cause you to increase your positive polarity somewhat exponentially, and this is what we find as the most likely scenario that will directly pave the way to the higher degree of work that is done within the self, which then leads to the critical frequency being met.

[1/04: They again state that the Ascension process itself will be brought about as a direct result of people having to increase their cooperation with each other, through very straightforward changes in the social structure.]


Now I have every reason to believe that the entire future changes moment by moment upon its arrival, and that there are still many diverse circumstances that could play themselves out. Like any good chess game, you have to think many moves ahead to see if such a process is ultimately beneficial.

And thus, we can tell you that even though these scenarios might appear to only bespeak of doom and disaster, they will never actually become as serious as you might think, merely different than the way things now are.

[1/04: And perhaps even at the time that this reading was done, it was still unclear exactly how well the world at large would fare through the initial rollover date, in the sense of the power grids still operating, which appears to be the main index for success at this point.

Again I assume that the “I” speaking is Archangel Michael, as more and more I feel that he is directly associated with Ra anyway. They just gave it a different name for the Bible.]


The forces available for your protection and custody will be there, and David’s dream is a probable vision of one such scenario, though not necessarily one that will come to pass. The greater focus should be within yourself during these coming months and years.

Look within the self to find those pieces of the puzzle that are scattered about and can be put back together. In the midst of all these changes, you will find all of the issues that you have been working on within yourself to suddenly crystallize into form in ways that you had never heretofore imagined.

You will have a renewed appreciation and understanding for your own status in light of the higher realms, as well as how others see you.

[1/04: I can certainly attest to the validity of their statements here. The incredible energies on the planet at this time are certainly forcing us all to think about things in new and exciting ways, and face up to the buried skeletons in our collective closets.]


Do not fear the facing of the self for the first time, as it is a highly instructive and even transformative process. As the arming of the enemies of the One continues at the present moment, do not be short-sighted into thinking that all will go to hell, so to speak.

Simply remain focused on the goal, which is positive changes in society. You have all the tools that you need to become an effective instrument for this change, and these last few months and years will be exactly the proving grounds necessary for you to do your work.

Essentially, we do not want others to keep mistreating each other, and to think only of themselves. These situations will foster community and communalism, and encourage widespread acceptance of cooperation.

So keep the everlasting Light of the One burning at the forefront of your consciousness. Do not fail to remind yourself that when you see these changes occurring, we have already described them to you in such accuracy and detail that all the ambiguousness surrounding them is removed.

That should give you greater confidence to not get swept up into the maelstrom of public opinion as it continues to deal with and accept the reality of the seriousness of these propositions.

[1/04: And since they have always tagged “…and years” on the end when discussing the idea that these changes may emerge in future months, perhaps on one level this whole roll-over question did give us another opportunity to very seriously consider these propositions for the future while there is still time for us to act.

And I do think that many more people are aware of how fragile our current society really is- perhaps on one level this whole roll-over question did give us another opportunity to very seriously consider these propositions for the future while there is still time.

Many more people are aware of how fragile our current society really is — we are certainly not immune to disruptions.]

You have the ability to overcome fear, terror and paranoia within yourself. If we had not warned you of this through so many diverse sources of prophecy, including the Bible, then you might not be prepared for it when it comes.

But the time has arrived to put the rubber to the road, and to make the prophecies make sense for yourself. Now is not the time to feel the need to rewrite what has been written, but rather to use that which has already been gained as a vehicle for self-exploration and understanding.

The fragmented pieces of the puzzle do fit together, and do not be deluded by the simple passage of time into thinking that these prophecies will not come to pass.

It is more important that you focus on what must needs occur than on the exact timeline for when it will occur. By preparing yourself now – mentally, emotionally and spiritually – for this, it will not be as much of a surprise.

[1/04: Yes — again, even though I wasn’t really listening before the date change itself, they were already making it very clear that everything would appear to be perfectly normal and uninterrupted at first. I admit that I was ready for anything, and I think that the “goodbye reading” was just as much to placate my own feelings of responsibility to all of my readers as it was for them.]


We have worked with David on these issues as well, in trying to get him to see that things are not going to be so apocalyptic as they might appear.

There are indeed many opportunities for health and happiness and fellowship among the otherselves upon your plane, and in one sense it will break the cycles of misery that many are now entrenched within, as the societal restructurings will create free time that has not been seen before.

[1/04: I am sure that many will be glad to hear that part!]


So think about all these things, and recognize that you are on the cusp of the most unique and rare opportunity in your modern civilization’s history.

There will be those who have never been receptive to these messages before who will now listen with open ears and an open heart. Wherever you are, you will be the one who they are talking to, and you can make the difference that will help these people.

[1/04: Again they are saying that the more we learn of God, the more we can do in our own area when the final social accelerations before the vibrational shift are in process.]


So, what we are serving as at the present moment is a teacher of teachers. You will eventually go forth and apply these truths and these pieces of knowledge and information in the way that you see fit. And thus the process comes full circle.

We remind you that we will never allow the suffering to continue beyond a certain point, and it is when that certain point is about to be reached that the rescue mission arrives.

So keep thinking with a clear head and with conscientious force about the inevitable conclusion to these events. The others around you will doubt you and think that you are crazy. You can tell them that it is okay if they think you are crazy, but they should still listen and at least be aware of the possibility that this might happen.

[1/04: I’m working that advice myself right now!]


If we can reduce fear and increase trust so that more of the otherselves around you will choose to go with us at the appropriate time, then we have indeed performed a wonderfully valiant service.

We are very excited to have you come on board with us, and we assure you that you will be dazzled and eminently satisfied by the quarters that we have prepared for you within our ships of Light.

It will indeed be a time for great rejoicing, a time for dancing and signing, for laughing and joy, and for the greeting of many friends of lives past, present and future with great love and acceptance.

It will be a time of teaching, learning and renewal — a time to bring back lost family relationships that have been scattered across the cosmic gulf of Time.

Since so many of you who read these words are Wanderers, this will be the time when you will regain your true sense of identity and meet those long lost friends who you will suddenly remember as though you had never left.

We have spoken on these matters before regarding the sense of unbroken continuity that you will return to at this time. We encourage you to indulge in fantasy and speculation about what these quarters will be like when you arrive in them.

Similar to the Holodeck in Star Trek, your thoughts and wishes and desires will have a direct effect upon how it appears to yourself and to others.

[1/04: This whole concept of what the ships will be like is very exciting, and a friend of mine reminded me that it does indeed have all the properties that are typically ascribed to the Heaven of the Bible and other religious texts. Here, they are presenting it in modern terminology to make it more visually accessible to us.]


You do have the choice as to how this creation will look, and it is the collective choices that determine the final appearance, although we do have many designs in place already. Remember that no one will be lost, nothing will be forfeited. There is only gain.

When the planet is appropriately cleansed, you who have Ascended will be able to reunite with it once again. And there will be greater surprises as well, as there will be the final renewal of the vortex that will occur when you have already entered into the ship.

[Note: I assume that this “renewal of the vortex” is surrounding the completion of the Great Solar Cycle in December 2012. So even once we’ve gotten ourselves up there and made that level of progress, there are yet further surprises to await us in the near future. Perhaps we will all be going through training for the final stage of this process once we are “on board.”

In the Ra Material they do talk about how incredible of a process it is to be harvested, and that it is actually presided over by beings from a higher octave of dimensions than our own. Clearly not all of this is going to happen at once, and that makes it all the more exciting. I really do look forward to this very eagerly.]


So, it does not simply happen all in one sudden, deafening moment, but rather is a product of continuing intensity that moves forward as time goes on.

And so, we look forward to having you with us again, and we remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.