[3/19/09: I’d almost be inclined to remove this from the collection, because I was growing increasingly concerned about the idea of a mass computer collapse from y2k — and it definitely affected the quality of the reading. I was also concerned about mega-Earth Changes and that also interfered with the reading. 

Nonetheless, I include this as another reminder of how you can be influencing your work and not realize it at the time it’s happening. That is why you should never see intuitive readings as strictly true… more as suggestions of the truth that you can accept or refuse depending on how it resonates with you.]


The immediate future probabilities of y2k are unknown. We have readers all over the world. For some, this might be the last posting that they will be able to receive, due to the breakdown of infrastructure.

In order to account for this possibility, the Council prepared this message of closure — and by all accounts it is simply extraordinary.

[Note: This was done more for David‘s psychological comfort than anything else, since he did not know what the outcome of y2k would be and was prepared for anything.]


Tuesday 12 / 14 / 99 — 7:43 a.m.

D: This dream was another very, very sobering reminder of how quickly all of these changes are going to unfold in our physical reality here. It seems like it is urging me to recognize that anything that I want to get done has got to get done in the next seventeen days.

So obviously that means that today, since I finished transcribing my tapes and am all up to date, I need to see how much I can do with Convergence in one day. For some reason, there is a part of me that is just scared to touch it, knowing that it is like opening a Pandora’s Box. There is no question that it will just grow as I go along, but on the other hand I have just got to get it done.

[12/27: It now appears almost certain that Virginia Power company will have full services available for its customers, including the Ascension2000 staff, after January 1st. They have supposedly been working on the problem since 1993 and have isolated every single date-sensitive system required to bring power to the consumer and upgraded it to more modern equipment.

Therefore I still respect the urgency, but I could hardly even think with the pressure of trying to get all that work done by January 1st. So, if you’re still out there, we’ll still be here, and there’s a lot more ahead!]


[Note: Originally the reading started at this point. We have reinserted the dream from the end of the dictation at this point for clarity, as the reading refers to it several times.]

D: So anyway, this dream had two basic parts. Part number one was that I had all these books, or actually audio cassettes, that had been set up in the AV room where I used to do volunteer work in high school. I had to travel quite a long distance on my bicycle outside, and it seemed that there was some stupendous struggle to get where I needed to go and to do it in the appropriate time. There definitely was not automotive transportation any more.

The words “my mother” are coming into my mind, although I don’t remember her being in the dream. What I do remember is that…

Drugs returned to normalcy at that point, and the tears that were shed were representative of same within society as a whole, not just yourself, David.

D: Yes, I understand that, especially after this reading that we did here.

[Note: Remember that these sentences came in after the reading had already officially ended below.]


The immature status of those in the planetary picture who are working on the most grossly physical levels is underlined herein, and our responses will be as indicated.

D: Right.

[12/27: Here and in the sentence before it, I knew that they were using the idea of drugs as a metaphor for those in society who are tied up in addictive, self-gratifying behaviors, and how these changes will help enormously to break those cycles for them.]


D: So, this involved someone coming into this room where all of my computer and tape and books were set up. Spontaneously, this person started packing them all away, and many of them were just disappearing completely. Obviously this was highly upsetting to me, as I was not at all willing to give up those things, so I was definitely not happy.

And then I realized that these two guys in the class ended up doing a heroin deal with each other, and they did it very stupidly. A handoff was made all too deliberately in the middle of the class, from a guy who was outside to a guy who was inside.

The heroin itself seemed to be stored in a long and thin metal square tube, so there was quite a lot there. I remember the one guy who had it telling the other guy who picked it up that he had put some on top that the other guy could snort. So naturally he was stunned and horrified to realize that he was going to get busted and everyone knew what he was doing.

[12/23: As we see from the reading itself, both the loss of material possessions and the fall-through of the drug deal refers to the addictive qualities of modern society, and the fact that they will be stopped short by the force and power of the coming changes.

The square shape of the tube also symbolically indicates material-centered consciousness. And in case you have any doubts, the answer is no – I might have smoked marijuana in the past but I was scared to death of hard drugs and never touched heroin, cocaine and the like.]

[Note: Original dictation ended with the following sentence:]

There were two main components to the dream itself. The first one seemed to be that I had a whole room set up in the classroom in the high school where the AV room used to be.


We need you to become more singularly focused on these responsibilities. Don’t let them become a drain on you, but nevertheless move toward active service in these formats as soon as possible. That is important.

[12/27: Again, personal material about how much effort is going into this work at present.]


Look closely at the suit of armor that is being worn while the expectations continue to arise at every moment. An apologetic tone of voice would not probably make much of a difference either, when the difference is that the pump has been primed already and therefore lacks the appropriate adjustments to go any further.

The thoracic nerves in the body await their residual inputs, which would then override the previous stimuli in favor of the new information.

And the latest control scars reveal that there are indeed some grandiose opportunities that come about when the surgical alteration of sorts at the very basic genetic component level is then made. So indeed the alterations of genes and the like is another facet of this process.

Thanks, but when we open the matter further, we see that it is not quite that simple. Were it only a question of the mutation of DNA strands, or of something that would occur right here on the planet with no intervention, then that would be another issue altogether.

What we keep trying to explain to you is that as the stones of powder rise within, (and this powder of course would represent the negative forces, drug use and the like,) we can then see how to beat a path straight to the front door of the issues within the self, never minding how theatrical it may be, or whether Argentina agrees or disagrees with these views as well.

Now if the lead character dons a silver jumpsuit and suddenly becomes a man or a woman from space, then that in itself is quite interesting to behold. The stupendous appearance of those in the higher realms would be quite illusory to you here in the third, and yet contemporaneously we will never experience a true vision of yourselves in the sense that you see each other.

And so, it does work both ways. We cannot shut off our perceptions of higher modalities while looking at you, and it is for this reason that it can be rather difficult for us to center in on the personal issues of one entity without having had a discussion beforehand.

The topics of certain items covered are of central importance, though, and we finally did arrive at a way-station of sorts where the future is looming directly ahead of us and the past now stands as our own form of tribute to the Great Work that has been passed down through the centuries and continues to reveal its inner symbolism and symmetry in the present moment.

So even if the system does indeed balance itself out, and food is not in scarce supply for a while, we will still continue to interact with you through these readings at every possible moment and encourage you to look at the fact that we have now definitively chosen these changes to occur.

Do the math on that one for a while and you will realize that it really does not matter at this point whether it will occur in one month, or three or four or five. The deeper issue is whether or not the insidious concentrations of negative forces will be repealed.

And just when you think that the gunfight that is occurring on both sides can go no further, we do seem to find that a rather arresting halt of sorts takes place, as it is simply not possible for these [negative] forces to enact their demands without willing counterparts in large number, and the technology and supplies to achieve them. Since that will no longer be available, you do then see the point.

Wordless scriptures of thought may arise, such as this one and others like it, where the deepest opportunities that reside within the soul complex are then brought forth into a tangible and creative fashion such as this. The entire Piscean community wants to put a few new parts forward as the continuous folding up of the past maps of civilization is completed in the favor of the new scroll about to be unrolled into the global and planetary picture.

Mother Earth has done this many times before, and so it should not surprise you when we say that the Santa Claus that will be arriving this time wants you to go with him to the North Pole, where you can work with all the elves and prepare the gifts for the next Christmas, or harvest of souls.

So be aware of how the choices that you make each and every day do assert your masculinity in these matters, allowing you to embrace the discrete unitary nature of the One without polarity, without separation consciousness, but with nothing more than the dignified, unified truth of Light and Love. And as you are the creator of same from within yourself, it finally behooves you to recognize that and begin working with it in an actively creative fashion.

The blue envelope of energies contained within will only be opened while there is still time. And as the pilot opened his book, he realized that there were still many opportunities for how the matrix will reveal itself.

Please understand that we have to look at a lot of different outcomes, and we are really trying to take you along the path, presenting as many different opportunities as possible so that the necessary ingredients will be in place at the appropriate time.

So let us not misuse a camel. All are formed in the dimensions of the formless at first, and like the camel you have come here with a stored reservoir of Spirit similar to the stored water in the hump.

And so, when the idealized forms of service to come through unpacking the desires of the self at every moment are then no longer able to be met, it will be this inner reservoir of spiritual energy that you must draw upon for strength and success in the planetary picture now unfolding.

[12/23: This last sentence about “unpacking the desires of the self” seems to have to do with the loss of the conveniences and food choices now afforded by contemporary society.]


[tape ends]

And the smog over the cities continues to rise, as it is as much an etheric phenomenon as a physical one. The deeper taboo is the smog that your people create every time that they appear ready and willing to allow an outside power to manipulate them and to create distortions within their consciousness.

So as not to vacillate any further, we do then notice that the past history is smeared with lost opportunities, notices of failure and the ganging together of heads of state so as to cause great destruction in their wake. A parody of life’s concerns, stemming from the concerns themselves, will not amount to very much.

But on the other hand, were you to abstain from etheric incontinence and instead keep your finger on the pulse of the black box of humanity that is now being created, you will indeed see how vital it is to be contemporaneously connected with the ethers that would define somewhat the scary picture now unfolding, if you would think it to be so, in the physical plane wherein the resultant effects of this picture are then playing themselves out — in a much less grounded or linear fashion, we might add.

[12/27: Okay. The “parody of life’s concerns stemming from the concerns themselves” seems to be regarding the deliberately fabricated terrorist events that the negative Cabal now in power has brought about in order to amplify the existing predilections in society towards worry, distrust, fear and paranoia. The “black box” of humanity makes clear reference to the fact that this current system is soon to “crash,” quite literally.]


Embrace the preciseness of these understandings with the gripping truth of the reality that comes at the fringes of mind every time that the governments paint a picture of an overarching menace that is not capable of being quashed at any one moment.

While the events of neutral or even high strangeness continue to occur, there will be those who will have their heads firmly buried in the sand directly up until the moment itself- and that is okay.

We have an entirely new basis for defining this work in the future, and that will be the relative level of acceptance of the inner voice over that of the tabloid media, which would seek to imbue its purposes onto the consumer — and the very fact that they call you that should tell you something right there.

Indeed, there are considerations being made that no one else has been thinking about. They include the fact that the wastewater entities become intimately connected with the refusal to propose same as any alternative.

[12/23: This seems to be saying that if sewage facilities break down, there will not be any immediate contingency plan that is implemented for an alternative means of disposal – certainly a difficult scenario, to say the least.]


And so, the degree of dysfunction continues to arise while the course of humanity itself is steered in a less popular direction by human standards. While there can be no debate about it any longer, we do still see that there are several varieties of outcomes that could occur herein. And thus, those who would choose the path of life, light and joy will find a ringing in their ears that is concomitant with these desires of higher service and better moral value questionings.

[12/27: They are speaking quite literally about a ringing in the ears here. I still continue to get this periodically. The most recent time occurred about a week and a half ago, while I was finalizing plans to have Hideo Izumoto, an aged Japanese acupuncture master and teacher of teachers, work out of my house for three days in mid-January.]


In order that you not think us self-defeating, we do advise you to be prepared as soon as possible with those basic essential items that will give any of your struggles much more of a safety cushion. Again, there will be societal restructurings at lightning speed, and this will be the greatest focus behind the martial law scenario.

But don’t fail to realize that when you are sitting or standing at the cusp of these events, their concatenations could be revealed more directly through prayer, [meditation, dreamwork,] achievement of celibacy on the directly metaphorical moral level and the like.

The super grocery stores will not be there any longer, nor will there be such ease and convenience in so many facets and aspects of life. The martial law scenario does indeed require an accepting populace at first for there to be any question of control in these matters.

We again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, and that this love retains a discretely unitary nature of Oneness that cannot be considered a duplicate, but is actually an original – and that in itself makes the whole thing more worthwhile.

Since we have extended ourselves to you, let us remain as firmly entrenched in the positive as we can, so as to never fail to realize the burning light of the Christ within, and the imminency of our own graduation from these matters.

Assembled upon the conveyor belt are those throngs of spectators on the outside who wait as you move forward, ever closer to the final destiny itself. So don’t think of these as only jumper cables that will restart an ailing engine, but rather that this is a whole new car — a car that will be taken with you for a much longer period of time during one week in conventional terms than you could have ever imagined.

[12/27: For those unfamiliar with the “dream lingo” that these readings utilize, the car in a dream is just another symbol of the self.

Many times I have had dreams involving cars, airplanes, trains, buses, bicycles and just about anything else that we use for travel, and these symbols almost always represent the higher levels of our “vehicle” of consciousness that we are working within now and will be fully transitioning into in the very near future.]


So please don’t think of these workings as only being minimally possible in the strictest sense of reality and those terms therein. Instead, see that the mucus that this creates therefrom is designed most exclusively to oppose the warring factions of the sub-personality and personalities in order that the clear breath of the Spirit may continue to flow unimpeded, without irritating any of its tissue components along the way.

Day after day, time after time, this breathtaking scenario continues to unfold as the fragments continue to expand into Oneness and Unity, and explore their own beingness. We do surmise that there are a few new encounters that will be of great assistance to you. And this has more to do with the energetic repealing of certain laws of normalcy that have been made in the physical and even genetic sense.

[12/27: This one is still open to interpretation at this point. It appears to refer to the “unzipping” of the DNA molecule, tying it in with the concept of Earth Changes. Most of us only use but three percent of the code in our DNA, and these readings and other sources have described how your personal spiritual growth process actually allows more of your DNA to be used.

As this happens, you “mutate” into a healthier, happier being. The downside of this for the Ego self is that you will no longer be able to tolerate things like cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, red meat, white flour, refined sugar, dairy, fried foods and the like- you mutate into a person that cannot handle these lower vibrations any longer.

To tempt fate and continue to indulge in these things as your DNA unzips more and more is to court ever-more serious karmic balances such as accidents and health problems.]


The cantaloupe of the higher realms will be split forth, and its fruits, as we have said, must be scooped out one piece at a time. We do not want you defining your life by the signal coming from the TV, or by the war occurring between all fronts in this country or abroad.

So please again recognize that the least that you can do is to begin aligning yourself with the chief engineer of sorts, with those who are actively working on surmounting your planetary difficulties with a grandmotherly wig that you can wear while there is still time.

When you can change your appearance to that of the wise old ones, you will be given much more energy than those who get caught up in the schtick and only see their role as a victim and not as a living inheritor of this same Messianic legacy that has been so often discussed and talked about.

The Messianic outlets do provide each person with a house counterpart to their religious beliefs – a new house that is born within the self. From a robotic standpoint, this might not seem to be anything of crucial importance, but we can assure you that this is not the case.

The radio dial beckons forth the opportunity to shift its frequencies yet again, and arrive at a whole new picture. So in these moments of great adversity and great triumph, great struggle and great joy, great sense and great sensibility, please remember all that we have taught you, and that our continuing presence [exists] around you each and every moment as you continue to march to the beat of your own drum and relive those portions of the personality that will know what to do in the twinkling of an eye when the moment itself arrives.



The time is coming now for us to put a close to these workings, in the sense that we know that with each reading that we perform, we are moving closer to the imminent possibility of this being the last that will be presented in this direct fashion now being seen. And so, we want to assure you that it is not these readings that you should be concerned with, but rather the living force behind them that exists all around you.

You might have become accustomed to seeing readings pop up on this page every few days or so, eagerly awaiting the next update so as to find out what ‘God’ will say next. Let us instead reorient this focus to the immediate present moment.

Stay in the here and now. Recognize that right here, right now, the smoking gun is not going to be found on the Internet or the radio. It is going to be found in the outpouring of emotion that wells up and arises within you as tears of joy have come to be shed as you recognize that your normalcy is indeed again retained.

[12/27: In other words, now more than ever is the time to meditate, get still and find the answers within ourselves, instead of searching for the latest tidbits on the metaphysical Internet and radio circuit.]

[3/19/09: Certainly we can see here that my belief in y2k being a real event was so strong that for certain periods of time, like the above, my conscious mind interfered with the stream of words as they came through.] 


It is only in the humiliation and breakdown of this extraordinarily arrogant society that it will be forced to stop using its drugs of television and other addictions, and must squarely face the Self for the very first time.

And when we deliberate over our conclusions this long, you know that there is going to be a volunteer rescue squad approaching in tow. So let’s keep your chin up, and remain focused squarely on the goal that is at hand.

Recognize that even as a lethargic nation is forced to move its legs, there will be those vibrational quickenings as well that will allow you to stand up for the first time and get away from the couch-potato syndrome.

You can be one who will wipe off the tears of many eyes and speak of the fact that what is now happening has all been written, and that its outcomes must continue to be positive.

You can speak of the imminent reality of future events, and the cycles that underline them.

You can speak of all the glorious things that you have to take with you from your own travels of Spirit on this plane, and get others to recognize that the bottom line is Spirit, not material, not physical.

There are so many who will be perished in the earthquakes and the like by their simple failure to accept the Ascension when it comes. We have spoken of this before. For those, the lives that they have now will become one in the mythical and magical realm – a sense of ever-so-fleeting brilliance that they were never quite able to attain, and yet now they desperately long to relax into yet again.


[3/19/09: This next passage is another example of how my own thoughts interfered with the reading. I so believed that people would physically perish in mega-Earth Changes at this time that I interfered with the reading. A great deal of data has come in since this point suggesting that the vast majority of people will NOT experience Earth Changes in the physical sense.] 

(There are going to be those survivors [still on Earth after the initial Global Grid realignment, after the first wave of Ascension has occurred] who will partake of the viewings of those Ascended who have then returned to show them the way — and this will be one of the tasks that you yourself can perform, should you choose to.

There will be much less on the planet at this time, but it is more important that you focus on the ones who do still remain, as they are the beauty and bounty of the harvest as future successive underminings of the strict physical prison are then made and rapid advances towards the Light are then marked as distinctly possible instead of obscurely probable.)

[12/27: Even though this may sound scary, there are some people who could really make great use of this catalyst, in the sense of the evolution of their eternal soul. Don’t expect that you are going to be one of them.

When they come and ask you if you are ready, you go without hesitation. Don’t wait, second guess or ask if you can take anything with you. Don’t just stand there crying in disbelief that they have considered you worthy to participate. [11:11 p.m. as I write this.] Just GO!

We’ll all get the chance to relax, meet each other and rejoice in the fact that all that was written in the Bible and so many other sources came to pass.

I look forward to the experiences of their awesomely beautiful holodecks and wondrous facilities on board their cities in the sky, and the incredible abilities that I will regain, most of which I am already actively using night after night in the dream plane- not to mention the increasing presence of telekinesis in waking reality.]


So if this is our last time together, let us please say that we thank you for reading this material. We ask that you not look at the windblown sand dunes of the desert that is created when the waters of Spirit recede from the physical questions, but rather to the glorious paradise in the clouds that awaits you as Earth prepares to be terraformed yet again to the precise stipulations of a new order of events.

Now is the time where all that you have learned in your life will be forced into the limelight, as the economic bombshells and the like continue to be dropped. We thank you for being with us now in this moment.

We continue to appreciate your willingness to read our words, even if you do not necessarily believe them or follow their guidance to the letter. There is a straight scaffolding that arises to the sky and continues to amaze at every moment. We are the ones who have built this, and will indeed continue to erect it for you whenever needed.

And thus shall we say, the case is sealed. We put our finishing touches on the embossed cover of the work itself, and delicately consider our workings to have arrived at a possible completion point.

Now obviously we will continue to do readings, and David will continue to transcribe them for as long as he possibly can. But in the event that this is the last one, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We will always be with you – wherever you are, wherever you go, in that point of power that is the present. Just because we cannot see you does not mean that we are not intimately working to manifest discretely wondrous events in your life all around you. The lemons are turned into lemonade, and the rod of control is returned to your hands. You have the power to make these prophecies come true in your own life.

When the time comes that we are parked outside and awaiting your return to us, do not fear the process. Be prepared to leave behind the aspirations of the material self for those much higher wants and desires of your true self that exists not in solitary confinement but in Oneness.

We thank you, and we again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. This will be demonstrated to you in so many ways that it boggles the mind to conceive of it. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

[Note: Dream content removed here and placed at beginning of reading]

D: So that is pretty much what happened. I can now definitely realize how this was a dream for all of society and not just for myself. My first impulse as always is to jump the gun to the conclusion that all of this has something to do with myself not doing the right thing or otherwise.

I do think that it is good that I am completing my obligations of transcribing this material as I go along, as it gives me more and more of a reason to get the full picture of this work put up for others in its completeness. I am ready to go back to sleep now, and I am sure that they will have more to say even though this was a final reading.

Perhaps they needed to do a final reading so that the other readings that I do afterwards will not need to have that note to them. This could be like the official goodbye, and anything I do thereafter will be like supplementals. That is a good way to look at it.


11:52 a.m.

D: I have been resting here in bed this whole time, thinking about how to rewrite Convergence and put a chapter about Atlantis in the beginning. It does hinge on everything else. I did have some dreams, but I just don’t feel like it is important enough to try to remember them, because I really have needed the rest.


Wednesday 12 / 15 / 99 — 9:19 a.m.

D: A pretty good way of telling what time it is in the morning is when the jets start flying. I just had one rip over my head here.

I think that this dream was predicated by my interest in reading The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Palmer Hall, in preparation for writing an introductory chapter on Atlantis that will later form the new beginning of my book Convergence, which I am definitely going to be streamlining so that it addresses the central point and doesn’t digress. And if I budget the words like that, I will probably have space left over to play with.

Let us now begin with an accretion of selective guidance so as to better inform the individual personality (and of course, this is apparent individual) of the multitudinous opportunities for service that become possible in these times. Now when the halo is seen around you, it becomes imperative that you realize that all that has ever been seen or done can be summed up in one simple phrase:

The Light and Love of the One Infinite Creator.

There is nothing else to do, to see or to know, for all knowledge stems from this Oneness, all existence, all thought and beingness. So no matter where you go, the ascending spiral staircase always awaits you to plumb its mysteries to deeper and deeper degrees of wisdom and foresight.

And though it may irk you somewhat, these times are approaching so rapidly now that you must immediately come to grips with the prospect of your own death to the physical in exchange for the unbroken continuity of the new life that you will be experiencing as you progress forward.

Now of course, we are not talking suicide here, nor will this appear to be any death of the kind that you would have it, as there is no pain, only great joy. At these moments when all is said and done, you will have the opportunity to reflect back on the past and to look forward to the future as well.

We ask that you mind your manners in this transition, and try not to be belligerent or have an attitude about all the sacrifices that you must make and all the things that you are giving up. We don’t want you to be upset about this and to project that emotion into the experience itself, as it will indeed make the transition more difficult.

There can be a lot of different things that happen to you in this moment itself, and to harbor that sense of negativity could make it impossible for you to continue. It is another form of hesitation in a sense.

What concerns us is that there are so many who have never even begun to think something like this through, and therefore when the moment itself does indeed come to pass, they have not been adequately prepared with the necessary degree of willingness of renunciation of the past in exchange for the most glorious, joyful and incredible future.

So we wait by the sidelines and we do say that you are doing exceptionally well – you as the reader of these words. There will be a few more lines to recite, a few more motions to go through, a few more performances to see and hear, but deep down inside you already know what is going to happen.

You also know that there is no need for you to make desperate maneuvers, as the Light and Love that these forces represent will always be around you to guide, to care and to protect you

So don’t think of this as a situation that you are heading into that will be the object of such great fear and desolation. Rather, it will get those otherselves on your plane out of their own box, out of their own modality of living, and into community such that you will definitely see the people cooperating and living together in ways never before thought possible.

The terminal illness that is shown by some is not likely to continue. However, those who choose to indulge in negative behaviors will find themselves unable to survive very quickly. And thus, it is not an overstatement when we say that you will be forced to cooperate with others, whether you like it or not. That is important.

[tape flips]


The gate is seen so clearly now that you cannot hide from it any longer. The opportunities still persist, and their resultant effects will be rather immediate in your linear time system. So, ignite the flames of the inner self with your willingness to press on and go forward in love, joy and in service. Our forces will surround you and uplift you as you do this. We now end this reading. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. Adonai.