This is a quite unusually powerful dream, where David and Sabrina travel back to Atlantis and see many incredible things. A powerful message is conveyed about the holographic nature of reality and the need to get people to “unplug” from the illusion and see the truth.

[3/19/09: No readings in this entry. It is strictly a dream, and may be useful to those wishing to study their own dream language and see how it is spoken.] 


Saturday 12 / 11 / 99 — 5:07 a.m.

D: This dream was just totally, totally awesome. It started out in what appeared to be a pizzeria, although I didn’t realize that this is what it was at first. I was outside and there was some food that had been thrown away very carelessly.

Dirt had fallen on it so that you couldn’t eat it, and it actually looked as though concrete had been put on it. We actually ended up going inside this pizzeria after this guy was talking to us outside, a guy who was a big muscleman / bodybuilder type.

[12/27: The concept of wasted food could definitely relate to the idea of how the public ignores the fruits of the Spirit.]

There were these paper towels in the kitchen of the pizzeria. They had some very old looking silverware, and they said “1487” on them, indicating the year.

In some weird way I felt like there was a harmonic connection with what we were seeing and that time period, as if perhaps we lived there or something was going on to that effect. I specifically remember the guy making a pizza, and he was putting way too much sauce on it. I didn’t know whether I should help him or not.

[12/27: This could indicate how there are many who feel that they are doing spiritual work of some form or another, but it might not be an appropriate effort in the eyes of the Confederation.]


Then it seemed that I was back in bed pretty soon after this. Sabrina appeared and started to talk to me about all the wonderful growth that she had made as a result of standing up for herself. As we talked about this, it seemed that I was awake at first but didn’t want to be.

The only thing I could do was to speak as if I were in a reading. As I spoke, I would answer her with “We.” This didn’t even freak her out, as she just kept right on going as we talked.

And basically, I believe that we started to levitate at that point. God, this dream was amazing! As we continued talking, I realized that we were under the sea, and we were inside some sort of megalithic ruined architecture. There were megalithic stone blocks.

It looked actually a little more tending towards Mayan than Egyptian in some ways. Sabrina seemed very comfortable there, but I was very uncomfortable there. She asked me why, and I said, “You know, I have already died under the sea three times at least.”

[12/27: It is interesting that I would say that in the dream, as consciously I do not know this. I do remember that one of Cayce’s incarnations as John Bainbridge supposedly died of drowning, and I had a past life in Japan where I died by falling off of a bridge into a river from a great height in the pouring rain.]


[tape flips]

But more than that, I seemed to be very spooked by just being under the sea with her. It seemed cold and it seemed far away, and a little bit foreign to me. As we looked at it, it was just incredible.

There was one gateway that had two big, huge rectangular stones on either side standing up straight, and two over the top – one crossing the two standing stones, which fit over them at the edges just like Stonehenge, and then another horizontal stone of equal size and shape laid perfectly over the top of that.

It was reminiscent both of Stonehenge as well as Mayan architecture. Behind that, there was a wall, and there were square-shaped tiles in the wall that depicted stylized Mayan-type faces. Each tile was perhaps three feet by three feet wide. There was just a whole row of them, and they all had big lips.

[12/27: In case there is any need not to say the obvious, this is clearly a view of submerged architecture from Atlantis.]


I knew that it was under the sea, but as we kept talking and I was looking at these things, all of a sudden I could see valleys beyond it, and it wasn’t under the sea anymore- it was real. It was right there, and it was real – crystallized into reality.

As she was talking to me a little bit more, we discussed reality being a matrix, and so therefore it wasn’t actually real – it was all based on perception, whether we saw it above water or below water. She was explaining to me about how fundamental of a breakthrough this was. That was part of what her sudden new enlightenment was – she was realizing that fact.

And as we sat there, I raised my hand to orchestrate a point. I said, “And now you have experienced the Light for yourself, and this is a profound moment of awakening.” As soon as I gestured with my arms, the sunlight burst out onto the land, which was very dramatic.

So sunlight suddenly burst onto the ground, and we were sitting in the midst of this architecture. We had risen, and we kept floating up at first and then we seemed to come to some ground where we could sit. It was no longer underwater, as everything had crystallized into reality.

We looked up into the sky, and there was a sun up there, but it appeared as though it were in the middle of an eclipse. It looked as though it were being eclipsed by a smaller body, not necessarily the moon, because it wouldn’t have eclipsed it partially like this did. I don’t know what the hell it was.

We looked up at the sun, and all of a sudden it just up and moved like, whew!- probably almost thirty degrees. Maybe not quite that much, but it had to be at least 20 degrees, which is what they say the pole shift is going to be. It happened all at once, as you could actually see it move in the sky.

I didn’t think it could be anything except something artificial – it didn’t occur to me that there could be a natural reason. I said, “You see, this proves the matrix right here. They are creating this reality, and it is not even real.”

Once the sun moved, it was like there were staff who then checked to see if anyone was awake. We appeared to be in some sort of resort area in Atlantis, I guess. They didn’t think that anyone was awake yet, and that therefore they had turned the Sun on too early! And in that sense it was like the Truman Show.

So then they were going to turn it back off, and I all of a sudden realized that when the sun moved, there was another sun where it had already been. What I thought was the Sun was actually this gigantic disc that was flying, and it was projecting the light from it like that. I couldn’t even believe it when I realized it.

About this same time, it started to get dark again and we were by the sea – the ocean was to our right hand side. We saw this guy who had a walkie-talkie and seemed to be in communication with the ships up in the sky that were coordinating this.

I noticed that he had objects of metal, almost like acupuncture, that were implanted into his body at what appeared to be certain acupuncture points like the bottom of the hands, the elbows et cetera. He was also very much stuck on himself, wearing lots of gold jewelry and necklaces- a very image-conscious person.

I ran up to him and tried to show Sabrina what he was doing, to prove that this was part of the Matrix and he was a part of it. She didn’t want to believe me at first, but I said, “Look, these are what is connecting him to the Matrix.” I started to show her all the metal in his body, and there was tons of it. I started to unplug the metal out of his body and take these pins out. But he didn’t want me to do all of it – he only let me do a few of them.

So after we had encountered this guy, it was suddenly dark again, and there were a lot of gray clouds. We were near the ocean, and there was a standing archway of stone out in the water a little bit, like a big gate similar to the older one I had seen earlier, only much simpler in its geometry. All of a sudden, these two craft that must have been UFO’s flew by.

They were both shaped more like dumbbells that had angles in them in the center, each angle perhaps 70 degrees. In that sense, they looked like the “Discovery” spacecraft from the movie 2001, if you cut two of them in half and then attached the front portions together at an angle. You would end up with two spheres with a crooked point of connection.

One of these craft was a non-descript flat gray metal color, I believe, and the other one was bright yellow. They actually tumbled in the air a little bit as they flew, and they were huge.

So when I saw that, I said, “You see! It is all a matrix! None of this is real, and this just proves it right here.”

[12:21: A great one. No sooner do I type in that sentence but what the clock lands on 11:11 p.m., totally unplanned. I love it!]


Just seeing it was amazing. I was totally euphoric about it. At that point we walked further along, and pretty quickly what manifested around us was a store. It reminded me of a bookstore, and there was a cashier there.

There were more people around us now, and it seemed like everybody had these metallic pins that they had stuck in their skin. There were a lot of them, more than just a few.

We were in this market, as I said, and there was a guy in there. In this case he was still alive, but it seemed that on another level he had died in the process of trying to alert people to what was going on and trying to get them to unplug these needles out of their skin. He was strung out about it and was still wringing his hair with his hands. He had curly hair and kept pulling it forward.

[12/27: This obviously deals with the frustration that many Lightworkers face in trying to get people to change their attitudes about life and deprogram themselves from the media’s powerful influences, such as infidelity and unhealthy diet.]


There was a girl working at the cash register who was plugged in as well. Around this same time, there was also a subplot involving another couple who were going to be doing some dancing. They didn’t seem to be speaking English.

The woman looked Italian. She was putting on this incredible red and black dress with this paisley pattern. There was red fabric underneath and black on top, with a very thin black fabric that covered that. She looked gorgeous in it, and I saw her before she was going to completely put it on. She was laughing by herself. I spoke to her and kept the comedy vibe going on longer than it would have on her own, so she thanked me for that.

I am not sure what all that part was about, but I know that Sabrina was discussing an Italian past life, so I actually saw the woman. She didn’t ever see Sabrina, though.

So then I went back into the store area again. Now the cashier was starting to pull out some of the needles. There was another girl there who was ready to do the whole thing, ready to pull out all the needles and was in the process of doing it.

She looked sickly, like a drug user, and had a lot of acne. For whatever reason, I had this preconceived notion that it could be really gory when she pulled out all the needles. Nevertheless, she went ahead and started to do it. It didn’t actually turn out to be so bad, but the anticipation was really bad.

[12/27: This seems to be a statement in general about the social collapses that these readings have been predicting for the year 2000 and beyond. These events will indeed cause people to “unplug” from the current system, whether they are ready for it or not. What we see in the dream here is that the anticipation of the events was far worse than the events themselves, which were relatively painless in comparison.]


People were even taking one needle and putting it up through their upper lip, just straight up inside the flesh, way up in there towards the nose. They were pulling that one out too.

There was some discussion as to why people were putting these needles into themselves like this, and what was making them want to do it. I was pleased, because the efforts of the one guy who had gone crazy were clearly starting to work. This one girl had unplugged everything, and the cashier was doing it too.

They were very common types of people. It was at that point that I woke up, and as soon as I did I said, “Now this dream is just fantastic, and I have to get this on tape no matter how tired I am.” I saw how early it was.

D: The other thing was that last night, Sabrina and I were talking about how this person whom I was in correspondence with was channeling, and that this person seemed to be pulling in negative influences that were trying to knock me off kilter. We were driving along and I saw this car immediately ahead of us, and it had 444 in the license plate. The first three letters were ACT, which obviously meant the word “act,” and the numbers read 4443.

No sooner did I point that out, but Sabrina started saying, “Oh my God, Oh my God,” as her odometer had just hit 4444 right as she looked at it. She was bugging out. To make it even better, no sooner did that happen but what we look up at a billboard, and it has a car odometer that is going from 1999 to 2000, which was another synchronicity.

It all just happened so fast that I could hardly believe it. We meditated and got really still for a while, and I was talking about the structured reality and how none of it is real – it is all a matrix, an illusion, a virtual reality machine. We are only seeing the shadow of a higher dimension. This dream really proved it – it was just awesome, totally incredible. Thank you guys – this was really nice.