“…even as these scenarios unfold, there are immediately and extraordinarily powerful resources that will be available to you at every turn in order that you will not go hungry or otherwise be affected and the like…

Please remember that our trust and protection surrounds you. The best thing you can do is to really come to grips with this in yourself, and that way you can continue to remain joyful and happy on the planet.”


Monday 12 / 6 / 99 — 5:02 a.m.

D: In part of the dream, everything had been worked out with J, my friend who owns a farm where I used to work and live. I had the clear go-ahead to go over there and work with him towards building this community in the event that it needed to happen. And at that point, I guess that it did.

In order that we start something fantastic with you, we want to raise an arbitrary policy that insists that the livestock cattle were not meant to be feed, merely venerated for the wonderful creatures that they are inside.

Time after time, this gift arises itself much as the web hackers would go into the main system and not know what they were doing, or what they were getting. Since we have some really well defined precepts in place, it should be no wonder that the entire affair is so well grounded in ritualistic magical symbolism and metaphor and the like.

[12/22: The statement about the “hackers” seems to be partially directed at myself. They want me to realize how much more I can integrate their guidance into my own life than I have already done.]


California pitchers turn upside down and reveal no more water inside of them. Just the idea of going back to basics all over again will be sufficient.

Deeper challenges will arise in these moments when the orthodox hostility towards these matters of personal and planetary changes is passed up in favor of the interest of day to day survival and the like.

Now when you turn the television on, or if you turn the television on, the spikes that are in place which society is soon to be impaling itself upon will be clearly seen. The stage is set, the tables are turning and there seems little else that can happen at this point.

[12/22: The statement about California does not necessarily imply that this will occur as soon as the Jan. 1, 2000 rollover takes place, but based on such a direct statement I would urge my readers in California to take heed of it.]

[3/19/09: I was still stuck on the idea of a California earthquake, not realizing that it was speaking about the incredible drought that we’re now enduring 10 years later: “no more water inside the California pitchers.”] 


You can achieve contact by getting a haircut in the etheric sense of the term, meaning that you can change your appearance to others, sharpen it up neatly and considerably, and live more fully with the understandings that reside within and without the mind / body / spirit complex structure.

So let’s not feel that we have to clean the slate again and build up another new edifice of strong data. Simply take the opportunities now available and work with them to approach greater light and greater love.

The enemies of the One are only really being enemies of themselves in the deeper sense. And though this seems at times to be a tortured and unwise path, it is allowed for in order to promote balance.

We know that stability seems to be a rather redundant concept, as you think of yourselves as very stable. But what we can tell you is that you will need to draw upon inner resources in a way that you have never before known, in order to promote the flower of life to arise within, as Drunvalo Melchizedek would have it, with the idea of the merkaba or fourth-density vehicle that is being prepared within the self.

In the afterlife, there are indeed those chances that you will receive to utilize astrology and its connections to make haste towards the direction of unfolding a new event, a new chapter in the history of your life. While we seem to like a bargain, at times there are reasons for this process that we do consider to be more important.

D: [Sneezes twice]


Moving your furniture down a narrow strait could be looked upon as one example. There are those who still cling to the material aspirations in some form. If they are overly attached to their physical belongings of any kind, they might not want to be ready to give them up when the moment itself arrives.

Indeed, there will be some catastrophic failures in this sense, although in the greater sense there is no failure, and all occurs as an infinite part of the Oneness.

So we do want to be a good mother and try to remove some of the many obstacles in your path in the coming few months ahead. We have already viewed the trailer for this event, and we still don’t know its outcome at this point, as there are several distinct probabilities for where it may go.

Fungus, mold or yeast needs a fungicide to kill it if it were to otherwise poison the corn and the like. Similarly, we are working with the varying elements of humanity such as the Russian military and Mafia and the like, and their brilliantly concealed negative residue.

So don’t feel bad when you see these epic changes occurring. Understand that all that we have available to us is being used to insure that the event itself will go as smoothly as possible, or even more smoothly than possible.

There are dozens of opportunities to be of service each day, and we never get tired of explaining them to you. So for a last little look, we choose to remind you that for the time being, Greenland is covered with ice. When the changes will occur, it will be more acutely temperate than it is now, or perhaps even sub-tropical.

[12/22: An obvious reference to pole shift, which directly follows the “boarding of ships” that is being referred to in these workings as Ascension. As has been stated, this moment arrives when a certain threshold of positive awareness is reached in the collective consciousness of humanity.

When this moment arrives, the pressure on the Grid that we have implemented through our collective negativity will be released, and the Grid will realign to the new vibrations. They will offer us to go with them in their ships before this happens, and tell us what is about to happen. We will have to make our decision whether to stay or to go very quickly, and many people will distrust them, stay behind and thereby die very soon afterwards.]


The greater consideration that factors in is this. Are you willing to play the piano when it arises to a new tune? Are you willing to stop thinking in linear mode in exchange for that which is more circular and well defined? If the music were coming at you from all sides, then when simplicity is dropped, do you yourself also perceive intimate knowing and understanding of same?

[Voice gets suddenly deeper at this point]


Even the most ruggedly diehard opponents to the One Creator have all agreed that while they cannot completely separate themselves from it, they certainly are capable of causing some disruption. In case there were any further doubts, we want to underline the fact that Presidents such as Henry Ford and Harry Truman were working together on these goals.

And yes, we did say Henry Ford, not Gerald. It is important to remember the delicate balance that is being weighed out in your present times between the military, government and industry, as the three are becoming more and more mutually interdependent with each other.

And so, once the equation is about to arise to a deliberately preplanned stage of events, as has already been occurring to such a large extent, we can then see how imperative it is for you to go through these good disasters with an attitude of forbearance and upliftment.

Do not cast a foul eye to the aspersions [*=harshness] of others. Recognize and know deep within yourself that as the reader of these readings or other materials of similar import and quality, you are treated to a rare and blessed privilege on this planet — namely, you actually have advanced knowledge of something that will strike many others as would the thief in the night, suddenly running and leaving disaster in his wake.

So continue to get more and more present-centered with yourself and your inner teachers will emerge. When you begin to explore issues such as outdoor camping, fire houses, latrines and the like by necessity for the remainder of time in the physical illusion, it is important to enumerate those options that you do possibly still have in your own local area, as we have said before.

The boss also duplicates the exact statement from the collective subconscious which resides up in the ethers and consists of nothing more than fragments of thought / energy / beingness. And yet, at the same moment, we have been essentially trying to rediscover one’s true Buddha nature by using a candle in the darkness. In order that we not fail to appreciate you somewhat, we do want to remind you how deeply and profoundly you are loved by us.

Though these messages may get strict at various times, what is their greater meaning? To provide you with anomaly corrections so that nothing is anomalous anymore, merely understandable in a new and higher context. We want for there to be open communication between people of all races and nationalities so that they can foster the common bonding with the true parents of this society and others like it.



There was some feuding disagreement amongst us as to how to facilitate this transition in the coming months and years, as when the dam breaks as it is wont to do, there are several opportunities that are then made possible.

What we have decided upon is the direct approach. We are not going to lie to you when we tell you that we have decided to allow these events to occur unimpeded, and to have their resultant effects play themselves out on the global stage.

That is an important point, and it is one that has only come about after much deliberation. However, on the other hand, we will be retelling the story of the One to those who have accurate predispositions to same before the moment itself ever arrives.

So, one need not continue to dramatically look to the dolphins for a source of spiritual insight and amazement, or a sense of freedom never before known. The mind and body and spirit that you will have in the fourth dimension will be almost incomprehensibly beautiful to you.

Don’t let your doubts and fears interrupt the free-flowing nature of the transition that is being made within your greater mind, as it is this transition that bodes so amazingly well for the future of humanity, and indeed this whole solar system at large.

Since your actions indeed affect the passage of sunspots and the like, the whole solar system will be made beneficial by this renewed opportunity for change within the American subcontinent and greater planet as a whole.

So please don’t concern yourselves with the riff-raff of society in the etheric sense of the term, as they have come due as well. Know and understand that even as these scenarios unfold, there are immediately and extraordinarily powerful resources that will be available to you at every turn in order that you will not go hungry or otherwise be affected and the like.

Now what we can say on this is a fundamental topic for daily living in general. The point is that you need to be aware of the gifts of the Spirit when they manifest themselves, and not simply turn them away out of the strength of the material-centered Ego position.

There have been so many times in each of your lives where we have presented you with the solution quite directly, and you passed it up out of your own pride or a variety of other reasons.

Never fail to remember the penultimate importance of learning to communicate what is within you to others. Your communication skills will need to be exceptionally sharp in the coming next few months and years, so keep that in mind as well.

[12/22: I have had many experiences with this. There are many times when they can provide us with the solution to our problems, but if we are not willing to take that solution when it is presented, then our own free will short-circuits the positivity of what they are trying to do for us.]


Verily, verily we say unto you that as you do these harmful things to yourself, you are harming all others as well. So let us indeed foster your Ascension with the renewal of the purpose and understanding that comes with being willing to climb the rocky mountain slopes, knowing that the summit is indeed so clear at hand.

The President’s books will gather on this subject as well, in order to more effectively promote their agendas and turn on all with Love and Light, as one needs to arise.

It is important to keep everything seen from a moneyless systems perspective, when the index of human behavior is what measures wealth and not the relative dollar value of one’s bank account or automobile.

We do have grandiose reasons to be stable when our concerns of a new tomorrow are meant to procure those things which will help us ease the transition from one style of living to another. As one would buy vitamins to protect against getting a cold, one should also buy the necessary materials and supplies to protect against any considerable disruption of the life forces as a result of the events that are taking place.

A few more soulless incarnations as this, and we would have needed another opportunity altogether. Instead, take the clay that is your life now and sculpt it into the Divine beingness that you are already known to be.

We do not want to provide angst that would make you tear a muscle as you approach the gate, since you break into a headlong sprint.

Please remember that our trust and protection surrounds you. The best thing you can do is to really come to grips with this in yourself, and that way you can continue to remain joyful and happy on the planet.

Even if only one tenth of our Lightworkers remain joyful in these episodes, then we have far more than the recommended dosage to effectuate positive transformation. So keep that in mind when you are wondering what your mission is.

Your mission is to become the grace, beauty and joy of the One Infinite Creator in every thought and action. Your responsibility is to take the duty of perfect Oneness upon yourself and then make an itemized list of those things that you can change, those things that you cannot change and the courage to know the difference.

We again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, as David’s stomach does not hold out for this reading any longer.

Rocky mountainsides await you in the final climb to this destination, and for that we are very grateful indeed, and we will welcome you with open arms.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.