The Mission Becomes Your Own Savior: Have Fun, Make Noise and Be Cheerful as You Approach Graduation. The readings revert back to a global perspective and away from issues in David’s immediate focus.

This reading is chock-full of beautiful metaphors and also contains prophetic statements about “tons of economic bombshells that will be dropped.” The most important thing that we can do is to remain positive in the midst of all these changes and have a great time!


Sunday 12 / 5 / 99 — 7:31 a.m.

D: At the end, there was a high school graduation with a classroom. I was already saying to people how different it felt than other classes, because I knew that I didn’t have any work. Although somewhere in the back of my mind, I was thinking that if I didn’t finish up all the work that I had, they might not give me my diploma but would hold it back, and that might be most unfortunate indeed.

Earthquakes mean that the city must indeed again rise.

[12/18: I am not sure why I didn’t try to get more on this sentence — maybe I was afraid that my conscious mind would contaminate the results since it was so easily understandable. It does seem to refer, at least on the overt physical level, to geophysical changes that will precipitate the upheaval of Atlantis from the sea.

On the more metaphorical level it refers to the earthquakes of the emotional body that will complete and renew this knowledge within myself — and that is probably the more accurate rendering of this sentence. It also ties in with what I had just said in the dream about finishing up all the work that I have in order to get my “diploma.”]

[3/19/09: Indeed, I was heading into the beginning of a very heavy initiation phase — and this was intended to fully bring back my Atlantean memories.] 


D: There was an interaction going on with my father earlier along where he was really, really urging me in more ways than one to try to get him some marijuana the next time that I bought some.

And since it was a fragment, I did think that the next time I would be getting some would be Monday. I don’t know why I would be thinking that, as I am now seven years sober. It was obviously a fragment from the past, a part of myself that is stuck and still believes that it exists there.

I might have actually almost smoked some with him. I think what happened is that I came to the house, and he and my brother had been doing it and he was really wasted. I do definitely remember holding a joint in my hand and thinking that it was rather poorly rolled, could fall apart rather quickly and that therefore I had to be careful with it.

[12/18: It seems that clearing the residual fragments from marijuana use might be that last piece that is “holding back my diploma” as referred to above. That forces me to investigate all the multi-layered issues that come up when thinking about marijuana use and other types of addictions, such as irresponsibility and hiding from your own pain and emotions.]


D: I am getting some words coming in, but I want to say a couple more things.

There was some massive preparation going on to get ready for this graduation ceremony at the high school. But it felt different this time. Indeed, it felt so different that I was almost completely disconnected from it.

I remember that L, this guy who used to be in school and did drugs, was falling asleep. JB was right in front of him further down, another drug user. He started to push his chair to wake him up. Then, L thought it was being done by me, and he didn’t realize that JB was doing it. Even though there was a mix-up, the whole thing really wasn’t very serious.

People had definitely been working on some sort of ice sculpture, and I realized that it was probably going to be used in the graduation. There was another part of me that felt like I was in the past, and that the graduation had already happened and I had already seen the ice sculpture. But it just felt so strange to be in there.

Each student had such a unique personality, and the teacher was Mrs. G, I believe. She came in with an AV cart. The phone was ringing and no one answered it, so she finally did at the last minute. I was trying to get people to be quiet, because everyone was being inconsiderate and talking over her.


At the long outset, he expected to have these matters averted by a crisis. Even before it were so, we can become firmly rooted in the past, present and future in all equal directions by getting a good, close look at the offering that is being laid out by higher intelligence.

And so, whenever the gate seems to be too close, we must indeed again remember that the longer-term opportunities that come about and arise from this connection are indeed at times most holy and beneficial to those who would study these works later on.

[12/21: The message here seems to be for myself and other readers of this material to realize that this work will actually be more widespread and well-known in the future as opposed to the present. Furthermore, I assume that future to be after the time of Ascension, based on how they have been phrasing it.]


Never pull back from the bank of stored energy within you, or underestimate its power and facility. When your energy reserves are taking place and filling you with strength and hope, we can indeed certainly become aware of how integral it is to your functioning to have *all parts of the personality become more and more acclimated to this guidance each and every day.

[*Note: At this point and from hereafter, the voice suddenly gets even more distant – it is quite a deep trance.]

The cedar tree beckons us a little bit forward, and does not want the 911 numbers to be dialed any longer.

The seventh ray of Creation on the seventh day is upon us now. It would be unfortunate to cast these opportunities aside without making a loop out of them which extends around to outside events as well as to those precipitated by the more central issue within.

Even though we do not have a tax fee or a credit card as such, we can indeed charge those purchases of Light with the energies required to make more than a few assumptions about the way that Nature and reality works.

D: They just gave me an image here that showed me a clear connection in the dream. Kevin S showed up, and I had forgotten that. We were definitely on a friendly level with each other. [Note: I had very painful issues surrounding Kevin in reality, while I was in junior high school.]


You are seeing how everything is coming together at this point. It becomes much more than you had already planned — the mission being your own savior.

So therefore, when we look into the pantry and discover what types of food there are, we know that the improper body and health practices of the past will be surmounted by the new opportunities in the present and immediate future. And as far as we can see, the conditions arise which embody these principles in as many different miracles as possible.

[12/21: That statement was extremely powerful for me. I realized that what they were saying was that even though I have treated this mission as more along the lines of something that I would do for others, it is also something that has had an equally incredible impact upon my own life.]


Satan or any of the negative forces cannot denounce or deceive one who is strong-willed and determinedly focused in the goal at hand. You can only rise when the contacts are made in such purity, grace, freedom and love.

We don’t ever want you to get stuck in abandonment of vitality, or to feel that the cornstalks are on fire and need to be put out and judged unfairly as a result of this improper ruling of the self by its own deeper forces in the subconscious mind and beyond.

Now because we have opened the book a little bit further than usual, let us say that the rungs on the ladder are still quite easy to climb, and quite beautiful to do so. Furthermore, we can never stop appreciating each rung that is ascended, regardless of how relatively unimportant it may seem at the time that it is being done.

Now when the portal opens itself a little bit wider, we can then indeed see a whole new form taking shape — a form wherein this force is capable of entering into your life and transforming it on so many levels that it would completely befuddle you to desire anything else but that light, love and warmth.

Mountains of evidence proved that the entire question of animated ash and other of our remedies are very useful to others, and yet we still have not seen any widespread acceptance or understanding of the usefulness of these forces. Remember that in one sense, this work will be better understood and revered in the future than in the present. And now we are speaking of the work from both lifetimes, David.

Keep coming back to the central point of the stillness that emerges when all available precautions have been necessarily met, and the body complex then directly situated in the modalities of learning that will be of greatest benefit to it.

Speaking simply, there is nothing more important than getting up the inner drive and stamina to be raucous and beautiful on all levels, to have fun, make noise and be cheerful as you approach graduation. So this is the purpose of this dream — to show how vital it is that even as others are missing the crucial phone call, so to speak, there can still be joy and love and laughter.

For the general reader, the possibly unfinished work presented by David’s struggle in the dream has to do with the bedrock of opportunities within the self for transforming existing habit patterns, and for recognizing in the process of deep meditation the fundamental unity and unanimity with the One Creator that is within each projection of same, or entity.

And so, continue to turn the key very slowly, and be ye not surprised by what happens when the door finally opens. The Hebrew alphabet was intended to design the universal aspects of the Creation and its various modes and resting points into a living language of Light, and that is very important indeed. David has already taken the burden of studying these things in great detail, and therefore one should never look much farther than the present to see its effects.

Now when we want to stop a speeding bullet or an oncoming train, or leap tall buildings in a single bound, we will be able to do so, as the fourth-density Earth is completed itself. The Superman story is yet another trace example of how the minds of many entities upon your plane are creatively harmonizing with the concepts of unlimited potential that will come after Ascension.

On some deep level, everyone knows that this is on the way. It cannot be looked at as anything other than Divinely inspired and beautiful. Now and again, we catch a little phrase here and there coming out that makes it sound as though we are not completely confident that you will believe what we tell you. In our deeper mind, we know that there is a part of you that automatically resonates with these words and knows their truth.

As the hourglass is indeed entirely visible to the deeper mind, anyone can see that the sand is about to run out and thus complete itself in that cycle. Beginnings and endings can blur the distinctions between here and there, before and after, et cetera. Since we are at an ending point, it is prudent for you to look upon these choices that you have, these deeper opportunities for growth and self-transformation that will extend to you the most unique opportunities that you have ever had.

So never fail to look squarely at the goal, and at its completeness. We are not ready to achieve total enlightenment with you yet, but the moment is arriving very soon, my friends.

So when you feel a little bit startled by the suddenness of these events that will occur in your future, which to us is just the possible present, you must remember what we have said to you.

The critical turning point will be the frequency interchange that is created when a large enough number of your people are able to turn over their fear and negativity of the emerging situation, and to love and trust that all is working according to a higher plan.

Since we cannot foretell the future with great accuracy on a manner of such subjective importance, all we can say is that we do hope that it will indeed come very soon, as each burst of literature that we provide prepares you for this event as being nearer and nearer in the immediate future.

[12/21: This ambiguity has everything to do with how quickly things can change in the mass consciousness, and the fact that we on Earth will ultimately determine when it happens.]


We don’t want to overburden or overwhelm you with conjecture and hypothesis of the how, why, when, where and so forth of this transition. It is better for us to keep you thinking about it as a very near-term event, but without getting into distinct prayers over what month and year it might be, et cetera.

[12/21: It is interesting that they still throw on “years” with “months” in their sentences, as it leaves open the possibility that it could still be several years away. On the other hand, we must continue to be prepared within ourselves for it happening in the immediate future.]


In the proper circumstances, the wedding gown will be worn by all as they struggle to reunite the epic schism between the inner masculine and feminine.

Now there will be a lot of backsliding, as tons of economic bombshells will be dropped that will allow many distortions to arise in society. And on one level, you have indeed reaped what you have sown.

The Master continues to liken this thesis to a new valley that is emerging from the clouds. It is a valley that you can descend into and explore as its own unique form. It is a valley that is at once rumbling with earthquakes and volcanoes and at the same time sprouting with new life as the false teachings erode away in the ever-persistent Light and Truth of the One.

So, wherever the crises are located, there will also be upliftments. This is part of the agenda of crisis management and incorporation that is very difficult for many of you to accept. Indeed, one cannot ignore the importance of reliving older buried memories of the past again in the present.

Since so many of you who are now reading this perished in the Atlantean cataclysm, it is good for you not to be in denial of what might happen as the future progresses itself, as you might have been in those circumstances before.

The difference is that this time you come equipped with the personal self-knowledge to make use of this transition, so that it can further your own spiritual development and give you a big boost.

[12/21: In other words, we are not going to see pole shifts and the like this time, providing that we are willing to go with them when the opportunity is presented to us.]


We have entirely opposed those forces within the Self that would give power to the animal self, that side of the personality that seeks only to indulge in lust and lustful behaviors and the like. Now, we want to come full circle and to congratulate you for all the many efforts that you have done to bring about the emergence of the higher Light to your mind / body / spirit / complex / beingness.

You can never open up the heart too much or too far, as it can be compensated for on all levels with love. It is important to develop your wisdom as well, but compassion is a higher truth that stands inviolable throughout all the then-known universe.

There are those who still insist on overdoing some things somewhat, and thus we do not want you to become completely obsessive-compulsive with many of these behaviors. The idea is that if it feels of light, love and joy on the deepest level of your being, then it is right for you.

Do not debase this knowledge with the idea that you can simply indulge in your appetites. There is a very large and substantial difference between the feeling of gratifying the carnal self and the feeling of gratifying the spiritual self.

The one is very fleeting, like sand that blows through your fingers very quickly. The other has much more weight and substance, and like a statue of gold materialized out of thin air, it is something that you can then suddenly take with you and treasure for lifetimes to come.

Many millennia in the future, you will indeed look back at this present state of affairs as an ancient civilization. You will applaud yourself as tears of normalcy are shed, and you regain the understandings that bring you closer to the Oneness.

You will indeed know and expect to emerge in this higher being in the here and now when you go deep within yourself and honor the truth that you can see when you listen to your faith.

So be dedicated and calm, and pursue these avenues of thought with resounding, scintillating completeness, and you will not be led astray. We love you more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

We see a few new things on the breakfast table, and that should interest you somewhat. Bye for now.