A variety of factors combined to put David into a depressing “head-space.” Five days of this was quite enough for the forces to become very concerned, and this reading is quite appropriately intense in its conveyance of the true “emotions” that they were feeling about it.

[3/18/09: This was “the beginning of the end” of my relationship with Sabrina. This is when things started to get bad, and they progressively worsened over the ensuing three years ( ! ) until we split up.] 

Also included is prophetic material for the general readership, including the statement that “the martial law scenario will play itself out” in America.


Wednesday 12 / 1 / 99 — 6:23 a.m.

D: This dream definitely had some gore right at the end. I think it was designed to really capture my attention so I would wake up quickly and dictate the dream. The dream itself actually was not predominantly bad. There was this guy at the end who had a mustache, and he had been very heavily wounded in a fight with light sabers. Half of his upper lip was coming off, and he was getting ready to cut the rest off. I was urging him not to do that.

The battling that was going on between these two people with light sabers, of which mine was a scintillating blue [and the enemy’s a searing pink-red,] was just second to none. It was almost as though both of us were also projecting an energy shield around ourselves.

And so, not only were you fighting the physical person with their light saber, you were also trying to get through the energy field. Obviously the guy who I was fighting was supposed to be some representative of heavy evil. When I would hit him with some sort of powerful blast, it would have to come by spiraling inward through his energy field.

It was like pushing the saber through a spiraling field as you would go in on him, clockwise I believe. You could go down from the top or up from the bottom.

Something tells me that this was just too intricate not to be a real glimpse at how some of this energy fighting might work. The main thing was that the resistance to this guy was being so successful.

D: I just saw the image in my mind’s eye of a sinker for a fishing line. I think that is talking about being a fisher of men, and it is redirecting me to the physical plane in the present. I just got the word “Sabbatical.” I have been on a sabbatical from the readings. Last night I did several different rituals including a scented bath and smudging the house in order to raise the energy vibrations in here.

The amazing thing was that this guy obviously controlled an incredible amount. Every single time that I would score a hit on him, it was almost like the whole world around me was changing, in this energy swordfight that was so high tech. And I was just getting such an incredible advantage so early in the game that it was just amazing. I never would have expected that I would do that well.

[12/18: This is obviously a very intense prophetic statement in the dream about how important it is to overcome the negative forces within ourselves, as this will make a tremendous difference in the vibrations of the entire world. Each one of us matter far more than we could ever believe.]


Directly before that section, it had involved my old Apple IIC computer. We had grabbed it and had moved it from one location to another so that we could keep on using it, I guess. Don T was involved among others, and the main question was whether it would still run when we transplanted it. It did make some funny noises as we transplanted it, but the person whom I was with said that this was normal.

[12/11: This could very well be about the y2k event.]


We finally brought it into the other room. It looked like it was hooked up to a TV, which was one of the things that I used to be able to do with my computer. The image did come in, but the pictures were overlapping, all the same image was overlapping. It would come in and out like that. But as soon as it looked like I had successfully transferred the computer from one place to another, that is when this swordfight got started with the two light sabers.

[12/11: This seems to set the “coordinates” for when this battle of light and darkness will intensify; namely, after the y2k event gathers its steam.]


When I vanquished the guy, all of a sudden the force field around him was gone. I ended up chopping him into an X – right shoulder down to left side, left shoulder down to right side. He didn’t fall into four pieces like you would have expected. I ended up doing his face some with the sword too, only to turn around and realize that my own face had this very serious wound on it, quite awesomely gory.

[12/11: And thus, the message always ends up being the same – you are hurting yourself when you hurt someone else.]


And what a horror it was to have the idea that there might be any reason to cut off the rest of the lip that was partially severed, instead of trying to get it to heal back!

Aggressive icons will not work. This is the biggest secret. When they entirely depend on the flow of information to and from various sources, we can then no longer require a determined effort to undermine their forces, as they are already doing it themselves.

[12/11: This is obviously saying that the decay of normal social structures, icons and institutions will automatically bring about the downfall of the negative elite cabal now in place, and thus it is not necessary to “fight” them at all.]


The quiet role of the teachers will abstain from etheric incontinence so as to remain stabilized and purified in the Light of the One as it gets closer and closer.

So, with our new arrival, namely you, we want there to be only light and joy. And any questions that you may ask us are going to be answered in this reading, so please be patient.

[D: I knew that to mean that I should not at all try to listen or ask any questions while it was in progress, and I didn’t.]


The more we have to give you, the more gifts you have to receive. And when we have given you those gifts and you fail to see them, there is a point of consternation for us that we cannot ignore.

All steps on the food chain demand that there be an entirely new event predicated upon past feelings and events that will decidedly mature the outcome of prognostications of future events based on current paradigms.

And when that environment becomes cyclically repetitive, we must then again require that a determined effort be made to stifle all those opportunities for negativity in concentrated outflow of negative energies.

[12/11: Although it is worded somewhat strangely, this above paragraph suggests that the “doomiest” prophecies are continuing to be phased out in favor of new alternatives. And that makes the struggle to cast out the negative forces all the more pressing.]


The most that we offer is service, and with that service does come a decidedly black element which resides most affirmatively in the areas of resistance to the One, and how this resistance makes the little wills of men erode in their faith.

[12/11: I think that what they are really saying here is that in order to allow growth to occur, they have to manifest “black” situations that create great resistance — similar to the depression that had just occurred in my life as I realized that I was going to lose the Ascension Celebration.

It is as though the positive polarity must undergo constant testing and re-testing, to the limits of tolerance of the entity.]


If we could close just a few more doors in terms of the paths now in place, we would see how many more doors open as a result. And we can then know that a hundred times over the agony we have now felt can be undermined by nothing more than the focus of conscious awareness.

[12/11: Again, they are saying that if I focus less on career and radio appearances, lecture tours and so forth and get down to the core, which is my own personal initiation and spiritual attainment, many more unexpected things will open up by the sheer power of positive karma.]


The comets have come to shatter past inconsistencies on one’s behalf and to otherwise reveal the true nature of the illusion to those who would but perceive of it. And when we wanted to express ourselves factually on these issues, we often discovered that the straight truth was that these messages were often being distorted by those who would receive them.

[12/11: I think that since comets are historically seen as harbingers of doom, they are talking metaphorically here about the idea that a “comet” had been hanging over me, which was causing many residual issues to be burned away.

Furthermore, the personal messages that they wanted to tell me were being distorted by the small residual amount of my conscious mind that was still hearing the words.

This process is truly a difficult one to fully master, especially when doing a reading for yourself. This last sentence probably also refers to channelers in general, and the high propensity for distorting the information.]


So, the crowning gift of the victory of the spiritual over the material needed to take a sabbatical while these issues were sorted out within the self, which they have never completely been done but certainly have reached a satisfactory point of completion herein.

And so, when the checkout line becomes ever more interested in receiving discounts, we cannot build an accurate portrayal of the future therein. There are those prices that must be paid in full in order for you to have the deepest level of respect and admiration for this process.

So realize that when we take the care to bring you under our wing as we have done, then all of those shallow opportunities of the self that might come your way both from yourself and from others should matter very little to you compared to our love and protection.

We know that it is not easy for you to see or to feel this, and Sabrina is right about your need to meditate more often. We were very happy to hear that indeed, as this is one of our important parts of the agenda.

The martial law scenario will play itself out. It demands that the people keep thinking that the worst is yet to come — and in a sense that is true.

And so, if the “Allied Commander of the Supreme Forces of Infinite Light and Infinite Intelligence” were to suddenly declare bankruptcy, there is indeed every reason for panic. We are obviously speaking facetiously here about those powers in force on your own earth and not our own, as there is no lack of excessive abundance in the Oneness.

Donning your new set of apparel or clothing, you will indeed receive the ultimate amount of benefits through approaching those others who would know what you are talking about without having to see it with their own eyes.

The thought bubble method of communication simply involves sending such a bubble from one to another, and experiencing its movement as a subtle feeling and visual energy.

These feeling-tones cause the manager of same to unfold into a beautiful new portrait of great psychic complexity, which is often unmatched by anything that could be constructed with words in your third dimension.

D: Bathroom, water.


And so, by collapsing a little bit with regards to these forces, the entire symposium of outside events retains a discretely unique and vast nature of Oneness outside of physical gain and the needs therefrom.

So believe that all that there is to offer is a decidedly positive outlook on the situation, and you can see it from our angle.

[12/11: In other words, the collapsing of our current societal order based on physical gain should only be seen as positive.]


The recent telekinetic events do indeed include those that you can never see, but are still happening all around you. We are the ones who are moving everything, and your thought yesterday was a very good one.

Still, so often, you have felt yourself separated from us. And you do not realize that on vibrational levels higher than your own, we are constantly coexisting with you in the room and thereabouts.

[12/18: My thought was that if all this telekinesis was happening around me on a semi-daily basis, it had to mean that the forces were standing right there in the room with me an awful lot more than I was willing to admit to myself. See the article “Telekinesis Roundup” wherein I discuss some of my experiences.

Even more have happened since I did the interview, the most impressive of which occurred while I was sitting down next to the computer. I picked up WH Church’s “The Lives of Edgar Cayce” and opened up to the chapter on Pythagoras, whom I have been studying for the Convergence rewrite.

And as soon as I began reading, there was a huge noise in the kitchen. A small paper bag filled with recyclable cans and a brown medicine bottle fell over, but nothing broke.

It was very impressive to say the least, for the sheer timing of it and the fact that I hadn’t moved my body, other than one arm while I was sitting down, before it actually happened.]


So relax a little more into the excellence of the scenario now unfolding before you, as you would think us almost unnervingly close to arriving at the same conclusions on our own.

It is not without some great consternation that I believe that the forces are willing to include a new member in their ranks; a member who has occasionally fallen far off of the beaten path, but restarts inside again for clarity. Obviously this messenger is you, [David.]

We have indeed decided that a high enough percentage of your wants and desires have been positive to continue to do this work with you. And from the outside, it might not appear to be much of a struggle.

However, we know how much you have been suffering with feelings of aloneness and with long, late nights of overworking and underloving yourself. We also need to again reinstate the fact that your clients are not your friends, and you should not allow them to think that they can become them.

Nor should you allow these conversations to drag on past two hours, which is in itself far long enough. You should rely on your boundaries and the strict enforcement of same, such that only the most coordinated actions can be brought about and distributed.

[12/11: What the readings are saying about befriending clients does not mean that I cannot share love with them. It does mean that I am at a point where I simply do not have the time to stay in good contact with anyone, which is the classic definition of a friend.

I have a service to perform and a role to occupy, and that must be the form that my interactions take when I am going to do a reading for someone. Although I try to keep the conversations down to one hour, there have been many times where I have allowed others to keep me on the phone much longer because of my innate love for them.

I must meditate on the greater good in these cases and remind myself that the work I do on my own ultimately helps much larger numbers of people.]


When we use plants and animals in the same scheme, the desired design is for a new Eden that predominates in love, light and in joy. We know that these truths are told to be self-evident, and that therefore you already know this to be true.

The prolonged offering of self from the self to the self did cause us some great horror in the higher realms.

Were you to be more balanced and not affected as strongly by the negative forces, there would have been much work that we could have done with you in terms of readings that we could bring through in intervening days and weeks.

[12/18: By publishing this rather intense chastisement, I hope that my readers will see that I am human and fallible just like everyone else. I hope that others will be able to think about times where they went into a prolonged period of despondency and realize exactly how much distress it causes our guardians in the higher realms.]


So let us please reorient the focus now away from sheer, strict survival and back to a feeling of comfort and grace that does not need anything like this to occur — this collapse in your life.

Instead, all we have to do is to round up the starter quartet of sorts, those which completely reside in the higher realms, and we will unfortunately reside in them yet again. And we say unfortunately because this does require the Ego to give up its stranglehold over events, and over the physical reality as it is now seen.

Make no bones about it. The cargo hold of our vehicles of Ascension are ready and able to accept the influxes of all those souls who would choose to do so, and there are incarnates and discarnates to be considered here as well, so remember that too.

The most important point is for you to withstand the negative publicity that is coming at you from all sides now as the moment itself gets closer and closer, and as your popularity continually increases. We have to learn to be more careful about accepting or believing others’ opinions, as those opinions can indeed create a great level of distress within you.

We do think that it is high time for you to be up to date on transcription, and we do know that this will take some work. However, in the immediate sense it will cause you to be able to live your life with a better knowledge of what is coming in the future.

It will also better make you able to see how the content and flow of the readings is changing on a day by day basis. By seeing this event in totality, you might then be better able to describe the fruits of the Spirit while there is still time to do so.

Do not let those manmade objects that appear sharp and piercing affect the outcome of your own spiritual growth and development.

[12/18: Here I believe that they are referring to the systems in society that are poised for a possible collapse in the future. As much as these forces tell us to trust that everything is going to be okay and we will be protected, I can’t help but be concerned, for the simple fact that I have done so much research on the subject and feel that I am very well-informed about the high probability for failures to occur.

But in the deeper sense I stand behind these readings and know that we are indeed headed into the greatest moment of all time. When I focus on that, the negative emotions quickly subside into the purity of Trust.]


We find you so close to the finish line, and yet you have stumbled at the gate. The negative forces have indeed been having their way with you, and you are seeing their results left and right at this point.

It comes about through nothing more than your desire to stay up late, to eat improper foods and to respond to negative guidance coming from others as though it were a fact.

[12/11: Also, I was so “stuck” that I had to allow myself to delay several client readings by almost a week, as I simply would not do them unless I was sure that I had the right attitude and energy level to insure that their innate purity would be intact.

Also, there were a relatively small number of negative Emails that I had received, which had deeply troubled me, as well as an apparently channeled message sent to me by someone that had certain troubling elements within it.]


Please remember that we will be the ones to do readings for you, no one else. You do not need to share yourself with your clients any more than is necessary to keep the flow of energy and information going, and you certainly do not need to talk any longer than what you have priced yourself at – and that is important.

[12/18: Due to the imminency of these future scenarios, I am constantly working against time. The actual Ascension should probably be the first real chance that I get to relax for a while!]


As for the bottleneck of readings that you now see, do not fear it. Everything will be fine. The crucial shift in your attitude and vibrational level has been tentatively met. We hope that it will stay within you and not peter away yet again.

You are one of those people who can make a severe and profound difference in how much needs to occur on the planet for the fruits of the Spirit to be tasted. We are not going to lie to you or joke about that, but indeed underline the seriousness of our proposition.

All of this material that we give you is designed to keep having you ask the most basic questions, but coming up with answers that could be indeed different than almost all others. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses for those who would trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Be beautiful, and remind yourself how beautiful you are to us. You are becoming a true man in the spiritual sense of the word, and have been one for a long time. It occurs every time that you are willing to take a stand against injustice and to be a voice for the Light that is audible enough that others can hear.

[tape flips]


So please don’t feel slighted by this information, as it is not meant to describe your inadequacies. Rather, its purpose is to make you ever more aware of the changes both within and without that are soon to precipitate a dramatic renewal of the central axis of thought that runs through this great Oneness that we are all a part of.

[12/11: In a coded way they refer to a polar shift here, and my dream this morning featured it as well. The sun moved about 20 degrees in the sky very suddenly.]


So take the spiritual guidance to heart, and know that you are indeed loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Remember that the next time that feelings of separateness might start to kick in. If you ever begin feeling this way again, which most likely will still happen sometimes, then stop what you are doing. Stop what you are doing and meditate or even get into bed, which is the encounter with the Self that you have not wanted to face, as it feels like the intrusion of a higher aspect of society into those that you would still cling to.

[12/18: It is true that I often resist getting into bed when I know that I am tired, just because it still doesn’t always feel right to sleep twice a day, even though it is recommended that I do so.]

And in the bewilderment of same, there are then more opportunities for the negative forces to take hold and to amplify your pre-existent behavioral patterns. And remember that their successes are your successes, and that if you can clear this karma in the here and now, you are indeed working wonders. We are very close to seeing this.

[12/12: When they say that “(the negatives’) successes are my successes,” what they mean is that all the negative forces can do is to amplify my own karma, which ultimately produces positive effects.

Therefore, if they are able to speed up the process of my own growth, then I end up benefiting from the experience in the end. This is how Ra explains the positive aspect of these “psychic attacks” in the Ra Material.]


Please be advised that your being backed up, or otherwise out of date in transcription, is another victory for these forces, whereas your proper updating of the material is the highest victory for Light that you can attain. So with that in mind, let our marriage stand and wear your gold ring proudly.

You are indeed a diamond in the higher realms, and your value is inestimable. Don’t forget that. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

The bonfire of the vanities need not continue any longer. Amen.