This starts out with an incredible dream where David appears to tap into the collective human memories from events such as the Holocaust in Germany. This is presented as a metaphor of the mostly intellectual control that is now being waged over many people.

The reading thereafter deals with how to re-integrate the fragments that these situations create.


Wednesday 11 / 17 / 99 — 8:31 a.m

D: This dream was just so, so intense that you can hardly even describe it with words. It appears that it was the United States, and that some sort of martial law had kicked in. People were all brought into this building that was like a school.

Basically they were all being kept there against their will, and forced to sleep in bunks with other people. It was definitely like the Nazis, and it was as if I was reading the collective consciousness about something like this that had happened before, because this was obviously not very recent.

This was a really scary, fascist type of thing that was going on. You didn’t want to do anything that was against the Establishment, for fear of reprisal. There was a lot of really scary stuff going on. There was a suspicion that people were being killed.

People were dying, and it seemed like they just kept on bringing even more in. So in that way I think it is very much like the German situation. And I am probably realizing that metaphor to make it make sense with today.

They really did want strict totalitarian control, and the way that people were being treated was really scary. There was a school, and some had to go to class and others were made to work.

In the very beginning it featured a young teenage boy from the church who is a Jew. He was back in school and was telling me about it. He was having a real hard time keeping involved, I guess, and I was trying to alert him to what he needed to do.

[12/15: My dreams had been working with the school metaphor quite extensively as part of an ongoing campaign to get me to work harder.]


I was basically working with the boy to try to get him to be more motivated and convince him that this was the right thing. And as that continued and I worked on that with him, that was when this larger scale plot involving this fascism thing started to take off.

So at one point, it featured a shop class. This was still earlier along. I saw AS and several other people from high school.


This nightmare protects their lives. Although these storms are manmade, their effects can indeed be quite desperate.

We were giving you this dream to make you think about the possibilities, and to use this concept as a further incentive to continue your work.

Obviously the great portion of this dream is entirely symbolic, but the enslavement that we speak of is much more subdued on a subconscious level. And in that sense, it is entirely real, and we appreciate greatly your efforts to try to mitigate these situations.

We have no other words for you but the highest praise. And as you see in this dream, there is indeed every reason to believe that it will be a success.

She seemed disinterested, but do you not see the change?

D: I know the she is supposed to be me. No, I am not disinterested. It is a very inspirational and powerful dream that you gave me. It makes me think a lot about what I am trying to do here, and how I am trying to help people.


We simply want you to make a firmer decision to help save other people’s lives, and win back their minds from the control that currently ensnares them.

D: I understand.


Like a jet pack, your booster to the higher realms is well equipped. You are now seeing your efforts continuing to bear fruit, and this is good.

We will have much more for you about this as time progresses. For now, just remain still and calm, and understand the ultimate importance of what you are doing here.

So I was one of very few voices of resistance. There was an auto shop, and we were working with very small parts, maybe screwdrivers. And then as the dream progressed, the totalitarianism just clamped down harder and harder.

It got to a point where you were not even supposed to walk out of your room. There were monitors everywhere, and it was a really bad scene. I continued to be the one who was rebelling, and I started to try to encourage other people to do so.

There was one point involving an older man who had some really bad clothes on. He had gotten hold of something that he called ‘new,’ which basically just meant that it hadn’t been his before but it was still really dirty. Even the old man was being mistreated by them.

There was one point where I met some girl who I really liked, and we were definitely getting romantic with each other. It basically came up to a point where she was giving me oral sex in the loft of another educational type building.

And so, I kept trying to pivot the action of what we were doing away from the guards. And as it continued, the contingent of people who were possibly watching us grew more and more, and I got really worried about what might happen. So, we finally had to break that up.

Right after this, someone just got too tired of being under such strictness, and got the idea to try to get everyone to resist. So very quickly, a group of us got together and we started to go down the hallways.

We were pounding on the hallways, and the words that we were saying were “Say it.” We kept saying this over and over again. At first I wasn’t sure why. I then passed a classroom where a teacher was teaching all these people the propaganda stuff. But as I went past that room, I didn’t want to say it too loud, as I was afraid that it might attract too much attention too quickly.

As I went down the hallway, I started to say it again. I then ended up in the gym, and I continued to yell ‘Say it’ with all the others. And then, all of a sudden, everyone started this chant.

[tape ends]


D: We are continuing a dictation from the previous tape.

So anyway, I got it in my mind to go along with this group in what they started to sing when we got inside this gym. We kept saying the words “Say it,” but I didn’t know what we were going to say. So when we did get there, everyone started chanting “Jesus Christ.”

I believe that it was in the key of C, and I was very much aware that it was the fundamental. It was really resonant and very slow, like the AUM, so it was like this… (demonstrates chant, which sounds very low-pitched like a Tibetan Buddhist chant.)

As they started to chant this, I figured that I should help them, and so I levitated up into the air. I was joking and laughing about it, because I knew that the overwhelming fundamentalist obsession with Jesus Christ was what was causing all the problems that we were having.

But I raised up and lifted my hands out to the side, and realized that I was in a white robe, and I was also singing with them. And then as I sang, you could hear this angelic chorus, and it was just amazing.

I woke up just feeling so inspired, so uplifted by that. So you guys did a good one. I can go back to sleep again and try to get some more of this.


Thursday 11 / 18 / 99 — 6:17 a.m.

D: This was in an area that was woodsy, sort of like my grandparents’ camp in the Adirondacks. There was a massive, massive restructuring going on and I was very excited about it.

The Cleansing and Renewal of Human Civilization.

D: They were painting everything green and totally renewing the property. There was some statement in there somewhere about toilet paper — they were even willing to help you with that. This is one of those dreams that just makes you feel really, really great. There were a lot of really cool things going on.

[12/15: The idea of restructuring obviously has to do with the heart center, which is the color green, and the fourth-density world which is being built up for us as time progresses.]


Website Roundup.

David’s arch-enemy Bachikan now comes into the fray as well.

[12/15: Bachikan was the name of an evil Samurai character that I came up with in a fantasy about myself back in high school, where I was a warrior who called himself Hochi. In my fantasy, Bachikan had been a student of mine and had eventually turned against me and murdered me, and the secret tradition that I was keeping alive was quickly lost.

I was quite surprised many years later to discover that the phonetical Japanese word for “Vatican” was “Bachikan,” the same exact word. And thus I appeared to have “channeled” a metaphorical story about how the invasion of Westernizing troops, courtesy of Colonel William Perry in the mid-1800’s, destroyed traditional Japanese culture in the name of a god they called “Bachikan.”

This might have been one of very few words that the Japanese could grasp, not speaking a foreign language, and they therefore associated it with the name of Perry’s God, since what they probably “asked” him was where he was from or who sent him.]


There are some important opportunities at the end of the millennium, and this involves the shedding of the past biases and prejudices with the dawning of a new age and a new millennium. There is nothing that we want more than to see an end to the cruelty, the dishonesty and the violence.

For those who live on the fringes of society, we encourage you to take stock in the message of these readings and begin actively applying your new knowledge to each and every situation as it pops up on the chart.

The robotic messengers of doom will continue to spout their organized stream of endless deception and half-truths.

In the meantime, you can indeed remain completely unwavered in your perspective, seeing how brutally honest we can be with you in revealing the true nature of what is occurring in your mind and in the minds of others.

Pardon the deliberate misnomer, but we don’t care if it disagrees with you in some way, certainly not on the conscious level. What we really mean to say is that there are so many reasons to be positive that we choose to focus on that.

We know that this material may upset some people, as they are unwilling to take change lightly and they can only see a world that largely stays the same. But once again, end starters make a lot more money than end collapsers.

[12/7: I think what they are saying here is that it creates much more positive karma to use the end of the old ways as a fresh start, rather than a collapse into panic and paranoia.]



Justifiably, the entire affair beckons a whole new host to come into view. That host is you, the reader of these words.

We want you to be accurately positioned so as to receive the testimonials of those who have gone beyond, and those who are actively forming the New Age around you. And when you see discord, when you see misery, when you see loss of life, keep yourself reminded of the fact that you do all have free will in this universe.

The changes that are coming will make these bellicose actions extinct upon your plane, at least by any of those who are the immediate Presidents therein. There is still a possibility in the fourth and fifth density of warring tribes and nations from different planetary influences.

However, much of this is guarded and watched over by those higher than the fourth dimension, or those volunteers from the fourth dimension who come into view to defend the area in question for those who are more recently involved in their arrival within same.

The lifeboat has a few more opportunities for you to experience a major or even dramatic release of your past holdings, in the sense of karmic and energetic obligations. What we do see is that you have every opportunity to renew and reinvigorate yourselves through the careful studying, mediation and remediation of your issues.

When we see your soul fragments, what we see is an aspect of your total vibrational unity that has been cordoned off at a certain point in your linear spectrum of time.

Since time is nothing more than a continuous geometry that runs in cycles, we do then see how this event within you must continue repeating itself. And therefore, the best ways for you to work on these soul fragments are to go back to the initial event itself that caused the pain and to then identify its most recent parallel manifestation.

And so, if you are in a situation now where someone is continually hurting you and you are unwilling to stand up for yourself, you must then go back through the chain of events to see when was the first time that you were hurt.

You may indeed discover that you have attracted those otherselves to you throughout your life over and over again who have taken away your opportunities and your light in the sense of this energetic manipulation.

Each time that this spiral comes around, you have an opportunity to act directly in a fashion that will solve the problem. However, many times you do not choose to do anything, and the situation must either persist or must redevelop itself in some other new way later on.

And so, what we want for you to realize is that everything that you need to have in front of you in order to rebuild and redesign your soul structure will be present in your life now.

The very things that you need to be working on are those things that should be most obvious to you when you begin earnestly looking at the issues that are in place, and your points of resistance.

Take the time and be willing to look at your life very honestly, and see where the energy flows freely and where the energy is constricted.

As you can become more and more honest with yourself about these constrictions, you will also begin to understand your dreams more and more.

Each dream is tailor-made to bring out the most significant constriction that is occurring in your life at that particular moment. And this does then provide you with an opportunity to have many different levels of foci simultaneously.

A dream is a multi-dimensional structure that involves a variety of different metaphors that can be worked together. And therefore, simply because you understand your dreams on one level does not mean that you may not understand them on another level.

As David has often discovered, dreams can accurately prognosticate the future about a month in advance, and two months in advance is also possible, though the coordinates are not quite as strong.

Depending on the nature of the event itself, we can see that there can be events prognosticated much further in the future as well. However, the general guidance is the one month vortex of time, as this involves one path of your moon [around the Earth,] and we can work with the moon very easily in this way.

There is no need for your energetic fragmentation to continue. We work very diligently to make sure that those areas where you remain imbalanced will be presented to you through seemingly miraculous coincidences.

You will find that the same problems continue to re-emerge over and over again until you adequately solve them. And this is something that you do not need to think about consciously, although it does help you enormously to do so. Whether you actively participate in it or not, it will continue happening, as this is the path.

And so therefore, remain clearly focused on the objective lens of reality that you think that you have in front of you, and be willing to see outside that box, outside that paradigm.

Look into the deeper issues at hand, and know that there are indeed many different ways to look at your life and to see the unity therein.

We remind you that with these differing opportunities and paths, there is a common denominator that can be reached wherein all of these truths fuse together into a unity and wholeness never heretofore seen. And that common denominator is the Oneness.

Keep returning your thoughts to the Law of One, and remind yourself that all is indeed contained in unity. Everything around you is a projection of this One Self, including yourself. You can indeed work towards discovering and having a consciousness of the divinity that is innately within you.

Ask yourself quite honestly if you would treat God the same way that you treat yourself.

Ask yourself quite honestly that if you knew you were God, would you be doing these same self-indulgent repetitive behavior patterns, or would you choose to change  them… to renew  them…  to reinvigorate  them… to make them something much more than they had been before?

These are the questions that you must ask as we move into Sagittarius.

Take the time to be still and know your Oneness with the All-There-Is. We thank you, and we remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

[12/7: I remember hearing the comment about Sagittarius and being worried, since I wasn’t sure whether they were right about it. But I just let it through anyway. It turns out, now that I have looked it up, that it runs from Nov. 22 to Dec. 21 — so at this point it was only four days away, and well covered the time that I would transcribe and post it.]