Thursday 11 / 11 / 99 — 5:37 a.m.

D: The morning of my departure to Florida for five days.

D: As far as I can see, the dream that I just had was simply being used to deal with an incidental problem that popped up over the course of the last two days, and not really any more than that.

The problem essentially was one or a series of Email letters from people attacking me and my credibility. This dream did seem to be really long, and it went on for a long, long time. The main thrust of it seemed to be that there was someone else who was concerned with being accused of being a false teacher and so forth.

I did speak to another client recently who was very concerned about…



D: …Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s cult, which she got involved in very directly.


A cliffhanger of sorts envelops the discrete nature of Oneness when applied to the immediate circumstances at present. We are speaking here both of the personal and planetary picture. You can expect that as the energy continues to increase, the concomitant desires of those more negatively oriented entities to express their venom will become more widely seen than ever before. And so, although we know that we don’t really need to tell you this, [David,] we remind you that in our eyes, the work that you are doing is highly wonderful.

And therefore, you should never care or worry about the opinions that are expressed to you, as you know where your loyalties lie, and how important it is that you stay in our esteem instead of the esteem of those upon your plane. You must realize that this is one letter in a thousand, and thus it is a rare case indeed.

An energetic vacuum of sorts exists when you start to doubt yourself or doubt the process of this work. You should expect that there will be more critical letters like this in the future, and not allow them to bother you. This is a process of accepting the social and planetary changes as being valid, regardless of the opinions of others concerning same. So don’t fret about it. Simply come to a greater appreciation of where you stand in the midst of all this, and you will not be led astray. That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.


Saturday 11 / 13 / 99 – Close to Noon

Telepathic Dream Message Sent by David’s Family Cat

D: I have lost most of this latest section. Very interestingly, there was one part in this where I saw at first what appeared to be some Scandinavian crispbread. In the dream it was going into how the bread was made, and that the inventor had named it “Deliciousgood,” a combination of those two simple words.

Then, I was seeing the crispbread, and all of a sudden it turned more into something that someone was working with a fork and putting onto a plate, which looked exactly like the way that we prepare Mandy’s cat food here. And then as soon as I had the image of the cat food, Mandy, the cat who has been in my family since I was in eighth grade, was right here in the room with me and she started meowing very, very loudly.


D: So, it looks like she actually sent me that message that she was hungry in the dream plane like that. It is very interesting that it would have come through that way to me. I don’t know what it means, but it is definitely interesting. It shows me that she is a sender as well as a receiver, too.

Perhaps the reason why she showed it to me as crispbread in my mind is that I think of it as a health food. It also could be that I don’t really think crispbread tastes very good, and she might not be able to taste her food anymore – after all, she is now nearly deaf. But she definitely knows the purpose of the food, and feels that it is very important to her health. Interesting.

[12/13: In her mind, I feel that the word “delicious” had more to do with the taste, and the word “good” had more to do with the health benefits. She has been through many illnesses and almost died more than once, and when she was near death she could not eat – so I am sure that she understands the value of food for her health, and wanted to alert me to her hunger. She has demonstrated psychic ability before, but never as dramatically or powerfully as this instance. Now it does start to make a lot more sense to me that the Egyptians considered them so highly in the spiritual sense that they would mummify them upon their death.]

[tape ends]


Sunday 11 / 14 / 99 — still early.

Speaking Directly with the Forces

D: Okay. This dream was just totally, totally amazing and just very, very inspirational. They did a very good job this time of inspiring me. This dream was just a whopper. I have never had anything so inspirational as this. This is definitely up in the very rare categories of how inspirational and amazing a dream could get.

Searching for the limelight.

This dream just really blew me away. I haven’t had one that left me with such an incredible feeling like this for a long time. The earliest sections that I am now remembering had some very strange symbolism indeed. Now some of this symbolism might be related to what happened when my brother and I tried to watch the old KISS videotape last night. We discovered that there were all these recordings that we had put on the video of snippets from MTV and things like that. It was definitely a blast from the past.

Anyway, let me try to get this out, because I hear some words coming in. The words were:

Nightmare Series.


D: That is probably about the MTV stuff.

Yes, you are right about that.

[12/13: It certainly was a very rough time period for me in my life.]


D: Anyway, the early part of the dream put me into the SG High school cafeteria. It was supposed to be like a restaurant, and they were supposed to have some really high-quality stuff. It started with me going into the cafeteria, but it also had the ambiance of a much fancier restaurant, with white tablecloths and candles.

[12/13: We remember that issues surrounding high school have to do with the older, maladaptive part of myself, and issues surrounding food and the serving of food have to do with the food for the soul or the spiritual teachings that I am bringing forth in these readings. And thus, we have a clashing between the past, present and future, where I am trying to sort out my identity in the midst of having old memories resurfacing.]


D: So for some reason, when I went in there they singled me out, and basically forced me to sit in a separate section. There was a section in the front and another one right behind it that I thought they were going to make me sit in. And there was also another section behind that. The section that they put me in had the entire feel of backstage at a theater repertory company. There were old sets for different plays, there were all these costumes, it was dark, the walls were painted black – it was standard theatre – type stuff.

[12/13: And of course, the theater metaphor is yet another common one in these readings – namely the idea of the massive performance that is playing itself out on Earth at this time, now reaching its conclusion.]


D: So, I really was starting to feel discriminated against for being so singled out like that. Anyway, we got up into this loft type of thing. Now there were some theater people around, but they weren’t paying attention to me – I was isolated. It seemed that there was a TV in front of me from where he sat me down, and I did get the idea that I might be able to watch some videos on it – either videos of my own or someone else’s.

The theater people might have even been sort of lurking in the background and perhaps trying to get me interested in working with them – I don’t really remember. But as time progresses, it turned into this scene of the wildest party. It seemed to be a combination of parties that I would go to in my teenage and late teenage years, and those that my mother might have taken me to when I was a lot younger, involving the hippie crews at Totem and so forth.

[12/13: So there is a part of myself that feels left out from the role I occupy in this grand spiritual performance, as a result of the partying behaviors that I had been involved with in high school.]


D: I was just lying here in bed and thinking about Ascension, and whether I would stay with the Earth after the passage into the fourth density or move onto other things. I said to myself inside my head that I would try to stick it out here, and as soon as I did, this hawk crowed exactly three times outside the window. And I haven’t heard it before or since. That was pretty symbolic, too.

This dream just blew me away!

During the course of this party, we met with several friends who had already been to the racetrack.


D: That was a channeled sentence.

They were all supposedly older than me, and when I reached that certain height, they defined me by their actions towards me. I couldn’t believe it when I opened the door to surprise and saw that they were watching me. I almost forgot to make the critical leap in judgment that would necessarily take this whole scenario and affair over to the next highest level.

[12/13: It seems clear that the “friends” being referred to here are the personalities behind the readings themselves. The “racetrack” they speak of must be the fast-paced world of living in the third dimension- and in terms of soul evolution they could certainly be thought of as “older” than me. And the last sentence reveals the point of stress that would later be expounded upon in other readings, namely how much I was almost failing to make a critical leap into accepting their expectations on a higher level.]

[Note: Here we have re-inserted the rest of the dream, which we did not actually get on tape until after a bathroom / breakfast break at the end of this reading.]


D: After this whole section with the theater thing, and I had definitely been watching something on TV there, I ended up in some sort of teenage party environment. There was a lot of stuff going on that was pretty exciting on one level, but on another level I felt very disconnected from all of it. There was a guy running around who I recognized from the church in Upstate New York where my father was working. He was a little bit mentally slow. That guy showed up, and he had this child that somehow ended up in my care.

It was a baby, and it didn’t even have a regular full head of hair yet. Somewhere along the line, I started a dialogue with this baby, and we ended up going to the local grocery store, which had all this Halloween candy there still. At some point, the baby began speaking, and it became clear to me really quickly that this baby was somehow in direct contact with my own readings!

[12/13: The grocery store contains the food of the Spirit, metaphorically speaking, and the candy would represent the negative temptations that persist.]


D: The baby talked about “Mr. 281” and kept calling me that, and that was one of the most common Edgar Cayce numbers, which may have been for himself- I will have to check on that.

[Note: It is actually the number for Cayce’s wife, Gertrude. This could refer, therefore, to the fusion between the masculine and feminine aspects of the self, the wedding of flesh to Spirit.]


D: He also described the “Gray man,” which made me think that he was talking about the Grays [extraterrestrials.] This baby was obviously directly connected, and so at some point I started to ask the baby what it wanted me to tell its parents. And that is when this baby really started channeling. I just couldn’t believe the syntax that was coming through, and the power of the message- it was just incredible.

I finally went back to this church guy and started to tell him what happened, that his baby had talked to me. He seemed really nervous and uneasy about it when I first started to tell him – he was very concerned. I tried to encourage him to look at it as a positive thing, and see how amazing it was that his baby had this connection.

As I kept on talking to him, it was like he was a part of this television screen that I was talking to. The screen was actually connected to a four-way TV. There was a cube, and each base of the cube had a TV on it. It all came down in one unit.

[12/13: Television is never a positive metaphor in these readings, and the cube symbolizes materialism in the Tarot card deck. Therefore, it seems to be discussing how there are those hyper-religious people who will never accept a work such as what is being done in these readings because it disagrees too strongly with the attitudes that the media has fed them with.]


So that’s as far as I think I am going to go with the dream here.

[Note: Now we pick up where the reading had left off.]


When I began to receive information regarding quakes and the like, I can then no longer fail to address how important it is for me to log on to this connection as much and as often as possible in order to best stimulate the types of experiences that will bear fruit in a very forthcoming future manner.

Now and again, I wait by the wayside, thinking that everything will happen at a certain moment. When I decide to use these steps as a resource, I can then realize how emblematic the struggle for survival is to the greater whole of the concord grapes that are served me by the Divine at the time of Harvest.

I must go forth with my sword blazing alight, and inform you peoples of this imminent transformation in your personal vibratory essence. Archangel Michael, (meaning me,) sums it up by saying that those who have already received the Light will not need to pose for the flash bulb going off. They are actively working and living in service in a way that most others could not and do not comprehend.

[12/13: The reference to the “flash bulb” refers to the dream that I had which also featured physical telekinesis in the room as I dictated it, namely the falling of my rainbow clown wig out of my closet to the floor.

In the dream, a woman wearing the same clown wig was trying to hit me with a flash of light from such a bulb, and I was told that it would kill me. I realized after awakening that it actually meant that a fragment part of myself that overemphasized sexuality would have to die.

So here, they are talking about those in our society who must have some very significant karmic losses in order to “get the message.”]


And so, when we talk about graduation day, in a sense, what we are really addressing here is the fact that so many of you can indeed lose your pride and come to a much more balanced and full understanding of who and what you are doing here at every possible moment. So, when the spit hits the fan, we don’t need to have a bunch of martyrs on our hands. You will need to be courageous, and thoughtful in order to keep up with this phenomenon.

The sunrise will again be seen over the flattened top of the mesa. But flattened it will be, as these conditions and concerns arise in the economic structures and so forth. So please remember that when we tell you to tighten up your act, we mean to indicate how it is that you shall indeed receive the Light within you at the appropriate time.

And so, based on your present and future actions, a Rolls Royce of sorts in the higher realms does indeed await you, and it is yours to explore. The nostalgia that you feel is that part of you which longs for an extreme example of the repetition of past circumstances such that the present is overridden by the desire for memory and the recapitulation.

Now when there are those who liken these opportunities to slavery, we don’t have very much more to say to them. We can only intervene where appropriate and available, and that means stemming our concerns directly from the highest sources, and thereby eliminating a certain degree of free will in the process. However, it is your free will as to decide how to conduct yourself. And we generally save the best for last in terms of a channeling contact such as this.

David is just now remembering the fact that we did mention the name of a full-body channel whom he has been made aware of during the course of the dream. Like all others, this person is fallible, and has varying levels of accuracy. And thus, our continuing milieu stays constant. We wish to use our inspired messengers to bring these truths out to the public, while simultaneously attempting to tone down their conscious mind’s messages quite a bit so as to receive a clean and unfiltered channel. In David’s case, we do not have to work very much more about this, and thus the connection is quite good.

As to whether this connection is the best one in existence on your plane or otherwise seen as a mode of comparison, there is no point in trying to talk about something like this that way. The fact of the matter is that there are indeed many of those now who are being born into this ability, or who already have this ability, and are capable of great teachings and great tidings.

We do then have a full spectrum of ability on your planet. There are many others whose connection mirrors that of David’s in their own way. You will see the unique personality of each individual, as you would call it, coming through as it expresses the everlasting love of the Oneness in its own way. There are those who rise to the top and who fall to the bottom as this process of sorting out in the spiritual sense of the term is then undertaken by us. As we have already stated, we do keep close watch on these events, and put a great deal of energy investment into those who are actively working in a format of service such as this.

Black turtles rise to the surface as the slow-moving thoughts in the mind can be overtaken in order to allow the deep blue waters of Spirit to gush forth. So in such a monumental undertaking as this, there should very well be a large variety of those inspired teachers who are doing quite well. We sincerely ask that no one compare one set of readings to another on the basis of their relative merit or usefulness. This was done by an entity who had a recent conversation with David, and who chose to make rather derogatory statements about the relative usefulness of our work here in these readings as opposed to this other entity on your plane, who is a dedicated full-body channel for Saint Germain.

The point that we wish to express here is that the excessive duration of time that has passed from one season of the spirit to the next requires us to take equally excessive measures in overcoming the brainwashed responses typical of a populace that is unused to speaking for itself or living for itself and the like. And so, when we want to rally the people’s support behind these issues, we will then indeed clone the available energies from on high so as to reduplicate this birth of the Spirit within each of you.

And thus, David’s dream, which featured a channeled interview with the forces through the proxy of a very young child, was indeed designed not just for himself, but for all those who read or hear these words as well. When one is capable of distinguishing clearly one’s ideas and motivations, then there is no movement that might occur outside of the spectrum of available opportunities for necessary change, growth and transformation. Indeed, all of life begins to take on that deep indigo or even violet quality that comes with those who have truncated their minds and seek to open up the highest levels of accuracy possible.

Even with such a perceived accuracy, we must make a statement here. For all those who would ever read these readings or any other revealed teachings from any source, regardless of who they are or how much you trust them, you must remember that there is no such thing as 100-percent accuracy, regardless of how much you may believe it or not believe it, for there are never going to be those entities on your plane at this point in time who can be completely accurate with everything that comes through them.

You must factor in a certain error ratio to the work of every intuitive who is gifted, and if you do not do this, then your actions become much more like a follower and less like a seeker. In other words, there is a difference between seeking the truth yourself and following someone else who simply declares the truth. You can also know within yourself whether it is right for you to continue down a certain path or to support a certain notion in your future endeavors.

And thus, you do not need or necessarily want a gifted intuitive’s perspective on every little decision that you would make in your life. Our purpose is to make the big picture more and more clear. Your purpose is to take those day by day events that crop up in your life, and the varying information sources that come your way, and make judgements of them based on your own discretion.

One of the main reasons for why we are discussing all of this is that David recently had a client who had indeed been involved with several other gifted intuitives in the past.

This client decided not to use our guidance, and made it very clear to David that he felt that those sources he was in contact with, in terms of those who would channel this information, were in his own words, “one hundred times better” than the work of David.

[12/13: This person should know that the readings would have mentioned this statement!]


Furthermore, he refused to believe our word that the Wingmakers site was a hoax, despite the fact that it has been so obviously debunked by its creator.

The main reason why he refuses to believe this is that the dedicated full-body channel for Saint Germain insisted that it were the truth, and that those conspirators of the New World Order elite tried to discredit it through a hoaxing campaign.

[3/18/09: My conscious mind was almost certainly too close to the surface in this particular passage, due to the emotional charge I had around this issue. Nonetheless, the source recovered nicely from it.]

[12/13: The Wingmakers site, www.wingmakers.com, was very successfully debunked by the UFO community in Nov. 98, and the results then published on the Sightings website, which basically signaled the death knell to the site’s once-explosive popularity.

When the researchers confronted the man who registered the domain name, he denied that he had done any of the work on it, even though Email transmissions of his were taken from Usenet where he was searching for collaborators for an “experimental art site.”

The creator of this site was hoping to make a splash into the public world and hopefully attract interest in a movie based on the ideas that he presented.

It is not even worth going into detail about all of the obvious hints that this site is a hoax, as it is quite unfortunate that so many people are willing to concoct lies in order to aspire to fame. The author probably justified the hoax as a means of presenting his inspired music, artwork and trance writings, which do have some positive qualities.

Further evidence in support of the hoax idea is the fact that not a single update has been made to that site for the last year — the hoaxed storyline and characters were completely abandoned, but the misleading site still stands with no written indications of it being fallacious. In short, these forces do not at all mind if you present your creative works, ideas and inspired writings on the Internet, but to concoct an elaborate and false fantasy around them is to court big-time, devastating karma for misleading the people.]


Now all of this material may seem rather transient to you, the reader of these words. It may seem that we are disposing of valuable signal time by discussing such matters. However, these situations allow us to develop larger themes with which to work off of.

We have dealt with many, many different entities on your plane through David’s proxy, and this is an experience that allows us to unfold greater and greater aspects of the Divine Plan in these workings.

There is another question that we must address here that has been significantly raised by another of David’s clients. This particular client again did not choose to agree with our guidance. Since this is such a rare case, we are indeed handling both of these situations individually, and posting their results for all others to see.

This particular client, again, chose not to receive the guidance from within our reading for her, and that is okay. As we said before, it is impossible for anyone to legitimately claim 100 percent accuracy, and there can also be good days and bad days.

The fact of the matter is that within these workings with David, we aspire to the highest quality controls possible. And we seek to undermine the responses of the conscious mind as much as we can.

And thus, there may be some factual errors in transmission, but again in both of these cases it is highly unlikely that any major or significant portion of the work would be distorted. Such is the nature of how we operate.

[3/18/09: This statement is rather humorous, since I had just interfered with the work by defending myself regarding the client who had criticized me — and he believed he was allegedly a “full-body channel for Saint Germain,” and clearly valued his own work a lot more than my own.

He could not accept that he might have been wrong about the Wingmakers, and when I told him the site had been debunked, he blamed it on the “Illuminati” trying to discredit the site.] 

We cannot claim full accuracy, nor do we want to, as this process must involve the subconscious or Astral Self, even if you believe that the conscious mind is completely out of the picture, which in almost all cases it is not.

In those rare cases where you believe that someone’s mind is completely out of the picture on the conscious level, you are still doomed to repeat your mistakes if you fail to see that their subconscious mind is also capable of distorting results or having an immediate emotional response to a question that would otherwise not be accurate.

The only other case of this client dissatisfaction that we are now speaking of occurred recently, over this woman whom we are speaking about. Some of the content that we had in her reading was indeed rather strenuous, and placed a great deal of responsibility upon her for changing some of her beliefs and attitudes. This material, and a few other things in the reading, were rather difficult to swallow.

Please note that we are not here to provide what you would call the “feel good, curiosity feeding” psychic readings. We are here to give those messages that may seem rather brutally intense at first, but they are, however, exactly what you need to wake up from.

Except for these two cases that we speak of, the majority of those who have had readings with us have accepted our guidance, knowing all the while that there may be a few slight errors in transmission.

Now this particular person, or entity whom we are speaking of, chose to raise another question that we must heretofore address. The question, as it was stated, was this: “I am very suspicious of the fact that the source never chooses to reveal its name. Perhaps if the source would tell us who it was, then the website might receive a million more hits than it is now receiving.”

We recognize the validity of this question enough to handle it in these workings, in a public forum. There are indeed those who will consider the naming of such a source to be of paramount importance.

They feel that if they are not speaking with Commander Such and Such, or Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Federation, that they are not speaking to anyone of value.

There are indeed those who would choose to collect names and throw them around, and believe that there really is a difference between entities in the higher realms enough so that they need and deserve to be named.

The guidance and the message that we bring is much different. Our purpose is to bring you those tools that will help you to realize the Law of One within yourself. And within that context, there are a number of indigenous opportunities that can arise along the way.

We can indeed feel compelled to offer you a whole host of different forms of guidance in different ways, and even during the course of one reading there can be different members of the collective consciousness who choose to direct the flow of energy and information to the forefront. In the workings of the Ra Material, you will notice this many times when the tense switches from the “We” to the “I.” And thus, this is important.

[Note: The next paragraphs below deal with another critique that was raised by the first of the two dissatisfied clients, the supporter of the Wingmakers site. He accused my readings of being in error that the Universe was organized into an octave of dimensions, since the Saint Germain source had told him that there were actually thirteen.]


Now with regard to David’s workings, we want to make a few statements here that will clarify these issues. First of all, it is important to remember that each one of you have your own unique multidimensional soul. This soul does indeed span the dimensional frequencies, from those base to those of the most highest chakra, or the completion at the end of the Octave wherein all returns to Oneness.

And in between those two points, there are a host of vibrational frequencies. Some channels choose to break them down via a chromatic scale, and thus come up with thirteen dimensions, whereas others such as this one choose to break it up into a diatonic scale, such that there are eight frequencies.

There are indeed different ways to look at how these gradations of vibrations may occur, but the fundamental point of importance is that you can indeed see how you as a third dimensional entity are distributed throughout this spectrum of awareness.

It is rather amusing to us, as a humorous side note, that there are such a significant number of those who would become so concerned with names, and trifle over such (what we consider to be) meaningless details. The fact of the matter is that Ra is the collective Oversoul of which David is a part. There! We have said it.

Now that essentially means that Ra has always been the guiding principle behind David’s works. Based on the history of his past incarnations, this should not be difficult to see, and we do not need to explicate on these matters any further, for our purpose is not to aggrandize David, merely to illustrate the point.

Archangel Michael and others like him work with the Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator and the Council of Saturn, which is your own unique governing body, to bring about the personal and planetary transformation that awaits you all at this time.

The reason why we do not trifle with names is that David’s source connection is from himself. It is not necessary for David to name himself, as his process of tuning into us is concomitant with the memory and recognition of his dreams.

If you notice, he always goes to sleep before doing any work. And therefore, this is another method by which the connection is strengthened, for there is a bubble of protection that surrounds the entity at the time of awakening from the sleep state that is highly useful.

We do understand that in the Ra Material, the continuous statement of the name was made after each question.

[12/13: In other words, Ra would always say “I am Ra” at the beginning of a statement. One reason why my readings do not do this is that it would tempt my conscious mind into thinking, “Oh my gosh, Ra is speaking!”, which could then cause me to “lose the edge” and distort the results dramatically.]


However, in our readings no one asks us questions, and therefore we do not need to do this. David’s dedication and commitment to this process is all the quality control that we need. And so, please realize the importance of staying clear about the ideas that are being presented herein.

If, for whatever reason, the words that we speak make you uneasy or otherwise impatient with our results, then by all means connect with another source, and do not continue to pursue this guidance any further.

[tape flips]


Should anyone choose to dispute the evidence for the work that we or David are performing, then we do indeed have a non-intervention policy at that point.

We must simply withdraw our influence from those who choose not to receive this guidance.

It is not our plan or purpose to alter the free will of an entity in any way.

And thus, it is an entity’s free will to think us somehow inept in our workings, then we must not attempt to redouble the proof for the validity of our contact. We address these concerns in this reading at this time in order to pave the way for some large-scale understandings about the field of channeling in general, as currently it is very much misunderstood.

If anyone out there is concerned about the concept of naming, let us again state that David’s extreme dedication to this process has inspired us. It is therefore important to consider David’s own actions and dreams as indicative of the degree of work that he has done on himself. It is for this very reason that we have the greatest confidence in him, right now and for the future. We do indeed see that our messages come through in a quite concise and undistorted fashion, and that pleases us immensely.

We now have time for David to go forth and have breakfast, and we can continue these workings at a later point.


Same afternoon

D: I went right back to sleep here and am waking up again. I am finally starting to get some really, really good rest. This reading, as well as the dream that just came up, obviously had everything to do with some little whirlpools that were created in the recent past that I needed to clear and get out of my system, so that they didn’t create fragments.

One of them was in reference to this woman having criticized me, which was discussed in the reading. It seemed to center around the garage at the house next door to 621, which used to be a house, and an underground channel that connected that garage to the bike trails called “The Pines” that we used to go to, way, way down at the end of the street about four blocks away. So obviously, the underground passage that would connect them would be quite huge.

[12/13: Again, we are seeing the Pyramid / Giza plateau connections here.]


D: This dream also seems to be processing the downside of my acupuncture experience as well, as it was indeed extremely painful.

There was also some content from my experiences with Angelica in there. The bottom line was that this woman seemed to be storing money among other records and things in this vault that was under the house. This does have obvious connections to the Pyramid and the record chamber underneath.

So this dream really brings in a lot of different levels. In my life as the priest from Egypt, there was an ostracism that took place surrounding Isis. If Isis and Angelica really are the same person, then there is indeed a very interesting karmic connection that one could make there. That garage definitely seems to have Pyramidal implications.

[Note: The biggest clue of the Isis / Angelica connection stems from the fact that Cayce’s wife Gertrude was stated by the readings as being the reincarnation of the real Isis of Egyptian history. It was the promise of bearing a “perfect child” with Isis that distracted Ra from his wife, which directly led to his banishment from Egypt for breaking his own laws of marriage fidelity.

I had figured that based on the politics of reincarnation, someone in my life whom I already knew had to be Gertrude in the past. The “aha” experience came in two stages, most recently by seeing a picture of Gertrude where she was angry, and her eyes and facial expression were literally identical to Angelica’s. We were obviously not supposed to be married or together this time around!]


So anyway, the basic gist of the thing turns out to be that I had apparently done work for this woman. She supposedly was going to pay me, and you could get to the money by either going directly down into the garage, or from the bike trails that we used to call the Pines, which was a long tunnel. I was one of only very few who had the keys to the room.

So somewhere along the way, as I was trying to collect the money for the work that I did with this woman, she decided to start criticizing me. She didn’t just criticize me, she acted like I needed some sort of therapy.

And thus, even though it wasn’t something that I was asking her to do and even protested as it went along, she essentially had me down on the bed and was sticking needles into my skin in different places. And all the while as I protested, she acted like this was good for me. She even squeezed my testicles several times, and it was hard enough to be painful. That made me really upset, and she kept acting like it was nothing, that it didn’t even matter.

[12/13: I would realize later that this was actually discussing the humbling corrective experience that the readings set up for my future, where I would be invited to The Ascension Celebration and then have it drop out from under me. When I went to the professional acupuncturist, I had asked him to perform a treatment that would forcefully bring up any remaining personality fragments that I had not yet cleared. And my overemphasis on the public presentation of this material was the single biggest “correction” that needed to be performed with me.]


And then to make matters even worse, after I got done she was telling other people about how silly and weak I was for not being able to go through her medical treatment. I just couldn’t believe that she was so obnoxious! There really was no resolution, except that I had to know that I was right, even though other people thought that she was right.

D: And that is like what these Emails have been. I am such a perfectionist that if even two people have any problem with what comes through me, it can throw me off. We definitely did see that here, but I am really glad that we have cleared these fragments. I can rest much easier, knowing on a much deeper level now that I can just be myself and that is fine.


Monday 11 / 15 / 99 — 7:00 a.m.

D: The morning of my departure from Florida.

It dawned on me as I was waking up here that part of what is happening is that I am reliving memories of Atlantis, because this area [West Palm Beach] is the closest that I have ever been to the submerged Atlantean landmass [of Poseidia.] That might explain both the pains and the triumphs that I have felt in my dreams, as well as some other things like the emphasis on the Ra-Ta stuff.

There was something involving a tube. The tube had some sort of material in it that was like an ointment or something, or maybe toothpaste. I believe that my grandfather used to sell it, and now it was considered being taken over by someone else, perhaps my mother. I know that the older woman H from church had ordered one, and I wanted to get it to her.

[12/13: This is obviously about the struggle to bring this healing and cleansing information to a wider number of people.]


I have lost most of this, but it was just a really incredible experience. I am going to try to go back in and see if I can get another one, or maybe remember it better.