[3/18/09: This is another collection that is mostly dream data, not very much in the way of readings. Nonetheless, for those who are studying their dreams and want to learn more about how I do what I do, this may be of interest.]


Friday 11 / 5 / 99 – 7:55 a.m.

D: At the very, very end of this dream just now, I was inside some sort of building and I had to go to the bathroom, which was a very literal dream component that dovetailed with reality. So, I had exited this building that I was in and walked around to the back, only to realize that in the back, what had at one time looked like a dirty lot was now featuring a clown or magician getting changed into bright purple clothing.

I then looked in the little back room that I knew would be there, and I saw several people who would be attending a wedding party. And then I suddenly realized that I had a tuxedo on! So I decided not to try to go to the bathroom in the back, either on the ground or in the bathroom back there. It was better go to back around to the front. That was when I realized that I was dreaming and I woke up.

[12/12: The purple outfit and wedding garb once again is a metaphor for Ascension, and for the wedding of flesh to Spirit.]


D: A lot of other stuff happened here. I am basically training myself to wake up prior to 8:00, as it is just a total sonic assault once it rolls around [with the military jets flying.] And we are at two minutes to impact right now.


Some safety valves should assist you in obtaining a free security release. You would then be able to count the number of magic opportunities by attempting to use them in direct format as quickly as possible. When you take the available opportunities for change and transformation and arrest the opposition to these forces, you do then find a huge amount of progress can be compressed into a very small amount of time.

Our List-Bot reveals to us that there are indeed many new opportunities that are afoot, and we want to remain clear in our standing about what this means. And so, we are not out to simply take the fragmented pieces of a past that was never known and try to fuse them together into a workable plan here and now. Instead, what we are trying to do is to insure that the mission goes as smoothly as possible, without a hitch.

The consequences of this party reaction include the following:

  1. You can never be sure what will happen when the wind blows.
  2. Everything else seems less important in comparison.
  3. All those who have tried to avoid this impending reality have failed.
  4. The time is now, so awaken yourself.

What we want for you is to belittle those portions of the personality that would cling to self-indulgence, and instead invigorate those aspects that would consciously seek and desire to help others. In so doing, you are navigating your way through the intricate webwork of consciousness and doing so in the most successful format possible. Do not feel afraid or overwhelmed by such a prospect, or that you cannot trust other people and therefore should not help them. Simply have the courage to be willing to put yourself out on the line and make whatever necessary sacrifices in order to be of greatest assistance.


Tuesday 11 / 9 / 99 — 6:35 a.m.

D: The earliest part of this dream featured RN and some other would-be friends of mine from high school who ended up turning out to be quite nasty in terms of how they treated me during those years.

It also involved some sort of floor that was squirming with these maggot worms — and that was pretty horrifying. It was almost as if they were telling me that I was supposed to roll on it. That was what I felt, although I didn’t have to do it.

A lot of this was about being used and exploited by my friends, or just feeling like I was an outcast. It definitely touched upon the struggles that I have had with getting onto the radio.

[12/12: And as we shall see in later readings, I was being set up for a huge lesson in this area- namely the rise and fall of The Ascension Celebration, which I had still not even heard about at this point.]


D: Another part of the dream involved EL, DF, CG and perhaps DB, all of whom were the core of the “geek clan” of kids whom I used to hang out with when I was unpopular, before I lost all of their friendship from getting mixed up in the partying crowd.

DF took a very active role in this dream, which he usually doesn’t do — it is usually one of the others. That part was very interesting.

It seemed that they were co-collaborating on a project that would create a comedy routine for a radio show, but the material that they were going to be generating copy about was largely unappealing to the mass audience. I think it was about things like designing railroad train systems, and a lot of stuff that would be considered more technical and not appealing to the common audience.

[12/12: This also must be a very direct statement to me from the forces, saying that I need to be aware of how difficult it is to try to explain the complex theories of Convergence on the radio- it would actually be better and more meaningful to talk more about the message of the readings.]


D: I remember being in the car with them at some point and driving either to or from 621. I also remember feeling like I was overshadowed by them, that they were better than me in a lot of different ways. They had all this great stuff going on in their lives, such as the fact that they were going to be on the radio. They had this tiny little slot, about a minute, that occurred in the last five minutes before the end of the hour-long show. They were going to do a little comedy routine that might have involved a song that they created. As time progressed and I looked at this more, I realized that DF had built what for all intents and purposes looked like tiny pyramids.

[12/12: As I notice below, this section is obviously discussing how the information I am now working on relates back to my past life as Ra-Ta, who was one of the chief engineers of the Great Pyramid.]


D: He had built them of beautiful polished stones of different colors. Some were a deep green, some deep blue, some black, some were brown tiger’s eye and some were white. Each piece was perfectly carved and polished, and they all fit together perfectly. He had a lot of obelisks and one pyramid in particular with an obelisk coming out of the top of it. I was quite surprised that he had the time, the patience and the accuracy to do something like this. I asked him what was going on, and he basically told me that he just loved it so much that he wanted to do it for everyone to see.

Now in this part, it is very clear that they were talking about my past life incarnation as Ra. I am actually having a direct memory of designing the pyramid as such. It is pretty amazing when you think about the fact that this entire negative Cabal that has now secured power originally based itself on the Atlantean corpus of knowledge that I was largely a very key player in terms of preserving, with the building of the pyramid as well. So there are indeed some really epic things to consider when I look at the whole picture of this. I usually never allow myself to think about Ra, because it threatens to let the Ego become involved. I just want to do what I am doing, but it is interesting to look at it from this perspective. Now that I have almost completely remembered all of this sacred science involving the consciousness units, I am going to be ready to rewrite Convergence once things settle down a little bit more in my life.

There was one final section. I did end up leaving these guys behind, which angered them. They were just so excited about being on the radio, and I was jealous. I ended up finding a couple of other friends who were women, actually one woman friend. I believe that she might have had reddish hair. That’s what it was! I was outside on some sort of porch that was near the high school. For whatever reason, Baner or someone might have given me a cigarette, and I was smoking it on the back porch, which I would never do. That was totally intense and I don’t know why I would do something like that.

[12/12: Obviously it was an indication of getting involved in something that really was not in my best interest.]


It was right after this that I met this woman, and she took me along to this other area. At first when I went inside, it seemed like it was a haircut place. I think I was with the blond-haired woman. When I got in there, a redheaded woman tried to take me as a client right away, and the blond haired woman got angry and redirected me. In a professional but obviously irritated way, she took me to her own area. I was thinking, “Why am I getting a haircut when I just had one? My hair looks fine.” I then thought that I would just got through with it for whatever reason.

[12/12: Now the metaphor of a haircut is obviously about changing your appearance to others- and the deeper implications are that it refers to how I would be trying to redo my public presence by getting on the radio, over what it already is now.]


So, they seated me at this long banquet table with silverware and everything, even though I was supposed to be getting my hair cut. I then realize that everyone else was being served these horrible desserts and pastries. I then realize that everyone at the table is developmentally disabled, and they were all drooling on themselves. It was definitely a bad scene, and that was when I woke up.

[12/12: So, the end of this dream obviously is talking about dietetic problems. I discuss those problems below in the context of the statements from the readings about them. On the deeper level, it is discussing the negative impacts of my desire for popularity, which was very forcefully demonstrated to me with the readings later on.]


Who forgot the beef? I was about fair to middlin’, but the next time, my belly ached about it. Then I would never have to have a bodyguard about it any more.

[12/12: I think this is referring to the recent meal of roast duck that I had, and how the forces are telling me that it was damaging to my ‘belly,’ and that therefore they had to be my ‘bodyguard.’]


In this dream, we see the juxtapositioning of two relative forces within the self, and that needs to be considered, both from a practical perspective as well as an impractical one.

[12/12: We have put the dream at the beginning of this reading in order to enhance its clarity and presentation, although it was originally dictated at the end.]


The cockpit does indeed look out over the valley, and we know and understand that the inflamed passions of the Ego can be a bit too extreme at times. And so, our purposes are to refine somewhat the processes of celestial transformation, so as to better enunciate the grace with which all things are known to be built.

Payable piece by piece, time after time are the debts of karmic obligation. When you build an edifice of strong data in this manner, you can then indeed realize how fundamentally obvious the bearded man becomes when he is all that you see. And so, think about that, and recognize that we are realizing Him in you, David. That is what all of this is about. Do not ever fail to step forward when the time is right and assert your masculinity in these matters. There is a Cosmic Christ within each person, and when you are called upon, you will need to use it. That is important.


D: Anyway, let me get this dream out before I lose it. It does seem important to note that this reading is talking about the fact that I finally mailed out my copy of the Spectrum newsletter to Art Bell last night, hoping that he would get back to me with a possible invitation to be on his show. It might just work – it might just be crazy enough to work.

[12/12: As I would find out later on, they were already setting me up for a huge lesson about being overly focused on the success of my career as opposed to my highest level of spiritual attainment. Since the readings had previously urged me to make strong attempts to get popular, it is very interesting what they say immediately below — to “take it with a grain of salt.”]


Take these disclosures by us with a grain of salt, as we already became convinced that there were more things going on than we could discuss with you. So, when we are bullying you about your progress and so forth, recognize that we are only trying to improve upon excellence. The work that you are doing does indeed insure that you are protected by your guardians, an that is very important indeed.

A more aptly worded summary of these stories includes the idea that you yourself have already decided what to do – we are simply giving you the direction and the impetus necessary to actualize those goals. So please don’t feel that you are being judged, or that you must work like crazy to keep us happy- far from it. What is most important to us is that you are being true to yourself. And thus, if you have not worked enough to be honest with yourself in seeing that the sperm cell continues to swim towards its destination egg, which would be the Ascension, we do have to come in and assert our control somewhat in motivating you in that direction.

All of this does take time, though, and time is something that we really don’t have right at the moment.


A gunfight is occurring between both sides on this issue, and the question then becomes, “What if I can do something more than I have already done in order to be more present for these opportunities?”

[12/12: This is obviously about myself and how I have wondered if I am doing everything that needs to be done to fulfill my purpose.]


What you can already see and realize is that the entire circus show is peddled around by those who make no amends for their actions, but rather expect others to infiltrate them at the club level.

[12/12: This very well could be a statement about the public media in general, such as radio shows – therefore the reference to “the entire circus show.” They do not feel that they could do anything wrong, quite contrary to the desires of these higher forces, and feel that any new guests or topics will simply “infiltrate” them as a result of their huge forum, or “club,” consisting of hundreds of thousands of listeners.]


Now when we approach your apparatus at this moment, we already begin to decide that what you have done deserves our praise and thanksgiving. Therefore, we really don’t need to tell you that you are not working hard enough, but it is merely another way of reminding you that a very successful project is nearing its completion, ever closer and closer.

[12/12: The reference to the “apparatus” is very similar to how Ra spoke of Carla Rueckert, their channel in the Ra Material. They called her “the instrument.”]


We do sincerely applaud your efforts yesterday in how much you did to try to bring yourself up to date with your readings business, Email messages and transcription. You will notice that the dreams that we do are for you, [and thus it is to your own benefit that you transcribe them.]

[tape ends]


D: I don’t remember the last sentence, because there was too much that I had to do to change the tape.


The sacramental nature of all things decrees that the opportunity to handle these problems with the Cabal does indeed grant you a measure of opportunity that you will otherwise be unable to attain. And therefore, do not fear the writer when we are expounding upon these issues. Understand that you are merely another messenger of same, and we do appreciate your efforts in this regard. More importantly, you must understand that moment by moment, time after time, the forces of good must triumph over evil, as it is a good universe.

[12/12: I did have a certain measure of concern that if my readings exposed too much, I could be in physical danger, as these forces have a nasty habit of killing those who resist them.]


As we have always said evil was allowed in the earlier dimensions in order to promote balance. Evil is not the opposite pole of good — it is another exploration of Oneness. That is an important point. The contact points between those two sides of the spectrum does indeed reveal how insistent we are in the need for change on these matters. To recognize evil as a portion of the Oneness is to stop being in judgement of it and to frown on it.

Rather than continually falter with one’s inconsistencies in this regard, such as diet and the like, one can simply begin reliving the intimate proposals to the higher self that are made when the decision to return to Oneness is then sought. And that focus, my friends, does indeed reveal that the more longstanding inconsistencies on behalf of you and your people are indeed very capable of amelioration and / or restoration.

So the next time we have a few moments to speak with you, we will indeed be chartering a new vessel to sail on the seas of the Divine in your mind, and thereby ignoring any other stimuli that do not express the Oneness in idea, form and evaluation.

If the Iran-Contra scandal were to erupt again, would you believe it? Would you be able to see that such an event could occur in your own lifetime, and be willing to accept that it is indeed possible for you to make it a point of allowing a space for something like this cabal to be true? Would it then be much easier to see it?

Essentially, what we keep trying to tell you is that the negative forces have indeed secured power on a very massive scale on your planet. And that is the photographic element of the Anti-Christ that was revealed in the Bible book of Revelation.

Therefore, do not feel uncomfortable about what is going on, as you already know the outcome. We are the ones who will set the prophecies straight and bring everything back into balance. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid. Simply do understand how magnificently possible it is to realign with positive Divine vibrations as a result of your own process of enlightenment and failure to be entrapped by this system.

Someone is going along and telling you that there are two ways to be, two sides to every story, a polarity or an opposition as such. While there can be magic in some places, we do insist that you continue to realize how powerful it really is when you become capable of determining the opportunistic slides on behalf of the others in the audience who do not share your optimism.

[12/12: In other words, the “slideshow” of future events to unfold on our planet must be viewed as a series of opportunities rather than setbacks.]


When we look at two sides of an issue, what we are fundamentally seeing is that the Divine concatenations of the scriptures and prayer do heed these warnings quite well and address these issues. But when those of you out there who are focused on the Bible exclusively fail to see the import of a religious revelation upon all fronts, you can then indeed be very misled into thinking that only the Bible is the word of God.

The truth of the matter is that God is omnipresent – and thus every word that comes out of your mouth is the Word of God. There is no need to rate certain words as being higher than others. What is more important is for you to find and secure that truth within yourself that you are indeed following the Law of One in all forms and aspects. Since you already know that it must return to Oneness in the end, you must seek to achieve that within yourself and all others.

It is this Law which transcends all religious revelation, and moves directly into the area of Divine Truth and understanding. When religions are all One, we then no longer need to maintain distinctions between ourselves. We can simply become co-creators of same Oneness and achieve the instant popularity with those in the higher realms that this produces. Indeed, we don’t want to make a scary movie here, but rather to show how enlightened you can become moment by moment as you live these truths.

All the while, we have never realized your full potential, but it is indeed coming onto the market sometime soon. So we look forward to the opportunity to revive the lost records and archives within your soul so as to better equip you with the knowledge and forethought of Beingness that will indeed take you to the next level.

So, thinking about these things does indeed involve your conscious participation, and that is where we come in. Any time that you begin to reorient your focus onto this Oneness is a time where our angelic host will surround you with Light and give you a predominantly positive boost of energy. Anything that we do to repair your airplane and make it worthy of flight might appear to you as a bit of bad karma, but it is simply the balancing effects that are necessary to bring you to the next level.

[12/12: Of course, the airplane is a metaphor for the vehicle of Ascension, or the spiritual consciousness of each person. Dreams will use this metaphor quite consistently.]


Now, we depart long enough to allow David to continue dictating this dream, and we remind you that you are surrounded by a cloud of opportunities that will evermore become you as you allow it to do so. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

[12/12: Again, we have put the dream at the beginning now.]


Wednesday 11 / 10 / 99 — 5:02 a.m.

Unearthing the Hall of Records

D: This dream had some really interesting content. The central feature was archeology. There was all this stuff carved into the walls inside of a cave, and for some reason I seemed to be a whole different person. It seemed that I was supposed to try to make a written record of this epic story that was preserved on the wall, and it seemed like a pretty daunting task.

Then, I realized that all of what was on the wall was going to be carved into metal outside. And thus, this record that I thought I was going to have to produce was already being done by itself.

I definitely also got the idea that it was connected with a past life, although the exact name eludes me right now, it started with a Y.

[12/12: The only thing that comes to mind right now is Ujhltd, pronounced “YOOLT,” another incarnation as a Persian king not long after Ra-Ta’s death.]


D: I must say that it is nice to start going to bed at a reasonable hour. I am actually going to bed somewhat early these days. Anyway, there is not a whole lot to report here, but the archeological expedition was definitely exciting. It also seemed like it was just going to take a tremendous amount of time, so I was delighted to see how quickly it would move.

I think that this is talking about what is going to happen with the stock market cycles and rewriting Convergence – it is not going to be as difficult as it seems.


7:57 a.m.

D: A double-header in this last sleep period. I believe that the last time I was in here, it was discussing the fact that I was finding records under the sea. There was water, and there was that stone room with carvings on the wall.

I was worried about how I was going to get them all, but then I realized that they were also going to be carved in metal on the outside. I felt like it wasn’t clear enough what they were going to tell me, and that I would get another shot at it. That is exactly what happened here!

In this dream, I was in what appeared to be Manhattan, NY. There was a major, major problem going on. There was an office building, pretty sleek and modern, and a lot of people were standing near it and the reason why was that some natural catastrophe seemed to have happened. The catastrophe caused the building to lose the normally mirror-polished sides of stone. The very outside part was stones falling off the building in layers from the ground up. It looked almost like water as it was coming off.

[12/12: The fact that it mentions “mirror-polished” sides of stone associates this directly with the Great Pyramid of Giza. Originally it was completely covered with mirror-polished white limestone casing stones, but earthquakes jostled them loose and they were removed to build mosques in Cairo.

One of the Pyramid-based Ascension metaphors concerns the idea of the casing stones and capstone being replaced on the Pyramid — and thus we can see that here.]


It was accumulating in layers on the ground, and there were several people who were trying to put the stone back onto the wall. For some reason it was sloughing off in sections, and they were all roughly identical in size and rectangular.

One more thing. They were lifting the stones and putting them back in place on the side of the building. It seemed totally effortless for the people to do this. It didn’t take any strength whatsoever- they just lifted them and they moved. I remember that I was very surprised about that.

[12/12: Obviously another Atlantean memory!]


Anyway, on the backside of the stones, as they were putting them back up, there were these really intense diagrams that looked like they were from the Maya or some sort of ancient culture. Some of the stones were being replaced horizontally in a rectangle, and some vertically in a rectangle, more vertical than horizontal. The pictures were very pretty, and I even remember that there was one picture in particular that looked very ancient, but it had pictures of crop circle photographs on it that were very much like what you see now.

D: I just cued on the word “Cairo,” so this might possibly have something to do with Richard Hoagland’s activities involving the investigation into Egypt Air flight 990, which certainly does have some synchronistic connections.

But you must remember now that this building had fallen apart and people were putting it back together. They had almost just finished, and then there was Richard Hoagland with a clipboard and a pen.

He was totally intrigued and fascinated by what he was seeing, and thought that it had all this incredible importance. What he apparently wasn’t seeing was the fact that it had just been done, and it was done by human hands who had just put the stones back.

Hoagland was getting really excited about the order that the stones were in, and was making a grand hypothesis about what that order meant, but it was totally arbitrary, since it had just been reassembled. I said, “Man, he is going to get rooked again.”

My stomach feels very strange, by the way, and so it is going to interrupt the signal if I try to do a reading.


Tampa University says it’s so much more than that. The most important process that we allow you to complain about is the one that we have designed for your own growth on the personal level.

So therefore, when you run into those events of a heart-clogging nature, understand that they are indeed designed to be overcome. Never fail to see the ritualistic importance of those who would make symbols for all things that happen in their lives, and therefore overcoming them through such a system.

[12/12: This seems to be discussing, in part, Hoagland’s heart attack and the intense investigation into the ritual alignments surrounding the various missions in the space program. It is through tracking this symbolism that the truth will be exposed.]


You yourself can now do this, and discover a new symbol for yourself that typifies where you have now become comfortable with in your vibrations.

The pork barrel legislation tactics are soon to become a thing of the past. The new warriors of the future will use love as their strength, not money and power.

The issue is so complete that it makes sense for us to drop hints about it. The earth will be transformed, and there will be those who will have to defend her from any negative onslaughts.

This is as yet part of the process that will be occurring, and we are not going to lie to you about that.

Although, it is not as much of a concern as you may think it is, as there is total cooperation with the Council and the Confederation in these matters.