[3/18/09: This has no readings in it, only dreams. You may want to skip past it, and that’s fine, but it does show how I was receiving prophetic data about the economy through dreams at this time. At the very end there is an interesting dream that seems to have predicted the crash of the Mars Polar Lander spacecraft.] 

[Note: Many have asked why David did not attend The Ascension Celebration, an event that was publicized on this website that he had been formally invited to attend. Essentially, the director of the event made an invitation and then never followed up on it by going through with making the airline reservations. David was never phoned, faxed or Emailed about the status of what was going on, and this did trigger a rather intense depression of sorts that took five or six days to wrestle with. David was mentally preparing to deliver nine completely different lectures, and this only increased his mental stress. It was especially difficult, because the director had told David that he would make him a “special event” separate from the other speakers in order to increase interest. It had promised to be potentially quite profitable for David as well as obviously being great exposure and lots of fun. And thus, we see the Cayce karma of losing the hospital rearing its head all over again.

In this dream, a prophecy is made about this entire debacle in advance. The main male character represents the organizer of the event. Also, a comparison is made between the man who created this recent business failure on David’s personal level and the multinational bankers, whose misdeeds are of a much, much larger nature. And thus, this dream is truly multidimensional. Furthermore, we have documented the examples that occurred where the readings had accurately predicted what would be occurring in David’s present moment when he actually transcribed the reading, over a month in the future! The notes below are inserted as David read along, while in the process of transcribing it.]


D: Wow. I laid back down at 9:30 and just got up now. What an amazing dream expedition I just went through. It had three distinct parts. I could have tried to awaken myself after the first or second, but I waited until the third.

The first part basically surrounded this guy with a website and a computer and the computer possibly crashing.

[12/4: Well, wonders never cease! I am only about two days ahead of a major computer incident where I really did think that I might lose all the data. The coordinates are obviously intact.]


He was playing the guitar, and I got the guitar to resonate by itself by hitting a piece of glass on the floor.

The second part was basically in a mall type area, and it also looked older, like the 1920’s. I saw JM from high school very clearly. I tried to get her attention, only to realize that she was now an African-American woman who was very overweight and had horrible skin. I still tried to treat her equally as nicely as I would have J. That was when I saw the guy the second time from the first part. I just remembered that his real name is (name.)

[Note: The first names of this character and the director of the event were identical – a very big hint that the forces knew exactly what was going on.]


This time I saw him with my father, after I ran into this person who had been JM very clearly. We ran into him in this very extravagant Christmas shopping type of environment. In the second wave he was still in good shape. I mentioned to him while he was still sitting in his car that I had a dream about him where he was playing music and had something to do with a church, and that he was very funny. It also had something to do with a webpage.

And then in the third installment, he was actually about to be burned alive by the police for what he had done! They had put him inside this room where they were going to do it. We went and talked to him while he was in there, and I wanted to get him out. I didn’t think he should be burned alive, as it was too harsh for any human being to go through. It was because of all the horrible business practices that he had done. I didn’t just want to let him go with that.

[Note: Obviously David does not harbor anger or resentment about what happened with The Ascension Celebration. This portion of the dream seems to refer to how society in general handles feelings of betrayal, specifically related to large-scale financial matters. David’s reaction in this dream was just the opposite of what “everyone” was thinking to do – and that reaction proved to be the secret to transcendence.]


So, after we saw him one time, I then had my father grab this guy who looked like a prison ward but also looked like a journalist or businessman. We went up there again to see if he was still okay, and the ward basically said that we were not supposed to see him and that he would not need any further assistance. We should just let him suffer on his own. I was seeing smoke come up from the buildings from others who were also being incinerated.

I then heard my father say that he wished that he could get his writing pad back from the guy. He had left the guy something important of his and wanted to get it back. So after the ward left, I said, “I don’t care what anybody says about this guy. I want to at least say goodbye to him and wish him well on his transition.” I was turning towards the stall to do it, and I turned back to my father, and he had turned into Albert Einstein! I said, “My God, Dad, you look just like Albert Einstein now. This must be a dream!”

He was just smiling at me. Suddenly, there came the guy from far away, not even from the stall now. This was the same guy who was supposedly going to be burned! He walked up to me with these really grimy suits on, and in fact it looked like he was wearing a pair of pants for a jacket, like he was putting his arms through the pant sleeves and using that to keep his arms warm under his blazer. He had another pair of pants that he was wearing as pants.

So, he came up to me and took this nasty stuff off. Underneath was this wonderful-looking outfit with this tan or gold looking top and very vibrant deep-blue pants. I was just ecstatic that he was okay, and I said, “Wow, I have got to get this recorded. This is just incredible.” And there it was!

[Note: As you read along, we will work ourselves up to this point again in greater detail, and full explanations of these metaphors will follow suit as it goes along.]


Now I want to go back and fill in a little bit more detail.

In the first part of the dream, the computer, my computer, crashed. I think that it crashed in the course of looking at my own webpage or maybe the sightings website. In this dream, I knew that (name) was related to a church. He had some sort of religious affiliation.

[12/4: All of this is just completely amazing and hard to believe. I remembered the name of the character in the dream and actively used it in the dictation. The name of the man who was running the Ascension Celebration was exactly the same, and he did indeed have the title of Reverend. My system did indeed just have a major problem, but I had completely forgotten ever having had this dream, as it was a month old by this point. I think that it is just astonishing how incredibly well-timed this dream is to my present, as I am just now working with the concept of forgiving this man for what he has done in making promises to me and then breaking them. This is a quite incredible experience to be feeling as I sit here and type these words!]


The computer just completely locked up. There was nothing that you could do to stop the crash, which is obviously a y2k-related thing. I was trying to think of, I got the idea that there could be a new computer invention that might even be able to be used on all existing computers, where you would have a whole separate unit just for crashes, when it would lock out. That whole separate unit’s purpose would be to systematically revitalize the system resources by breathing life back into the computer piece by piece.

I got the idea that the only time it would be used would be when the computer was crashing. It wouldn’t need the speed or memory of the other part. Everyone could get this installed, and it would stop the computer from shutting down. It would somehow be able to untangle the knot that happens when it gets locked. Now in practicality terms, that seems pretty impossible, but in the dream it was very possible.

[12/4: I could never have known that as I transcribed these words, I would be doing so on a computer that I have significantly upgraded, specifically to halt the types of crashes that are being referred to in this dream. And it was another dream that prompted me to go ahead and pay for all of this in cash last week – so we can see how all of this is being coordinated on a higher level.

Knowing that my computer is now highly unlikely to crash gives me a much better level of confidence in doing this work and knowing that I am not going to lose any of it as I go along. It does make me wonder if some of these data losses have been the result of negative psychic attacks by those service-to-self forces out there.]


While I was thinking of this, (name) was playing music for me. It was really delightful. He was playing a guitar and singing, and he smiled and was just really funny and friendly, and I really enjoyed it. And then he took the guitar and wanted to be worshipped like a rock star. It was all a big joke. As he got all theatrical like an 80’s rock star, he put the guitar down onto a piece of glass that was acting like a table on the floor with a cloth underneath it.

And so, I wanted to keep the gag going as long as possible. So when he hit that sustained chord, I got the idea that if I banged on the glass, the guitar would just resonate longer and longer. And sure enough, the resonance came back and it got really, really loud. I was able to do that like two or three times. This amazed him. He said that quite honestly he was totally impressed with what I could do to bring out that resonance.

[12/4: Bearing in mind what we know about the metaphor of music in my dreams being related to my work with these forces, this becomes clear. It refers to (name’s) captivation with the work that I had done, which led him to want to invite me to his event in the first place.]


He encouraged me, and again it was another situation where my website looked exactly the same as the Jeff Rense website on Sightings, to take this idea that I had and to try to sell it to a major computer company like Microsoft or something like that. By just giving them the idea of adding a new machine into the existing system that was its own computer, it could run diagnostics and stop these system jams from happening. I thought that it would be a revolution in computing, because it would only come on when the system locked up, and it would be able to stop that.

[12/4: So now we have the idea firmly in place that it has something to do with a big business proposal, and that it was precipitated from my own website, which in the dream was looked at with the same significance that I ascribe to the Sightings webpage. That is obviously relevant.]


So the next thing you know, the whole thing shifts, and I am now in a parking lot looking at these big corporate buildings, thinking that one of them was NEC or Microsoft. Even though I was near the building, the idea was that I was trying to get in touch with them directly.

[12/4: And I do remember, from being there before, that Denver had many, many tall buildings like this.]


At some point, I am not exactly sure where, but that part of the dream ended and I found myself back in my body – except that I was sort of half in and half out. I did try at that time to have an out of body projection, but it seemed like I was fighting with myself. I had one arm out but couldn’t get the rest out, and I realized that I was actually moving my physical body. So I basically just gave up, and as soon as I did the dream kept going. But I was actually probably in the OBE state the whole time. I was already out of body when I thought I was trying to go out of body, that is what I mean.

You know, I think this is really all about the rise and fall of business, big corporate business. The first part would be like when someone makes this outrageous breakthrough of computers, and there is somebody else with them. Then, it is like, “All we have to do is sell this idea to a corporation, and it is going to be huge.” That was Part One. Part Two was like the celebration part, with Part Three being like the crash. So let’s talk a little bit more about part two.

[12/4: Amazingly, I even used the word “Celebration” in the write up! This is just too good to be true!]


I was with my father, and we were going to go shopping. We ran into the same guy (name) who I had just seen, and he was sitting in a car, not a particularly nice one but decent. For some reason I think it was one of those Suzuki Samurais. He was reading a newspaper. My father started talking to him, and basically was saying like simple conversation stuff. I chimed in and said, “Oh, wow, you just showed up in my dreams. It is a totally amazing synchronicity that I would just have a dream about you and then see you in person right afterwards.” He seemed to ignore that.

We then walked into this very, very extravagant mall-type situation. It was definitely decked out for Christmastime, as it had all these white Christmas tree lights and evergreen branches along the windows. It had an outrageously posh and fancy feeling to it inside. Again, it also had a very strong feeling of the 1920’s as well. There were some very telling things, including a clerk or teller window that was very similar to the one at the old Cavalier, where there was a small window with bars and an old-fashioned sign over it.

[12/5: Interesting how it mentions Christmas as well, since that is very apropos now, but at the time of the dream itself there were no decorations around yet. It also seems to cement in the idea that it is related to my processing of issues from losing the hospital as Cayce, as everything was framed in the late 1920’s, before the depression which wiped out the hospital soon afterwards. And in the third part, we can see the allusions to the depression as well, and their connections to the bankers now in power in the present.]


So it was when I walked in there that I noticed that it had this incredibly wealthy feeling. I lost track of my father almost as soon as I went inside, as I saw these three girls, and they were all completely beautiful. Obviously one of them was JM from high school. Now I knew that she was married, but I had no idea how she ended up down here in Virginia, working in some sort of cafÃ