Sunday 10 / 24 / 99 — 8:50 a.m.

D: This dream was actually pretty rough. It was all about a theme that repeated over and over again that I had to go to school, but that I was very, very late in getting there. I knew that when I did get there, I would be more capable of putting it all together.

I remember hovering around the ceiling towards the end, and gathering up my books, hoping that the weight of the books themselves would not start to make me sink.

Earlier than that part, I spent time my high school friend Don’s. I had to stop off there. I had also gone home and spent time with my mother.

Now I knew that by the time I got to school, I was going to be late. I was definitely a little upset about that. I had made arrangements to do something with my computer to get it up and running again, but it was with these Europeans.

Someone was telling me that they would also have this electronic back door to my system which would allow them to go in and make adjustments and do things that I did not want them to do.

I was really mulling over whether this was something that I wanted or not. They were all wearing dressy clothing.

I then saw Sabrina. She had shorter hair, and it had a bit of a curl to it. She walked up to me with a pink dress on. She was smiling, and she had a little bouquet of flowers. There was a nice, healthy vibe between us. And that is when I woke up.


Madeline Murray O’Hare and others like her have tales of redemption while simultaneously being constant in the midst of stresses that have never heretofore been seen.

[3/18/09: In case you are unaware, this woman was involved in a prominent lawsuit where she defended her atheism and attacked religion.]


All in all, we come around to these truths little by little, as though it were nothing more than a relatively benign distinction between knowns and unknowns.

Already here, we can see that the joys and miseries of the suffering that comes from the apparent illegal separation from the One Creator is illusory.

The greater reality comes with the electroshock therapy that you already know to be true when you are suddenly jolted by the presence of new information and light.

[Note: And that was definitely what was happening then and throughout the entire month of November!]


And so, don’t feel overrated or overwhelmed by the continuing process of your transformation. Instead, when the whole effort goes into the bizarre and unbelievable, you yourself will have every availability to waste time.

Now is not the time for you to do so. Now is the time for you to take the bull by the horns, to pick up the reins and drive the chariot forward.

Now is the time when the most compressed effort must be made in a short period.

You will see that Joe Firmage and others like him will take a definite interest in the finished product (of Convergence,) especially after you rewrite it.

And so, we do not want you to waste very much time on these issues, as they are of critical import and nature.

[3/18/09: Once I turned Convergence into a film screenplay, we definitely started attracting investors — so this prophecy did come true.] 


The continual failure to apply these medicine truths to the self will make it more and more incumbent upon you to create a distraction away from the central being at its core, and more towards the fundamental lack of love of otherselves, and the like.

This is not what we want. We want for you to resist those who would put a spike on the graph, so to speak, and instead know and understand deep within yourself that the Kennedys have all died because they were dehydrated.

Allow the waters of the Spirit to fill you. Allow yourself to live in grace, beauty and joy, and you are impervious to any such disasters.

[Note: There was a period of time where I was just so overwhelmed by company that was staying at the house (or “those who would put a spike on the graph”) that I did not want to interact with anyone in public. If I was out on my walk and saw someone on the same side of the street coming towards me, I would switch to the other side, because I didn’t want to feel like I had to speak.

I was frittering away too much time in trivialities and not taking care of important matters, and I could really feel the stress. However, I did bounce back within a short period of time, and now feel better and more motivated than ever.]


The endocrine glands in the system can smell the heat of an ongoing and upcoming conflict. And so, when we tell you that stress is one of the most deliberate factors to entertain such notions, we are not simply speaking facetiously here. Indeed, we are quite serious about these things, and it is with these planetary disasters that much more will become known.

And so, think about all of this from a perspective where your own intelligence is surmounted by that force which resides in and out, through and through, circuit to circuit and bone to bone.

We don’t ever want to have to tell you that your vegetative shoes have somehow been worn inappropriately, and that you are not firmly rooted to the earth.

These dreams are meant more as a form of subtle reconditioning than anything else. So please do not think that we are being harshly or severely critical in our assessments of your mission priorities herein.

The third wonder of the ancient world is so strong that you can still see how the lost temples of old have restructured their entire experience based off of this central paradigm.

And when the necessary parts assemble themselves into a continuum, you can then no longer ignore the mystery that is deduced by putting these various components together.

And so, when the little ones begin understanding how to play the flute, harp, et cetera, in the heavenly realms of the fourth dimension, you can use your new energetic lungs to breathe in the sacred firmament that has become your daily existence.

Always and forever, we insist that the parachute will indeed open on time. You will again coast downward and make a smooth transition.

So, in order that you do not fall astray, we insist rather continuously that you put the focus back into yourself, into this work, instead of towards your recreational pursuits. Those matters of a more global appeal also need to factor back into the analysis.

Where are we going? That choice is yours. I am going with you. So will the Old Testament, the New Testament, these writings and all others like it.

We are all going to form a conglomerate being in the cosmos whose collective, unified efforts will be seen as one.

In the intervening years and schedules, we can then indeed intake a few new conversations with those who have not yet been imprisoned in the geological records of ages past, but rather deliberate themselves consciously with humanity in the here and now.

With radioactive decay and the like there will be the last remaining vestiges of the third dimension and its new potentials. But you can indeed see how quickly all of this can be transformed when one works in a place of pure energy.

And thus, many of your struggles do indeed take on a rather dramatic tone as a result. Since we do have the capability to heal ourselves, we also have the capability to heal you. We must be invited to do so through your own free will, and that is important.

Those with liver and / or bladder cancer cannot see the ways in which they have made themselves so angry, and need to purge the stored toxic chemicals within the self.

Similarly, we now know that those in the higher realms have invented the signal for you to hear so that there will be a greater and greater opportunity for you to get realigned on course with the more fundamental focus of your Light and Love, and how it relates to the greater picture as then seen.

[Note: Personal material deleted]


It will be a great shock to a number of many when these changes do indeed occur, and they will all be fond of saying that the Lord does work in mysterious ways.

In order that we not become too pat on the subject, we do intersperse the questionings of our own destiny against those of a practical nature relative to you yourself, and how you have worked with the instreaming cosmic energies that mushroom up inside of yourself.

And so again we remind you that the courses are all set and in place. It is now a function of your own intimate understandings that will bring this into view in the directly physical sense.

We thank you, and we remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.

The earthquakes of the material self must indeed arise and coalesce somewhat. And therefore, keep yourself grounded as much as possible. Thank you.


Monday 10 / 25 / 99 — 10:19 a.m.

Just a few more lines, and the puzzle is nearly completed. As you are already, we have outlined these guidelines for you so that there are newer opportunities that you have been presented with for your own personal growth.

When one realizes this from a classic Mercurial syndrome perspective, then one is indeed capable of living the life that allows for these transitions to occur, while still remaining functional in the physical sense.

There is a certain degree of distraction that takes place with these workings, and that is necessary for the higher-level messages to come through.

Don’t think to realize that without this system or structure in place, there would be a beloved Oneness emanating from within. It is the structure whereby you may see this Oneness, and the structure emanates from it.

And thus, it is the dharma of each person to work with their own issues in a creative fashion, as this is the direct sidewalk that leads the way to the idea of Ascension.

No one is at fault, no one is to blame. There is only one pathway that connects up to this. It is to go through the self and work on these issues such that Hathaway’s proposal is then made more clear.

D: What is Hathaway’s proposal, please? You have been using a lot of names and I don’t always understand them.


It is that aspect of life which says that there is indeed a bilocation factor, or a way in which things can go in two different directions or two different vectors at once. In this Oneness, there can be manyness, and all we want to do is to make you aware of same.

Get a child close enough to the truth and he will win out against his associates by simply resonating from within the knowledge that is to be known by all.

We give you these dreams to illustrate for you the fact that you yourself have convinced us that you are on the right track, and are doing very well. Hence, you see the ongoing metaphors of the marriage of the inner feminine to the inner masculine, or your conscious Ego self.

You should be encouraged by these developments and see them as indicative of the degree of positive change that you are making. We are still working with the metaphor of the math class, of doing your assignments and homework, in order to inspire you to see how quickly you can finish the rewriting of Convergence, since all the material is completed at this point. At least the vast majority of it.

In the basement, some newer ideas are brewing. We are seeing them bubble up to the surface of your consciousness as time progresses and permits itself. And so, keep focused on the idea that all of these various things that are occurring are designed to quicken your evolution process, to lead to a much more uniform and egalitarian method of self-perfection and preservation in the One.

We have been driving a long way, and the road is actually quite short now, in terms of the remaining hurdles and the steps that must be undergone to cross same. And therefore, do not become daunted by the tasks ahead of you.

We do think it is very plausible for you to learn what you need to learn about writing your life story as a result of finishing the work on Convergence in such a fashion. The words will flow very easily from you, and it is part of your eminent domain to allow this to occur. So, do not fret or fear the changes, but rather see how your own process of evolution is quickened.

Meteors will strike the earth, though not of the type being proposed by Hoagland et al [as occurring on Nov. 7, 1999.]

It is important to realize that this is another aspect of how the Creation has a balance between positively and negatively oriented information.

It should be becoming more and more obvious that sidetracking and misleading are the best tools that these forces have at their disposal.

Any opportunity that they have to present fear and worry is indeed an opportunity that they have to subjugate and control the minds of the populace. And thus, that is an important point, and needs not be ignored.

D: Is there any other pressing information that you need to give me at this time, before I go and start my oats?


Only this. When you file for information from the higher realms, you can indeed expect a response. Do remember that it is your attitude going into these readings that affects your overall level of success and quality coming out.

And of course, remember that we love you more than you could ever possibly imagine. You are starting to get a grip on that concept. We eagerly await each new step in personal evolution that you make.

As you are aware, this is not the deepest level of trance that you can have, but it is sufficient for the merging of our mind with yours to start the ball rolling with these readings again, as we had certainly dropped it.

Thank you, David, and we do remind you that we are always around you, always with you, always watching you every moment.

Keep that thought very clearly in mind, and you will see how you are always on stage, in a sense, and each and every action that you do is being carefully considered.

That is all for now. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.


Wednesday 10 / 27 / 99 — 9:26 a.m.

Someone needs to tell you about how everyone in sight becomes more appropriately situated and garmented in truth when they become a person of affluence in the higher realms.

I never have to do anything different than that, because they have already gained immortality in the true sense of the word.

There are those directions which may be overly sensitizing to someone, and yet we see how easily this interludes us into believing that a whole new set of precepts must be defined from a well-ordained set of existing rules.

Now when we deliberate on the exact and precise meaning of this transformation, we can no longer intend to shun those portions of the self that would realize their destiny through the meandering ways of sorrow and suffering.

Instead, it is much better to levy those principles of self and the concerns therein to the highest bidder, and not feel overly strained or focused upon the immediate tasks at hand.

At the present time, we have all the resources available to make us eminently capable of creating a really interesting sideshow act in the circus at this time.

When we receive distinctly different impressions from different sources, we never again have to wonder about how to juxtapose those material concerns against those of a more spiritual nature.

The fusion of mind, body and spirit is a cumulative process, born into existence by those who would seek to serve the Light of the Everlasting One and bring it into full fruition within their own structured reality system.

And so, in order to remain more fully clothed in the Light of the One, we ask that you do store those foodstuffs of the Spirit in the arena of the heart, so as not to remain overly focused on species survival in the emotional and mental sense.

One by one, area by area, there are those who are opening up to the administrations of the higher forces, and can and will indeed be surprised by how much more there is to be done than what they might have heretofore seen. So when the tests are all in place, you can indeed reside more comfortably in the notion that:


  • All things are One,
  • and soon they will be done,
  • as they stand here and now,
  • so let me show you how.


And of course, we are quoting a more recent poem of ours here. (Smile)

[Note: The above sentence was dictated with punctuation.]


Naturally a Christian goes through various stages from birth, and those stages incorporate many discrete elements that are not of the highest nature for all involved.

We have said before that we come to correct the distortions imposed upon your peoples by that which you know as the past. And if they really completely believe me, they will see that I can indeed perform many more tricks and maneuvers in the sky than anyone had heretofore imagined possible.

Since we are fundamentally in a multidimensional universe, anything outside of your own dimension will indeed seem miraculous, such as the sighting of a ghost or apparition, for example.

One recent friend of mine told me that while the statuettes are still in place, there are going to be ever-more vindictive reasons being thrown around for why otherselves be judged by the self.

In order to ameliorate those concerns, we have to bottleneck the interchange between those various portions of the self so that we do indeed have a cantaloupe of the higher realms where the full fruits of Spirit must be carefully prepared and then only scooped out one by one, not completely indulged in all at once.

[Note: I feel that the “statuettes” refer to the structure of our society as it now stands, the false idols of money and power. I really enjoy the cantaloupe analogy, as it refers to the fact that you can’t have too much spiritual growth at once – it is just too hard to handle.]


In order to receive messages from our domain, you are required to make great personal sacrifices including the desire for personal gain. The much greater gain comes from the rewarding of your desire to be of service, and this is a spiritual one as well as those more physical.

Don’t rely too heavily on the extraterrestrial sources of information that you think you may know to exist. What is more important is the subjective variety of the illusion that is then presented to you in your own dreams, visions and the like.

We don’t have to do anything grandiose or extreme. Simply become the most adept soul at rewriting the Light of the One into a tangible form for others that you can be, and everything will be fine.

The key and critical component is indeed desire, coupled with daily meditation and dreamwork. You do have to get through your most pressing personal issues in some tangible and creative fashion before the contact can be opened.

You will notice upon a study of David’s materials that we did not allow him to have this contact until he did two important things. Number one was that he broke a three-month stretch of unemployment by finally agreeing to take a job, and number two was that he broke the even longer stretch of clinging to a dysfunctional relationship with Yumi that had already become far outmoded for his present circumstances.

Similarly, you should think about those things that you need to overcome that might hinder or otherwise hold you back in the here and now from being able to receive this information.

You are never given more than you can handle, and the Christ be with you regardless of circumstance. So don’t fall into the trap of believing that you are one of those ones who is “not good enough” to receive such information. All of you are capable of doing this. The real question is, “How much do you really want it?”

I think that the answer is for you to begin to believe in yourself. Begin to believe in your own dreams as solid guidance. You who reads these words are learning how to use this metaphorical language, because of how repetitively we phrase our sentences in this phraseology.

And so, as the batter then steps up to the plate and prepares himself or herself accordingly, we will then make the pitch at the appropriate time. Not all of you will be able to swing and hit the ball, but we do certainly hope that more and more of you will be able to connect and indeed send this information packet to the ethers so that it may be transformed and sent back to you as a unified source of Light and Love vibration.

Your breathing is indeed important in this process, as it earmarks the difference between a partial success in the work and a total success.

What you need to do is use your breath to send packets of your own vital energy up to us in the higher realms. You can symbolically visualize this as exiting yourself through the crown chakra at the top of your head. When we have received this energy, we can then transform it into a much more viable source, and send it back down to you as living information.

The information will enter your mind as natural thoughts and feelings, and thus when you harmonize with us you should fully expect that all of the messages and information will be going through your mind as though they were your own thoughts, ideas and impressions. That is the fundamental key to this process.

You are not going to have a force suddenly come in and seize control of you. Rather, it is a far more subtle process, whereby you realize exactly how to listen to the voice of your imagination and intuition, which by then has become a moment-by-moment source of Living Light.

[Note: This material is essentially identical to that which Max Freedom Long discusses in his book, “What Jesus Taught in Secret.” He used the understandings of the Hawaiian Huna shamans to decode the symbolic language in the Bible, and this technique seemed to be referred to over and over again. It is actively used by the Huna shamans as well, and they have been seen to perform telekinetic feats among many other things.]


[tape flips]

The electrodes are in place for you to do this quite astoundingly well. And thus, we never fret when dealing with ancient civilizations, such as your own in the third density. We know that this technology of the higher realms is eminently available to you, and the real question is whether you yourself are able to realize how the guidance comes in.

The finest point of distinction is how you are able to differentiate between those impulses coming from the Conscious mind and those from the subconscious.

What you want to take is those pieces of information and data that arise very spontaneously into your consciousness, through no deliberate force or action of your own. You must take all the data as it comes in on a moment-by-moment basis, and never analyze or try to understand any of it.

You run an extreme risk of danger by allowing the conscious mind to follow along in your meditation. When the conscious mind understands the data, you will then find it extremely difficult to get a clean source feed.

You may have something that reads very well to you, and you may have convinced yourself that you are doing a fine job. However, the influence of the conscious mind can always be subverted to greater and greater degrees, and therefore no one should think that they have completely overcome this process.

The most important thing of all is to never have fear that anything you speak will be disjointed, unrecognizable or foolish. The sentences may indeed be quite awkward, as you have seen our sentences become. But you should embrace any and all words that come into your mind as being from the Source, providing of course that you allow them to rise naturally and not think them into being.

You have already seen how these thoughts can rise naturally in your meditations, and in the late night and early morning states of consciousness. If you are one of the ones who would like to make this commitment of service, then please be patient, and record yourself on audio cassette tape, as this is much easier than trying to write it down by yourself.

We are experiencing a discrete shift in the boundary of consciousness as it pertains to the packeted quanta of Light / Love energy that surrounds your plane and exists within each of you now. The behavioral circumstances might seem to be a bit odd, but the discrete boundary changes we are speaking of will indeed continue to occur throughout the very near future and beyond.

In order that we not confuse or befuddle the situation, we are doing everything that we can on a moment -by-moment basis to cast aside the useless debris that might otherwise have been created, and instead redefine our mission priorities on an instant-by-instant basis.

What we want more than anything else is to be the messengers for you who can indeed produce transformation in a rapidly accelerating fashion, and in a short amount of time.


[Long pause]

D: The quote was, “David, you need to get some rest right now.” It is clear that I am not supposed to get up and have breakfast, but just let myself get right back to sleep.

We thank you for this session, as this helps us to answer a question that many of those readers out there have been asking. We will have more to say on this as time progresses.

For now, we leave you in the awareness of the ovoid shape of the One, and remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai and farewell.