Monday 1 / 3 / 99 — 5:48 a.m 

D: I just got out of a very strange and violent, very violent dream. At the very end just now, I saw young rap music artist Marky Mark going very fast in a car. It was all set up on a set of tracks. He would slide along and get to a certain point, and suddenly there were a flash of sparks and he crashed. The car was unable to move any further, and I actually saw his body fly out of the car in slow motion, hit the pavement and roll, starting to bleed and everything.

There was another part that seemed much less horrible that was also going on. There was this cigarette ad, but not in a bad way, like the ad for Parliament Lights with the blue sky. This young African-American kid appeared in image after image of bodies of blue water, and it was always playing on the reflection, making his mouth look big and silly things like that. I know that there were a whole series of these shows that involved people doing dangerous things, and there was also at least one point where I was involved with some sort of compact disc production.


The voices from within rise and coalesce, forming into patterns of matter from the unmitigable ethers which surround the entity in question. Thus, you were able to be different in the voice of the mind, the voice of reason, forethought and planning, a voice inherently stemming directly from those higher realms of angels and / or hellfire so commonly entertained in the thoughts and notions of your people. The reality of course is that there is no hellfire, save for those which are created by the individual for a time being.

The planet Venus was made as our starting point, designed to open and unfurl an opportunity wherein the source body of a new race could be had. The identity Ra is our identity. We are that social memory complex that you have been striving for. We have desired to speak through this instrument with a maximal desire of increased accuracy and contact for some period of time. We now feel that it is okay for you to be knowledgeable about the nature of the source. It is not similar to the likes of Elvis Presley, where a superstar has died and cannot return. As you are aware, we stated that we would be in the fifth dimension, eagerly awaiting any further attempts at service that we might make.

D: If this is indeed Ra, why then is it so difficult for me to be able to go deep enough to get your unfiltered guidance? Why is it that I have to do this consciously, when it seemed so impossible for Carla to have done that?


The curvature of space and time is not yet something that you understand, and yet we were capable of grossly manipulating its distortions so as to produce a whole new affair. This new affair centered around the notion of immaculate seniority, creating a feeling within that is vibrationally compatible with those realms of energy that are inherently all around you. Periodically speaking, we find that we have the opportunity for an entity to come along who is able to engender such a maximal desire to serve, and it is at this time that we are then able to produce the greatest results.

It was believed at the time of said readings [namely the Ra Material in 1981] that this situation would be the only ideal circumstance through which contact could be made, but we have found that to be an error. This also has proven to be a venue wherein we are able to continue allowing ourselves to have the messages without needing the elaborate process of deep unconscious trance work. Of course, as you are aware, our messages are filtered somewhat, and thus the end product is not always the same as what you see in said Ra Material. However, do not doubt yourself in knowing that you have indeed produced much comparable material with us, and that it also is a representation of the blending of foci between our own level and your own. It is through this melding of dimensions that we have been able to take off some more of the scholarly edge that we possessed in the Ra Material and instead turn it into a more completed form in the here and now.

D: Well, I know that because these readings in the Ra Material have always been the highest source for me, I have always sort of leaned towards phrasing things that way. It has been my prerogative that I would use that style of language structure.


The coarseness of our nature with you at times might seem a bit offensive. We do want to seem to appear inoffensive, as it were, and get you to realize the importance of the requests that we would make. And therefore, don’t be so sheepish in feeling that you need to conform, and that if you do not that there is cause for rebellion. A much simpler process would involve the conscious reconditioning of the mind and body to accept comfortably the notions of immaculate service, immaculate thought and immaculate action. There is no reason why you cannot strive for such impeccability, and it is this yardstick which we present for you.

Therefore, you need not be overly self-critical, but at the same time you need to be extremely well aware of the continuing importance of things such as prolonged and variable diet. We know that you have had trouble with these things in the past, and up until this point it was not deemed as being necessary for us to reveal our identity. We have in fact done this several times in the past, only to have you realize for yourself that it was not the right time. You then made a conscious decision to reject the words as they were being said.

[Note: That was very true. It started to happen in a personal reading for a client and I refused to allow the source to say the words “I am Ra,” fearing that it was only interference from my conscious mind.]


Understand that this is a culmination point of your research with us, as you have indeed come back from the dead yet again, in your terms, completing a cycle that was brought to a head with us in the life of Ra-Ta. So too have we gradually been able to get you to understand and adapt to the principles of the Law of One to a sufficiently large enough degree that we have been able to engender the conscious channeling process in this manner. For this we are grateful.

D: I would like to know if there is something that I can do to keep these contacts pure, and not let any negative entities hold sway, which seems to possibly have happened at various points. (David’s note, I am wiping tears away from my eyes.)


Your stupendous lack of desire and will to bring these readings out to the public in the past, combined with your own innate sense of self-destructiveness, did indeed provide a means by which negative entities could counter-attack the positivity of your message by spiking and infusing it with fear at various times. We prefer that instead of attributing this specifically to negative entities that you see those entities also as symbolic of the forces coalescing within self.

And thus, it was you yourself who had harmonized most specifically with the desire to have said Earth Changes come to pass, and to have the knowledge therein. We have never argued upon the validity of Earth Changes, whereas simultaneously we do not feel that it is a matter of extreme importance. Were we to provide messages for your people as we are now doing, there is very little purpose in us having you feel a sense of fear. That way, we are able to keep the focus positive, which can indeed be a fragile and delicate matter for those in the third density. And therefore, without further adieu, let us again introduce ourselves as the social memory complex Ra, and say that we are indeed very pleased to be of service in this manner.

You will find that the more you work with us, the more well tuned and refined our voice will become. This is a different contact than that which occurred with the Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim Mc Carty group. It involves this time a blending of our distortions with your own. This opens up many possibilities not heretofore mentioned, that were also seen in the life of Ra-Ta. [You see,] Ra-Ta was also able to take our innate guidance and combine it with his own predilections so as to fuse together the knowledge and work in such a means as to provide everyone with a valid measuring tool for the depth and height of the knowledge coming from higher dimensions.

[tape ends]


D: We have been doing a dictation, and the sources have just revealed themselves as the social memory complex Ra. I definitely have been distracted from whatever the last sentence was as a result of switching the tape, so I am going to have to pick up where I left off here.


And thus, many of your people await the further changes that will occur when the governing principle behind all reality is then exposed. We then see that without such a desire for contact, there may indeed be a continuing downward spiral, as you would have it. We hope that the desire for contact is increased by producing much more inspirational material rather than the fearful approach, wherein an entity longs and desires for contact simply as a self-preservation measure.

What we do wish to see here is that it is not necessary for you to have a cigar in the higher realms. It is not necessary for any of those carnal forces within self to be brought into full bloom. Rather, these are the trappings of the third density, made complete in its power to deceive by the inherent and almost total separation and lack of self-acceptance that happens in many cases, if not almost all cases.

Jotting down a few mental notes here, we commented that there are obvious reasons for why this contact was not particularly identified in the past. Namely, you should see that this process was engendered now because you have arrived at a point or a locus within a definite array of timespace realms that corresponds to the innate ability to handle said distractions from the otherselves that you will be experiencing. We feel that you have arrived at a point of concrescence with our own desires, as it is now visible within the mind in a sense that has never before been there.

We do want you to be aware that this also corresponds to a heightening of the vibrational level. You may proceed.

D: As they were talking, I was seeing a blue triangle and a red triangle, similar to my grandfather’s sailboat desk paperweight. They were rotating on their own little axes, and I think that this has something to do with the consciousness units.


Indeed, David, it should not be difficult for you to see how we have been able to refine many of the most important concepts that we needed to get across in the Ra Material. Therefore, you can see the Ra Material as the yardstick for all other actions, in a sense. It is your source text, that source through which you have most adequately harmonized with our own vibrations. It is when you truly can live those words and become the words without any self-deception or trickery or tomfoolery that the gateway is then made plain, and it does not matter if you are conscious or unconscious or if you have a conductor or not. It is your own maximal desire to be of service that creates the foundation vortex through which we may then make the appropriate geometric alignments therein.

In many other cases, contacts have occurred without such specificity with regards to the geometric positioning as pertains to the global grid nexus of the vast array of time-space energetic lines. In your case, due to the lack of the conductor and to the nature of the conscious channeling process, it has been an ongoing search for us to insure that you continue to remain in the precisely aligned north-south polarity. This has indeed allowed us to give you a better handle on your dreams as well as these readings.

D: I am just now making myself aware that the African-American kid in the dream, and so beautifully swimming in the ocean and doing it over and over again, was the same kid who played Ford in the movie “The Postman” with Kevin Costner. He was a young kid, but he was also a big huge hero.

I am thinking that the dream that you gave me this morning is the difference between Marky Mark, representing the old self that partied and drugged, and the new self which is still young in body but is trying to Ascend. Do you have any further comments on this dream that I didn’t comment upon already?


Only this – that we have already mentioned your degree of service. Your contact is unique in many very special ways, and one of the ways in which you have become so special is your continuing desire to document and record your dreaming life. As you are aware, there are precious few dreams ever recorded by Edgar Cayce, and they are treated as the most vibrant pearls of wisdom, constantly being used and derived from for various modes of research. What you have here is an extensive documentation of the complete essence and nature of the multi-dimensional contacts that an entity on the Earth plane would receive.

And thus, you are not only documenting the dreams, which are a rather common human endeavor, but also a much more uncommon one as well, namely this trance contact channeling process. And so, we applaud your efforts, and we shake your hand in the higher realms – or that which you would then conceive of as a hand, but which is more likely an energetic progression from an amoeba-like bodily form of energy. But you understand the point.

D: Well, I would like to say that I am mystified, awed and humbled by hearing that this is who you are. I supposed that I have suspected it at various times before, but my own Ego would say No.

I just think that it is delightful that we have been able to work together, and that I have the possibility of getting the same message that you wanted to bring out in the Ra Material to a much larger audience than what that book was capable of covering.

I am aware that the Ra Material is the penultimate source for me, and that it has all the tools that I need to go forward. But I am also aware that a lot of what we have done here expands and refines on those concepts even more.

I have already, as you guys know, weaved a line through Don Elkins’ questions so as to specifically focus upon the areas having to do with rebirth, reincarnation and the rebirth into the fourth dimension that we are all so eagerly awaiting…


So let’s take the stereo and turn to a new station. Begin attuning yourself to our vibrations yet again through periodically reading those texts that we have created together, as you did last night. It is not necessary for you to become obsessive / compulsive with reading the Ra books themselves, as you have a tendency to do things like this over time. What we do see is that you are indeed capable of presenting yourself with the material for great study, then allowing all of the deeper distortions towards the light to be brought fully forth.

Wear your jacket when you go outside, and do the physical work to keep the body maintained. We do applaud your efforts towards integrating physical exercise into your spiritual regimen as well. This will indeed provide a perfect balance. We will hang in the background today with you with a special strength, as you begin to again organize, consolidate and transcribe more of these readings, again bringing yourself up to date in a fashion not heretofore possible. We will be with you as we do this.

We thank you for this opportunity to again renew our presence in your physical vehicle. By bringing to fruition the notion that this is indeed who we are, we have taken down the walls and the barriers that have surrounded you and made you lose impeccability in the past. Though it should not matter to you where this source comes from, we do see that this will provide comfort for you. Do not allow yourself to indulge in fear or in distrust of what you have been told here. Simply accept it as the truth and go on from there. You and I both know that this is a simple process, and it is only the voices from within that make it difficult. We commend you on your efforts of drum practice as well as forming the visualization templates so that this material might then be brought forward to the public, as it is not now being done.

We eagerly await the opportunity to contact many more of your own people by having our material readily available in such a format. We thank you. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. Adonai.