By David Wilcock 



Performing accurate psychic readings is a very tricky business. In the past, the problem that I had was that I would often get very accurate predictions of events and not be aware of what I was predicting. This was the case prior to the Heaven‘s Gate mass suicide, involving the UFO cult that took the notion of the companion object orbiting with the comet Hale-Bopp very seriously. They believed that by killing themselves, they would be able to join the “mothership” of extraterrestrials believed to be inside the object.

My own dreams and readings indicated this event well in advance of its physical manifestation. Look at the following data to see why. I admit that this will be a difficult article to read, as these messages are very cryptic. It is only by investigating the entire series of dreams and readings over the period of a few days that we can really start to understand the individual parts. Therefore, everything leading up to the last dream and reading will appear exasperatingly vague. It is this vagueness that must be embraced, analyzed and understood in order for the business of remote viewing – type prophecy to work properly. But if you can hang in until the last reading, you will see that the vagueness disappears, and I actually receive the name of the group and a series of exact sentences about the Hale – Bopp companion and its associations with violence.

Each sentence will begin with an indication of whether it was part of what I dictated for a dream or part of a reading. The early sections might leave room for doubt, but by the time you get to the bottom you will see how specific the prophecies eventually became.


Dream: “Something big had happened in the UFO biz.”

Reading: “A change of scale earlier indicated war and bullets.”

[Interpret this as a major, violent event having to do with the “UFO biz.”]

Dream: “There was a ship that was docked in a harbor, and the UFO researchers seemed to think that it had ghosts on board it…”

Reading: “You want bullets, you‘ve got them; how soon can you do that?”

These two phrases working against each other also fit nicely together. The sailing ship in the dream was a metaphor for the UFO object that the cult members believed they were about to board. In the dream, UFO researchers were studying the ship, and the ghosts believed to be on board could represent the spirits of the cult members. The following reading again illustrates concepts of violence and death through the use of the metaphor of bullets.

Dream: “A blind black man was coming towards me; his eyes were bizarre, the irises wider…”

Reading: “We‘ve had such high levels of the practical institution rate. Aw, I got out of bed, little or no effort.”

Since the whole dream was about this ship, this section seems to be about the number of people who are becoming “crazy” over the idea of UFO‘s. The very fact that I felt threatened by the black man could indicate the threat that groups like Heaven‘s Gate produce to legitimate researchers like myself. This correlates with the man who was blind and wild – eyed in the dream coming after me, and the following reading that discussed “such high levels of the… institution rate.” The segment about getting out of bed with “little or no effort” could refer to the cultists lying down in bed and leaving their dead bodies in spirit. Again, you might think this is all grasping at straws until you see the final readings in this series, where all ambiguity goes out the window and it practically punches you in the face.

Dream: “The black man was trying to pee on me… I ended up fleeing and found a room that was hopefully far enough away that he couldn‘t find me. Inside the room was a toilet, and it was covered in blood everywhere…”

The blind man trying to pee on me could refer to the effect that this suicide would have on UFO / metaphysical researchers trying to write about this field. The blood seemed to indicate that death was involved, and since it was in a bathroom, this death is the way that the man would “get at” the researchers, symbolized by peeing on us.

Reading: [Visual image of a bulldozer knocking down a house.] “Try to fix it somehow.” [Girl‘s voice:] “Has anybody ever really tried to take a look?” [My answer:] What look? [I then had the image of black, spiny insectlike things on a kitchen table, and someone was telling me that they were in my stomach.]

First we have the image of a “house”, symbolically an organized group of people, who allowed themselves to be “bulldozed.” The bulldozer could indicate the Hale-Bopp companion object as it passes, which they believed was artificial and mechanical. In reference to the effect that this would have on the UFO field, the forces said, “Try to fix it somehow.” When the girl asks me to ‘take a look‘ at what might be destroying the ‘house‘, the symbolic image was of a horrible pestilence in the stomach. The Heaven‘s Gate members took heroin overdoses in applesauce in order to kill themselves. The black, spiny creatures symbolically indicated the disease and danger of this.

Reading: “Out in the woods in Pine Bush, [a notorious UFO sighting location,] people have seen things. It is important that you read in writing something about this. Everybody was crying, but the sights were unusual. [I then had the image of a round, UFO porthole window that was seeping a noxious white substance.]

This part starts by obviously referring to UFO‘s and sightings. The next sentence, “it is important that you read in writing something about this,” could be saying that it is important that I eventually compare the news story to the readings that I was now getting. The next line about everyone crying seems to indicate the mass public despair that the suicide would cause. The “unusual sights” that caused the crying were then indicated by the image of a UFO window with white glop coming out of it, again indicating a vomitous, stomach type of phenomenon associated with UFOs.

Dream: “These young kids in the dream knew about the haunted ship we were trying to go on; perhaps we were trying to photograph it.”

Reading: [Image of myself in a policeman‘s outfit, with the idea of a house… it might have indicated that I was going to move in there somehow.]

The dream indicates trying to photograph the ship, which the dream had already seemed to tie in with the Heaven‘s Gate cult through the UFO metaphor, the ghosts and the idea of a mothership. The images in the reading directly afterwards indicated a policeman preparing to enter a house. This seems to refer to the police who had to enter the house with the dead people and photograph it.

Dream: “It seemed that it was very dark, but flashes of light illuminated a pathway to the ship. I got the idea that it wasn‘t cool to mess around with ghosts, and I actually spent very little time on the ship…”

Reading: “I‘ll watch the first beginning. At what age did you tune into Channel Four? You see the force involved; you‘re in trouble now.”

The dream segment I dictated here showed that I did not want to board this ship or have anything to do with it. This indicated my future fear of getting involved in discussions about the suicide, since it made people like my father think that I was part of a similar cult. Then in the reading, they say that they are ‘watching the first beginning,‘ which must mean that they were monitoring the suicide event already, since time and space do not bind them. The next two sentences, [tune into Channel Four – you see the force involved] indicate that people in America, including myself, begin watching TV at a very early age, so the media is a very powerful influence. When TV makes such a negative public statement about extraterrestrials, it makes life very difficult for people like me who write about them. “You see the [media] force involved; you‘re in trouble now.”

Reading: [Image of a flat plane with a black background, and something going up in spiraling curves and back down in spiraling curves.] “You better understand the truth quickly. We don‘t have all the time in the world, anyhow… You see, we believe that all knowledge is gainable from within, and there are many sources. You can tap into this on a variety of levels. All we are suggesting is that you make an effort to try to update yourself in order that the information is relatively correct.”

The image at the beginning of this sentence again indicates a spinning object out in space; this could certainly be the comet, with the fact that the nucleus was comprised of several sections all orbiting each other. The next two sentences essentially said that they hoped I would understand the predictions they were giving me before they happened. In this case, I was unable to do so.

Reading: “I wanted to do the science; I wanted to reach [those people] staying at home, you know, [by] writing things down and so forth… [This is] a complicated moment. You are in the perfect mood; this is absolutely perfect. I want to make sure no other mood creeps in and dominates, as it effects the effectiveness with which you work… I have seen what you are capable of…”

This part of the reading seems to indicate that the forces were interested in doing the “science” of prediction, in this case the mass suicide. Recording this information in writing would help the forces to reach the common person who stays at home, as once the event had happened, the prediction could be demonstrated. “I wanted to reach those people staying at home… by writing things down.” They then indicate how complicated it is to get all this information through me without me knowing about it; plus, I was much less tuned as a channel at this point than I would become later on.

Now we go forward to the next morning, where the predictions become even more specific than they already were beforehand.


3 / 6 / 97 – 5:38 a.m.

Reading: ” ‘It‘s a little off the subject, but as far as I am concerned, aliens are real.‘ That is a quote that you may be hearing from more and more of the everyday people. Don‘t let it bother you that they are coming to an understanding so slowly; merely put yourself in the framework of trying to help them change it.”

This mass suicide certainly raised public awareness and discussion of UFO matters.

Reading: “His dad‘s a Jazz major. [Image of a guy gesturing towards a round object spinning vertically up and down against some kind of wall.] You spin it around and it changes the focus.”

Applewhite, the cult leader, was involved in theater in college, and this could explain the line about someone being a Jazz major. The round object being pointed to is very curiously similar to the spinning object in my vision from the day before. This again could certainly indicate a UFO or comet, and then the idea is that by Applewhite putting a different ‘spin‘ on the information, it changes the focus of it, making the whole UFO field appear to be negative and destructive.

Reading: “They don‘t look that good. [Image of a bluish – white yogurt with blueberries in it covering something.]”

Obviously the scene of death didn‘t look good; it made everyone sick. The purplish yogurt seems to indicate again a vomitous substance and the food that they would eat to kill themselves with. It also clearly refers to the color of the purple cloths that they used to cover their bodies with and the white sneakers sticking out at the ends. The yogurt was “covering something” in the reading, in this case referring to the cloths covering the bodies.

Reading: [Image of a calendar with the giant numbers 12 in red on a white page.]

This seems to indicate that the event being referred to is a serious warning, [the color red,] and that it was an event that would happen on a certain date [the calendar with the number.] While this wasn‘t the date of the suicide itself, the number 12 numerologically indicates humankind, meaning that this event would ripple throughout our population.

Reading: “You know OJ Simpson will wash my feet. They have him on a special set of social programs on Larry King Live.”

This part clearly indicates murder, and of the eventual need for anyone committing such a crime to repent for it. The social programs on Larry King Live obviously indicate the media storm that this murder event would create, and how it would force a great deal of public discussion. Also, the cult was attacking the very essence of American media through its suicide, and the OJ trial was the last major media storm that occurred before the cult decided to try to posthumously create their own. Also, OJ was a sports figure and they specifically wore Nike shoes when they died.

Then I went back to sleep and had another dream the same morning. This dream, along with the readings accompanying it, would make all of this previous information, which can be seriously doubted, pale in comparison. The predictions in the following segments were so obvious that very little doubt can be cast on what was being foreseen.

Dream: “The dream involved a guy who was trying to outfox the military. There were two trucks that were parked and filled with sleeping bags that had guys with machine guns inside. This guy was almost baiting them and trying to run past the trucks. At more than one point, he was riding along with them – there was a point where he jumped in and was trying to burrow through all the sleeping bags despite being an enemy, and they were trying to find him but apparently they couldn‘t.”

The van with sleeping bags could well be a scene from the famous photograph where they were unloading the bodies from the house.

“At the end, I was with someone and they were trying to tell me what happened to the guy. As they said this, I saw him walking out as a really small and obnoxious midget. He was taunting me, saying that I couldn‘t hurt him, to go ahead and shoot him, he didn‘t care. I wondered quietly to myself what would happen if I pretended to shoot him with this little gun that I had. I mockingly pulled the trigger while aiming it at him. There was an ever so thin sound, and he started laughing, acting like nothing had happened and it was no big deal. All of a sudden blood appeared on his stomach and he started collapsing – I had shot him. Even as he went down, he was in denial of what was happening to him. Everyone was so happy that this guy who was trying to deceive everyone had died.”

How the hell can you get more convincing corroboration than this? I went back to sleep and had a specific dream that involved a box-like truck filled with “sleeping bags.” This obviously was how my subconscious interpreted that ever – so – evocative photograph of the bodies in the truck that was on every front page across America. The lead character was obviously Applewhite, and his diving through the bodies in the truck was obviously part of his mockery of the death of his associates.

The dream only became more specific when I was given a gun and he taunted me to shoot him with it. It almost didn‘t seem like anything was going to happen, and suddenly he was really bleeding and dying. The fact that you couldn‘t see the bullet and it bled in his stomach could indicate that something very small killed him in his stomach; in this case, the drug mixture. He denied that he was about to die and was very cynical about the whole thing, as though it really didn‘t matter. The part about people being happy that this deceiver had died seems to indicate how quickly he was dehumanized for what he did.

Reading: “You‘re not supposed to get a big – screen TV in order to find out these things. Just a couple days ago I was cutting down many of the plants to prepare for the new ones that are coming in. It‘s an experience that few others can provide. That is what I hope you will do.”

This reading seems to indicate that the forces speaking here do not want their publicity to come about solely through the distorted lens of television. The cutting down of plants to prepare for new ones seems to indicate a ‘weeding out‘ of negative publicity such as this to help foster a more positive atmosphere for this type of work.

Reading: “Guess what? Your coordinates are good today. Just get your mind in focus.”

Again, this seems to indicate that the information I was getting at this point was relatively undistorted. But the coordinates the next day were even better. This was the exact date of my birthday, and also the exact date of some very interesting astrology, since there was a total solar eclipse, and obviously the sun was in the same position as it was at my birth, March 8th. It is rare to have an eclipse perfectly touch one of your natal “planets,” and since it was on my Solar Return or birthday, this became a once – in a lifetime conjunction. It was clear that all this energy was used to get an even more accurate prediction to come through me.


3 / 8 / 97 – 3:54 p.m.

Reading: “Everything that we have taught you implies a certain degree of need for oversight. As you have seen, we can provide that for you, but you need to be aware enough that it is happening in order to be in a position where you can receive the messages in a timely matter. So, I should get to the truth of the matter. Once you are laid back, totally relaxed, we can proceed…”

Portions of the reading then directly spoke of my mother and some problems she was having at the time. For context purposes, she had a very vivid “dream” of a cigar – shaped UFO while pregnant with my brother, as part of a continuing series of such dreams. According to these forces, this indicated that abduction / contact experiences happened in both pregnancies. This was not traumatic or evil to her; she was extremely invigorated by her UFO “dreams.” The purpose was apparently to make slight genetic modifications in order to make our family more psychically receptive. My brother has become a brilliant artist, and also occasionally hears information similar to me, though he has not yet tried to record any of it.

“Considering that I can see things from a much more expanded perspective than you can, [our] discernment should hold great weight with you. She [your mother] has been to the abduction, and handled herself well. There‘s more of a UFO community than you realize there, Dave.”

“…We have watched you for some time. Understand that we see no contradictions in your daredevil personality. [Image of a strange UFO craft.] I don‘t want to sound sedated, but it appears to me that you now sound so much better… Let‘s watch the TV.”

The line here about sedation, after the UFO, could indicate how it was that the cult killed themselves with sedatives in order to take a “cosmic ride.” The next line about watching the TV again indicates how this would come into the media. Since they told me that I “sounded better,” it was clear that they were going to try to make the prediction even more specific.

Reading: “We appreciate your drives towards service to others, but we need to expand the scope so we can help in getting more people off of this planet in the coming harvest. You are now entering the space where your efforts will begin to have long – standing ramifications.”

The harvest they speak of is a dimensional shift that is apparently going to occur surrounding the year 2000, as a result of a 25,000-year multidimensional cycle that is based in the Sun. The arrival of Jesus was apparently designed to coincide with the timing of the end of this cycle. The Biblical description of the Rapture is apparently a very accurate glimpse of what this dimensional shift will be like, where people become either luminous or invisible in the twinkling of an eye, gaining Christlike abilities. This Ascension is something that ideally the entire planet‘s population can make together. But, it has to be the choice of each individual. The only criteria for Ascension is that the desire to help other people is higher than 50 percent in the personality, as opposed to the desire to act solely in self – interest, which needs to be less than 50 percent.

Reading: “The astrology is hot tonight, David; very hot.”

This seemed to mean that the configuration of the planets was perfect for me to be able to receive psychic information. As we have already explored this, it is clear that they were right. I consciously spoke the next sentence as I did the reading, in order to make a comment about what was happening to me.

David: “I keep hearing these words coming into my mind: “Marvin Gate.” Like Watergate.”

It should be totally obvious that this is in reference to Heaven‘s Gate. The similarities in the words are far too close to simply be a question of chance. Furthermore, they even crafted it into another form of symbolism, by combining the name with that of Marvin Gaye. As most people know, Marvin Gaye was a famous jazz and soul singer who was suddenly murdered by his father, and his death was a great surprise. [This might also be related to the earlier line, “His Dad‘s a Jazz major.”] The analogy they are making clearly ties into the deaths of the cult members and the shock created in society. By also tying it into Watergate, an even further meaning is added by the fact that Watergate was a conspiracy that produced a huge media circus afterwards.

The very next sentence goes even further, associating the words “Marvin Gate” with UFOs!

Reading: “Alt.paranormal.crop circles. This is an important site that you should visit.”

I confirmed later that this was the name of the newsgroup on the Crop Circle Connector website – The crop circles proved pivotal in the book that I wrote regarding the sunspot cycle that leads to Ascension. Many of the patterns are actually maps of the geometric structures formed by the higher dimensional frequencies we are about to enter. These maps are often depicted as a triangle with a circle in the center and a circle at each corner, or some variation on that basic theme.

Now the next block of readings is the single most compelling element of the entire set; at this point no sane person can deny that psychic information was obtained. No sooner was the acronym for Heaven‘s Gate given than a whole series of powerful statements were made that very clearly illustrated exactly what was going on. We will see statements about the death, again in the form of firearms, a statement about the media attention, again through the notion of TV, a complete statement about the comet, the object, and even the idea that the companion object was artificial!

Reading: “We don‘t need people considering firearms lovable anymore. A more balanced approach is far more suitable. You wouldn‘t know this to watch television any day this week. Perhaps they are hoping that some people won‘t see the comet, because they are inside their houses all night. I doubt it. You are correct in ascertaining that the Hale – Bopp Companion is earthborn, manmade technology. It is essentially a space station created by the survivors of Atlantis. Whenever you meet someone in this area, be very careful what you hear. The data on [the lost civilization of] Mars may be worth a second look, though.”

This really hit the nail on the head. There were warnings for me to be careful about discussing the companion object. There was also the clear indication of the need for the American society to stop glamorizing violence. In addition, there was also a direct statement about the object itself, apparently indicating that it was indeed artificial. Certainly most people wouldn‘t think this was true at all. And that leads us into another brief discussion.

The issues around the companion object were far more interesting than what the masses heard once the cult members did away with themselves. The comet itself had numerous orbital aberrations, as though it were being manipulated into a certain position. It came into the Solar System in such a way as to pass directly over the North Pole of the Sun at its peak, which is very bizarre; it was angled exactly 90 degrees relative to the Sun‘s equator. This also caused it to reach its maximum height in our own skies at precisely 45 degrees, which made it align perfectly with several passages in Nostradamus‘ readings.

A hypnotherapist named Dolores Cannon had found a way to contact the soul mind of Nostradamus through sending a hypnotic subject into a timeless dimension of consciousness, usually seen as an area of formless gray mist. I have visited such an area myself in out of body projections, so I know that it really exists. In this meeting place, Nostradamus was asked about a reading that said “At forty – five degrees the sky will burn,” and he indicated that it was in reference to a comet that would be seen in 1997. The book, Conversations with Nostradamus, was released in 1989, and the comet itself only discovered in ‘95 or ‘96. Therefore, you can see a prediction of this event in print long before it actually happened. That seems to indicate that the comet itself was designed to appear in such a precise mathematical position in the sky, as a harbinger for the changes so soon to happen to the planet.

What people often forget is that no matter how fanatical a group this was, no one would kill themselves unless they were compelled to believe that something was really happening that was very important. They simply placed their own distorted beliefs into a framework of information that started out by having nothing to do with them at all. There were several photographs that showed another object, seemingly of almost equal size, traveling alongside the comet. These photographs showed a streaking motion in all background stars, while the two central objects had remained solid. This indicated that the two objects were moving at the same speed relative to each other, while the stars themselves were staying still. Therefore, it was deduced that the additional object could not have been a star.

Deliberate disinformation was thrown about, most notably in the form of a doctored photograph that was purported to show the object. When it was later compared to a pre – existent photograph of the comet from Lick Observatory in Hawaii, it was discovered that someone had airbrushed in the anomalous objects. Since remote viewer Dr. Courtney Brown had been given this photograph by an anonymous “Top 10 University astronomer” who wanted to “reveal the cover – up over the object occurring in the astronomical community,” it was then assumed that the whole story was a giant fraud. The resulting scandal, for all intents and purposes, practically destroyed Dr. Brown‘s career.

The destruction of Brown‘s career came at approximately the same time that the information on Bill Cosby came out, which pointed at him having cheated on his wife and possibly fathered a child with another woman. I had a dream that combined the two of them together, where I saw a man wrapped in bandages from head to toe come bursting out of a small closet. When I unwrapped the bandages, the man was sweating and shaking, and he kept alternating between Bill Cosby and Dr. Brown.

Returning to the career destructions that were caused by the Hale – Bopp Companion fiasco, others fell from this as well. Chuck Shramek, the original person to photograph and write about the object, was put under such intense pressure that he eventually repealed all of his findings; he probably had no choice. The public came in at the tail end of the whole thing and was convinced that the whole story was nothing more than the case of a mistaken star.

As one last indication of the accuracy of the predictive nature of this psychic reading, we will look at the last two paragraphs. After the words “Marvin Gate” had indicated Heaven‘s Gate, the actual word Heaven was later worked into the text of the reading, to complete the cycle. We will see that word below, and it was a word that had never before been used in the readings.

Reading: “We are coming out of the most direct range. But don‘t get me wrong; the phase shifting of being slightly off like that lends itself to many unique distortions in and of itself. Don‘t be so surprised when you find yourself transformed; you are ready to lay the foundations for a building that will stretch all the way to Heaven. Tune in on the air now and realize that the power for you to change your life exists in the moment, and not in some far – flung future which you are anxiously anticipating. Just simply do it. It is very simple.”

“The disjointed and apparently contradictory information, which comes through early on in the process, often acts as a stumbling block and detriment to the people involved. The conscious mind, which is already knocked down several notches at that point, disregards the information as being of transient importance, not enough to merit waking up and recording. In the more extreme cases, it is completely ignored. The fascination that you instill in other people comes from the realization of the fact that it is precisely in that mode that you receive the most powerful guidance. That is all. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.”

So these words closed off a day where they had very clearly demonstrated their validity in bringing information through me. Another dramatic example of this prediction was a dream that I had which forecasted a fire that was about to happen at a house next door to me. As I sat and recorded the dream, I started to physically hear a chainsaw and then a siren. The dream itself never indicated a fire, but it did show a precise vision of the street corner with all the people and trucks, as well as showing a set of sparklers that had been mounted into trees that were burning very intently. I was quite worried that the sparklers would set the trees on fire. Just as I was finishing the dream, my housemate was banging on the door and I went outside to see exactly what I had just dreamed; a fire and a huge crowd of people and trucks.

All in all, it is large-scale experiences like this that make me feel that other prophecies that have yet to occur are also accurate. This just seems sensible to me. Thank God that the entire focus of these prophecies is for the Ascension. Get your ticket now! No drugs or suicide required, folks, this is a vibrational increase, contingent on how well we have accepted compassion into our lives. It is a quite conscious and quite wonderful transformation into a luminous body form. It is a hell of a thing to look forward to.