By David Wilcock 

Performed June 10, 1999

Posted 7/7/99 


[Note: This was done as a professional client reading for a close friend whom David has known for over six years. This reading is almost unsurpassed in its level of quality and depth, and now stands as one of Wilcock’s finest examples of work.

Another contextual note is that the subject of the reading had a long conversation with David just before the reading about his idea of the “infinite database.” In this concept, every event and circumstance in a person’s life is similar to a link on a database, and every word in each person’s “book of life” has a link to another entire database.

Therefore, there is nothing but infinity, as every time you click on a new link you find even more. The readings address this concept of multidimensional reality very directly, right off the bat.

Furthermore, understand that this client is naturally just under five feet tall, and the reading addresses the concerns that come with having a physical body of this nature from birth.]


We have come from the worlds within worlds within worlds, bearing the message to you of the eminent domain of known scholarship in higher realms.

Bearing this in mind, you keep minutely focusing on what it is [that] defines your existence through a basic set of parameters that no longer involve conscious involvement, but rather have more to do with the aspects of your training process in the subconscious and superconscious realms.

To keep one’s own circular file involved with these topics is to lessen one’s inconsistencies in the diet, and in the magic of believing in the life: to keep one’s entrainment focused squarely in the Law of One and the good works that it precipitates, and apply it profusely in the name likened to the bold embracement of compassion as the immutable law of the universe that cannot be foretold in advance, but only understood moment by moment as it awakens in every cell of your body.

To think about one’s inconsistencies before they arise is to play a shadow game where you are boxing with the demon of self and never failing to see how that this game continues.

A more appropriate response resides within those areas of the mind which seek to take the worry and the sense of predicament and to transpose those concerns onto the diagram of the present moment, and the various ways and means that it comes through into your present life span, or that of any other entity with whom you are reminded of yourself.

The seasons change, and as they do, the rise and fall of your personal traits express themselves in differing ways and means. Your spotlights [have] shone very brightly upon a certain, rather restricted topic of interest, and yet it is prudent to say that the vehicle of your transformation comes with the alignment of self to the higher patterns as they have expressed themselves through the Divinity of your own work as it now stands.

And thus a curious balance is juxtaposed between that which you feel you must have, and the extant circumstances in the present moment as you would now define it. The differentiation between these relative foci is to see the fact that you yourself have not changed in either case.

The core of your being resides within light, love, purity and grace, and needs not be defined by your actions, as your actions simply emanate and arise within the Core Self of what you are in the deeper sense.

And thus, it is not so important to judge self or others by their actions, as this is the end product of something whose origin has at its core a much earlier point of dissemination, namely that light that originates from within the center of oneness that extrudes itself outward, and in so doing enamors others with its vibrations.

The satellites will continue to orbit around your universe, beaming down light and information to give you the appropriate guidance in times in need. There is a certain entrancement with the idea that change is the necessary requirement to bring forth advancement and mobility of life’s circumstances.

And yet contemporaneously, we see that the tea bag already contains the necessary ingredients to bring forth the fruition of the waters of the spirit and self. And thus the question then becomes, to what degree have you allowed yourself [to see] that this tea is steeping even now, that the leavening of the bread of life is indeed arising within you, such that the anointing of thine own self can be made, and the Christ pattern fulfilled?

The Messianic return is a very personal one, as it applies to each entity and the diversified channels that that entity then seeks the One. And thus, in so doing there is then the question whether the sandwich is made from the bread of life or in this case, whether you choose to drink the cup of tea that has been created / made within your own spirit.

Understand that the heat which warms the tea is that physical passion and energy you have for life, the ability to set forth a concept and put in motion, always managing to involve the notions of balance, peace and stability regardless of the external circumstances that arise, and the highs and lows therein.

The holographic nature of the matrix still eludes you, although you approach the betterment of self and otherselves through the beginning stages of understanding its conditions and concerns.

More appropriately, the entire surface of the sea of your consciousness contains a membrane which allows you to traverse the inner realms while traversing those in the outer sense, and it is from this platform of understanding that the true holographic nature of the universe is then expressed.

We are not looking for grandiose numbers, for huge quantities of information to be produced by you and brought out to the world at large. It is only necessary to reach one or small groups of one, as within that self, you come to understand that to reach one is to reach all, for each entity is the Self and there is but One Self. The dawning of the new day is heralded by the bells of your awakening and the transformation of yourself away from those concerns that have doted upon the surface of your consciousness.

Indeed, you too can count the baseball as it arrives towards your from the pitcher and see how it is that it has been woven together and the various processes of its construction, such that when it is time for you to connect to it with the bat, it may indeed go far and high and allow you to complete the three-stage evolution of running from base to base, and then, symbolically of course, returning home, or to the home plate, that which quite interestingly has a pentagonal shape indicative of the fifth-density nature of your conscious construct, that entity which defines yourself in the multi-dimensional sense.

I speak now of a topic that has been discussed all throughout time, and yet interestingly enough, the piano only plays in the now and can only ever play in the now.

And thus time itself is but the faded page of a mode of perception that is soon to become extinct among humanity, or more appropriately, those portions of humanity who choose and seek to align with the Law of One, and in so doing to greater accentuate the vibrational distortions commensurate with the understanding and practice of that law.

This modular form of the human soul will indeed take up residence in that density known to you as the fourth. There will indeed be a transformation of the physical energetic essence of this planet and its inhabitants.

It is important to raise the question of how it is that this game of Ping-Pong is being played. Indeed, the Ping-Pong table is not very large and it is raised off of the ground. Its color is that of a deep green. The ball itself is quite light and might not appear to be very strong.

If stepped on, it is easily dented and problems can arise. The paddles themselves do not contain any great substance or weight, and yet there can indeed be a very substantive delivery of force to the ping-pong ball via the participants themselves.

We want you to understand that the Ping-Pong game we are speaking of is that which is played in the mind and heart of each entity. It is as though the Ping-Pong ball could be likened to the personality of the ego self as it is now seen, and it is indeed a fragile eggshell which can easily be crushed if not handled without the proper amount of delicacy.

And at the same time there are those varying factions of the self, which could be seen as the anima and animus, or the masculine and feminine aspect, etc., and in the various juxtaposition of these two relative force levels or foci there is quite an animated game that is played, as this ego self is endlessly jettisoned from one side to the other, back and forth, back and forth.

And yet, it is impossible for the Ping-Pong game to be played unless the ball itself bounces on the court.

The court of which we speak is that green board, or the center, which resides within each soul and contains the core of your being.

In seeing how it is this game is being played, you do then understand the fact that it is also being played in the world at large. And thus we can see how the various aspects of humanity express their personality traits in racial groups, nationalities, and even larger blocks of human endeavor and experience.

Within these platforms of differentiation, there are indeed the varying stresses that oppose and counter-oppose each other so as to create a dynamic fluid motion that can be likened to the Ping-Pong game.

The question then becomes this: is it really necessary to continue to play this game, to continue to keep this ball in motion, or is it more appropriate to simply allow the ball to rest on the playing field, to allow that ego self to remain in full contact with the green center of compassion that arises within the heart?

And to then set aside the varying paddles, the toys of war, to also lay those down on the playing field for purification so that the Everlasting Light of this green ray energy may then transform them, and then for each of the two participants to step away from their positions at the table, to reach out to each other, extend a handshake and a gentle embrace, and adjourn the present session so as to sit and talk in merriment, to come to a greater understanding that extends far beyond the endless need for competition?

It is this point upon which the earth is being brought to, and you will see how each of these games as they have played themselves out will remain as games for a while longer. The competition itself will seem far more intense.

We are not suggesting that things are about to wind down, or to draw to a close, but rather that the volume and intensity of this debacle or spectacle will continue to increase at a geometrical or exponential rate when looked at in light of the varying patterns of history as they have played themselves out.

It is due to the cyclical nature of time that we can see that this pattern which was duplicated or emulated with the falling of the Atlantean continent must again come full circle in the present situation, and the modality of the circumstances that define the present world political picture.

And thus we wish for you to understand that apples and oranges can be a pair. In order to do that, it may be necessary for us to use our juicer, to then show that in the destruction of both there is indeed the formulation of orange-apple juice and the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.

We want you to have been duly prepared, mentally, spiritually and physically, for the eventuations of these circumstances that bring themselves out in the planetary picture as it is now presented.

[Note: At this point the client’s house cat entered the room. The client nonverbally told the cat to leave.]


As the lower self or the cat of your conceptions disturbs you, so too is there the ability for these conditions in the world to bring about a lack or full understanding of what it is that is occurring.

And thus we will remind you that there will be compelling reasons to feel even more in the future that the present societal order has indeed reached a point of no return, a sense of collapsing or breaking down of what is thought of to be the conveniences or the comforts as now understood and enjoyed.

It is an inevitable part of the hands of time as they trace their circular paths over the clock face of the divine.

The cycles must continue moving forward, and within this construct we do then see how it is that you yourself have been renewed and quickened by the knowledge of the awareness of the self as Creator.

To understand this is to break away from the springboard in front of that known as the pool. The diving board will only give you the necessary thrust so that you may propel off of it. It is up to you as to what you will do when you alight into the heavens and trace an arc through the firmament, so as to make way into the pool of everlasting light, the waters of the spirit.

This diving board bounces and gives you the lift and thrust you now need to project yourself into realms heretofore unimagined.

Indeed, you could think of the solar cycle and Ascension experience as a spring-loaded mechanism similar to the pulling back of the lever on that known as the pinball machine, to then release the ball into the playing field: to merge with the waters of Spirit as the dive itself is completed.

And thus, we want you to be aware that there will be a distinct point in the future where the diving board has given you enough thrust that you are indeed able to propel forth from the boundaries of material existence as it now stands, to then re-enter the modalities of consciousness that have embraced you from the time before your birth, and will embrace you for the time of all eternity which is now and always will be now.

And in this sense, we do not want toadstools and mushrooms to grow forth from layers of “bullshit” that have not been adequately cleansed. Rather, it is important to maintain a vigilant awareness of the fact that all these problems need only be accepted.

And thus David’s point of emergence of understanding as expressed earlier in conversation is also one that is of equal merit to your own evolutionary curriculum. The understanding that comes forth and that beckons you is the recognition of wealth.

And we are not talking of material wealth, but rather of the wealth of yourself as an entity, as you stand right now!

Indeed David’s words had hit home, as you too have often felt that there was an aspect of yourself that needed to be defined by your successes and achievements.

It is this process-oriented mixture of conscious love and conscious hate of self that then produces the malfeasances and discontent of one who has not obtained true enlightenment in the deepest sense of the word.

Enlightenment then represents the dawning of life, the emergence of a new picture on the television screen of the mind, the recapitulation of the desires and longings of the past, the pouring out of the sorrows, the grief, and the despair, to then allow the renewing Light of Everlasting Love to renew and revivify the personality so as to create the indelible armor of the One King of all creation: that crowning achievement of Selfhood that comes when it is understood that self is the Creator, and there is no differentiation but that which is relevant to the observer who chooses or chooses not to see it as such.

And then we must ask the question is it the tongue that speaks, is it the brain that arranges the speech, or is it the speech of the One expressing itself as a feeling / vibration / reverberation that exists as an eternal parable that may be endlessly drawn upon so as to produce lyrics and poetic verse of all concatenations?

Within this structure, understand that there is only One Sentence, and that Sentence only has One Word – and that Word is Oneness.

And thus, to embrace Oneness is to become aware of the fact that what you now have is a Oneness. It is Oneness, then, to understand that all the pieces on the chessboard are in the perfect alignments for the game to continue forward.

There is no need to be discontented with the game, as it is only another manifestation of Oneness. And thus, your experiences are nothing more than a further extenuation of the Creator knowing Itself, of the androgynous son or Christ child bursting forth from the womb of its own conceptions after having been fertilized by the masculine seed of Everlasting Light that has entered into you as you have grasped your totality and unity in the oneness.

We do await the rebirth of this child within you.

At this time we request that you fast-forward and flip the cassette tape.

[Tape flips. Note: As is often the case, the voice giving the reading knew almost exactly when the tape had finished the end of one side, even though it was a 30-min. instead of the usual 45.]


The wounds have struck a balance, a balance for your own healing. If it were not for these processes, then you would have never have had the fullest opportunity to understand yourself. Recognize this, and be clearly aware of the fact that you have chosen the circumstances by which your awakening might then be made manifest.

The various concerns and considerations that have arisen from your own struggles with the differentiation of the physical body complex from those of the otherselves around you have not been without their purpose and intent.

And we do then speak of the pre-incarnative decisions that were made to then bring forth a physical expression in flesh that helps to remind you of your own eternal essence as being one who has wandered into the earth planes on a mission of healing and a mission of service.

We do remind you that each moment of your life is another universe in itself, similar and quite analogous to your conceptions of the infinite database modality. This also concerns the time aspect, as you can see that there are entire indeed lifetimes that can be led in passing second: in each breath, there is an opportunity to be completely renewed.

Think about this not from the perspective of what cannot be achieved in each moment, and of the infinity of time that can be so wasted, but rather of the fact that each moment of your life is as a priceless gem: a pearl of great price that is brought forth as a kite that can then be strung on a long line and alight to the heavens.

You might indeed discover electricity, and you will find that when this bold emergence of spirit touches your kite it can indeed travel down the mind and into your hand, electrifying you with the potentialities of the new tomorrow, heretofore undiscovered.

The mountains arise into view, and you move towards them with the understanding that each footstep is not an exercise of futility but a necessary process of arising to the summit itself.

And thus, the desire to complete the process is a desire that is essentially born in the understanding that there is a linear procedure involved here, and it is a procedure of greater attunement and at-Onement with this Everlasting Oneness that exists throughout all Creation, and indeed is the Creation Itself.

And so, the decision to come in with a physical body bearing certain limitations was a direct form a catalyst that helped provide you with the ability to recognize the indubitable unity within your inner self, regardless of the perceptions of those around you with pertinence to the body. Understand that you are indeed whole and complete in every moment regardless of how it is that your physical expression is made manifest.

The catalyst of the other selves seeing you from a platform of judgment or differentiation only serves to make clear the folly of the human experience when it fails to involve itself with the deeper understanding of selfhood which comes from a quick walk through the art gallery of the Divine, and a perusal of the varying creations that have been constructed.

And thus, it is not necessary to see anything wrong with being different. If each painting in the art gallery, each sculpture were of the exact same subject rendered in exactly the same matter, then what good would there be in simply taking a walk through this gallery and seeing this thing over and over again?

Is it not better to have each piece be a finely wrought Divine construction all its own, containing within it the presence of Light and Love that is the handwriting of its Creator?

Is it not also easy to see that adjacent to this art gallery is the theater, and there is indeed a stage as well as an audience? The theater also represents the alignment of self relative to the whole in the present picture.

Each entity now incarnate upon the physical sphere, and indeed all nonphysical entities as well, are quite truthfully the center of their own universe in their own right – and this is the Law of One.

For you as an entity, it is important for you to realize that all that occurs in your life is the most important thing that is happening to you as the One, and is happening to God: it is what God has chosen for itself!

To keep this very clear in your mind is to understand how it is that you yourself are the alligator in the swamp, as well as the swamp gas that bubbles forward that others might have thought to be a mysterious apparition. You are the whole panoply of a cast of characters that exists all around the center of this work, and therefore you are the center of this work as well.

As we spoke of the non-linearity of the time in each moment, so too do we want you to see that you have the opportunity to change the station, to recognize that there is nothing wrong with what is occurring, nothing that needs changing, but only that which needs a greater acceptance and a greater allowing to blossom into fruition.

Obviously, if there were not changes in your life span, then there would be a certain stasis that would emerge, an inability to move forward in the forms that are most directly applicable to the human endeavor. And yet we can say also that the violin that is playing your sorrows is indeed quite small, and there is no need to be concerned with them.

The sorrows have been set up for you so that you may utilize them in such a fashion as to redesign the template of your higher beingness, to set forth the tabula rasa so that you may pick up the chalk and begin to write on the blackboard the equations and the musical signatures that will typify the being that you are becoming.

That being incessantly creates wholeness in each moment and sees only God where others may see only discord, dissolution, and entrainment with repetitive patternings of behaviors that may not serve as any beneficent factor for the entity itself.

And thus what we see are sand dunes arising on your beach, a certain fortification of the waters of spirit so as to build up the shoreline to indeed settle forth in said realms, and to begin to appreciate and understand it more. The pyramids of your conceptions will rise forth as this Atlantis of the spirit must again burst forth in the rippling surface of the ocean waves, and again dawn in your conscious awareness.

You will and must once again reunite yourself with the same abilities that you had in said sojournings in the Atlantean sphere, and the clockwise direction of your motion through these nonlinear realms of time continues to blossom into fruition.

And so, as the Atlantean cataclysm is reduplicated in the present sense through the once again cyclical redistribution of physical priorities on the earthen sphere, so too is there the breaking up and dissolving of conditions within self necessary to produce the reemergence of the desirable characteristics that we have sought to cultivate in you.

As we have tilled the soil and broken up the varying distributions of clay pockets to then enrich these microbial enzymes that have brought forth the necessary richness and health within said soil, so too must there then be the time where this womb that has been prepared is then seeded by the masculine archetype.

As this can be seen as a sexual metaphor, so too can it be seen as a metaphor existing in that of a Gardener tending His crops, stirring the soil to bring forth the enrichment and the understanding that the perforations must be set in place prior to the actual unfolding of the conditions that will bring about their fullest expression.

The seed itself must be cast before any further growth processes can then take place. And it is indeed the grain of mustard seed that grows into the largest plant in your garden and forms the tree of Everlasting Life or the tree of the mind, and then produces within you a new level of unity and of discretion never heretofore seen.

And so, understand in the present moment that there is a bit more gardening to do, a bit more breaking up and dissolving of the concerns and conditions both within your own mind and that of the earth and universe at large so as to set the stage for the planting of the seed.

Also, this planting of the seed can be likened to the metaphor we have used with you earlier regarding Benjamin Franklin’s kite and the striking of the lightening therein, being representative of the manifestation of the spiritual force as it then brings its light down into the realm of physical manifestation, causing explosive upheavals in its wake.

You can see this as the process of the spiking of the soil, the introduction of the seed and also again of the sexual metaphor of same.

To then bring forth these conditions in this room, understand that as these seeds are planted, so too must there be the storms and the sunshine: a combination of the yin and yang of life, a bringing forth of the masculine and feminine archetype in both of their most positive and most negative forms, a playing of the Ping-Pong game that we had heretofore spoken of at the beginning of this reading, and for a short time the jettisoning of this ball or of this ego self from one side to the other.

Within this ball is the seed head that must again spring forth to allow its leaves to open forth and be shined upon with sunlight, while simultaneously allowing its root to emerge and to burst within the hard-caked layer of dirt that has been prepared through this careful tilling of the soil.

And in this growth, in this patterning of rejuvenation of your own personal vibrational essence, there is then the dawning of the new day the understanding of the green ray center of compassion as it then emerges from you.

Realize then that the opportunities available to bake this cake arise as does the leavening of the soul. Spring forth the bread of life within you.

It is time for you to do some baking, to then understand how it is you yourself can acclimate more fully to this universal principle of guidance that is then bringing forth the harvest or the Ascension into the next sphere of vibration which is that of the green density.

To understand that the pearl of great price is the wisdom that already is contained within you is to then realize that you need only give it the necessary water and sunlight so that it may spring forth into fruition.

The water being that essence of compassion, the water of life, and the sunlight being the light of the knowledge of universal love and universal wisdom that is the one that you are heir to in your own right.

And thus simply begin to be that person, to be the anointed one, to fulfill the Messianic promise in thought, principle and in action so as to make clear that the map with endless destinations is also the database of the soul that in its infinity contains unity and contains oneness — and that is a very present moment.

We thank you and we remind you that you are loved more than you can ever possibly imagine, and the reverberations of this energy essence pertain to matters that you cannot now see, but will understand much more fully in the environment of you own future.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We require three minutes to reintegrate David’s conscious mind complex into his physical body.