CONTEXT: David appeared on the Laura Lee show, an international metaphysics-based radio program, on Saturday, July 17 – the same day that the death of JFK Jr. was made public. In a frenzy of activity, he managed to transcribe over 90 minutes of dream and reading tapes prior to going on the air. The reason for this burst of activity was that he realized at about 7:00 (the show was at 10:00 Eastern time) that his dreams and readings had indeed prophesied JFK Jr.’s death. And so, we have a perfect date-stamped form of documentation that this material was produced that same day; a live radio show, David’s first major public appearance. Obviously, since David records his dreams and readings on audiocassette each day and then transcribes them in completeness, a seamless record of these dreams and readings is preserved in case anyone believes that this data was “fabricated.”

The important thing for us to remember is that the readings revealed explicit knowledge of exactly what was going to transpire in the future. Though they did not directly state that “JFK Jr. will be assassinated,” all the pertinent clues surrounding the assassination were given. David’s initial assessment of these clues, compiled at “the last minute,” was presented on Laura Lee. Since that time, more material has surfaced that David either missed or did not understand while on the air. Another article will cover this material, as it will take much more time to write. David finished compiling the final list of information together literally seconds before being on the air – after Laura Lee had already given him the “ten minute warning” phone call.

The content of the readings provides proof positive that it was known in the higher realms that JFK Jr. was going to be assassinated, at least one week or more before the event itself. One reading quote from the Monday preceding JFK Jr.’s death, which David read on the air, explains this quite well:

“The cabal still insists on sending out its best guys to handle these problems. In the rush of the news items, we can fail to see the news hour and refresh our thirst for the bizarre.”

So then we must ask ourselves this question: What cabal are they speaking of, and what “problem” are they sending out their “best guys” to solve? Furthermore, what is this event that leads to a “rush of news items?” If we “fail to see the news hour and refresh our thirst for the bizarre,” does this mean that we should continue to disassociate ourselves from the media and once again become more focused on turning within, searching for all the mysterious and wonderful things that are happening as we head towards Ascension?

The next day’s reading addressed the question of what would occur even more.

An epic disturbance in the force awaits you. You never have to tell me straight twice about it. I would have also prepared some material [for you] in advance for this event, but then we already know and understand that the material presented is going to be there one way or the other.”

The context of this passage is rather obvious. In the movie Star Wars, Obi Wan Kenobi described feeling a “tremendous disturbance in the force” when the Empire killed an entire planet of beings. So, that statement made by the readings clearly implies that this “rush of news items” would be something that would ripple throughout the entire planet’s consciousness – causing grief, shock and amazement in the public at large. The readings then express their disappointment with the fact that David was so overtired during this time period that they did not have the chance to explain it in as much detail as they could have.

The two dreams that David read on the air also illustrate that the forces knew what was going to happen, and gave specific dreams to cover the details. The first dream came in one week prior to the event, on Saturday, July 10.

“The dream started in a body of water. I then saw an elaborate casket being made up, and I knew that a famous man had died. There was a definite presence of dark energy surrounding this casket. I then went upstairs into my bedroom and into my old closet. Inside the closet, I saw many colorful plastic toys for a very young child strewn about on the floor. At that point, I realized that this man was dead, and I started to cry.”

The second dream occurred that following Sunday.

“The dream started in a body of water. People were searching for artifacts in the water. And then, I saw a jet performing elaborate maneuvers out in front of my old house where I grew up. It then released several small airplane models of wood and plastic all over the ground. A young boy from down the street eagerly tried to gather up these fragments for himself. He was then stopped by a military-type person who told him that they were the property of the United States Government and that he had to turn them over.”

David did not indicate on the air that the military man was in full uniform, and had the head of a white dog. Behind this white dog head was a much more sinister-looking black dog head. Although it was veiled, when you looked closely, you could see that it was there.

This is the third time that I, David, have gotten this far in writing the article! Two times now my computer has spontaneously crashed when I tried to go into an analysis of the speculations as to how and why JFK Jr. might have been assassinated, and the material was lost. I do get the point of this bold statement, enforced by the telekinetic manipulation of my computer. It is obvious that our purpose is simply to enunciate the Law of One, not to trivialize over the who, what, why and how of this event.

We remind everyone that this negative force on the planet is part of the Oneness, and should not be hated or feared. Rather, it is important for us to understand that they are serving us in the manner which they feel is most appropriate to their system of beliefs. In short, entities that come from the service to self polarity wish to inflict fear, subordination and slavery. We all have a choice as to whether or not to allow ourselves to be taken up with this fear, and consciously don the chains of misery that they provide. And with that, let us go forward with the reading that was produced in the aftermath of this event.


Monday 7 / 19 / 99 – 11:21 a.m.

The machine breaks loose a new host species, double and triple the intensity of what has occurred before. Others might have somebody to have to do with it, and instead of being thrown by the indeterminate quality of these transactions, they instead reel in the dough through experiencing and appreciating the profit margins and motives inherent in this mode of separation.

All the others have to do is to stand alone in the consciousness of true creation, and to believe that to beckon these inconsistencies forward into the Light is to allow them to be experienced and unfolded, and in so doing, healed.

I would never have wanted a make-believe story to exist in these pages, to spin a tale where the yardstick of measurement is not fully duplicated for public viewing. Rather, it behooves me to tell you the truth as I see fit. Understand that the entire modus operandi of these forces that we are speaking of, namely the military / political / industrial / corporate cabal, is to inflict a sense of subconscious subordination in the populace.

This is the standard characteristic of the Orion entities, whom we have spoken much about in said Ra Material literature. All that you ever need to do is to send love to them, send love with all of your heart and soul, and they cannot touch you – they cannot hurt you.

We have already spoken of the need to relate monuments of desire to the monuments of the heavens, and in so doing transfer your attachment. There is a process being undertaken at this time involving the scattering of forces on the physical plane so as to confuse and intimidate the public on a directly subconscious level. On the conscious level, the connections between these events seemed strange, unusual or otherwise unbefitting of regular, ordinary probability. However, most of your people do not conceive of the existence of this entity, and its many decisions to be made surrounding its own propagation and renewal.

We have come to teach you to be more compassionate. Gerard Sanders* told us that we have a lot more work to do on the planet before we are finished. Our reply was this. Without positive changes occurring in your people all across the board, we cannot intervene more than is necessary.

[*D: Possibly “Gerald” instead of Gerard. Also, my conscious mind wanted to kick in a “-son” at the end of the name, as I had just been reading about Ivan P. Sanderson the other day. I don’t think a “-son” was intended to be in the name. I have no idea who this is, and any reader suggestions are welcomed. It also could be a close parallel to the actual name of someone – a holographic, subtle “twin” of the real name. I’m not sure yet.]

We are incapable of doing more than what we are called to do, and unfortunately it is not possible to help those who do not wish to be helped. You who reads these words can begin to change this transaction right now. Understand that the power of God is much more massive and spectacular than you could have ever possibly imagined. There are indeed so many differing layers of being, and so many microcycles of your own personal transformation, that it behooves you to make the quantum leap in personality that is necessary to plumb the depths of the self and uncover the deepest mysteries therein.

The space shuttle into higher realms is indeed boarding now. The Aug. 11 date will be a sharp delineation between these events – the before and the after, in the varying social structures or holograms that are then seen. You will notice, as David pointed out earlier in his own thoughts, that this [JFK Jr. assassination] event occurred directly on a weekend.* This did then allow for all the people across the world to view this content during a time when they were free from the struggles of daily life, and were available to be around the television twenty-four hours a day.

[*Note: The assassinations of Lincoln and JFK also were on Fridays.]

The main point that we wish to have you understand is that to indulge oneself in watching television this much, and with such explicit content, is indeed a form of creating fear and worry. That is the desire of the Orion entities and their forces. It is not wished for you to hold the mighty sword Excalibur as it emerges from the depths of the waters of spirit, held by the Goddess of your own feminine polarity in its purity and power.

Archangel Michael is not wanted to take his sword and do what is right. Rather, the entire cast of characters involved in this spectacle have all agreed upon a few basic precepts for how the game shall be played, and the understanding is this. With the increasing pressure of fourth-density energy upon the holographic matrix or soul structure of each entity in question, there is then the greater juxtapositioning between those actions and forces within self that are of the service to others or positive polarity, and the actions within self, the thoughts, feelings and emotions that retain the service to self polarity.

And, we want to point out here that fear is a self-serving aspect as well, as it is a fundamental rekindling of the fires of hatred and separation from the One Infinite Creator, believing that you are all alone and unprotected. And so, each entity in your physical plane is going through what could be termed as a “dirty diaper syndrome.” This baby is being born in the consciousness of each, but it can soil itself very quickly. It is important that it is continually changed, as it is not capable of doing it itself. The soiling can come during the workweek of your people, and can create great havoc and stress. If you are not capable of focusing on your unity with the Creation, you can indeed feel as the Solar Cycle continues to increase in pressure that there is more and more of a reason to be despondent, restless and otherwise unimpressed with your life.

Quite to the contrary, we have come to remind you that you are a beautiful spark of creative power, directly One with all creation. You are a child of God, perfect in every way – a multifaceted gem that shines brightly to all those who look in upon you. We do indeed love you more than you could ever possibly imagine, and you will probably never be able to understand this fully until you have become One with us again.

Now understand that it is important for you to go through these experiences on the physical plane. It is important for you to have these senses of fear, these senses of separation, of denial, of long-term struggle, of wondering if you have ever been good enough or will ever be good enough. All of these experiences are catalysts that enable you to examine the self more deeply. The point that we wish for each entity to come to is a point of balance. Some may believe in the importance of going though each chakral center in the body and trying to strengthen it as much as possible, focusing on all the issues that it represents and cleansing them. While this is indeed possible, and may have some beneficial aspects, it is far more possible and beneficial for an entity to focus on the balancing of the polarities within self.

Although we have said this many times before, we will say it again. Whatever is on the table right now in your life, whatever you are dealing with and struggling with, that is the most important thing for you to be focusing on. Your personal spiritual growth process will force you to dredge up the things within yourself that you do not wish to deal with or talk about – the things that might be the most difficult for you to face.

It is precisely those things, (and you already know what they are, for the most part,) that hold you back from lifting your vibrations even further. And so, think about what happens when the train pulls into the station, and you suddenly find that you do not have your ticket. Do you wander around aimlessly, wondering if you had dropped it? Do you run back through the crowd to try to get to the ticket booth, hoping that you can buy another one and run back to the train in time? Or, do you risk the sense of fear of boarding the train and explaining that you do not have your ticket, hoping that you will be given another chance?

What we wish for you to realize is that you are the ticket! And so, it is rather funny for you to be looking around and wondering what to do as though you might have lost something, when you couldn’t have lost it because you are it! Think about this, and realize that it is you yourself, the summation of your vibrations, your thoughts, your emotions and lastly your actions, that typifies everything about what you are. You are the sum total of your experiences, and it is how you navigate through these experiences that determines the vibrational sum of your experience in this particular incarnation.

And so, your own personal vibration is what will determine whether it is time for you to pass onward and upward into higher realms or not. Most importantly, as we have always stated, is for you to realize the penultimate importance of serving others. Similarly, this could be thought of as the willingness to accept the will of the One Infinite Creator, and subjugate the will of the Ego self. Or, as was stated in the Bible, “Not my will, O Father, but Thy will be done.”

When you have reached this point of reconciliation between the Ego self and the true self, you have cleared a great deal of the blockage that would stop you from being the most effective person you could be in your life right now. In order for you to have this sense of clearing, it would be required that you go through the analogy of the fishbowl or the fishtank of Self.

You are One in this water of Spirit, and there are indeed many other fish surrounding you. It is necessary for you to integrate with them, so as to form the school. You cannot do this in loneliness, isolation and solitude. How often do you smile when you are talking to others? Are you willing to open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable, to allow yourself to share from the heart, to speak with truth and with freedom?

We do see that one of the biggest problems in your species, in this human entity that is your civilization, is your lack of spontaneity in emotional responses. It is important for you to realize that when you feel some sort of emotion come up within you while you are talking with another person, it is important that you voice it. Now naturally, if this emotion would be directly injurious to the person, you must be prudent and tactful. This is not meant to be attacking, this is not meant to be used against someone.

You are standing in line in the beautiful, marbled corridors of the Divine, waiting for the performance to begin. You can hear the voices echoing down the hall, and the sounds of your own footsteps making a delightful cacophony as they rebound from one wall to the other. The box office is there, and you will be getting your tickets soon enough. While you are waiting in line, it is most important for you to realize that the others around you have the same destination. And thus, it is vital for you to pay as much attention to them as you do to yourself.

There can be times when another self is speaking to you, and very quickly you have a certain response that you feel inside. In the fourth dimension, these responses are felt through telepathy quite instantly, and there is nothing that you can do about them. They will be felt, they will be understood, and that is the purest process of fourth-dimensional living in its most extreme simplicity.

So, in the present moment we wish for you to create the Ascension now. Even though you are still standing in the marbled hallways of the ticket line, you will be going into the auditorium and being seated soon enough. When that moment happens, you want to have prepared yourself in every way possible. Do this more from a perspective of being clear about how it is that you can balance yourself. As we have stated, whatever is in your life right now, whatever you are focusing on, that is the area that you need to put the greatest effort into transforming. You already know what the area is, because it is right in front of your face, just as five fingers are on one hand.

So, we want you to be aware that as you climb this Jacob’s Ladder of self-mastery, you will find along the way that each rung has a different feeling and a different vibration. Some of these vibrations will make you want to run and sing, and play a concert grand piano inside the auditorium when your time is right. Others will make you want to slink back down towards the doorways at the end of the marble hallway, and re-enter the cold, harsh atmosphere of the urban city outside.

The point is that when you are able to deal with these things effectively, you will also be dealing effectively with how you will interact with other people. Each issue that is a personal issue is also a societal issue, a planetary issue, and an issue within the Creation. As there is only Oneness, you must realize that this issue emanates from the One, and therefore is perfectly sacramental. Understand, then, that your issues are nothing more than the process of the Creator knowing Itself. No matter how difficult or horrifying they might have been for you, or might continue to be for you, there is only Oneness in this Creation.

Recognize that, and understand and start to learn what it is that you were being taught in those cases. If you are going to enter into the swimming pool, it is necessary to go into the locker room first and get changed. The locker room might have the distinctive odor of sweat and of body scents of various kinds. There also might be the pervading, overwhelming smell of chlorine. The floors might be soaking wet from the otherselves who have walked in and are dripping water as well.

Now, in your present conceptions, you can begin to loosen the hold that is upon yourself of feeling so disgusted with this changing room. After all, it is your personal transformation – it is you who is going to be donning the more naked swimwear that will allow you to enter into this pool. You cannot jump into the waters with the clothing that you now have, as it would not be prudent. The “clothing” that you now have is what hides your True Self. Although we are not telling you to go join a nudist colony, we do think that you should understand the point here.

And so, recognize that speaking your truth at the time that you feel it is a very important part of your awakening process. It is necessary for you to not restrain emotional impulses, but to learn to be completely balanced. No matter what happens to you, you are able to remain unswayed. You do not have emotional reactions of anger, of grief, of fear, of jealousy, et cetera. Your only options are One, and the option is this. You may choose to be of service in a given situation, or you may choose not to be of service in a given situation and withdraw.

And so, let us examine that for a moment. When you begin to open the refrigerator door within self, you will indeed find the varying selections that you have chosen for yourself inside. In order to make a meal, it is necessary to blend these selections together. You may choose to make healthy meals or unhealthy meals, and this has to do with what you bring out of the refrigerator. For many of you, if you go through these personal interactions with otherselves, and restrain your emotional impulses, it is the same as never opening the refrigerator. You will find over time that your groceries begin rotting, and things can fester and grow quite moldy inside.

The point is for you to realize that each time that this interaction with another self occurs, you must then prepare the food, as this food becomes the bread of life. It becomes the Last Supper prior to your Ascension of your own Christ self. There is the Judas or the betrayer within self as well – that portion that would seek to squirrel away what is hidden in the refrigerator, to save it and to not share it with others. [It is that part that seeks] to betray the Christ, and to try to have the crucifixion be made to bring about the force that will lead to the corruption of your own positive polarity.

When you understand this, you have gained infinite wisdom and integrity; your ticket booth is waiting for you in the marble hallway. So, learn to begin speaking clearly, and enunciate your feelings without offending, but with simply speaking the truth. You will be amazed at the power that you will have when you do this. We want you to also understand that it is necessary for you to mete out the appropriate judgement prior to speaking. In other words, it is not necessarily appropriate for you in some situations to tell a person who you randomly meet on the street exactly how sexually attracted you are to them. This is not the point.

Also, you must realize that this applies equally well to positive compliments about a person that you never would normally say. And so, if you do feel an attraction towards someone, it is not necessarily appropriate to state how much you would like to have sex with them, even if that is the true feeling. Rather, the point is that when you are unswayed, you have a decision as to whether or not you will be of service. The best way you could be of service in this case would be to politely compliment someone for their appearance, without dragging it down into the carnal passions and pleasures of the flesh. This is the most appropriate lesson that you can then make for yourself, and you will be able to walk the very narrow pathway towards the ocean of everlasting spirituality and life as a result.

We want you to understand that the bats in your belfry have only roosted themselves there because of the darkness. If the light of day is shined upon them, they must go somewhere else that is dark, as they cannot stay there. Their dung will no longer seek to mollify* its influences upon the floors of your own conceptions, as there will no longer be any need for you to host such entities.

[*make excuses for]

As you move forward in your own conceptions, you learn that the emotion of worry and fear is another aspect of being swayed by the physical world inappropriately and inordinately. And so, it is important to realize and remember that when you can focus yourself on how to uplift the emotions, on how to raise them before the throne of the Everlasting God, you do no longer need to be so concerned with them, as they are One.

As you approach Oneness, you will notice that more and more you are becoming a being who is capable of communicating clearly what it is feeling at any moment. You will become a being who has taken a much greater respect for self, and the dietetic arrangements will be made as such. You will become a being who discovers more and more that to love and to serve others is the greatest joy, as the love is returned in a way that cannot be done when you are only interested in serving yourself.

And thus, serving others feels good; it feels right. It brings you up, and it makes you happy. Do not let your own issues and entanglements stop you from realizing the joy of this service. There is a great pleasure that comes with the harmony of service that is rendered, and then service that is returned. You will understand this more and more as time goes on. Your own refrigerator will begin bursting with life, and you will have many different vegetable selections to choose from – many different healthy options that will lead to your growth and fulfillment across all levels of being.

There is only one moment, and it is the present. In the present moment, there are those forces upon the earth that would seek to take your free weekends, after the denouement of the Kosovo crisis that caused so much fear, and to again put you into a state of profound misery. On the other hand, we do see the importance of what has happened here, as JFK Jr. has become symbolic of the emerging Christ self within each person. There is indeed a crucifixion, and there is indeed a death prior to the wedding of flesh to spirit. And thus, you understand the metaphorical level or context upon what has occurred here.

The wedding that JFK Jr. was going to was meant on this metaphorical level to illustrate the Ascension. The emotions and the power of the present transformation of your planetary sphere is so highly charged that almost every event that occurs can be read as a metaphorical statement of one sort or another. Bearing this in mind, we want you to keep clear about the fact that the death of JFK Jr. is indeed a profound moment in the social consciousness of Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Keep in mind that by analyzing this as a dream, you are able to unfold the many mysteries, and piece together how it is that the approaching Aug. 11 solar eclipse is showing itself. Indeed, this soul, on the higher level, did choose this precise point in time to exit the physical sphere, as there is a component of this that will lead people to a greater self-examination. On the subconscious level, there is also the understanding that the royal blood, or the Christ, must indeed be sacrificed before the wedding can properly occur. This is the crucifixion of the self, the ego that seeks to have all that JFK Jr. had – the money, the power, the fame, the prestige and the love and compassion that comes from such positioning.

By no means should you think that we are belittling this entity, or saying that he was not a valid member of the Church of God. Quite to the contrary, we see this entity as a very positive light upon the planet. Just as your Princess Diana and Mother Theresa chose the last solar eclipse to pick their time to be of greatest service to the planet, so too did this royal king choose the time of his exit.

The representations then show that you cannot bring the material things with you if you are to enter this wedding of spirit and flesh. You must go as a spiritual entity. This is the process of Ascension. You will not be allowed to bring your material things with you. Your physical body will be brought with you by virtue of the fact that it is of Spirit. Your body is a living temple of spirit-mass, and you can recognize this and understand how much incredible amounts of energy will be made available to you when your body Ascends with you. This is in reference to the statements made by Laura Lee during David’s radio show this previous Saturday evening.

And so, in conclusion, we want you to remain aware that the best option, as always, is to remove yourself from the television completely, and to disregard the media as much as possible. Instead, focus upon the awakening that is occurring within yourself, and focus upon stabilizing the processes of catalyst and personal transformation as the energy increases more and more. Everything you have ever needed to look at or work on or focus upon is being dragged out into the light at this moment. And you can recognize this and understand this just as a young child learns that his diaper will be changed when it is soiled.

Recognize and affirm your own validity and power in the One Infinite Creator, and know that the time of your awakening is indeed upon us. We want to remind you once again that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, and that at the time of transformation, a hero or heroine’s welcome awaits you that is unparalleled in any physical Earth civilization known. You will be rewarded greatly for your efforts, even though now it may seem that they are without immediate gain.

The gain is within yourself. The gain is your own personal spirituality, and the grace and the joy that lifts you through every experience. When you have Ascended, you will be with us, and you will see just how deeply the rabbit hole goes, so to speak. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.