Major Wilcock Dream / Reading:

Edgar Cayce, Negative Beings,

Earth Changes and Personal Transformation


Thursday 7 / 29 / 99 – 10:00 a.m., exactly.

[Note: Dream sections will be in Arial 10-point font, and reading sections in Times New Roman 12-point. This will make it easier to differentiate.]

This dream was really, really cool, just a whopper with many different sections. I don’t remember the whole thing, so I will just start somewhere.

The main characters seemed to be Papa (my grandfather) and my father (his son.) The main setting seemed to have me going between a college dorm type of area and maybe another resting place that was more like a hospital. (This ends up representing the Cayce Hospital, as we shall see, and the college representing my own training program.) The basic gist from what I remember was that Dad and Papa came to this house where I had a lot of old stuff stored. I was getting rid of all of it, I think. They seemed to want to help me in this process.

[Note: Obviously, the old stuff stored in the house represents the personal issues within self that are being cleansed. The notion of a grandfather and father has to do with the intercession of higher spiritual forces in the physical life.]

My Dad and Papa told me to go back to this college with them, RPI, which was a big engineering school in Albany. Somewhere along the line, Papa revealed that he was buying me a new car. It was a Dodge Caravan. It seemed like Papa had also bought another one for himself of a different color. This was a Dodge Caravan of the deepest, most glorious and luscious violet.

D: I know what this is about. I have been thinking about the seventh-dimensional teachings, and I know that there really isn’t much more that I have to do to see the concentrated or hallowed nature of all things. I tried to live my life this morning as if everything were sacred, and I think I did a very good job.

[Note: Any time that a car, plane, train, bicycle or other “vehicle” of transportation shows up in a dream, it almost always has to do with a higher spiritual body of ours and our relative progress of development with it. Since it is purple, it obviously represents the violet-ray spiritual body, and my own attempts to integrate into it.]

Anyway, he had this deep purple van. Papa somehow ended up giving me this thing, but then once we started driving it, he said that it was his – so it wasn’t really mine after all. We finally got to the school, and it was as if they had an underground parking garage there. We had to drive down, and it was very concrete. At first when we went there, there were all these students going inside in a big line on a ramp, as if there were some big event getting ready to happen there. There was a whole bunch of repairman type of guys who were working on the soda machine with socket wrenches, and all these mechanical parts and tools were strewn all over the ground.

[Note: In this section we can see that the “learning” still involves a great deal of repairs being made on self, in the basement, or those areas that are buried the deepest within self.]

We tried to get a parking spot, and ended up parking near to a fruit juice machine. That was about the only spot left in the whole garage. We told the woman that this was where we were going to be setting up. We were some sort of special guests. The whole complex also had a very intense military feeling to it. Time progressed and I went up the ramp and we went inside. There was definitely a room that I had, a room of stuff that I was supposed to break down and get rid of.

[Note: Again, this has to do with processing and cleansing the issues of the past. I had come to this college of learning from the hospital that was earlier in the dream. That part I was not able to remember very well. Once you have “healed” yourself, metaphorically represented by the hospital, you then can begin learning more about yourself, hence the college. And now we can see that there is indeed a lot of repair and clearing out that needs to be done.]

Before that section, I walked into a giant room with a thirty-foot high ceiling. There was a big meeting going on in there. I was very surprised that there was one really ornate, antique-looking chair in the middle of the whole room. It had dark, sculpted wood with bright red cushions. It was one of the last seats to be taken. There were a few of my friends scattered in amongst these people, many of whom were older. Don T sat in the center chair, and he seemed a little reluctant about it.

At first, I was surprised because people were referring to him as “King Ra,” which was what eventually happened to Ra-Ta, I guess. I was quite surprised that he was taking on this identity, even though I knew that it was supposed to be my own. He turned to me and pointed his finger, and said, “I am not King Ra. That is King Ra right there.” All of a sudden, everyone was staring at me. I had the same T-shirt and blue shorts that I had on this morning when I went outside at about 5:45, before anyone was awake. In the physical world this morning, I stretched and walked around in the grass, a very sacred and magical type of experience at that early time of the new day.

So at first, I was just trying to laugh it off and tell people “No, it’s not true.” I then thought, “Well, if they are calling me King and so forth, I guess I should try to see if I can do this flying thing that I am able to do.” Sure enough, I soared right up into the air. Everyone was really excited about this. I did all these tricks up there, rolling and so forth. It was actually like Peter Pan. I grabbed somebody’s hand and brought him up with me. I was singing that song which I think was from FantasiaÃ