Sunday 7 / 25 / 99 – 4:22 a.m.

I have just been awakened from a dream that was perfectly timed with one of my [housemate] Paul’s visits to the bathroom in the physical sense. It was rather ominous in content, as I came up to Paul and he was throwing up quite forcefully. I also threw up myself, something white and foamy. I had to repeatedly remind him not to throw up in my direction, because some of it was hitting me. There was a football game that I saw, and there were two different ways that the football was being played. Most importantly, it was totally going over the edge of the stadium and into the crowds, or even outside. The football players appeared to be giants, literally a lot bigger than everyone else. Everybody seemed to like that – they didn’t seem to care.

I remember riding around the high school on a bicycle, and it was very complicated.


Some might say that I would begin without asking, and that might involve the cassette tape being rewound so that the words that are spoken are then fully understood and grasped: [the] next in line, shall we say.

[8/9: I have indeed had difficulty understanding the words in this recording, due to the quietness of my own voice.]

We shall always have the heart to contend with quite directly, and in that sense, how we will ourselves back to the Creator has a direct impact on both tangents that hold open the door. In order that we are not distracted, we keep the material clone of ourselves that is befitting of ordinary reality, so as not to make deliberately opaque the truth of our being.

We have indeed said that you are possessing excess material within the body complex at this time, and thus your exercise of fasting is indeed a good one, and should be performed as such.

[8/9: At this point I was at the beginning of my apple fast, not quite knowing what I was in for yet.]

Sages of the ages all have one thing in common, and that is that within the deepest structures of Mind, the Hawaiian mountain volcanoes have indeed quelled themselves into dormancy, so as not to actively tap into the legitimacy of the channel as such. Part of what we are thinking here is that as the church is now on its last stand, in a sense, so too is this new paradigm of thought preparing to unveil itself in and through society at large. And you yourself know that this is true, because the olive branch has been extended, and peace between the warring factions of the personality has been maintained.

[3:11 on trans.]

Continued assumptions prove incorrect. Decorated war veterans of service to self will indeed decide upon matters of their own choosing, such as when to exit the planetary sphere into fourth-density negative and so forth. Much more appropriate than the darkness is seeking the light, and your housemate is starting to learn this as well. That is what we want for him and for you.

There is a lot more work to be done, as you are aware. We feel that you are starting to get the point, and do a decent job. The more time we spend focused on these opportunities for self-transformation, the more reciprocating we are capable of doing for otherselves thereafter. And so, in the camel caravan of the night, let us begin by asking ourselves a few questions, such as:

    • How did I get here,
    • Where am I going, and
    • What are the steps that are still remaining in order to bridge the gap between the here and the there?

And thus, the bodily complex disciplines become emblematic of the struggle to reveal the layers or inconsistencies within self, to then make the heaviest elements disappear and reveal the Light, possibly for the first time in certain ways. For this, we have only the uppermost gratitude for you, and our newsletter has been quite admirably taken care of by you.

The stars in the sky shine down upon the new city that is being formed. As you approach this shrouded citadel of self, so too do we iterate that the basic fruits and vegetables necessary to sustain life are indeed the best for you at this time. And so, do not fail to heed this guidance, and in so doing to realize that Caucasian brutes such as yourselves do not need to reinforce their brutality through animal vibrations. Rather than to take a Canadian goose and to suck its meat out, so to speak, it is much better to leave that task to others who would not take on the vibrations in such a sense.

The wheels for the airplane landing gear do still need to have slight modifications made. We know that in the beginning of this process, you found yourself becoming a physical illusion, sponsored by the leaning faction of the personality who fell more directly in the direction of service to self rather than service to others. And now, we come to a point analogous to that of the fasting; namely, the balancing of the self as a discrete and unique thoughtform / entity / beingness complex.

Electromagnetic radiation has its ups and downs. You are correct in ascertaining that while its effects are subtle, they are also quite definite.

Since you are intended to be an intuitive communicator, we would ask that you please recognize that within yourself, you too must bridge the gap between the present and the past, and become affiliated with the connections therein.

The heart, or hearthfire within the self, contains well the faltering inconsistencies of those fallen energies of Ego, pride and discomfort. However, in the same breath there are those opportunities for joy, peace and contentment. When we see now the two opposing factions work together, we do indeed realize that balance may be attained without significant depth of process. Rather, through attention to detail on the subtle matters, the larger issues are made paramount.

So, the steps in the patio have yet to be completed. A few more bricks must be laid. This dream indicates that the entire process of clearing out the self does indeed demand your turning yet again to those areas where there had been so much difficulty, namely the high school period and its environs. It indeed must be probed more deeply for answers, as [the area] within its borders contains the balances of all else upon which you may query this instrument further.

The most important fundamental aspect of this prohibition is that the prohibition is done so that you may experience the grace that comes with overcoming personal obstacles. So recognize that [as] we have been through this cycle of experience, you are now indeed seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. But please, please go on the cleansing regimen and get rid of the last of the animal vibrations that are still within your digestive tract at this time. That is important.

Every time that a caller goes forward and reveals the inconsistencies within, we have to try to decide whether to use this information for service to others or for service to self. Obviously, the “We” is more directly relative to you yourself than it would be to us, since we are One, and have made this choice quite adequately well. As you learn more and more of the weightlifting of the barbells of self, we do find that such a dramatic occurrence as complete self-forgiveness does not come without the proper athletic and physical training in order to prepare self to handle same.

So, we never animate ourselves with a story of false hopes, as truths, half-truths and lies.

[tape flips]

Rather instead, we understand that the dental work of those who would be as tanners of a new hide of leather for self-exposure are indeed those who purge the self analogously through the use of the behavior complex, modifying its entry and exit levels into the marbled corridors and hallways of the Divine.

All we have to do is step forward and beckon these inconsistencies into a whole. Instead of finding Tinkerbell hovering around as a magical sprite, we then see much more spontaneous, substantial creations whose size dwarfs that of the physical body in [their] massive, epic bigness and relative importance. And so, do not fail to see that the barbarism within self is merely designed so that you will not fail to take your ticket and have your seat in the Council of the Elders at the appropriate time. This is done such that in your present state of illusion, there penetrates a fount of wisdom whose similarities to the work you now possess are indeed vast in their proportions.

Never again do we fail to understand and realize the value of this earnest and diligent self-examination, when the completion of it thereafter indeed reveals much more, almost as if by mistake. Do not fail to realize that there are no mistakes in this Creation, merely those processes occurring directly by remote controlled influence. This remote location from whence the changes must come is indeed the True Self, the Higher Self, which programs and executes all catalyst.

Just as those of your planetary sphere of Maldek still need to continue with themselves in their process of healing, we do recognize that in order for you to Ascend completely in the animal state, though it will require some time, [it can indeed be done.]

[8/9: The fact that I lost the end of this sentence shows that I had no idea what was being said as it came through. Had I been more conscious I would probably have finished the sentence myself.]

We do like to remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine, and that the energy for this contact is indeed widening, as are the scopes of your creations in the here and now with this work in process. And so, plunge the self headlong into the inconsistencies that may have caused you to falter in the past, knowing all the while that when the goal is reached, subordination will no longer be necessary, because at that point, you will have become the Light, and will execute it in thought, in principle and in action.

The signal is breaking up. Calm down for a minute.

[30 second pause]

The noise that you hear is the sound of the rushing jets within self that would seek to obliterate the pristine beauty and nature of this contact, and of what is occurring herein. Since we do not want a debacle on our hands, or a mystery spectacle, we rather insist that the dietary balance of foodstuffs be maintained. You have always listened so well to our desires for you that we now know that you will succeed in all areas, and that is quite importantly good for us to know, to hear and to understand.

The images we just flashed into your mind of your episode involving the yellow mescaline pill at your senior [high school] picnic was designed to show you one of those areas in which you still have not forgiven the self. The analogy to the purging of the physical vehicle of excess material is the purging of the psyche from same. And so, do recognize that as you write these stories, you release their energetic hold on you while providing a document that can then later be of great assistance to otherselves.

When we no longer have to dig around for the speaking process of these workings, we will automatically know that the concrete columns and pillars within self are of the purest vibrations. And in that awareness, we do then see how it is that we have built a very sturdy structure for ourselves, and will indeed be able to handle the massive new influx of business doing readings that is now being seen. That is all for now – we will let you get back to sleep.

Simply recognize that the available opportunities for you to perceive the otherself as self continue to grow even more and more. The lessons will increase as you expand your vibrational potentials. Do not fear them. They are merely the harbingers of change, the forerunners of what is to come within self, and the day by day reminders that even the ultramundane aspects of the self must be seen as consecrated and hallowed, sacred in all ways, forms and means. Thank you and Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.