Breakthrough Wilcock Reading:

Cyclical Time

Friday 7 / 30 / 99 – 10:48 a.m.

D: This dream was very interesting. I am very tired. I need to go back to sleep as soon as I can. This was a very long dream, a lot of stuff happened and there is a lot of plot in the middle that I am missing. The plot in the middle seemed to be related to me cleansing my colon. [This has to do with eliminating old habit patterns, hence all the addiction / recovery content.]

R Y and a few other of the heavy drug users from high school were involved in this. It was towards the end of the whole thing. We were all leaving this place. Somehow, they had hoisted me up onto this raised thing that they were navigating through. It was partly like we were in a helicopter at first. They were basically dangling me off of the ladder.

D: I am getting so much feed here that I have got to change my body position and just start doing it. It is just incredible.

So after being on the helicopter, it was like I was on a forklift. They were trying to navigate me through this weird parking lot. There were all these military exercises going on in the sky. That is what part of it was! There were jets flying in very straight-lined formations. They were arranging with helicopters. It was almost alien, the way they were doing it. It was just so much geometry. At first when they were flying in formation, there had been writing in the sky. We saw the moon and it had been writing out words.

It was something about how we were young, and / or that we knew what the rest of the story was going to be. The theme of addiction / recovery was definitely big in the middle of all this.

Airliner makes a few course corrections.

All these police and military were looking inside people’s cars, and all this other stuff.

D: I was just thinking about how that reading that I transcribed this morning [from 7/29/99] was a very good way to prepare people for the end of Convergence. It could be like an appendix. There really does need to be a Convergence: Book Two, the more I think about it. A specific focus should be on just readings, and how to prepare for the fourth-dimensional energy.

I was riding on the top of this forklift in the dark. Then we got going down a hill. It was all dark, parking lot type of environment. At one point they almost banged me into this huge black metal tank filled with chemicals. That does look a little bit like [my housemate] Apostol’s cooking pot. I was able to avoid him giving me any pasta or meat last night, although he did try, so that has got to be what this is about.

I was going down this hill, and I was very narrowly avoided hitting this car of someone in front of me who was also a drug user, someone I recognized. We got down off the hill and onto flat ground. At that point it might have been like a scooter that they were pushing with their feet to get going. They were heading back to their cars, and I was trying to explain to them at that point about how all their drug experiences were much better if they duplicated it on their own without the use of drugs. They essentially did not want to hear that and were pretty much happy with their lives as it were.

D: I am going to take the liberty of blowing the rest of this tape so that I can be fresh for whatever it is that they are going to say now. I can feel the reading coming.

[tape ends]

(10:59 a.m.)

You need to direct somewhat the processes of the conscious mind in obeying the intricate patterns necessary for species existence. In the present form, the entire program of this [current social] incarnation, besides being a left-wing capitalist agenda, is also comprised of many discrete elements that are indeed capable of change. Do not fail to realize the enormous potential of the changes taking place within and without society at large.

The feedback that we receive contains many messages about how we are doing, and what we are doing. We remember only those portions that suit our needs the best, and it is these portions that we will attempt to address in greater detail, as David makes it more of a habit to do these workings.

Think back for a time to when you were a small child, and the light and the love was so firmly a part of you in every sense. Your focus on the One Infinite Creator did not come from wisdom or understanding, but rather from the innate beauty and radiance that you felt. May our hands be stretched to you as you attempt to climb the stairwells of this theater of the Divine. Find the exact proportions and the will necessary to relieve the difficulties now making themselves more paramount in the physical sense.

Know the dreams and visions of shamans and aborigines and the like will indeed continue, and intensify in their influences. We know that what we do here is of a different sort. We are trying to provide PR for the 100 percent cotton clothes that you can don as each of you prepares to wear this robe of the Ascended being.

You can think a little bit more about how and what your purpose is here, and never quite see the point. The point is this.

Who you are, or where you are, is a question that is answered only in the affirmative, and there is only one answer. You are the One, and you are obviously within the One as well. We know that these identity concepts bend your mind somewhat, and yet conversely we still keep the lines open for whatever next step you perceive as being important, perhaps even vitally important.

Eight parties tend to agree with our words, and they are the eight frequency levels that are made most paramount in this octave of creation.


The curving pattern of the passage of linear time moves in cycles. Just as Light travels in a spiraling motion or gravity travels in a spiraling motion, so too does sound travel in a spiraling motion, and most importantly Time. This is an untoward experience for those who do not understand the way that it works.

It might not seem possible that events that occurred in the past could mold and even manipulate events that occur in the present. And yet, each time that the stars shine down brightly upon you in their different and relative positions, you can indeed gain more and more of an insight from how this passive planetary influence functions, with you and your experiences as the epicenter, or the hub of the wheel, so to speak.

The consciousness units are alive and dancing with light. Their pulsation through space-time is also a pulsation through time-space. And thus, the perception of linear time for each dimensional frequency is a byproduct of this same pulsating motion. The process of linear time can be monitored, just as this pulsating motion can be monitored. There are those beings who are capable of moving outside of the pulsations of the consciousness units, to then be able to look at them from the sea of probabilities, as we have called it. [This is that area] wherein there are no pulsations, but only the Oneness that does not exist in time, does not exist in frequency. [It is] a realm wherein there is only the glowing Unity of the One Infinite Creator in its spheroidal form.

So, when we open up the box and take out the puzzle for the first time, it may not seem welcome or pleasant to try to put it all together like this. But put it together you will, and put it together you must. Recognize that the instreaming positive energies at this time have reached a point where they must needs be respected as such. Each one of you has a personal obligation to be of service to others, and to go deep within the fathomless depths of inner space to find those demons that still would choose to crouch in the darkness. You must drive them out as one would use a broom to sweep forth the dust from a room, and in the light of truth and understanding, they are then made clear.

Similarly, we can see that a greater concept about consciousness units may be expressed. We have just said that there are those entities that can move outside of the pulsations of the consciousness unit, and go to a level wherein there exists only the sphere of white light. We remind you that consciousness units function in differing levels at the same time, and all of them must be considered as being interdependent.

And so, when visualizing consciousness units coming to a standstill, you must move your perceptions beyond just seeing them as the minute metaphysical forces behind creation on the subatomic particle level. Remember that consciousness units act as both a particle and a wave, or they act as both a discrete point of force as well as a field. They exist in everything and in nothing at the same time, and they simultaneously emerge as the largest and the smallest objects in your physical universe.

Space and time are illusions, and they do not factor in. Indeed, you may see the entire infinity of the universe around you now as a consciousness unit in its own right, and that is important. There is ultimately only one Consciousness Unit, and its varying pulsations are simply distortions of its Oneness. When you see the many different consciousness units of many different gradations of [apparent] size and vibration, what you are really seeing is simply the differentiation of Oneness by its own freewill decisions.

And thus, every point in your physical space would be constructed by a different consciousness unit, and yet there is only one Consciousness Unit, and thus there is only one point of space. The expansion and contraction therein is the largest motion. You may think of the Big Bang and the Big Crunch as the slowest-moving consciousness unit of all, as there is only one giant pulsation that it makes. And when it reaches the true speed of Light, it does indeed gain infinite mass, and compress itself back down into Oneness yet again.

This is occurring in the Universe at large, with greater rapidity of speed than you might have realized. So, think of the consciousness units as being unified, and recognize that it is the elastic quality of your space-time that the larger the field that is represented by the consciousness unit, the slower will its pulsations be. And thus, the pulsation of your observable universe is also a hypothesized sphere by your scientists, based on the fact that the Big Bang occurred as an explosion in all directions at the exact same speed.

You can now see how each level of the consciousness unit in terms of your space size also has to do with your time coordinates. In short, space and time are inextricably interwoven with each other, and the more space that you have to move through, the more time that you have to move through as well. And thus, this answers the paradox in the question that David had raised, with regards to why it is that larger consciousness units move slower, relatively speaking, than smaller ones.

The answer, as we have just stated it, is this. There is a certain discrete quality to space-time in your physical illusion. The CU is more than just a concept; it is THE concept, it is THE Oneness, and it is simply a way of saying how Oneness expresses itself as it pulsates through the octave of dimensions. And so, you must realize that there is literally nothing that will not be comprised of CU fields of differing sizes.

A CU in any locality has to do with the space-time of that locality, in your physical illusion, that is. And thus, the pulsations of a CU are to some degree measured by how much space that particular gradation of CU field is taking up. And thus, you see how your own lifespan, or pulsation, is much quicker, relatively speaking, than that of the Earth, which has been on a much longer cycle. The Sun, of course, is on an even longer cycle than the Earth, in terms of its birth, growth expansion and eventual compression back into Oneness as a white dwarf.

And so, the CUs that make up the minute metaphysical matter particles that become neutrinos, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and so forth, move at a very high rate of speed in terms of your linear time. And this is because they move through a very small amount of your linear space, relatively speaking to the size of the whole. Your own CU of your body, which is not your body at all, but rather your spiritual entity, pulsates as well. And, it will be seen to pulsate in cycles.

If you think of yourself as a CU only when you are in the physical, you have missed the point. Your entity continues to exist as an indelible energy structure throughout all time and space. And, the pulsations of your vibration do indeed take upon a cyclical form as continuing reincarnations upon the physical sphere.

The Solar System, as a CU, is also comprised in a spheroidal shape, and this is relative to the varying gravity fields and what they would look like if you were able to see them all together. Your ideas of drawing lines where the orbits are has very little to do with the magnetic and electro-gravitational interactions of these bodies as they progress through the trackless depths of space.

And so, therefore, the CU of your Solar System occupies a much larger realm of space. By virtue of the Einsteinian theory of relativity, it must therefore also pass through a larger quantity of time. It is for this reason that the precise pulsating quality of the CU, which can normally be seen as occurring at incredible speeds, is slowed down to a much greater degree such that its rate of pulsation can actually be measured directly in the passage of years, then seen as your precessional cycle.

The cyclical nature is also important. You might now perceive of time as a straight line. Time, however, is constructed by the pulsations of a CU, and the pulsations themselves are in a spiraling motion. We have often tried to get you to visualize consciousness units as being geometric pulsations of space, on a level of space that is beneath what you can see. You must also recognize that space and time are interwoven into a fabric together.

And thus, time also pulsates in consciousness units. If you remember from our discussions in Convergence, a CU originates as a dynamic center point of Pure White Light and Oneness. It then emanates outward from itself in what are termed as superstrings, and these superstrings then travel in a spiraling motion. Therefore, as this is the structure by which all things are created, you might then also see time as traveling in the same pathway. It is this very spiraling motion, which can indeed be precisely measured, that determines the passage from one geometrical frequency to another, and / or from one musical frequency to another. That is important.

So, when we retain our focus on how it is that this pulsation occurs, we can see that time must indeed move in cycles, as this is the very nature of how it exists in the first place. There are smaller CUs and larger CUs, and they must all be considered. You have seen how incredible the interactions of the CU of your Solar System can have an effect upon human behaviors and your civilization at large. Indeed, astrology is gaining greater and greater respect continually, though very few if any of your people truly understand the question of WHY it works the way that it does.

We have addressed this in previous workings, and thus it is not necessary to go further in said regards. What we wish for you to understand at this point is that when you are thinking about time as moving in cycles, in tandem with the CUs, you must recognize the fields through which time functions. There are those fields that exist in the pulsations of your CUs in each moment. And thus, you could think of the continuing existence of your physical body as an endless chain of synchronicities, as these CUs continue to reform your body each time that they land in the third-dimensional pulsation.

The only reason why this is done is that you yourselves have the focus of your conscious mind directed onto a certain template for physical matter that is your body hologram. When you realize that your body is blinking on and off every trillionth of a second, or even faster speeds than this, you do then also recognize how it is nothing more than an idea. And thus, a health problem is not really a health problem, but rather an opportunity for learning that is continually being recreated each and every moment.

Now, you must be aware of the fact that not only do these small CUs continue to recreate you and your society every moment, they also are existing in much larger forms, through the pulsating motions of your galaxy and through your own Solar System. The galaxy must contain all dimensional frequencies in potentiation. It is the nature of this spiraling entity, based on what you can see from its vortexual structure, that it will have a quite dynamic pulsation. And, as it has been already stated in the Ra Material, the frequencies could be thought of as pieces of a pie, or a clock face relative to the galactic structure itself.

So, as you move through differing parts of the galaxy, so too do those frequencies affect what you would now call physical. And so, you can indeed then see how it is that linear time is a function of the integrated, spiraling motions of these differing bodies – from the galactic body divided into sections like a pie, to the solar system body as it moves through its various configurations, to the Earth’s own grid system body, which then affects the energies in the physical sense, within your own mind / body / spirit complex.

Many of the grid effects that are mentioned in Convergence and other sources do have a great deal to do with the precise angular positioning of the Grid relative to astronomical phenomena. It is precisely for this reason why the Aug. 11 conjunction is so interesting, and why in order to fully examine its effects, one must look as far as three to six months before the event and three to six months after the event to see what is happening here.

The important thing to remember is that time does not move in a straight line. It moves in spirals. You may see each event in the future as being on this Wheel of Fortune, or wheel of time, so to speak. And when that event moves into a place on the wheel of time that overlaps the precise coordinates of the previous cycle, you may then see a mysterious correspondence of events.

[Note: Some researchers such as Ernest Scott in The People of the Secret speculate that this is why Nostradamus’ prophecies were so vague, relatively speaking. Based on his secret esoteric knowledge of these cycles from his studies with the Brotherhoods, he wrote prophecies that were based on the reoccurring events themselves, rather than focusing in on any one in particular. That way, they end up showing repeated accuracy in many different situations.]

This is actually easier to explain than you might think of. As anyone would be aware, by studying the methods and systems of cyclology, the fundamental basis upon which all of these cycles function is the precessional cycle. Namely, [this is] the 25,920-year period that we have spent so much time talking to you about. Almost all of our investigations in the past have been in the directions of space, and how this passage through space of the differing bodies affects your physical experiences, and is leading to a dimensional shift. Now, we are trying to convey to you the idea that this spiraling passage of the CUs through space is also the passage through time.

And thus, you can see how it is that the precessional cycle becomes the mainstay of the passage of linear time, as well as the passage through space that governs the frequencies of dimensions. You have seen how the precessional cycle shows up in multitudinous different ways. Obviously, the primary focus is in the passage of your Solar System through the galactic center, as rediscovered by John Major Jenkins in his book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012.

This is not the only form of the precessional cycle, though, as it might also be seen in the pulsations of your solar body. These solar body pulsations do indeed affect the wobbling motions of each of the planets in your solar system thereafter, and this is measured upon your own planet in what is termed the precession of the equinoxes. You do not yet have the preciseness of instrumentation necessary to measure such effects on other planets, as you have not put a great enough degree of scientific equipment upon them for a great enough degree of time to make accurate statistical measurements of this sort. However, we can tell you that this is a very necessary nature of how this system must function.

And so, you can see how it is that the 25,920-year cycle of precession is in fact a very complicated and harmonically interrelated system. [It is] a system that is predicated upon the very natural timing speed of the pulsations of the CU, which has been set into motion by your Logos, or galaxy, according to its own personality, so to speak.

And therefore, it is the personality of the Logos that the [third-dimensional] precessional cycle will be of this approximate 25,000-year duration, regardless of what planet you are on, anywhere in the entire Galaxy [that is vibrating in the third dimension.] And thus, the Solar Cycles will be the same, as the suns themselves are but sub-Logoi of the Logos. Now we are starting to penetrate into some deeper teachings here, and this material may be added at the end of Convergence if you so desire, David.

Therefore, you should understand that this passage through the precessional cycle of 25,920 years can be broken down into much smaller harmonic fragments. All of the differing frequency numbers that we have talked to you about factor in when grouped as a number of years, and / or in smaller time increments as well. This is due to the very harmonic essence of the CUs, and their pulsations through different fields or frequencies at the same moment. There are many different variables to consider, and it is quite an arduous task to try to keep track of everything. We will explain a little bit more about that in a moment.

When you are capable of seeing your own passage through time as a function of cycles, you have penetrated into the understanding of the CUs from the perspective of time. You then are able to realize that these simple sacred geometry and / or harmonic mathematical principles of vibration underlie the passage of all events through time. You will be able to see how it is that you are riding on a spiral, or a time-wave, and that you must experience similar influences as you again reach each portion of this cycle.

These cycles obviously have to do in part with the timing mechanism of the planetary revolutions around the Sun, and have as their fundamental focus the pulsations of the CU, which are of the geometric form. All of this material that we have been telling you leads up to the study of cyclology. This is that study that we have already referred to, wherein very decisive movements in civilizations can be plotted out through this precessional harmonic astronomy and astrology system. This also is directly why the sunspots have been observed as causing similar effects on civilization, as all of these effects are interrelated.

Now that we have opened the door, we must open the door even further. With this degree of preliminary bedrock having been set down, it is then time for us to discuss the works of Bradley Cowan as regards these same cycles. This brave pioneer has indeed uncovered this system of harmonic vibrational physics, which has never been lost to those in the brotherhoods of secret Masonic knowledge and the like, and has been carried down from generation to generation and kept from the masses at large.

The work of Bradley Cowan is the most modernized form of synthesizing these understandings of the cyclical passage of time, in a harmonic sense, that have been conceived. His work builds off of the Masonic teachings which were given to WD Gann in the early part of the twentieth century, enabling him to see the work of the Golden Section, or phi, as expressed in the Fibonacci spiral, then showing itself in the movement of a certain commodity or a certain entity through its own stock market cycles.

Why might this be important, you ask? Simply this. Understand that all things in nature must function in time spirals. And thus, even the idea of the words “linear time” is somewhat incorrect, in a grammatical sense. The deeper understandings of linear time function off of this spiraling, integrated system that we are speaking of now. And so, you can then see how it is that it is a simple fact that the behavior of all entities must be determined by this cycle.

One of the entities that we are referring to would be a given commodity in the world markets, and how it is traded and handled in commerce. Such a process can be traced with the soybean, for example, and you can see how it is that this cycle of buying and selling corresponds to certain discrete intervals of time. WD Gann’s work showed how the phi ratio was directly relative to this. It should be no surprise to you that this same phi ratio was discovered in the work of Michel Helmer and others who studied cyclology as pertains to history, and even the emergence of certain specific historical figures throughout time. There could actually be the reincarnation of a specific person who had a historical role then coming back to fulfill a very similar role at the next crest of the timewave, so to speak.

[Note: It is certainly possible that cyclology and reincarnation may account for the Kennedy / Lincoln connection. Although they do not have overwhelming facial similarity, the synchronistic correspondences between their presidencies and deaths are quite unusually extraordinary. Almost all of us have seen at least one article about this.]

And so, when one understands these cycles of the stock market, as WD Gann had once done through his usage of the Masonic teachings and so forth, one can then begin to predict when the prices will go down, and when the prices will again increase. Through this system, it is then possible to determine when the stock markets have hit their lowest point, and will not go lower, knowing then that they must again rise. It is at that lowest point when you would buy the stock. You can also chart out the movement of a stock at the top of a cycle, knowing when it will crest and can go no higher, and it is at that point that you sell.

This then forms the rudimentary basis of WD Gann’s work. The work of Bradley Cowan has expanded this to a much larger degree. Although we feel that the discussion of stock markets is relatively transient information, we are providing it for you at this time, as David has desired that this be done, and in order to demonstrate the fact that these cycles are real, and that they do affect all things, both in time as well as in space.

Bradley Cowan’s work has indeed grasped almost the full fundamental nature of the CU. It is precisely through the graphing out of the Platonic Solids themselves, (and most specifically the tetrahedron, which is the frequency immediately above your own,) that shows the force points of these movements. This is naturally to be expected. As WD Gann understood that the phi spiral was important in this motion of time, he had not fully understood the CU itself as being built up off of these phi spirals.

The geometry of the CU, as we have already stated, arranges itself into the Platonic forms, which are merely visual representations of how it is that a stock could move, for example. And so, when one is able to arrange the graphing of a stock in a toroidal shape, or three-dimensional, [as if you had wrapped the graph paper around the outside edge of the torus,] one is then able to trace out the design of the Platonic Solid therein. This Platonic Solid will indeed determine the force points of where it is that the motion of the stock will occur, as the Solid itself is a representation of these spiraling motions, such as phi, sq rt 2, 3, 5, et cetera.

And so, all of this data interrelates into what Bradley Cowan has termed as the four-dimensional stock market cycle analysis. Those who have already paid the $500 dollars and signed the non-disclosure agreements have indeed recognized the validity of the work in Convergence, as they themselves have gained great wealth at times through the understanding and the utilization of the knowledge of these cycles.

[tape flips]

It is obviously not our purpose to try to entrance you into studying and playing the stock market using the system of cyclology. What we do want for you is to realize that these teachings have never been lost, merely veiled. The Masonic Order has kept them to themselves for a long period of time, and it is through works such as Bradley Cowan’s that this knowledge is again being revealed. However, at this time, if one is to learn the full intricacies of Cowan’s work, one must sign a confidentiality agreement that binds you, legally speaking, to not disclose to others the nature of the research that you have encountered. And to us, this is fundamentally an error, as it is based upon the idea that it is kept among the elite and must be paid for if the truth is to be known.

We propose that you be made aware that the stock market is only one cycle by which these harmonic structures might then operate. You may also extrapolate from this into many, many other areas of human endeavor that obey these cycles. The possibilities are truly endless.

Those who have used Cowan’s cycle analysis systems have seen that any stock can be monitored in such a way, and these harmonic principles can be seen over the course of one day, and / or over the course of much longer periods of time. Such is the nature of this harmonic law.

Obviously, this forces you to think more deeply about the nature of human behavior itself. You must then come to the understanding of the fact that indeed, there is nothing random about one’s decision as to when to buy or when to sell a stock. These cycles are completely holographic, and are entirely dependent upon freewill human behavior. And thus, we can see that your own passage through, what we may call cyclical time, is indeed dependent upon the pulsations of these consciousness units of different sizes, and their harmonic principles therein.

Human behaviors regarding stocks can be determined based on certain specific ratios of this harmonic cycle. For those who are interested, we will have David provide Cowan’s contact information, as should only be prudent at this point.

Now, we wish for you to expand this knowledge again, and recognize that much larger cycles of human endeavor are playing themselves out. These cycles include the fact that many of your years ago, at the midpoint of your recent cycle, there was the falling of Atlantis. Similar patterns are now duplicating themselves. You all have the opportunities to be on this crest of the timewave again prior to Ascension. You all have choices to act differently than you did in the past. And as there is really only one moment, you can then heal the past as you heal the present.

We are happy to be giving you this information, and we would like to comment, to those who are skeptical, that everyone who has studied Cowan’s work agrees that a great deal of proof can be made for the reality of how the stock market functions based on this system. It can be charted and graphed to the utmost specificity. This should help satisfy those of a skeptical nature who continue to disbelieve in the reality of the processes of the consciousness unit and its effects on time and space.

Those who have studied Cowan’s work have indeed gravitated directly towards our own work, through the book Convergence et cetera, as they have seen the truth because they themselves have used it in order to profit on the stock market. Similarly, our innate knowledge of this on the telepathic level had a great deal to do with why we were able to help those such as Morton Blumenthal in the Cayce circles so consistently make money on the stock market in their own right.

Those of you who are requesting personal readings for us be advised that we have discontinued this service, as it is of transient nature. The seeking of money for money’s sake will never be rewarded in due process, and Cayce did acquire a great deal of karma as a result of doing this. Such was the case with the oil wells and oil drilling, as well as the stock market. It was for this reason that the Cayce Hospital was not allowed to continue.

There are many cycles to be investigated here, and this discussion helps us to unravel the deeper meanings of how this passage through time is then accomplished. We hope that it helps to greater edify how it is that as one may know when to buy and sell on the stock market, one may also know when to prepare the self for the translation into a higher dimensional frequency. This obviously is far more important than observing cycles of the stock market, as it has to do with the entire 75,000-year period of humanity on this planet, and its imminent transition into a whole new sphere of endeavor.

We thank you, and we again remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.