by David Wilcock



[3/16/09: This was posted to eleven years and two days from today, and was the first full article I ever had published on the Internet, other than some posts to Richard Hoagland’s discussion forum in 1996. 

At this time — March 1998 — I had no reason to doubt Edgar Cayce’s prophecy that California would sink in 1998. I believed it so strongly that it affected my intuitive work and caused me to interpret the psychic data I was getting in a way that would support this belief.

At times, my data was blatantly influenced by my conscious mind and said things that were completely erroneous.

I include this here as a warning. Intuitive readings are NOT foolproof, and should never be seen that way. You can strive for the best results, but there is always a chance that you will be ‘off’.

That’s how it works in the real world — variability rather than 100-percent consistency. Those who get mired in ‘doom and gloom’ should take this seriously under advisement.

Joe Mason’s work on dreams, archetypes and the “Dream Voice” technique was the final key that led to my own intuitive readings developing in 1996. By early 1998 I was preparing to publish my works on the website he co-created with a partner he’d met after I first knew him, Dolores ‘Dee’ Finney. This was the first.] 






Hello, all.

You probably don’t know who I am, or anything about me, and for that I apologize. It is not my intention to fill up the space here with lengthy descriptions.

Let us just say that I have been able to contact and communicate with the Collective Consciousness for about a year and a half, after a lifetime of psychic training, beginning at age 7 with the book How to Make ESP Work For You by Harold Sherman.

I write you this letter now because I want all of you to be aware that a new phenomenon has just developed in my work. That phenomenon is one where I am now completely unaware of any of the content of what I have said for almost the entire essay until I actually awaken.

This source insists over and over again that we are about to head into the Ascension phenomenon, and I have almost finished production on an entire book that I will be putting up on Dee’s website,, concerning this. It is important that as many people read it as possible.

I am certain that I could sell it to a publisher, as there are many new discoveries I have made that will certainly help legitimize the advent of this phenomenon; however, I have been specifically instructed to offer this to the public in its totality for free. This represents years of research that I have finally been able to consolidate.

But right this minute, my concern is for those changes leading up to the Ascension.

As I am sure you are all aware, the Earth is having a difficult birth into fourth-density vibrations; it is not at all going as smoothly as the higher forces involved would like. Therefore, we can expect many very traumatic changes.

I am receiving information that is so consistent and intense that I feel I must take immediate action. Therefore, what follows here is a sample of the most recent readings that illustrate what we are heading into:

[3/16/09: Again, what you are about to read is data from an intuitive reading that was blatantly influenced by my conscious mind. I believed California was going to sink into the ocean, and ‘took over’ the words long enough to say just that. Most people doing this kind of work are doing things like this constantly, and it’s extremely difficult not to.] 


The inundation of California is still soon in coming. Those who have not taken the time to analyze their own personal experiences will not be ready for any such event; yet, those who would then take the time to follow their own spiritual path and to attain the inception of a greater light and loving energy will be able to talk in a manner that conveys to others the degree of sympathies involved for the problems now facing you.

There should be a great emphasis here on the process of building up and uplifting the minds, hearts and bodies of so many others on your sphere. In a sense, we are mounting the lights in place, installing and configuring them, and insuring that you will be able to find the switch. You need only turn it on.

Thinking about the issues at hand demands a focus not inherently concentrated within the imaginative realms of most of your people.  Therefore, we would urge you to take notice of those times when these forces seek to intercede upon your behalf, and in so doing open your mind to the possibilities of access, to the possibilities of greater learning and awareness, through the fundamental union of the lower parts of yourself, so to speak, with your higher parts.

This will often come to you in the form of fleeting visual images and spoken impressions that you will hear, if you are either lying in bed or walking around in a state where you are very close to sleeping.

The reason why we are mentioning this at this time is that David’s brother Michael in a phone conversation last night reported the exact same phenomenon that we are now referring to, in which he had recently been reading a book by Seth entitled Nature of Personal Reality, and then walking around soon afterwards in a very sleepy state, he began to hear language that sounded surprisingly similar to that of Seth.

David was able to inform him that this was most likely an authentic contact, which surprised Michael considerably. It is our hope that Michael and others like him will seek to listen to these voices, to document what they are saying, as it is all too easy to hear these little bits of information and to discard them as unimportant.

This is in a very strong sense what David had been doing for quite some time already, as he would always hear these things before going to bed, and would not pay them any mind.

The time is ripe for there to be a confluence of events which correspond to the different chakral centers and their respective modes of learning. We would urge those who desire to have a higher dimensional curriculum to take the time now to listen and to be available in order that these forces might then express themselves.

As we have said before, it is the destiny of all upon your planet to open up this personal contact in some way.

For you to continue waiting for something akin to a mass UFO landing is to forget that the fundamental process by which said contact is realized stems directly out of the personal decision of the individual to desire such a contact.

That is the only way it can happen, and thus once the choice is made, the available energy necessary for such a contact is then given.

To be without hope is to deactivate the systems of Light within the body.  The most important point that we could have the reader focus on here is the fact that this Ascension that we speak of is a quantifiably real event.  

The rational conscious mind will rage in anger against the idea that such an unbelievable thing could be true, and it might well be said that in your society, after such an event has taken place, those who still remain will most likely come up with some sort of skeptical explanation for it, whereas those who have gone on allowed themselves to believe, and to feel love to an appreciable enough degree that they were able to partake in this, the most important moment in the history of humankind.

To be alone is to not be aware of the forces that always surround you, and desire to protect you. To come into a full awareness of one’s Selfhoodis to realize that the world around you is literally teeming with different forms of life, all of which seek to contact, to communicate, and to uplift.

True, there are negative entities as well, and unfortunately many people allow themselves to be influenced by these entities, by their simple lack of faith in the positive ones. Anything such as depression, lethargy, lack of desire to be helpful to others, et cetera, can bring about the intercession of these negative forces.

They can have quite a compelling effect on people at times, especially in alcohol intoxicated states or other similar drugs such as cocaine.  However, the darkness will always be destroyed by the Light; it must shrink back.

This is the essential fruit of the knowledge that we have to offer you. In essence, all that we really want you to do is to take the time to get to know yourself, and that means to remove the charge off of those shadow parts of the Self that have been disowned and / or disacknowledged.  

If you, the reader, feel that you do not have such parts, then you have not penetrated through to a great enough degree of learning yet.

It is practically impossible for anyone on your plane to not have such a shadow side, yet the predominant modality of learning is that you do not acknowledge that such a side exists, and in the very fact of not wanting to own up to it, you are giving it more and more strength in the immediate subconscious realms.

To approach the Self and to know the Self is to open up the doorway to understanding, wherein those experiences that in the past had always been viewed as wrong, as bad, as wayward, are then seen as the necessary experiences in order to produce a greater striving towards the Light.

In that embracement of true wisdom, the experiences are then dealt with, understood and accepted, and the dreams will certainly follow suit, giving you positive guidance and showing you the progress that is being made.

This is the attainment of true wisdom, and it must happen by necessity for there to be a contact with the deeper parts of the Self, the likes of which are being seen in this contact here.

Therefore, the strongest advice that we can give at this time is that in order to open up a contact such as this, you must first view yourself in the light of everlasting Truth, and see those areas of your garments that still remain [as] soiled.

In so doing, you are not only opening the pathways to contact, you are also opening the pathways to the transcensions of the very karmic lessons which have held you here, and that is no small feat. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Now here comes the ominous stuff, two nights later in late February:

Once the breakwaters begin, you will see the difference. There are too many factors and concerns here for us to be relieved about being warned; instead, you should take immediate action towards the fulfillment of those warnings.

Lewinsky claims she didn’t hear anything. Have you been watching the signs? The time is soon approaching. There will be more to see on Saturday night. Mark my words. That’s the envelope of time we are dealing with.


Note: This was well before any of the other testimonials came to light, and before the peace accord was reached with Iraq.

This is to sound the warning. Vesuvius will blow its top pretty soon.  

The less we talk about that, it actually is not going to make much of a difference. You could sit there and watch TV, but that’s not going to hit you like this will.

The debut will feature some of our most talented aspects, and they will utilize a system of connections gained within, which are stemming off from the One Divine Creator.

There are a lot of things that are bad to you in numbers, and this is one of them. Though the hologram is unpleasant, its products are not only very necessary, but are imbued with a deep compassion and a desire for all of you to succeed as much as possible. So the earth opens up that way; that’s the way it goes.

Two to six, with a coffee break at 7:00. This is in reference to the pleasures of Ascension as you now understand it.

The trees are much more suitable for this type of data then you may be, as they will often contain a soul who is relaxing for an extended sojourn before venturing out again to do its work.

The meditative effects of being a tree for the entity involved are very wonderful, and there is a time for very deep contemplation which arises from the melding of the consciousness with that of the tree consciousness, so tied in to the earth.

[3/16/09: The Seth books describe how a higher-dimensional being can temporarily inhabit a tree in order to take a spiritual form of a ‘vacation.’]  


Surgeon general Kofi Annan. There’s a person who makes the same mistakes over and over again.

There would not be such an urgency to this if it wasn’t for the imminent catastrophes about to strike your planet. That is why we stress earthquake preparations, heavy wind preparations, food shortage preparations and disease preparations.

In these ways and others, people may prepare themselves for the inevitable changes that will result in society from what is occurring right now.

David’s Note: Heard the words Pipe Down, thinking I am not getting a good feed.

[3/16/09: Ironically, it’s right there. You have the Source coming back in and scolding me for throwing in sentences of my own, from the conscious mind, about “imminent catastrophes about to strike” the planet.] 


D: Started to meditate on the third eye, then heard, “There’s something solid forming in the air.”

Many cities will bear the direct weight of this; the pressure they accumulate is by the sheer force of those individuals not able to meet their basic survival needs. This then duplicates the situations that have occurred before in cases of riots, food shortages, natural weather disasters, et cetera.

[3/16/09: I was still interfering here, obviously.] 

The way to get past this nutty vessel is to find oneself immersed in the desire for wholeness, the desire for purity, that arises naturally from the concerns stemming from the Divine.

As a byproduct of this inflating system of Divine checks and balances, there will be a great span of experiences from those deemed most important to those deemed rather trivial.

The best suggestion we can make is to heed the warnings, as this will in a sense provide a much greater atmosphere for the distribution of energies to those involved in your near future.

Thus, we urge the preservation of resources in the Now, in those materials and goods deemed storable and edible. The earlier dream this morning was used to illustrate the need for a solid and reliable protein source.

[Note: In this dream, a whole group of people were fighting over a nasty piece of chicken that someone had found in a trash dumpster.]

We have closed in before on this topic; we need to address it again, as there is such a resounding truth to it.

Given the storms that you are now seeing, which we had already predicted in the past, it becomes obvious to you that something is occurring wherein those people who had decided upon themeselves to take the time and the willpower necessary to be prepared will be the only ones who can weather the intensity of the problems that await you.

God be with you in these challenging times ahead; that is all for now.

[3/16/09: Again, there were no “imminent, catastrophic earth changes” at this time, so what we’re seeing here is how my conscious self took over and distorted these words. Thankfully I was able to learn how to avoid this as much as possible and get better results.] 


So there you have it. They have been sounding the alarm concerning the inundation of California so frequently and with such urgency that I have realized that I can no longer withhold these readings from the online community. I will be putting up a compendium of sorts for you all to consult further. There are voluminous amounts of readings, including these new ones where I do not remember the content.

I might like to add that I was considering making this much shorter, and deleting much of the content in the middle of the reading, and suddenly an important geometric sculpture that I made with wood dowels literally jumped right off the shelf and fell, after being securely placed for more than three days since the last time it fell, in the midst of people walking and of low-flying planes overhead.

Furthermore, when it fell the house was completely still; there was no walking or any action that should have caused it to fall. These types of things are happening to me more and more.

You will be hearing more time-sensitive prophecies as they arrive. I hope this has provided a good service for all of you. Many of you have been waiting for quite some time to read these words, and I finally think I am ready. I don’t really have a choice.

David Wilcock