Posted Thursday, 6/7/07 


I’ve been re-reading my transcripts and came across this gem from April 1998, showing how our ‘past’ lives are in fact simultaneous. Enjoy!



I’m going through old readings because my hands have been through a bad case of ‘contact dermatitis’. I had worn rubber gloves to drive my car and only discovered after the fact that latex is another agent that exacerbates the condition. On a higher level I knew I was being guided to dig deeper in my quest for self-healing — and what ultimately came up was a powerful feeling of resentment for being put in this position.

Of course, I do not want to whine about my circumstances. Nonetheless I came to a point where I felt as if I was on a course of destiny that I (in the Egoic sense) had not chosen, and yet I would experience powerful and even devastating ‘initiation’ experiences if I didn’t stick with the program.

Ultimately I know that my Higher Self (the source coming through in my readings) is myself, simply at a later point in ‘linear’ time. I decided that there must be some very powerful positive events coming my way in the near future, and this hand condition must have been what was needed to prepare me for it.

Despite all the new posts I’ve done since late February, the fact is that I never put up a single reading — and this was all emanating from my subconscious resentment of the massive initiations I’ve had to go through. However, I reached a point in myself where I said, “I’ve paid for it, so I might as well use it”.

Then this morning, after coming to that decision, I had a dream showing me that there is indeed a war going on between negative and positive spiritual forces on this earth, and these readings are a valuable resource to help defeat the ‘queen’ of the negative forces, so to speak, capable of infecting hosts and spreading the ‘disease of fear’ to many more people. 

So here’s your next inoculation! 


Thursday 4 / 23 / 98 – 7:20 a.m.

DW: Very intriguing.  In this dream I went back to high school, and was cleaning out my locker and saying goodbye to everyone, et cetera.  I had some place that I was going to get ready to go, and it seemed to be Colorado; I had all my sights focused on that. 

In the back of my mind I had wondered why, since I knew I had come back to Virginia Beach anyway.  I wondered how I would be able to stay in touch with people here, while I was in Colorado… I was also packing together all this stuff from the school, books and papers and stuff like that, and I was putting it into my backpack. 



Joe makes sure that all markets are represented in the shareholders‘ meeting, and we would like to insist here that the process of becoming whole and complete be taken very seriously.  There is, in a sense, a final karmic rectification going on in the present. 

We are going back and clearing old desires never met, old wounds never healed, old goals never fulfilled, et cetera.  For you to be aware of these things is to take the final steps necessary for their cleansing.  Thus, somewhere there is a part of you that is still waiting to return to Colorado.  Thus there is a part of you that on some level has still left behind portions of the Self in Scotia, in the high school. 

This dream was also meant to indicate the fact that you have arrived, and so regardless of the opinions of others, you are here now, and that is very, very important. 



Like I said, the whole climate indicates that there will be a massive reunification with these forces on a level that is usually never achieved on your plane.  We are excited and enthusiastic about this, and will say that the process of becoming such a person is inherently an act of giving, an act of helping others, an act of sharing, an act of becoming someone new.               

Yes, we feel that what you [David] have done here is to establish a pipeline for communication with us that far outstrips the need for such suspicions and / or quality controls in the majority of most cases.  We now feel that we have a relatively unfettered access to your deep machine, as it were. 

Therefore, when reading these messages, one understands the content is decided upon directly by the forces involved, and that the imagination plays little or no part in the actual process of writing. 



So to get back to the central theme, we used this morning‘s dreams to illustrate that it is important that all dues, all past balances, et cetera, be rectified within the soul in question.  These represent battles in the personal forces, which stem all the way back to issues that may not have been resolved for quite some time. 

As time is simultaneous, these buried desires and wishes still exist, as they were created but never relieved.  Therefore, they linger in the back of the mind, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be discovered, unfurled, and understood.  In this dream, the process of this acclimation was surrounded by the notion of graduation, of rebirth, and of shedding the past.



The high school, again, is used to indicate those elements of the past that still hold sway over the personality. 

During that timeframe, there were aspects of the personality that were fragmented, and that never returned to the One from which they sprang. 

Therefore, though the high school experience would be in the past as you would term it, it is just as real to say that that experience exists in the omnipresent Now.



When the trials and tribulations of life become so extreme that inevitable stress occurs, many different things can happen.  One thing that can happen is that the hurtful event itself is consciously stuffed aside, put into a box and ignored.  It is in a sense packed away and forgotten. 



In [possibly] remembering said event later on, one of two things may happen: the event may be slightly remembered, or not at all. 

If it is not remembered at all, then there may not be any effort to think about said experiences, or if they were thought about, they would contain only those selected parts that the mind has chosen to retain for its own edification.



Should there be a situation where said fragments had been retained, they are usually forgotten about.  We do not agree that these fragments are simply cast aside and forgotten in these cases. 

Rather, it seems that they continue to possess elements of vitality, of life source energy, and in a level which you would have difficulty understanding, that being the timespace level, they will to continue to exist in sort of a perpetual dream state within that modality of consciousness. 

When you have dreams such as this, you are re-experiencing those portions of the soul complex that have never strayed from their imprisonment within said environment. 

Since these fragments are obviously part of the soul, it is easily stated that their energy currents are derived from the mind/body/spirit complex itself. 

Thus, though you perceive yourself to exist in what you term the present, there is a part of you, or perhaps in many cases several parts of you, that have an indelible magnetic attraction to those very situations wherein said events occurred in the first place.



Understand that this is very real, and very harmful to the body.  As your guardians, we must take it upon ourselves to bring you back to these nexi of space and time, and fill those personalities with the present awareness. 

The present awareness must be made conscious of the fact that events in these cases still are holding an emotional charge.  That charge is what acts as a glue that continues to allow these personalities to want to hold themselves in those positions. 

Understand that these personalities are incomplete, in a sense, in that they are children of the emotional configuration you had during that time. 

In other words, they possess a certain composition of feelings, behaviors and attitudes that are a snapshot of that identity that you had assumed during that period of time.  You may have changed quite a bit since then, but to that focus personality centered in that timespace realm, you are still the same person. 



What you see in these dreams is a healing attempt, wherein that personality trapped, in a sense, in a form of linear time is then joined by the mass collective mind of the soul complex. 

It is as if you were a rubber band, and someone was stretching you out across a corkboard, and pinning down your different sections with tacks.  The band would not appear relaxed, but rather stretched in several directions at once.  Yet, you could still see that the band itself was a closed loop, and that the circle was maintained. 

What we do in these cases is to revisit that personality which still in a very real sense clings to those events. 

When we say that the personality clings to those events, what we are really meaning here is that it is creating for itself a scenario that changes from time to time, but which is basically constant. 

That scenario incorporates elements involving the [original] event itself [which caused the fragmentation.] 

Therefore, one could liken this unto a fragment part of the personality that is taking great pains to project holograms of people, places and situations that were involved when these events originally occurred.



As we have just stated to you, these events need not be strictly of a hurtful nature.  They also represent your greatest wishes that have not been met. 

That is why it is very important to focus concretely upon your goals, and to not construct goals that you know on some level are unreachable, or more appropriately, goals that you do not choose to reach.

Every strong desire that manifests from the past as you would term it is a desire that must, by virtue of the way that universal law works, be honored. 

However, many of your people make wishes very indiscriminately. 

They often do not take into account the fact that once an event, a situation is strongly desired, universal forces must begin — must begin! — to bring about the necessary unfoldment of those events. 

Each time that something is wished for and is never gained, there is in a sense a great loss, as a part of the personality is still dedicated in a nonlinear time framework to fulfilling that goal. 

Since this is so commonly done, there will be a greater opportunity for that personality to group such fragments together, should the wish be returned to.  We then would see several different areas in time all converging onto one goal, and contributing their energy.



If this is difficult to see, consider this.  It is exactly the same process as what occurs in simultaneous incarnations. 

Each life represents a portion of your soul complex that is choosing a certain moment of linear time with which to incarnate in. 

The soul complex itself, meaning us or others like us, must deal with all of these incarnations simultaneously. 

Thus, we may speak through Edgar Cayce later today, as you would term it, and the configurations within [Edgar’s] subconscious mind complex are very much different, allowing us to use various forms of terminology, both medically and Biblically, that we do not have access to in this mind complex as of yet. 

So therefore, the chain of experiences runs in a continuous loop.  You have some experiences that might seem to be in the past, which could actually be seen as parallel to your present.  Similarly, experiences in the “future ” also exist in parallel. 



A question then arises in your mind.  You say, “How is it, then, that free will is preserved?  Would this not be a case of determinism, wherein all events that manifest are preordained? ” 

To this we have an answer. 

The answer might not be easy to understand, but it is the answer just the same. 

When we boil it down to the core, as it were, we come up with one essential fruit, one kernel, one grain of understanding, from which the seed may be planted and the beautiful flowers grow.  That kernel is the following:


The universe itself is in a state of becoming.  It is not solid.


Therefore, events that you would consider to be in the past still exist, and are still in a process of becoming. 



Written history exists within the mind complexes of your people, but that history itself may have already changed, so that in the timespace realms, other historical events hold greater prominence. 

That is why we have said that you might yet be able to change your history, and change your karma accordingly, by making other historical events appear to be stronger. 

In the case where definite causations occurred that were not easily remedied, then the process would involve the forgiveness of the self.  This is usually done in the timespace realms, after the death of the physical body complex.

However, it can be done much earlier than that as well.  The dream work is essentially a process of freeing these fragments, and actually changing their composition, while you are still in a position where said changes can be easily made. 

Once in the timespace realms, you are no longer directly a part of that continuous creation process, but rather a passive observer that can go into any point along the timestream of that lifetime and re-experience it. 

In these cases, very little can be done to change the physical events themselves, but great work can be done in forgiving the self, in getting past these experiences, allowing them to become rejuvenated with life and love.  



So what we should see here is a spectrum of development that may seem very convincing at first.  The identity experiences each day in tandem, then experiences a physical death, and then begins the next experience.  There are clues that you have that this is not the case. 

These clues include the fact that the dreams continue to vividly recall those experiences in the past, as well as to predict those major occurrences in what you would still term as the future. 

Thus, the successive moments of time perceived to exist in reality are actually quite malleable.

All continue to exist in the pure potentiality of the present moment. 

The energy making up said events will never cease to be a present energy, though that energy has the capacity for change.



There is a certain quality to the linearity of experience that we must take into account here.  Though we can view the spectrum of your Earth‘s development as occurring all at once, there is an interest in viewing how the mass mind actually goes through such experiences. 

That is why such a contact like this exists, as we still see that regardless of the probabilities, the events themselves are still unfolding, and may go in more than one direction. 

Once the cycle of time is complete, the events that have occurred in the past will still be accessible in timespace realms of holographically constructed thought.  But, they will not be accessible in the sense that they are in the present, where the third density can be easily walked through and experienced as such.



Thus, the conclusion of a cycle such as this does by necessity involve a certain degree of karmic clearing, as it were. 

When such a thing as Ascension is made possible, the entire spectrum of personality is strengthened by said Ascension. A group mind begins to become established wherein the different focus personalities of different lifetimes, as it were, begin to merge and mold themselves into a whole. 

In fourth density, there is some limited access to these different personalities, and in the fifth density their awareness becomes essentially complete. There is, to a certain degree, the ability to interact with otherselves in a fashion similar to how the fourth-density being could interact with previous lives.

However, it is not until the sixth density that the social memory complex can truly be said to be complete.  [This occurs] wherein the melding of the past, present and future lives on behalf of the individual is also combined with the equally powerful melding with many other similar mind / body / spirit complexes. 

Thus, the sense of identity is very flexible. 

In the case of the sixth density entity, a complete fusion of the past, present and future experiences of not one, but possibly hundreds of thousands, or even millions, billions of entities, [are] all linked together in symbiosis. 



As one journeys into the seventh density, there is the acquisition of great spiritual force, and the social memory complex begins to become more and more similar to that One from which it sprang.  A [sixth density] social memory complex such as Ra may as yet have its own unique characteristics, ways of looking at things, growth issues and essentially a personality. 

However, as one goes into the seventh density, said group / totality / beingness complex begins to lose its sense of differentness from the One. 

That is why the seventh density beings are one of the best representatives for the One, since they have become so close to it. 

The completion of the octave is the 100 percent reunification with the One, wherein all experience is precisely matched and integrated.

[In this case,] what you now consider to be your I, your own consciousness, is irreversibly merged with that of the All.  It is an awesome experience, and one that we have yet to explore as the teachers of these words.  What is important for you now is to realize that these events in your life can be transformed. 



The past is not dead, but still holds power and presence over what you would term as the present. 

So think about this, and realize that those great wishes that you had in younger years still may possess a magnetic attraction in the present. 

They need to be identified and categorized in the mind so that they may as yet be dealt with [and integrated].  This will help greatly in the process of completing the cycle of existence necessary for the third density experience.



Never forget that you exist in the present, in the Now.  These dreams are meant to take you back through said pre-existent conditions, such as to reunite them with the present-centered consciousness. 

When they are accepted, forgiven and / or transformed, the emotional charge is taken off of them and they return the energy that they were taking to the personality, and great strength is added very quickly. 

That is all that we want for you. 


Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.



Ok, David here again. I was going through the old transcripts and couldn’t believe how well-crafted this particular reading was. I may or may not have posted it before, but this time I went through and added headings and new paragraph spacing for the modern Web designs, to facilitate easy reading. 

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