By David Wilcock

Friday 1 / 3 / 97 – 6:30 a.m.

[Image of people sharing cigarettes across the Internet.]

Happy New Year to you all. I’ve got the feeling there’s a miracle due!

1997 is going to be a rough year for you, so be prepared, don’t be alarmed. You’ll witness things collapsing.

Don’t be a Charles Fort-head, there’s plenty of other stuff to read.

Sick, you are still sick.

[Note: Charles Fort was an author who wrote about the weirdest anomalies on Earth, such as rainstorms of frogs and the like. These things have come to be known as “Fortean” anomalies.]


Saturday 1 / 4 / 97 — 8:00 a.m.

D: Can you speak on some of the mysteries that are concealed in some of the ancient secret orders, such as the Masons?

We’ve come a long way, David, and we have checked on it; we think that it might add something good to your life.

Be aware of the intense danger that you have if you go public with your knowledge.

[3/25/09: Since there was fear in my mind when I asked the question about the Masons, occasional stray fear-oriented sentences like the above were able to get through. You have to be completely in a positive, uplifting space of gratitude in order to get a ‘clean feed.’]

Many of those greater truths you understand already. The problem is that even the greater man will never reach it, because there is a great deal of fear as it approaches.

Your mediumship and authorship is extremely good. We will have you build your own contacts once this is over.

At a given sign, you might experience some horrible Christlike fate. But in order to do this, you have to be put through a chokehold first.

[3/25/09: This is another example of a sentence that ‘slipped through’ thanks to the negative greeting aspect that can, and does, happen to ALL psychic readings at various times — particularly if you don’t follow the protocol of being a state of uplifting gratitude when the reading is done.] 

There is an order of events in a sequence that must be followed. We know full well of the probability vortexes that your life will be in danger when you begin to reveal these things to the world.

[Note 6/99: As it now stands, a large number of my phone conversations are tapped. It is quite easy to notice the clicking on the line. Hoagland’s life was obviously jeopardized in March 1999 for the work that he was doing, which has similarities to my work in Convergence.]

[3/25/09: I have been a public figure for eleven years running and other than this initial problem, I have not experienced any signs of danger. The worst thing I have to deal with are mean-spirited email attackers, who usually turn out to be adolescent males.] 


Stone is easily sold as stone, but whither does the Self become easily available?

All indications are that your book should make progress towards the light. It must be simple enough for those to behold in amazement, and yet complex enough to grip the minds of the skeptics and scholars.

Get a pencil so you can jot down something for those who are a part of your course. Pictures will come, which you must study and understand.

Many of the ancient mysteries can be unraveled further when you correlate them with how the policymakers handle the UFO information.

[Image of beautiful black woman in stunning white robe — holding her hair in her hand, and putting her hand on my back.] You should realize that any time, anywhere you go, we will be right there with you, even in the hardest of times.

We care for you more than you could possibly imagine, and nothing makes our lives more complete than to witness you growing through your own learning experiences and abductions.

You have already discerned the truth on that matter, and the truth is that revolutionary things are being done. Home awaits great things.

[Note: That was very surprising, and for quite a bit of time I didn’t know what to do with it. I always felt that I had never been “abducted” in the classical sense. I wouldn’t learn the truth until early 1998 when I was in Virginia Beach.]

[3/26/09: Two different pictures I drew as a child are of the classic “Grey,” and definitely suggest that I went through ET contact of some kind as a boy.] 

Sunday 1 / 5 / 97 — 7:30 a.m.

There is much credibility in the signs which you have chosen. Your forward mobility is unique in these times.

Please be advised of the urge for others to fly in other places, because of the fact that they are drunk.

You will be shocked to discover the moment when everyone around you is so surprised, once the final [Ascension] event comes.

A lot of people are saying now that [your] people’s expectations are growing too high; their minds just can’t accommodate all the new information that is coming in, and they then transfer all their beliefs about God onto these events.

Such a pity, as these are the benchmarks of a new society and a new world. You were bothered by it too, David. If it affected you the same way it affected me, I can tell you that you must have been very dismayed.

No one is coming down to miraculously rescue anyone. The process of Ascension demands personal effort and sacrifice.

D: [Begins to meditate more deeply.]

Self contacts Self, provided the ego will let it happen. The outer doctrine penetrates through to the inner teachings.

I ran into some incredible people on Tuesday; people you would like to speak with. I will have them through for you in just a few more minutes.

You will want to change to the amethyst [crystal in your hand] again.

[3/26/09: Though on one level this was indeed talking about an amethyst cluster I had, on another level it was talking about the crown chakra, which is purple in color. At this level you see the sacramental nature of all things.] 

Absolutely no analytical overlays this time, David. That is very important, for we all have to be in the same house together, and your ideas may conflict with my own.

[3/26/09: The vast majority of what I brought through was the Source, but they clearly were concerned about my occasional ‘slips’ and wanted to try to eliminate them as much as possible.] 

Bringing them in now.

Last night, I was picking up magazines, and I saw your face, and I said, “Oh, I thought it was the universe.”

Okay, David, let’s go…

[Note: At this point, a new voice begins in my mind. The transmission felt totally different and somewhat unfamiliar. I later realized that it turned out to be a different extraterrestrial intelligence of some kind. Now in 1999 I can see that it probably again was Ra, even though I didn’t know or acknowledge it at the time.]



In the eyes of the One, there are no judges. Everything that occurs is for just reasons; everything is just so.

The goals of this multilayered consciousness are to enlighten you to the true nature of your being. This multilayered consciousness appeals to you because it is solid and wise in its perceptions.

Fear not, for the breath of the Divine is being stored within you quite rapidly. We are pleased to see the changes you are making in the honor of the One Creator. Your dedication to service is admirable.

Will you be authentic if you write your book? Yes. If you really don’t know that much, it is important for you to incorporate what you do know, so that your knowledge base keeps expanding.

We are here to forestall this evolutionary leap long enough in linear time that your people may get ready for it. This is an issue that we treat with the utmost sincerity.

No one else can separate themselves from the One, and you shouldn’t either. Get these concepts rooted firmly in your mind so that there are no deviations.

The most important thing you can do at this point is cleansing. Cleanse your issues from the past, frozen in linear time.

Your mother’s here; these problems with women are a very big part of it. You have never really healed this, because Yumi was only symbolic of a crutch. What a tool, and a toy. Unfortunately, that is how you treated her, and you suffered in due course because of it.

In being passionate with yourself, in being passionate with another, you must find it within before giving to the other.

The breath of the divine will make people say “Shit.”

Open your chair, it is very hard [for us] to sit in [it;] it causes numerous problems. You already know of these from your own work, and the probability vortexes are too strong to be ignored.

[3/26/09: Here I am being told that the channel was still not as precise as desired — with the metaphor of the “chair” the source was trying to “sit in.” The image in my mind was of a director’s chair that could open and close.]


It is safe for us to say now that we know it will not be a smooth transition. There is too much progress that could have been made that hasn’t been.

Many people will have to experience profound upliftments in very short amounts of time in order for this to work properly. That’s why we need you, David, so please get to work.

As you follow our curricula, you will become of great assistance to us. No one else before will have written a book such as yours, and you know that.

D: [Image of trying to tune in to the Hale-Bopp Companion for telepathic contact.]


I’m out here by myself. That is an altogether different message from the one you are receiving [now,] but it is equally valued from a technical standpoint.

I hope I can find some sort of search engine for you to go deeper and deeper. These situations will involve little or no effort on your part.

There is an orthodox church standing by, waiting to be toppled. Soon you will have the Megastar program yourself; soon will you show others to do what you thought of in the beginning as only an image.

Mandelker’s advice to you is sound, but his opinions on remote viewing are biased. Do you not see that this is part of the Great Plan?

[Note: Mandelker believed that the remote viewers were rather naÃ