Sunday 12 / 15 / 96 – 7:59 a.m

Dolby and Darby are coming to this camp; when are we meeting again? Darby is lost in Spain, [and he will] arrive carefully.

I feel so tiny, as if I was only one in a particle of God, streaming out. Relax into it and say goodbye to your fears.

[Note: The reference to “Darby” turned out to be about my future housemate Antonio from Spain, who wouldn’t actually move in for several more months. I would later learn from my readings of more than one past life that I had shared with Antonio.

Apparently in one of these past lives, my name was Dolby and Antonio’s was Darby. Or, the “Dolby” could be a reference to my ability to tune in to the sound of this voice — Dolby is a popular noise reduction system, and they certainly had been telling me to reduce the “noise” in my psychic connection.]


Monday 12 / 16 / 96 — 6:30 a.m.

If the soul declared its anthem to you, you would have no choice but to listen.

These powers connected with the Art Bell show are as blind as ever. It’s easy to see in this material world. Everybody wants a security clearance and wants to jump over [to the Other Side of life, where all these truths are understood.] But, that’s not always possible; in fact, it’s highly improbable.

These things don’t have validity anymore because there is too much chance. A lot of people fail to see the window [to God] because they are so wrapped up in common affairs.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you. We’ve been waiting for you to come around.

[Image of going through all my papers for writing the book, then an image of Gvardijan Hill Publishing, those responsible for publishing Richard Thompson’s book Alien Identities.] You’re going to have to start working on this sooner than you think.

The clearer you want the channel to be, the better you must eat. There can be no deviation from this.

The experiment will prove quite stunning.

You can be fanciful and fruitful without riches. I like that idea a lot more. Nuke ’em is the official attitude. Death awaits in a great steel capsule. Have you noticed how funny it is that almost nobody seems to think of nuclear war anymore? It would make the lesson that much more poignant.

Forget about the war. Let’s just talk about accidental splashdown. It could happen. I think just being human on this planet would cause a background anxiety.

You don’t know; why does everybody say that? I would go for months without prayer, you know.

There is no real difference between you and the spirit world, but one of perception. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

[Note: Perhaps the “months without prayer” part was actually Edgar Cayce speaking.]


Wednesday 12 / 18 / 96 — 6:21 a.m.

A balanced approach to life will always be your salvation. But I definitely don’t mind if you build your strength up right now. You need vegetables badly, [and] they haven’t been here.

I’m really upset by it, because it is a myth, and it doesn’t do any good. It’s like somebody taking pain pills day after day to control a fever. The outcome is also expected.


Saturday 12 / 21 / 96 – 5:30 a.m.

We’ll be coming back next week. Until then, give fire to the imagination. Slap it around a few times; let me know when you’re feeling better.


Sunday 12 / 22 / 96 – 8:16 a.m.

[Note: This was the first emergence of an “extraterrestrial” in my readings. It very well could have been the premiere of Ra’s influence, which would not be officially announced for a long time.]

Good evening, everyone. Imagination can be kind of iffy upon your planet. It often singles out one aspect and focuses on it over and over again. Therefore, the imagination must be tailored before the information can come in.

We are told that some things need a piano tuner. It’s easy to generalize, but you get the idea. You must make sure that each step is taken with the utmost care and consideration for your fellow man.

[Note: The idea of a “piano tuner” refers to the music that our imagination can make when we really start using it. What they want to do is to tune our imagination by getting us to accept the possibilities that do exist.]


The female intuition could be someone else who is thinking other than you.

In order to do this work, it has to be a monologue; your thoughts are detrimental to this process.

When I was working at one of the other points, another point that I was making is that there is no God as most of you understand it.

God is so many different things working together as One. No one entity could shoulder that kind of responsibility.

In His office, He invested a great deal of time and effort in this project for you, and now this project ends as it begins. It’s important that we keep these distinctions clear.

The book of Paul and Thessalonians may interest you.

[Note: Consciously, I had no idea that the book of Thessalonians was supposed to have been written by Paul. That was a surprise! The story in Thessalonians is about how people were pulling away from the Christian faith, and Paul was trying to get them to regroup.]

[3/25/09: Clearly we’re on a similar mission now — to bring people into an awareness of Oneness and Unity.] 


The worst thing, I think, is when a guy fixes his spot on the elevator and then discovers a stairwell. The lack of recognition of the true path can lead to numerous distractions.

[Note: Metaphorically speaking, the elevator would obviously be a quicker path to Ascension than a stairwell. This has to do with people getting distracted from pursuing the highest spiritual path.]


You are so worried all the time, needlessly.

What stands out in my mind is the need for you to impress “grandules” on those things that you talk about, which fosters a lack of a sense of self-value.

We’ve had other people complain about their cosmic instability, but not do anything to change it.

Your cap and gown is but gas and dust.

[Note: The word “grandules” is obviously a metaphor for “granules of grandeur.” They seem to be talking about me taking myself too seriously, and feeling that everything I talk about is very important.

The cap and gown metaphor was also showing that I did not need to worry about pursuing graduate-school education as a result of these readings getting started.] 


If you are feeling stuck again, let us know; we will rectify it. There is no need to be worried about anything.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Tuesday 12 / 24 / 96 — 6:30 a.m.

You miss us now. We can be of assistance, and lend you money if need be. We don’t see people in the other alignments as much as we see you.

The man from the dream was saying that he was going to spend Christmas alone because Jesus wouldn’t tell him the problem. Things are on the table — the prophecies of where you should go.

[Note: I did feel alienated about the holidays and ended up not visiting my family during Christmas. The readings had already hinted at my need to eventually go to Virginia Beach.]


D: [Thinking about the Hale- Bopp companion object, said by Dr. Brown to be a spacecraft filled with extraterrestrials.]

I don’t know who it is, but since being there He’s checked with a lot of people [about it.]


Wednesday 12 / 25 / 96 — 6:25 a.m.

[One voice talking to another:] Does he know that?

Coming in to sight is a big boost. You will utilize five cartridges in order to get there.

[Note: I would end up having five more jobs before my move to Virginia Beach.]


Your life is geared to be full of information; sit down, I suggest you use it. A lot of times, I will end up smiling; I almost rubbed it off on you!

D: [Thinking about how well the channeling works.]

“Everything coming through me is so vibrant,” she said.

D: Is this voice the multidimensional self that Seth refers to in the book?

By no means have I said to you otherwise. Sometimes you have to be pushed. You may ask your question about Eric now.

[Note: This next section would prove to be the very first personal reading that I would do for anyone besides myself — this was for my housemate Eric. Eric’s girlfriend Chan had been living at the apartment with both of us for a time, and had then moved into an apartment just up the street.

Eric had been talking to me about the possibility of breaking up with her, since they had so many problems. I freely offered to ask my readings about the situation and see what they would say.]


D: Is Eric doing the right thing?

The transition was already made; he’s been working on it for months, in the dream plane, you know.

It is absolutely the right thing for both people, and they both feel that.

Breaking out of these lessons can be somewhat traumatic, though. When you love someone, it is really hard to lose your control.

[Eric,] you have made the right decision, my son. The new year will bring many transitions for you, some of which you may not expect. We were listening to you, and we will help you out. It’s best for you to get that over with.

You keep saying to try a little harder, but the decision is already set in stone, so why wait?

However, you have my admonitions regarding Christmas and the vacation. Give yourself some breathing room within the timeframe to allow her to ease into it herself.

[Chan’s voice:] “When are you coming back?”

However, trust your feelings. If you can’t wait, then there’s no sense in holding it inside. You knew this months ago.

It is nice to see you aligning with your true path. Don’t tell me you don’t think this is going to work; nonsense. You are more than ready to take that chance, and Chan is good and ready to leave you.

You may be interested to know that your student loans for New Paltz have come in.

[Note: This was another one of the real fantastic synchronicities from the early days of the Wilcock Readings. I did not understand why the reading had said this sentence, since Eric had already graduated from New Paltz!

More than a month after this reading, I came home to see Eric telling me to sit down. Once I sat down, Eric said, “You’re not going to believe this. It turns out that New Paltz found an old student loan check for me at the bottom of one of their file cabinets. The check was for $900 dollars! Somehow, your reading predicted all of that in advance!”

When the sentence first came in, I was completely stumped, since Eric had already graduated from New Paltz. At first I actually demanded that they reword the sentence, since I thought it couldn’t be true. The reworded version said, “…your student loans have come in — you should visit New Paltz.” I have restored it to its original form here.]


We’ve been out to see the fish show already; no more dairy. Your calcium needs adjustment.

People on a lesser path will not know the richness that awaits you. So soon will you return.

I never complained about the foreign assignments I was given; however I realized when they had followed their due course.

[3/25/09: On the one hand, Chan was Asian, so this could be a more encrypted level of the same message to Eric about the importance of leaving her — it had “followed its due course.” On the other hand, the “foreign assignment” could just as easily be the idea of being a Wanderer on this planet.] 

Some people want to buy something, others want to get a sense of what it looks like. After careful inspection, they should have reason to believe that there might be another way.

[Note: The preceding sentences have to do with Eric ending his relationship with a foreign girl; his “foreign assignment.” He didn’t actually want to “buy in” to a lifetime commitment, and after he carefully inspected the situation he did realize that there was indeed “another way.”]


She was delirious, but she’s not anymore. It is important that you see that this experience will give her a more balanced approach to life.

Recognize the synchronicity between the relative birth and death times of your and David’s relationships. Two years, two months!

[Note: This did turn out to be entirely accurate, as I did not finalize my own breakup with Yumi until a few days before this contact began. Therefore, both relationships lasted for almost the exact same length of time.]


Saturday 12 / 28 / 96 — 8:09 a.m.

The mechanics of social transition come with diligent practice. To throw this concept around all at once may be too great.

You’ll get the answers you’re looking for when you least expect them. On the one hand, I improvise information, on the other hand it is always there.

We agree that your conceptions are somewhat limited, but it is good to see you working on expanding them. Sticking to the task and the idea is not difficult for me. The metaphors are designed as tools for you to learn and understand.

Over and over again, I have been asked to speak, and my messages are distorted. I have tried to work with natural medicines in order to heal you properly.

[Note: Of course, everything about the Cayce Readings worked with natural medicines, so this is an interesting line.]


You should move out of these feelings of guilt into a recognition of your own wealth. Playing Barbie-doll in this society leads to death.

Straight up the middle pathway are the ideas I will be sending in. Those who are either too far or too close will not grasp the message.

D: Do Eric and I have past reincarnational existences? Feel free to use metaphor if necessary.

[Note: The strongest evidence now suggests that Eric is the reincarnation of David Kahn, Cayce’s “best friend” who was a constant figure during the years of the readings. I would eventually discover that the facial similarities between the two are quite remarkable.

Therefore, the forces were treading on very thin ice here. They had to answer the question, but somehow not give away the facts too early. This was one time where I asked a question that forced them to do a good bit of dodging.]


Understand that in this world, no two spaceships are the same. He has his origin, and you have yours. However, there is a bond there by the duality of your physical natures. The opposing polarities are a fairly harmonious match. The other things we talked about will require greater and greater diligence on your part.

[Note: In other words, not all of the information that they possess could be given until they saw “greater diligence” on my part. The “other things” yet to be revealed would not come into play until 1998.]


Your reincarnational existences have, to a great part, been inspired by your status as an alien to the planet, and Eric has experienced a similar difficulty. Thus, [he made] the decision to come in a physical vehicle that was challenged from the beginning.

[Note: This statement has to do with the fact that Eric has always been short since he was first born, and required repeated surgeries at a young age.]


We want you to understand that no grudges are held, for we believe fully that you both will attain salvation in the years ahead.

The way has been paved for many to cross the barrier. The time is now, and all indications are “Full Steam Ahead.”

D: So, did Eric and I have a past life together?

It is the level of vibration that attracts. Well, Heliopolis was a site that you [both] knew well, but it gives itself over to the Empire, and all is lost.

[Note: This obviously suggests an Atlantean / Egyptian connection, most likely that of Ra-Ta. The Empire could be the negative force that exists on the planet. In the Ra Material, they use this same term for the Orion entities.]


A more straightforward, rigid and canonical dictation awaits you in the future. We have just been waiting to see your progress. It has been impressive, to say the least. So we await your further analysis of this material — we insure you will not be disappointed.

[In reference to extraneous information interfering with these readings,] that hasn’t bothered me in the last few weeks. Your intonation has been quite good. I’m glad, because now you are saying, “Now is the time,” whereas a month ago you were saying, “Later will be the time.”


Tuesday 12 / 31 / 96 — 6:30 a.m.

Let me run one thing by you: Math, as geometry, as indistinct.

The validity is not in what you measure, it is in what you perceive.