[Updated 3/14/09]

What follows is the raw data from the first half of December 1996 — the earliest days of the Wilcock Readings. Published on-site since 1999, you can see how the readings predicted an upcoming car crash for David, and ultimately tied it in with a remarkable prophecy of 9/11 — which at this point was still five years away!


What follows is the raw data. The readings are the main text, and everything else — comments and / or dream data — are indented. 


Mon. 12 / 2 / 96 – 7:00 a.m.


In your cap and gown, think about what you are shopping for, for a moment; aquamarine, the colors of the spectrum. Control your data, flowing in through information. Slow down the matrix [of your thoughts.] Your work has many serious overtones.

Many people feel they are lost. It’s quite appropriate in this society, though. How do you think I feel about it? I never say anything to cause this. This is my speakerphone; this is something you can watch – it will be around for many years. We need some purchasing orders badly.

[Note: Obviously the statement about them “needing purchasing orders badly” indicates that they want many others to do the same thing that I was doing here.]


Silence is your greatest ally. We’re really proud of you; you’re doing so well, just time it.

Greasy foods [give a person a feeling of] belonging. Milk is an endangering mechanism. Who wants to decide when they will choke to death? But, when you choke to death, that’s when you will buy more things.

[Note: The Cayce Readings spoke endlessly about the importance of healthy diet. This sentence implies that the reason why these deadly food products were promoted was to siphon more money from the public through healthcare.]


D: What is your impression on the book I am now reading, Patricia Pereira’s ‘Songs from the Arcturians’ ?

It is as it should be. We will attempt to set you up with similar forces. Listen to the radio for details. We have almost determined the breadth of your ancient knowledge to have. It’s a lot to write about. (Image of megalithic stone underwater ruins, like Atlantis.)

[Note: Now I know that what they really are referring to here was how much of my Atlantean knowledge as Ra-Ta they could reassimilate into me in the present moment. Also, they seem to be calculating exactly how much they can tell me about all of this without giving away the secret too early.

If I had known at this stage in the game, I might not have appreciated the struggle to learn the technique properly. I also would probably have viewed all of my work through the lens of the Cayce connection, and this would have dramatically changed the content.]


For this month, there will be lots of surprises; Habitu.

[Note: That same day, I would end up driving past a new place in the town where I worked, as a passenger in the van. Just as I read this line in my notebook, I looked up, and there was a restaurant sign that said “Habitu.” That was a big surprise!]


I want you to know someone who lives on the other side of the Force, where the dreams will bring about a reconciliation. It’s not always easy, but it can be done.

The patriarch is winding down, landing with such a force in each stanza. More and more, the barriers are toppling. Those who have faith in the one capitalizing on the shopping [are misguided;] we all know by now that this is a malevolent force that will soon disintegrate.

Murder is still being sung in the hearts of foul men. Save thyself up on the river. Know that the decades of tyranny are over.

Accept that circumstances have changed; there is a new understanding now that is being brought out into the light. People will not be the same; with the speed of thought, they will fly and travel.

The reason [we are telling you all this] is for YOU to provide a cloaking mechanism, when all goes platinum [in the Ascension.] It will divide the Mormon records as those of the Church, as usual.

When you are lying in bed trying to sleep, that is a good way for you to meditate. [It is] better than more wasteful lessons involving space and time.

You have listened to your instincts and they have served you well, and now it is time to go on from there. Since someday it will be lost, it is good that you keep it on this information sheet, or tape recorder.

D: Will I be able to tune in to extraterrestrials soon?

I’ll figure something out; give me time. A special object is being geared up for you, so you must run the obstacles through. Time to go. I think you will be surprised at the breadth of the material. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love, my friend.

[Note: The “special… obstacle… being geared up” for I was obviously the imminent car accident that they would produce. This was definitely an “obstacle” that I would have to “run through.” (In both crashes I hit an obstacle.)]


Tuesday 12 / 3 / 96 – 6:30 a.m.

All is as it should be. Regular topics will be announced here soon; the content is for you to decide. [As for you] slowing down the matrix, we’ve been that way before. It’s such a mess when you’re dividing; a loose stain on the side of the road. Go inside and look around; look at yourself [and] see what you might find.

[Note: The “loose stain on the side of the road” was another preliminary prophecy about my bad driving and the possibility that they might need to create a traffic accident for me to balance my karma. The “dividing” that they were referring to was my own tendency to split my personal polarity between positive actions of service to others and negative, self-serving actions.]


These sensory tools are to be used for your awakening. In unison, the voice of the Creator sings out, but who shall decode the signal? Continued assumptions prove incorrect. It is our pledge to be of assistance despite the circumstances.

[Note: Again, another prophecy regarding my difficulties in life at that time; the degree of imbalance within me.]


Those who learn the truth of religion will find themselves in an inverse position to the dictates of society. [These] discussions [are] reminiscent of our talk so long ago. The memories come quickly, like fleeting ghosts.

[Note: Again, this paragraph is another reference to our having co-created the Cayce Readings, and the fact that they have now been reinstated.

Furthermore, the sentence right before this makes it even more interesting. Cayce certainly did learn the truth of religion, namely that Christ taught reincarnation. This knowledge definitely increased Cayce’s degree of conspiracy in the public eye at the time.]


By 2010, germs will have rid the Earth of many problems. Overpopulation is nothing to scoff at. It’s like when you have this much as opposed to this much. (Image of a man holding out two hands, showing that there was more weight in one than in the other.) The frequency of your data is consistent. Learn to accept new paradigms as we enter them into your mind/body/spirit complex.

D: What should I do with Joe Mason? Should I lean towards the idea of a book, or a webpage, or both?

It’s a real nice book; I have already seen it. You should make copies for anybody who knows how to read. The Internet is too limited. You could do it at your own pace, or you could do both; wouldn’t that be a good idea? I guarantee you’ll like it, just be careful. Your motivational program will take on a whole new dimension. Who is to question your sanity? There are many copycats, but that is why this book will be original. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Tues. 12 / 3 / 96 – 7:26 p.m.

D: A voice just said, “Go get a piece of paper” while I was meditating here.

[Note: This particular reading was highly inspired by the extremely poetic content of Patricia Pereira’s materials, which I had been reading at the time.]


A new thought is enveloping you. Obscured by the obstructions in your mind, yet rapidly coming into focus. A Christmas tree, its parlances to behold.

[Note: “Parlances” means speeches. This Christmas tree is a metaphor of the Birth of the Christ Within, which would be an ongoing topic as these readings progressed. The Christ was being born in me, and was now speaking or “parleying” through me.]


I have a feeling you’re not alone in this; the children will understand the new standard.

[Note: Apparently, some of Cayce’s last words before his death were as he came out of a dream. He said, “I finally understand: It has to start with the children. It has to start with the children.”]


Obscure light refractions are diffusing into the population. The mirror is kept gleaming brightly. In the forest of thought, the storm is dissipating, as a free expression of thought comes to the mind, flowing and dancing freely like a magical sprite.

The cloaks that have enveloped us will be cast away, for there is a new shade under the sun. Those with wings shall soar above.

Abstract thoughts and notions are brought with serendipity into the arena of believing. The vines in the musty forest provide anchorage to higher levels. Above the treeline, one sees a most beautiful splendor.

He who is pure in heart will have no difficulty attaining this, for it is one body, one mind, one soul, and the abstract thoughts and notions of the past will be shed away like an old skin. Swiftly come the messengers of destiny, bringing with them the notions of a new age. It is but for you to perceive it that it may become reality.

The dimension of thought runs deep — its length and breadth cannot be measured by your three-dimensional instruments. Its scope is historic in ways you cannot even comprehend. The abysmal failures and longings of the past will no longer hold sway over you.

Confused in a box, many will open to new surprises. Thought patterns are divided among the many from the One. Those abuses of intellect will fade away.

The abstract notion that one can survive without words is not a myth, but reality. The technological abuses of Earth’s history will fall away. What you choose to believe is for you to decide. The choice is around you, and you may drink of it. No one survives in the pathways of the dead.

If you believe there is only one mind, how can there be two different people? This communication grows thin. Duty stands before you, and you must embrace it. Fear not, for God is with you in the Light and love of infinite creation.

[Note: We can see that even though this reading was the first of its kind, it was quite rough. Most notably was the repetition of the word “abstract” and the double usage of that word in the line “abstract thoughts and notions.” This was only a glimmer of what I would be capable of producing later on.]


Wednesday 12 / 4 / 96 – 7:00 a.m.

My gift to the world will be a 3 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. Expect it on Friday. This runs counter to earlier systems of thought. 90 minutes till 10:00.

[Note: This turned out to be the definitive prophecy that foretold my auto accident that Friday. It occurred at 8:30, or 90 minutes until 10:00.

The police officer wrote me a ticket, and it was indeed on a 3 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. It is interesting that the source says that this is its “gift to the world,” as it was apparently very necessary for me to go through this to balance my karma — even though it may have “run counter to earlier systems of thought.”]

[3/14/09: This is one of the readings referring to the car crash that was my own personal 9/11. You can see in this passage a reference to the 9, as in 90 minutes, and the 11, as in 3 1/2 by 11. This might not seem important until you go further along and see how accurate the prophecy was!]


D: Will you tell me a little more about yesterday’s vision of underwater architecture?

Nothing is forever; the reason why you have such difficulty with that is that you were passed up. It’s time for another cycle to go around. Come with me, and I will show you the way to the Light. The path is slippery, so one must run carefully.

[Note: Here, it is important to remember that my crash was caused in large part by the slippery nature of the road that Friday morning — it was all ice slush. The idea of my being “passed up” from the Ascension that occurred during the time of Atlantis stuck with me for a long time.

I felt that it explained my current frustration in this life. Since this is also about Ra-Ta, we can speculate that because of Ra-Ta’s troubles with women, he did not actually Ascend but was forced to return to Earth for a successive series of incarnations.

Some might think that Ra-Ta had to have Ascended. After all, he supposedly left the Earth planes through the use of the Great Pyramid, which he was partially responsible for building.

However, since he had many more physical incarnations, he obviously had not cleared the necessary personal hurdles that would have allowed him to Ascend. Although this was not covered per se in the Cayce Readings, it does make perfect sense.]


It is important that you stick to a schedule. We’re a little out of range time-wise. Eventually, there will be more for you.

I’ll check again to make sure your seatbelt is buckled in.

Trust your instincts above all else, for they will not fail you.

It’s terrible; it’s so far away.

In working on advancements, some times it is necessary to fall asleep. The supervisor will see you again.

Cloudy glasses, you’re fine; it’s similar to what happened before.

[Note: Here, there are more prophecies of the car crash. The readings refer to the seatbelt and “cloudy glasses,” or the fogged-up windshield that I had that day. When they say that it is “similar to what happened before,” they seem to be referring to my previous car accident the winter before.]


But seriously, you have to start thinking of the world. You don’t have to, but it has suffered long enough. Saturn wishes you to be happy; oh, well, I’m satisfied.

[Note: Saturn is the planet of difficult trials and experiences, and this certainly could be the ruling planet in the astrology chart for a car crash.]


You’ve got it named; you have me, I am peaceful and Ph.D.

Your cap and gown can be pretty exciting, as long as you clean it every once in a while. Your work shows promise; new thoughts and information will be arriving to you soon.

[Note: Here, they seem to be allaying my concerns about not going on to graduate school. The implication is that my own “Ph.D.” would come about through the readings themselves.]


It’s time to do some shopping; shopping for lunch specials. Which one do you want, Christina? We just found oysters in the microwave; if you could try them, you might like them, for I’ve been here for a long time, and I know you pretty well by now.

Don’t forget that there are starving kids, Afrikaan, African. It’s basically a series about the hopes and doubts of living and growing up in America. Look to the end of the book for some insights on that one.

[Note: Here, they are referring to the fact that I ended up with an eating disorder from trying to obey the strictness of their diet. They referred to me as “Christina” to illustrate how I am a part of the Christ [ina] Consciousness.

Their comment about looking to the end of the book was indeed correct, as I still have to focus to make sure that I eat enough food in a day. Since I have learned to eat very little, and not to indulge in “appetite foods,” I sometimes have to remind myself to eat.]


You know I’m late, Dave. I’m supposed to be sitting right next to my supervisor at this point. [Voice was of a grandmotherly woman.]

Did you assume that I was male this year? Wrong again. The birth of stars; you must check your messages. You need to go to the bathroom now, and get changed for work. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

[Note: I did not realize that they were talking about me when they mentioned “the birth of stars.” I had no idea that I had been someone famous in a past life. This was also my very first clue that there were at least two entities, a male and a female, behind this work.]


Thursday 12 / 5 / 96 – 6:50 a.m.

Private dummies adorn your collection. When the answer is so simple, it is also so terrible; still, when I think about it, it would be nice if I had more than one hope.

[Note: Another apparent prophecy of the car crash; the “crash dummy” and the “simple, yet terrible answer” to my situation.]


It’s all mixed up; right now, I’d rather not talk about it. The missing pieces fit together, and then again, sometimes they don’t.

Think deeply about what you are planning on embarking on.

Many great rescue squads have come into being. Their illustrious voices sing high the praises of the Creator. To give you details at this point would be redundant.

You need little or no prompting in order to get through most things; that’s why it was such a tragedy.

[Note: There would indeed be a rescue squad that appeared at the accident site. They had already carefully predicted this upcoming event in the past, so it was not necessary to keep giving further details.

They spoke about it here as though it had already happened, for in their perspective it already had. They had already designed, planned and executed it in what I would call ‘the future.’]


One must see that you cannot live only on hummus. Jeopardizing your health had severe consequences. You lied to me about certain things, and that was hard to compensate for.

And the truth is, some of it goes way back to the mind essence of what I was saying before. Truly the highest order is to know one’s Self — everyone has a similar weakness.

[Note: My lies included the fact that I had promised in prayer that I would stop driving poorly, and also the fact that I would try to eat better. I often was subsisting on things like Blue Chips and hummus dip, and they directly targeted that here.]


It is aesthetically pleasing for me to see you growing, and I know that one day we will integrate in views together as One. I know that you are going to finish with accolades and high honors. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Friday 12 / 6 / 96 – 7:35 a.m.

[Note: This was the morning of the accident. It would happen as I traveled to a separate location to undergo training for the agency that I worked for. The training started later than my shifts normally did, so I was able to sleep longer that morning.]


Under the aegis of friendly planetary transformation, the talk show host has got a new one. They’re all special effects, designed to ride the lightning bolts.

[Note: As we will see when we go on in this reading, they refer to the current news media as being like a talk show, and thus a car accident is another tragic event that might draw the media’s attention.

The reference to “lightning bolts” has to do with the archetype of the Tower of Destruction or Lightning-Struck Tower in the Tarot card deck. Lightning is a metaphor for the power of Spirit entering into the physical world to restore balance by causing destruction.

A person usually gets the Tower card in a Tarot reading when some personal disaster is about to happen to them that will balance their karma. That is certainly the case here.]

[3/14/09: This is the first sentence that directly ties in the 9/11 prophecy. In context we see a statement that it is ‘special effects’ — i.e. a “science fiction story”, as it says later. We also see that it will become a huge issue on talk radio, which it absolutely did.] 


It’s doctor-recommended; who is going to ask the pediatrician? Who is going to look at the Self with tangible results? Self-awareness is the key to building a foundation.

[Note: Here, they seem to be implying that the crash was “pediatrician-recommended,” meaning that I needed the crash to heal the childish part of myself.]


If a person is sick, they need constant attention. If a person is real sick, they need to collapse. Sometimes a habit must be dropped cold turkey in order to leave it.

All pleasantries have been exhausted; there is no other way for the energy to flow. The patriarch must be denominated.

[Note: This is more reference to the imminent crash — since I was “real sick” in my treatment of others, my bad habits needed to collapse, so that I would “drop them cold turkey.” I was being the “patriarch” by driving in a typical, aggressive male fashion.]

[3/14/09: This was my personal collapse, my personal 9/11. On the global scale, what happened on September 11th, 2001 did indeed lead to a massive public awakening about the negative elite — thus making huge steps towards the deconstruction of the patriarchal structures that have kept us held down for so long.] 


It’s the greatest science fiction story ever told.

Someone comes in — Rescue 911. CBS and ABC give it adequate coverage.

A cast-iron fence is wrought around the victim’s body.

An impenetrable wall needs only be potentiated by positive energy.

[Note: Here, we have a direct reference to what would happen. The person I collided with would end up claiming an injury to try for insurance money — hence the first statement about the science fiction story.

We have a direct reference to the ambulance crew, as Rescue 911, and then the fact that our society loves to cover accidents and disasters. The cast-iron fence around the victim’s body is obviously the car itself.

Then, they say that the “impenetrable wall” of my own bad driving needed to be potentiated by this accident, which was ultimately a positive thing to happen.]

[3/14/09: These are the key lines that predict 9/11. It is called “the greatest science fiction story ever told,” which is appropriate considering it was made to look like it was caused by burning jet fuel — but of course this is impossible. 

“911” is actually mentioned directly, plus the tongue-in-cheek joke about how “CBS and ABC give it adequate coverage.”

The “cast-iron fence… wrapped around the victim’s body” seems to refer to the structure of the steel beams after the World Trade Center fell — as they did indeed look exactly like a fence made of metal.]


In the context of the rest of the people, the material you present is truly a magical gift. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.


Saturday 12 / 7 / 96 – 7:00 a.m.

[Note: This was the first statement made after the accident itself.]

I don’t know what to do; the answer is so simple. This has been a bad time for you in years past; part of it was that you manifested the appropriate stress in order to maintain balance.

You also needed to take a few more driving lessons.

I’m sorry it had to happen; compassion can be many things. Don’t go out the door. Don’t go outside; stay inside for a while. I guess we’re going to have to make this up as we go along.

We people at being No One Thing [know that] it is better to know oneself then to know themselves. As the story ends, it begins again.

I don’t argue about those things, because I try to keep them cohesive.

I apologize for right now, because it is so exciting and difficult. That’s something that is mentioned in our books; she’s hammered.

Well, you can’t wish it on anybody. It was appropriate for both. I almost had a heart attack; my stomach was killing me. Don’t touch it for a while, that’s the best way.

[Note: I certainly got “hammered” by my karma in the traffic accident. They often referred to me as a female in these readings. Apparently the person whom I hit also needed to have an accident to balance out their karma.

There is no way for I to know if this is true from a conscious level. It is interesting when the forces say how difficult it was for them to design the accident, as they make reference to having “stomach pains” and almost having a “heart attack.”

These are obviously metaphorical terms for a sense of dis-ease that they were feeling before the accident itself, hoping that it would work exactly as they had planned it.]


Things happen in the car. People choke to death; there are a lot of accidents.

Let me tell you the first one I was in. I was behind some guy doing about 30. A truck came along and almost hit me, nearly ran me off the road. In order to survive, I had to go over the shoulder, into a ditch.

The car got messed up, but I was okay. Your antiquated highway system becomes extremely deadly with even the slightest change of conditions.

You knew this was going to happen too — that’s why you cursed when you saw the snow in the morning. You’re not going anywhere for a while after this.

[Note: I was continually puzzled by this paragraph when it first came in. The only way that I could understand what I was being told was that I must have had a recent past life, and that the “I” that was speaking had lived on Earth when automobiles were in use.

Since I couldn’t really understand this, I just threw it out as bad data at first. Obviously, in hindsight this must have something to do with a traffic accident that happened to Edgar Cayce.

I have yet to find any mention of something like this in any of the Cayce books, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have happened; after all, hardly anyone goes through life without being in a car accident of some sort.]


Tuesday 12 / 10 / 96 – 6:00 a.m.

The amphibious creatures will sustain; nature will accept some new people.

[Note: This could be a prophecy about the damage that frogs would sustain as we head closer to these changes. Art Bell and Linda Moulton Howe have publicized this amphibian genetic damage quite well in the last year.

I definitely thought that the “new people” could be about the Martians who were referenced in Brown’s book, and my suspicions were strong enough that I asked a question about it.]


D: What about the Martians? Is [Dr. Brown’s] remote viewing on this accurate?

Yes, quite possibly. I’m aware of what is happening. You don’t understand anymore, as a people. This stage is very complicated. [Image of mining carts.]

Right now, I’m down to 173. One, seventy, three.

There are vans out there; there are people, definitely people. This is a situation that includes the Anglo signs; there’s a number if you want me to.

[Note: Brown’s research does tend to support the idea that mining carts could be involved with the Martian situation. The number 173 could be a reference to how few survivors there are still remaining on Mars in the present — perhaps 173,000.

The “vans” could be their own form of spacecraft that they use for travel. The term “Anglo signs” seems to be a direct reference to the crop circles. The number they are referring to could be just about anything — possibly a frequency number associated with the time cycles.

of this implies that there are crop circles that have to do with this life on Mars. I definitely know of at least one that has to do with this.]


My own Megastar program — yes, He talks to me. Yes, this is Stone Age, Stonehenge.

From what I heard, they’re coming down here. Swordfights, mine enemy.

The patriarchy will be dismantled. Let’s see when the big happening occurs. June 3rd, July 10th. By that season, people will be sick of it.

Scissors on the ground, shit like that. I just don’t want to see people beginning to hurt themselves. This will be a very crazy time for most.

[Note: These dates might possibly be in 1999. At the point of this writing, now on June 21, 1999, there is some reason to believe that the June 3 date could have been a loose triangulation on the whole Kosovo affair, and the surrender that occurred from the intensity of bombing. I haven’t seen July 10 yet, so I don’t know if this is also an interesting date.

This paragraph seems to be a discussion about how this source was able to contact a higher source for its own information.

Chuck Shramek, the amateur astronomer who created such a buzz about the Hale-Bopp comet, was using something that he called the Megastar program to do his work, and that is where they got the metaphor.

The reading seems to be predicting a war, since there is the phrase “Swordfights, mine enemy,” and the statement concerning the dismantling of the patriarchy.

Time will tell at this point, although the current April 1999 situation in Kosovo certainly appears to have the potential of getting worse before getting better. (This idea of the dates being in 1999 was supported by a dream that I had, the night after I wrote this paragraph, about a person throwing scissors at me.)]


In my opinion, it might be very good for you to be familiar with the feelings that I am going to have. Several include encasements; dealing with infective tissue, infected waste. I can deal with it, as long as I can handle it.

That’s the most infective and horrible problem; of people not going to blight right now. Like I said, it will be no problem; you’ll be able to see something.

[Note: This seems to be a prophecy about the plagues that would occur in these crucial periods of time. Apparently our overpopulation in the present is causing such great despair to the planet that it is vital that the population numbers be reduced.

This is certainly supported by the data that I learned in my Sociology class in college called “Population.” These angelic forces are going to have to directly intervene to try to stop things like chemical warfare from occurring.]


I do not have a physical body, and yet I write this all. I write a hell of a lot, so check it out! I think you were half-asleep before I stepped in. You were sleeping. We’re forwarding it to you:

[Newscaster’s voice:]  “And now this is an example of the historical genesis of mankind; the pathways of linear time are open.”

[Woman’s voice:]  If you listen to me, I may not be as smart [as him;] I may have some difficulty. The hard part [for me] is getting the check coming in [for you.] There are jobs in your area that will be good for you. All right, let’s not dilly-dally this morning. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

[Note: I would later learn that the male entity was more responsible for the planning and design of life events, and the female entity was more responsible for the actual execution of those events. This early statement echoed this perfectly.]


Thursday 12 / 12 / 96 – 6:20 a.m.

It’s tough this morning; there’s a lot of noise, you knucklehead. Slow down the matrix.

Move that stuff out of the way; it’s like separating something. If you listen to me for just a couple of minutes, I will have some words for you.

Remember when you said you needed my help? Well, here I am.

We have many things to discuss; there is no need for you to be so worried.

A foolish request will not be honored, but food things are okay. Build yourself up with potatoes and salad. Anyone needs that kind of help; you can give it to them.

Can you go to sleep at night without staying up so late? That’s part of the problem we’re having right now.

Work quickly, so as not to lose face and faith. Your meditation practice should be geared towards the Star Trek qualities.

Now you see that if you masturbate, you take all of our energy away to do this. The still, small voice requires great concentration. It’s sometimes not easy when you’re not listening. Similar mistakes on subsequent days cause me a great deal of distress.

How are you? You sound psychologically better. I will have to ask permission to make my point. That’s the best idea you’ve had all morning.

These energy systems are no joke; you really have to stop asking questions about it and just start learning it.

Make out a postcard and send it to me. You’ll get a reply in about three weeks. Come on, David. Let’s turn this around.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

[Note: It would be exactly three weeks before I ended up leaving my job. Here, they seem to be saying that they can also give out positive karma where it is warranted.]


Saturday 12 / 14 / 96 — 6:00 a.m.

[Image of myself a bus sitting down with a man about to tell me about UFO’s.]

The fact is, David, 95% of all these [beings] are working for the Federation. Say that if you ever feel that there’s something wrong with me. Say that if you don’t feel comfortable.

[Note: There would be a point in the future where I became completely alienated against my readings, and lose my trust in them for a time.]

[3/26/09: Ironically this was the case for a long time. I just didn’t realize it consciously. From the end of 2005 up until just this past two weeks or so, the readings were in a completely disorganized, practically unreadable state here on DivineCosmos.com.]


Our country is burnished to death, sublayered only once by people who are dedicated to change it.

[Image of Jude and I being in a fight, Jude representing my intuitive side.] You shouldn’t attack the healer. Easy does it.

Unglue all related manuscripts. There is a new, immediate story. Fear is thine worst enemy.

Something about the dollar will be increased, and the White House will also be increased. We are calm about it, it is just a matter of fact.

[Note: This seems to be a prophecy about the continuing economic and political boom that would be seen in the United States, culminating in the 1999 case of breaking the 10,000 mark.]

[3/26/09: This was also talking about the rise of the Bush White House and all the powers it would take on, such as creating the Department of Homeland Security, federalizing airport security, et cetera.] 


Image of changing crystals from hand to hand as being a bad idea.] With changing the crystals, realize that they are sentient beings. You should adopt a less painful approach of trying to contact us.

As has been stated now, you are the shepherd. Living vicariously through other people’s lives, now it’s time to turn your own life into an adventure.

Something good is going to be accomplished soon; the pathway to contact. The Dead Sea Scrolls are coming in. Play it cool, boy, real cool.

Remote viewing is just doing it with your mind; writing it down. Don’t change crystals in your hands; that is important.

You had an image of the phones, and now they’re coming available. I’m proud of you, David. Many people who ride this train would not be able to get off at that stop.

We admire your courtesy and casualty and courage. And, we’ve discovered that odd-shaped hormones can be laid to rest.

You’re considered to be the most spiritual being this earth has ever known, or not. The farther you go with us, the more of a role you will play. Hope yours have become new seers of your population.

[Note: The last sentence did not make sense at the time. One possible guess is that it is referring to the students of the Edgar Cayce readings becoming able to make psychic contacts on their own.

The thing about being the “most spiritual being the Earth has ever known” was obviously talking about the Christ Consciousness awakening in me, since Christ fit this category. Many others can and are doing this as well.]


I don’t know what to do. We’re teaching you remote viewing from the ground up. [Image of holding on to a pencil.] You’re going to want to start sketching things again, as soon as possible. Go and get the bathroom stuff done.

D: [Goes to bathroom.]

If someone asks you for comments for profit’s sake, then you tell them, “Not unless you want to sauté.” We can’t be gamblers here, you know. [Image of a frying pan.] There is too much at stake.

[Note: The Cayce Readings did often get involved with business, and Cayce had numerous bouts of bad karma for trying to use the readings to dig oil wells and make money. He actually left his family for four years doing oil prospecting.]


Why don’t you eat a little so we can get rid of that distraction? Come on guys, it’s time to go. You’re going to have to transfer all of this to the computer. Definitely lay off on the sugar — there’s a lot of pain in there now.

Realizing the power you have to change your situation will aid you in your anxiety and job worries now. But you needed to go through it first. You see, there are multiple reasons for why we may have pulled you out. [Image of the recent car crash.]

And also, the thing with cigarettes, but pretty soon I will have this under control. The people doing it will realize that smoking cigarettes is their doom.

Rice cakes; yeah, that’s a danger zone. No real nutritional value. Eat brown rice if you want to eat grains. As a snackfood, [rice cakes are] not bad, but not as a dietary supplement.

The idea is here; you should definitely clean up the tuna fish that you put in the refrigerator.

There’s a lot of chat here. Fix your stomach and we will go on.


11:07 a.m.

All that it costs is your time and friendship. In this world, there takes place many things that lots of people don’t know about.

Your idea is a rescuer; you are a rescue squad coming in from above. It is in the near-death state where you dream.

Your mind is coming out of range. That is okay. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 March 2009 )