Nostradamus on October 1999:

Will Current War Produce Land Shift?




[3/14/09: This is included to show how much I’ve progressed since the early days. I automatically assumed that the “darkest eclipse” Nostradamus referred to in the cited excerpt had to be August 11, 1999, which at the time was a major point of interest for me as it was a major “Grand Cross” astrological event and a good millennium marker.

It certainly is possible that a “major or epic land shift” would have happened to balance our collective karma had the world’s attitude about the Kosovo war not been positive and supportive enough. This is precisely what I was told in a reading. Here I was examining the possibility that such an event had been prophesied long ago.] 

In this article, we are reprinting what might be the single most important section of a book by Francois Masson called “The End of Our Century: According to Prophecies, Cyclic Projections and Other Means of Knowing the Future.”

Although this book was written in 1980, it used the obscure science of cyclology to predict exactly when the fall of the Soviet empire would occur- in 1990 / 91. [Articles on cyclology will be forthcoming on our website.]

What we will be looking at here is a remarkable correspondence of a rarely cited piece of text from Nostradamus, and how incredibly it “fits in” to the current global picture right now.

As we read the below, keep in mind that the Solar Eclipse that Nostradamus is referring to is set to occur on Aug. 11, 1999.

Pay special attention to the fact that Nostradamus says that “in the month of October a great motion will occur so that people will think the earth had strayed from her course,” implying a land shift of some sort.

This corroborates data in the Wilcock Readings that we might experience such a shift sometime this year. Nostradamus also indicates that this October land shift will be “following after extreme changes, reversal of kingdoms, and great earthquakes…”

This adds yet another layer of validity to the current prognostications within the Wilcock Readings that a land shift may need to occur to counterbalance the warlike efforts now being waged on the planet.

Nostradamus was somehow able to see this connection back in the 1500’s and now the same message is coming through a modern source as well. So, let’s begin, by bringing in the key passages from Masson’s book.

“To illustrate this correspondence we must look at the letter of dedication written by Nostradamus to King Henry II of France, June 27, 1558, which was printed as a preface to the complete edition of the Centuries.

In it Nostradamus claims to list all the dates, facts and places concerning future events, but curiously this letter is even harder to decipher than the quatrains, which refer after all to certain definite facts, many of which have come about since the Centuries were published.

Even so, this letter to the king contains a passage whose first part at least was clearly understood after the years 1930-1936. The text names precisely the nations who embraced fascism at that time and Nostradamus even enumerates them in the order of their appearance on the political scene: Italy, Germany and Spain.

Still, the rest of this excerpt remained rather obscure, although partially clarified by post-war events…

Excerpt from the “Letter to Henry II, King of France, Salon, the 27th of June 1558:

“[There] will be three regions over a wide extent of leagues, that is to say, Romainie (not present-day Rumania but the Roman nation, Italy), Germany and Spain who will make diverse sects by military maneuvers going from the 50th to the 52nd degree of latitude and all will pay the homage of distant religions to regions of Europe and the North;

From the 48th parallel who first in a vain timidity will tremble, then the more western, southern and eastern will tremble.

Such will be their power, brought about by union and concord, insuperable by warlike conquest. By nature they will be equal, but exceedingly different in faith (once again Nostradamus lists in order the countries that will tremble: first France, then England, then Greece and Yugoslavia, then Russia).”


So, that section of Nostradamus’ writings was a stunningly accurate reflection of World War II, as amazing as it must seem. And now we will see the section that immediately fast-forwards us into the present:

“After this (republic,) of greater power than the second shall be received by two nations, by him who had power over all, by the second and by the third, who will extend his forces all around eastern Europe, to the pannons (Pannonia, an ancient Roman province, including Austria and Czechoslovakia) ruined and subjugated it and

By sea will invade the Adriatic Trinacria (the three littoral countries of the Adriatic: Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece) by Myrmidons and Germans all overcome — and the barbaric sect will be greatly afflicted and driven back by all the Latins.”


Surely, the power and presence of what Nostradamus says in the above is quite awesome, given what we are now seeing in the world.

There is mention of a “republic of greater power than the second,” meaning that the Allied forces are now even more powerful than they were in World War Two.

The “extension of his forces all around Eastern Europe” could well refer to both the economic problems occurring in that section of the world, as well as the expansion of the Euro dollar. There certainly is a great deal of ruination and strife in this area of the world at present.

Then we have the direct reference to an invasion by sea of Italy, Yugoslavia and Greece. Even though Yugoslavia is the country in question, there certainly has been a great deal of unrest in Italy and Greece regarding the use and participation of their countries in this conflict.

“Then the grand empire of the Antichrist shall begin in the Atila and Zerses to descend with innumerable multitudes, so that the coming of the Holy Spirit proceeding from the 48th degree will cause a transmigration, chasing away the abomination of Antichrist making war upon the Royal who will be the great vicar of Jesus Christ and against his Church and his reign.

[This will occur] for a time and till the end of time and will precede a solar eclipse, the darkest that has ever been since the creation of the world, up to the death and passion of Jesus-Christ and from then till now.”

And in the month of October a great motion will occur so that people will think the earth had strayed from her course and was sunk in perpetual darkness; these will precede the vernal time. (Precession of the equinoxes.)

Following after extreme changes, reversal of kingdoms, and great earthquakes, and procreation of the new Babylon, wretched harlot swollen with the abomination of the first holocaust…

(This refers to the USSR, enlarged by the Holocaust of the 1939-45 war) …and will only last 73 years 7 months… (the length of the former USSR regime, Mar.- Nov. 1917 to Oct. 1990 – May 1991.)

Then will issue from the [Russian] stock, which had remained barren so long a time, proceeding from the 50th degree one who will renew the whole Christian Church, and great peace, union and concord will be made between the children of the tribes lost and scattered through diverse realms.”


Here, Nostradamus seems to be referring to a peacemaker emerging from Russia. In Masson’s book, there are repeated examples of this fact showing up in Nostradamus’ quatrains and in the Edgar Cayce Readings.

Furthermore, more recently Dannion Brinkley has made similar predictions. One must wonder if this peacemaker could be Gorbachev, who has indeed had a profound change in a very spiritual direction.

“Such a peace will be set up that the instigator and promoter of martial faction through religious disagreement shall dwell bound in the deepest Hell.

United will be the Kingdom of the Rabid who will counterfeit wisdom and the towns, cities, realms and provinces who had forsaken their old customs to free themselves, enthralling themselves more deeply, secretly regretting their liberty and true religion lost, will start to strike to the left to return to the right and restore holiness, so long desecrated, to its original statutes.”


That is the conclusion of the Nostradamus excerpt. Clearly, more research is needed.

What we can see is that Nostradamus refers clearly to the upcoming eclipse, and ties it in directly with the events that are now occurring in our world.

The Wilcock Readings have stressed that a land shift may indeed be imminent, due to the need for the Celestial forces to counterbalance the warlike actions now playing themselves out on the planet.

As of the time of this article’s writing, some remarkable steps are occurring within Congress to try to force Clinton and NATO to stop the war. If this or other peace initiatives work, we may indeed see that these prophecies never have to come to pass.

The Wilcock Readings have repeatedly stressed that each one of us indeed has a personal responsibility to create world peace.

Even though we might not feel that we as individuals could have any effect, the readings tell us that every single person who seeks and finds peace within themselves can make a significant difference for thousands of others who have not.

So, if we are able to remain positive, cheerful and loving, keeping an upbeat attitude about life, we are bringing incredible value to this planet in ways that we cannot even comprehend now.

Once we know that this is all we have to do, life becomes a much simpler proposition. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” takes on a whole new meaning. You just might be the one to provide that critical mass that halts the land shift from occurring. And that is a very refreshing thought. See you in the Ascension!