David Wilcock et al.




[3/20/09: At this point I was very heavily stuck on the idea that some phenomenal event was going to happen on August 11, 1999. My readings started the morning after I had a long conversation with Joe Mason of greatdreams.com on the phone, and he made a strong case for Nostradamus having flagged this conjunction. 

The idea was that the “Grand Cross” planetary alignment could cause enough energetic stress on the Earth to create a hyperdimensional energy shift. Even better, I had been seeing “numerical synchronicities” on clocks for years, and on August 11, 1999, the Sun would go into a full-halo corona — a total solar eclipse — at exactly 11:11 am GMT.

Since Mason’s words had directly led to my contact opening up, I had reason to believe he was right about this date as well. By this point it was less than two months away and I was looking for anything I could find in my readings that suggested it might be real.

Again, this is why it is important to keep an open mind in doing intuitive work, and never to see intuitive data as entirely factual — only something you can use to point you in a given direction.

Nonetheless, within this body of material we have an amazing prophecy come through: a very precise prediction of the election crisis that would unfold between Gore and Bush over a year later.] 



Greetings, members of our growing global Internet family. The following article is a collection of the most recent “Global” material that we have received in my deep-trance psychic readings. It contains everything pertinent in this category that was dictated from May 1, 1999 up to June 20, 1999.

The messages in this article are of an extremely urgent nature, as they deal with a series of massive events that are going to unfold in the very near future upon our planetary sphere. These events will dramatically, permanently affect every living person on Earth. The key question is exactly what these effects will be, and how to prepare yourself to reap the positive benefits of what is about to happen.

Please remind yourself that I am not aware of the vast majority of the content of what is being said in these readings until I transcribe the tapes myself. Therefore, these readings are as much of a puzzle and surprise to me as they are to anyone else; I simply make myself available for them to come through me.

Over the last three years I have learned to tune myself into a very deep trance that allows the information to come through unfiltered, without any significant distortions.

This purity of contact lends itself to highly accurate future prophecies and strange sentence structures and wordings, since my conscious mind does not distort the results that I receive. The forces responsible for these words have full access to the “probability vortexes” for our own future, so we must always look ahead for the events that they prophesy, as they have proven their accuracy on an ongoing basis.

All of this work has been fastidiously documented, and soon we will have the entire 3000-page catalog of readings and dreams available in archive form on the ascension2000.com website.

This is actually the third major article in a series that has been posted on the website about the current negativity and wars on the planet and how they might trigger a land shift on Earth.

We will see how the forces were scanning the situations surrounding the Kosovo crisis, and how the prediction was made in a dream of Milosevic’s imminent surrender. We will also see the continually developing idea that the Ascension itself will happen only moments before these mega-Earth Changes get started.

We have increasing reasons to believe that the time period of the Aug. 11, 1999 solar eclipse / Grand Cross conjunction could act as a “trigger-point” for these changes, and therefore for the Ascension as well. A Nostradamus reading from the 1500’s suggests that the land shift / Ascension event itself might not occur until two months after this conjunction, in October. A recent article about this reading is also on the ascension2000.com website.

The Ascension we are speaking of is a fundamental raising of the personal vibrations of many people to a higher level of frequency, actually rendering them invisible to those remaining in the third dimension. I have written a massive, 300-page “tour de force” about this from the scientific perspective, entitled Convergence.

This book may be downloaded and read free of charge on my website, www.ascension2000.com. I have received many Emails from people who say that Convergence is “the best book they have ever read,” “completely redefining everything they understand and believe about their lives on Earth.”

As time continues to tick forward, we may or may not see events occur on Aug.11 exactly. However, based on our scientific understanding of the hyperdimensional physics at work in our galaxy and Solar System, we have every reason to believe that this conjunction will significantly increase the strength and power of the fourth-dimensional vibrations that are streaming into the Earth and its inhabitants.

We will also see a reading in this article that explains that this eventual burst of energy from the Galaxy’s core will actually be physically visible in our skies! This might possibly be related to the idea of a “Coronal Mass Ejection” from the Sun, although it was not directly stated one way or the other in the reading itself.

[Note: I just saw “11:11” on the clock as I reread this sentence. That is the exact time that the sun goes corona during the Aug. 11 eclipse.]


So, what we can make from all this is that “at the last minute,” we have been able to figure out the hard science behind what is an eminently spiritual event on Earth. Most people look at this Ascension in terms of faith, and would not realize that it could actually be studied scientifically.

We believe that this work will attract a great deal more attention once the first ‘wave’ of Ascension has passed, as once it has, a full framework will be in place to explain exactly how and why it happened when it did. Many people will simply never believe that something this fantastic could be true until they have already missed the first major event itself. And even then, they may still reserve doubt.

On the personal level, these are a set of readings that have come from the Extraterrestrials responsible for the development of our planet throughout the last 75,000 years. None of these scientific findings would have been possible without their cooperation, and thus we can all thank them for their tireless service to this planet.

They present us with a simple message: by striving to be at least 51-percent motivated towards service to others and only 49-percent motivated towards service to self, we too will be vibrationally compatible with the Ascension vortex that is opening.

The experience that we will have as we go through this is too fantastic to be expressed with human language at this time. In the introductory chapter of “Convergence” we suggest some “training films” that can help you prepare your imagination for what this might actually feel like.

Lastly, you can personally be of great assistance to us in this work by booking yourself a “dream reading.” This is a low-cost opportunity to receive direct, personal messages from this same Source at a distance, regarding your own personal spiritual issues, questions and concerns.

The “dream reading” gives you a same-day priority-mailed audiocassette containing the deep-trance psychic reading itself, which works off of the results of a full-length dream that is incubated about you and your life. Please go to the very bottom of the www.ascension2000.com website for further information, and the Email address that you will need to get the ball rolling.

[3/19/09: All client readings were discontinued as of August 2005 due to an overwhelming demand far in excess of what we could meet, and a need for us to focus more on the universal rather than the personal.]


And now, let the readings begin. Remember that we now understand that the Earth Change content does not physically apply to us if we will be Ascending.


Friday 5 / 7 / 99 — 6:30 a.m.

The mountains will tremble when the fear looses violently upon the lands. Since we have decided to use this as a resource, it will indeed resolve many of the apparent contradictions that now exist in the global sense.

[Note: This is obviously a scary way to start, but let’s keep it in perspective.]


For just a few minutes, I had an idea. The concept of personal self-integration demanded effort and sacrifice on a level far too massive to be considered on the conscious level. [You are all] going beyond that level, and thus there is always going to be another opportunity for change and expansion thereafter.

[Note: The readings have often said that if “everything necessary” to prepare the majority of us for Ascension happened all at once, we would be “shocked at the severity of the occurrence.”

So, it says here that those who do not Ascend will go through a layer of “effort and sacrifice” that will be beyond the conscious level. This appears to be referring to Earth Changes, and the powerful subconscious transformations that they can produce in people.]


So, advancers led decliners by a two to one margin, and the New York Stock Exchange was approximately 10,661.24.

[Note: This last sentence is obviously a “time-stamp” about the current economic situation in the United States at the time this reading was done. Obviously this booming growth is one of the “contradictions that now exist in the global sense” that they are referring to here.]


Friday 5 / 14 / 99 — morning

[As you read this dream, keep in mind that it is actually a prophecy of the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Kosovo.]

D: At the end here, we had this oceanfront area, and these rockets were coming out of the sky. One of them hit me on the foot, and then another. They didn’t go off, whereas other missiles were. They were just little ones, so it wasn’t anything really bad, but it did hurt my foot.

Right after the rockets came, there were these really big tidal waves coming from the ocean, and I was really worried that they were going to slam me up against the wall.

Even more interestingly, the tidal waves definitely had messages on them that were written in bold Arial capital letters. Certain portions of the message were actually highlighted in red, which made it that much more poignant. Obviously, they had a very important “message.”

[Note: We can see that this is about the deliberateness of the Chinese embassy bombing, and also about the Earth Changes that could be triggered if our governments continue in this path.]


I tried to complain to a military type guy about what had happened to me, and he really didn’t seem to care. That was very lame, actually, because you expect at least a little bit of consideration in these matters. The bomb guy had already started to pick up the missiles, and so you couldn’t trace them back to their source.

[Note: This was obviously about how NATO refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing with their deliberate bombing of the Chinese embassy, and then deliberately tried to cover up the whole thing.]


Down in the South, there are those people whose opportunities may seem very limited. They do not necessarily understand the ways and means of skilled labor, and the processes of farm transformation from mass production to individual production. This is going to be one of the problems. The humanitarian efforts needed will not be available.

[Note: This is obviously again warning us that there is not going to be very much food once these changes hit town; it is certainly going to be a very serious situation.]


Let’s talk for a minute about the Kosovo crisis and China. In the dream here, we want to illustrate the fact that all those who fight do not represent the highest forces of good. There is a decidedly negative * component to what is going on, as was just evidenced in the public by the wholescale denial of the [deliberate] bombing of the embassy.

(* Synchronistically, a deafening jet noise outside halts dictation at this very moment. I am near several military bases here in Virginia Beach.)


Tidal waves of change are indeed rolling in, and this has stirred up and riled up the pot somewhat.

Disaster breeds contempt, and now you have a situation where the forces are indeed looking at this [war] as a means to an end, as a way to accomplish objective goals that were made a very long time ago in linear time terms, and have yet to reach their fruition in the present moment.

[Note: So, what we are getting here is that the hidden, multinational bankers supporting NATO have a goal of creating contempt in the Chinese that will lead to war. This is part of the “objective goal” of the New World Order that they seek to impart.

The gamble is that they can actually win a war against China, under the auspices of “He who has the most toys wins.” Furthermore, there is an indication of the increasing inevitability of tidal waves and land shifts as a result of warlike actions like the bombing.]


So instead of walking away from a situation, failing to see the truest import of these actions, it is important to look within. Recognize that the missiles that attack you at the center are created by yourself, and can indeed be easily deflected.

Part of David’s dream was to show the fact that the missiles involved did not actually create any great harm or difficulty, but rather helped to express how it is that this situation came about.


Sunday 5 / 23 / 99 — 4:49 a.m.

The audacity of the entire system is that it requires two times two in the number of participants to make it work. There is something failing you in the understanding of how this [war] has rekindled a long lost love that the international bankers have been searching for.

It is important to recognize that the globalist agenda is felt to have significance of a very profound nature, based on the existence of extraterrestrial life and the need to present oneself to it. And thus, similar to Manifest Destiny, these forces in your physical plane feel it necessary to strive to conquer in order to bring about these matters.

[Note: So what the readings are referring here is the commonly held belief that they have told our governments that we have to achieve world peace before they will accept us into their Confederation.

That puts the pressure on our governments to try to stop various conflicts in the world. Here, the readings are saying that the globalists have justified this war to themselves by saying amongst themselves, “ET made us do it,” when actually they have an entirely different agenda behind these actions as well.]


And so, when someone in the car wishes to be in the spotlight, we find that the others are forced to move aside temporarily as the Ego asserts itself. We do want to assure you that the course is still steady and clear, and thus do not be afraid by whatever transpires in the physical, as it is only indicative of a much larger arena of spectators that watch and guide these events.

We cannot take away your free will, but we do have an enormous number of resources available to us in order to produce change in your environment. That should be something of significance to you.


Thursday 5 / 27 / 99 — 7:18 a.m.

The average brother (in your colonial building) was open to a whole host of different tactics that would explain why the constitution was in deferment.

As they asked me if I was holding onto something, but not realizing anything about what that question meant, I had to reply with a question. And that question was, “Can despair and injustice be allowed to continue in the world?”

[Note: Based on the other readings in the articles before this, the “something” that the ETs are holding onto is the knowledge of the imminent use of further Earth Changes to counterbalance the current negatively polarized political and societal situations on Earth.

So, by balancing out our negativity as per the Law of Karma, they are helping to stop “despair and injustice from being allowed to continue in the world.” Obviously the “brother in the colonial building” is about the various forces in the United States Government.]


Their minds are clever with hatred. Part of what we are seeing here [in the present world picture] is the machinations of the deeper plan.

I vaulted down the reading text room, screaming. Now here and thereafter, this had really become something much more wonderful than I had ever imagined before.

So from our perspective, things are indeed looking pretty good, I think. Tie a tether to the balloon of the Spirit and be prepared for the ride as the Upgrade looms closer.

Many scientists will be quite puzzled and perplexed about this afterwards, but this is definitely not [going to be] an optical illusion.

[Note: The reading is saying here that the cataclysmic changes need not be feared for those who are following the basic teachings of service to others, reaching the critical 51-percent threshold that makes them ‘Ascension Compatible.’ This is the “Upgrade” that they are speaking of.]


D: There was some kind of parade going on that was supposed to be unique to Virginia. I then found out that it was actually like a military operation; there were military guys all up and down, and they didn’t even want me to talk. I was trying to fix my car – that was the big thing. I tried to talk on my phone and someone just immediately shut me up.

Then, I went back to this house that belonged to a spiritually minded woman I know. I looked up into a large tree in the end, and saw something so horrifying that I almost threw up right on the spot. The tree was totally overcome with festering slime, and there were all these babies in little amniotic fluid sacs hanging off of it. It was a really big tree and there were a lot of them, stretching over the roof of the house and into the yard.

[Note: If we look at the context between these two paragraphs above, the obvious implications in this dream are that this horrible pestilence being referred to has to do with the highly negative military actions now occurring on the planet. I have omitted the more graphic details for our squeamish readers.]


D: Since I didn’t see anything else I could do to stop this pestilence, I decided to start hurling rocks up at them. Even though I should have been afraid, I felt like I was just doing a necessary job and that it could be taken care of if I worked at it long enough. I did not feel that I was in danger, despite the horrors of the task I was undertaking.

After this whole baby scene, I found this person who was like my brother’s girlfriend. We were walking outside and I asked her if this tree thing was really a big problem. She said no, and that there were some guys who were coming to take care of it. I then realized that the horrifying clean-up work that I had chosen to do was not really my responsibility at all.

I then looked over and realized that my car was over in the next door neighbor’s driveway, and it was unbelievably new looking! There was no rust on it, and it looked very nice- it was brand new, shiny and polished. That was when I realized that someone had obviously taken really good care of my car in order to have it become so completely renewed in this fashion.

[Note: Some obvious things about the dream metaphor here are the idea of a new car being formed. This is the new vehicle, or body, that those who Ascend will be inhabiting in the fourth dimensional Earth that is now being born.

Also there is again the repetitive metaphor of the idea of not worrying about Earth Changes and pestilence, as the Ascension happens before the worst of these events. Furthermore, the “guys who were coming to take care of it” refer to the Extraterrestrials.]


In order to finish a large Experiment, we need to react to the Divine will of all forces involved. The free-will decisions of your people still determine the course of future events at this point. And thus, the only winnings are those credits gained when the gatecrashers of the Spirit are involved around this predominantly mixed-race issue.

We want everyone to be able to participate in this, because it is so lonely afterwards if they are not involved.

[Note: In the paragraph immediately after this note, there is a reference to a train. The train is another classic metaphorical dream symbol for Ascension that has emerged over and over again.]


We have to build the train from backwards to forwards, so if you think about that you can see why those who live in India are working so diligently upon self-reflection and absorption at this time.

Be it four years’ time, four centuries’ time or four thousand years’ time, there is a relativity to one’s perspective. So, in the present moment all phases of human civilization are again becoming visible, and this gives us pause.

[Note: What this seems to be about is a look at the history of India and the various times that they have been engaged in war in the past. Remember that there is a very clear description in the Hindu Vedas of the use of a nuclear missile or “iron bolt” which was “bright as the sun and turned elephants to dust.”

Robert Oppenheimer, one of the inventors of the atomic bomb, actually was quoted as saying that our first present-day nuclear test was “not the first time” that this weapon had been unleashed on the planet.

(The fall of Atlantis was associated with these nuclear exchanges, and it also might have something to do with the Biblical story of the destruction of Babylon. Remember that the woman “turned into a pillar of salt” by looking back to the destruction.)

Therefore, India’s development of a nuclear device is nothing new, merely a karmic repetition of the past. That is the point being made in this paragraph.]


Saturday 5 / 29 / 99 — 9:18 a.m.

All machines are now wrestling with each other.

In New Zealand there is a place where the taking of food becomes a felony punishable by death. Such a jungle law may soon also be here in the United States, if things continue in their present form.

We do not want to see the modern children of this generation being molested by a shadowy and insurgent world order that seeks conquest and hegemony.


Monday 6 / 7 / 99 — 10:45 a.m.

D: I’ve got my handy-dandy earplugs in and I was going to sleep until I was good and ready, so I did. The last dream was very weird. It started out with a Jesus and the Devil type of metaphor, and I was playing Jesus in this film. I knew for some reason that I could do all the things that Jesus would have done. I levitated a few lamps in the room and floated myself around.

The point that I was trying to make was that none of these “tricks” that I was doing really mattered. The only important thing was the message that I was bringing, which was to love other people. As I continued to play this character, I was really surprised to see that all of a sudden the others sprung into action with a pre-existent plot. It made it look as though they already had expected me to do this, and they had a script that was already worked out.

So actually, even though I showed them all this stuff, there was a certain amount of derision and skepticism in their ranks. And then I realized that although I was going through this Jesus script in a direct experiential sense, I suddenly reminded myself that the crucifixion was part of the play too. That was definitely bugging me out.

And then, the scenery of the dream gradually morphed into my father’s upstairs bedroom, where my brother and I used to sleep. A very involved plot got started with lots of Devil content. The Devil was manifesting in physical form, going around and causing lots of trouble with people, maybe even violent murders.

It was all set forth in a very cavalier sort of style, similar to how a play would. This definitely tied in with a section having to do with honors high school students in a cafeteria as well. They were all trying to take pizza and other things that were really not good for them, grilled cheese sandwiches with white bread. At first I tried to dissuade them from doing that, but I eventually took some of that stuff on my own plate.

Then there was a shift in plot, and I saw the forest where this Devil guy was doing his work. There were all these skulls with facial expressions of certain kinds, and they were sculpted into this smooth, very large dark gray stone that was pockmarked with tons of black dots, like volcanic stone.

I saw such a large amount of this evil stuff in a conventional-looking forest that it was really horrifying. It wasn’t actually really scary, since there was a certain measure of art to it. I just couldn’t believe how much of this there was, and I wasn’t sure that I liked what I saw. The sculptures were all as tall as I was, and they were everywhere – all of skulls of different sizes melting into each other.

Somehow, as I went through this forest I came into a situation where I ended up with this giant porno magazine. There was a picture of Madonna in it, and she looked very overweight, but more like pregnant. She had very dark circles under her eyes in the picture. It was a totally nude frontal portrait in black and white, and she seemed to be squatting but you could see that she had a very big stomach. No ripples, just very round. The magazine content was highly explicit and pornographic.

[Note: This depiction of a pregnant Madonna is obviously a metaphor for Mother Earth, and the imminence of the “birth” of the Fourth Dimensional vibrations. However, it is important to remember that the forces involved were viewing her in a pornographic fashion.]


It eventually turned out that I had secured the signature of her husband at the time on this magazine. However, I realized that even as Madonna’s husband prepared to sign the picture, he was saying how he really didn’t want to sign something like this. I didn’t have Madonna’s signature, but I did get his.

He had signed his name as though he were from Yugoslavia, and he had stylized his handwriting so that the “S” and “L” in the middle of the word turned into a big candle holder and candle. Furthermore, part of the Y came to touch the top of the candle where the flame was. That was definitely neat looking.

[Note: This dream has an extremely direct bearing upon our present situation. First of all, we obviously can all choose to aspire to become Christ within ourselves as well, and that was the point of the whole first portion of the dream where I was in an Ascended form. The dream then covers the school shootings, with the Honors students eating poorly in a cafeteria and the idea of The Devil.

In the last portion, we can see the connection of the Devil to the raping pornography of the pregnant Mother Earth, represented by Madonna. What is more interesting is the idea that Madonna’s husband, the man from Yugoslavia, had to sign something that he didn’t want to.

This was obviously about Milosevic’s acquiescence to the NATO forces, but I didn’t even see the metaphor for several days afterwards! Perhaps the metaphor of the word “Yugoslavia” having a candle in it had to do with the concept of a “memorial candle for the dead.”]


Tuesday 6 / 8 / 99 — 4:16 a.m.

The cows in the pasture have come home, and we consider and appreciate the facts that within your own galaxy, [tape flips] the entrainment or the repetitive looping of the processes in the present are soon to be circumvented by the explosion of new energy from the galactic center.

There is a certain manifestation of an energetic presence that will be physically visible, and that is an important part of understanding how this cycle functions.

[Note: The “cows in the pasture” might be about the return of our Animal Selves to the higher-vibrational levels. Again, we have the idea here of Earth Changes as being caused by an “explosion of new energy from the Galactic Center” that will circumvent “the repetitive looping of the processes in the present.”

We don’t know from this reading whether this will be a burst of visible energy from the Sun or from the galaxy’s core. We do have references to the “Gondharva fire at the end of an age” from the Hindu Vedas.

We also now have the amazing work of John Major Jenkins in Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, who has proven that the precessional cycle they are speaking of is connected with our relative positioning to the Galactic Center.]


Wednesday 6 / 9 / 99 — 8:37 a.m.

D: I just heard a very distinct sentence, so let me say it here now:

A rumbling newsquake rushed into Brazil, overturning cars and trucks and automobiles and wreaking havoc on the economy at large.

The seas from Japan spill over onto the lands, and we have seen all about that before. The steps on the long march back to progress can be rather difficult.


D: I also just cued on the words “Sao Paulo, Brazil,” but that might just have been analytic overlay.

[Note: We will have to watch and see what this could be about. In many other cases the readings have said we are not going to see mega-Earth Changes prior to the alleged moment of Ascension itself.]


On the jet, it will appear that two were obeying orders and one was carrying them out. In fact, it was a huge theater or arena of spectators, all of whom were responsible.

[Note: This cryptic sentence actually says that all the NATO nations are equally responsible for the war atrocities, not just the United States and Britain with the US responsible for all the actual bombing raids.]

The diseased chicken and mashed potatoes makes the wedding gown a little bit harder to wear, and we are not in agreement about that.

[Note: The part about the wedding gown is another obvious metaphor of Ascension. For example, in the book of Revelations it discusses “the bride and the bridegroom,” and this is about the wedding of flesh to Spirit.

The notion of “diseased chicken and mashed potatoes” is certainly open to the reader’s speculation. Based on the context of the dream this morning, it certainly might have to do with imminent future food shortages, and people eating spoiled food just to stay alive.]


The hotels were open when disaster struck. The landlord despised the conflict, but he understood that he could not surrender to the ultimate ordeal instead.

The white flag will rise, but it means nothing. Better instead to try to focus on the reality of the moment by moment quest to end the long-standing reign of violence as it now stands, through diligent application of all that you have learned in this life.

The top priority comes from the desire to cease the violence against self and others. That is very important.

[Note: This is the definitive statement from the readings about the end of the Kosovo war. The “landlord” they are referring to is obviously Slobodan Milosevic.]


D: I had some incredible telekinetic abilities in this dream, including the ability to dig holes in some soil that looked like grain. I was only trying to dig a nine inch deep hole, but I ended up using so much of my psychic power that I vaporized all the grain, in what appeared to be like three of the stalls in a barn.

Then after that, they were filled up with something else. Later on in the dream, I was actually able to recreate this food in other places, as well as hammer in nails at a distance through focused psychokinesis.

[Note: This portion certainly seems to be about food losses – entire giant rooms of grain suddenly ceasing to be present, as well as the idea that those Ascended could recreate them.]


The senate makes tougher laws on gun restrictions as a result of this whole debacle. Meanwhile, the fish fillet continues to settle down into a new predicament, and the oceans have been raped long enough; they cease to be viable in the future long-term scenarios.

That is yet another problem that we face here and should not be ignored.

[Note: Another obvious statement about the food shortage problems that we potentially face.]


Nor should the dividers that would settle up the lands amongst themselves fail to realize that the clubhouse they are playing in is not impervious to damage from outside forces such as ourselves, who would seek to right these situations.

So don’t fret and fume about the politics that you see on the Earth, as the focus, as always, is upon your own spiritual growth, enlightenment and Ascension.

[Note: Again, the forces are saying that even now that the war is over, there may still be Earth Changes in the Balkans “to right these situations” if they become too warlike or greedy. We have already seen an earthquake in Kosovo right in the middle of the war, as well as the almost constant bad weather that NATO had to contend with during their bombing campaign.]


We can say that the y2k collapse will indeed be of the ice storm variety, relative to the listing in the article that David has recently seen. Bearing that in mind, it is important to continue to prepare your food supplies, as we have always noted. Most importantly are to store the brown rice and dried beans in large 50-pound bags.

[3/19/09: This is another classic example of where I believed something so much in the conscious mind that I totally affected the course of the reading.

This is why it’s important to try to get yourself out of the way as much as possible, and never take channeled information as 100-percent accurate… no one is immune to interference if you consciously believe something strongly enough. You hear it come out of your mouth and it just ‘sounds right’, so you go with it.

Thankfully, there are enough provable prophecies and cryptic statements in my readings to repeatedly demonstrate that this is not what was happening most of the time.]

[Note: The article they are referring to was on the Sightings website, and was supposedly the results of a Department of the Navy / DIA think-tank on the y2k situation. They classified the possibilities of social problems into four main categories:

    1. Tornadoes – Short-term disasters in small, isolated areas.
    2. Hurricanes – Short-term disasters in larger areas.
    3. Floods – Long-term disasters in large areas.
    4. Ice Storm – Long-term disasters throughout the entire national infrastructure.

Obviously, the message being given to us here by the readings is to be prepared. However, the further implications are that many of those who will Ascend might not be around for the brunt of these disasters and land shifts. We should still prepare as though we will be around for them; if not for ourselves than for others.]


The Amtrak train station is boarding its passengers as the vehicle into higher realms now. And thus, as you do this, keep your focus on the Ascension and on the validity of these experiences in our society.

You will notice that more and more, you are becoming a being of light, able transcend the difficulties and hardships all around you. That was the point of this dream this morning as well.

[Note: What they mean by this was that the telekinetic ability to hammer nails at a distance to build new houses, and also the ability make food and water disappear and reappear are the Christlike abilities of a person who has Ascended.]

D: I also just again cued on “Taepo Dong Missile.”


Wednesday 6 / 16 / 99 — 4:34 a.m.

The world inbreeds the more that time goes on. Even some of our most secure sources revealed that knowledge to us. The human embryo develops in its sac a little while longer, and we already know the outcome of that particular question.

[Note: The first sentence above seems quite similar to what was said by the ET’s who spoke through Betty Andreasson; namely that humankind would become sterile.

The second sentence about the developing embryo obviously has to do with the Ascension / rebirth that we are waiting to see. It also has to do with the genetic program of the Extraterrestrials to produce the bodies we will inhabit in the new fourth dimensional Earth that we are all so looking forward to becoming a part of.]


To keep a journal or diary on these utterances is quite good, and remind yourself that when we have completed the mission, all failures will only be seen in the Light of missed opportunities.

The concern is that when others are at risk in some way, for it to be your Biblical flood of Noah’s proportions or otherwise, that we have not been able to get out the word quickly enough to warn the populace in such a manner. That is important.

[Note: Here they were speaking to allay my concerns that this material is not reaching a wide enough level of readership.]


Thursday 6 / 17 / 99 — 9:21 a.m.

D: This morning’s dream certainly had a lot of interesting qualities to it. There was definitely a whole section where I was getting together with someone who looked like Shirley Mc Laine, especially at the end. I knew that she was from Russia.

She typed something into the computer, and the computer automatically inferred her nationality by her choice of characters. There was a definite romantic vibe going on between us, although it was still in the early stages at this point.

There was a whole earlier section that involved a discordant old friend of mine, except that he was out in some really remote backwoods type of area.

There seemed to be a gun lying around that was heavy with black paint, but it was actually rubbing off and you could see brass underneath. My mother didn’t want me to have anything to do with it but I ended up carrying it with me. I just got the word “involuntarily.” I did put the gun down at the end.

[Note: This dream appears to be about the military “romance” that was forming between the United States / NATO and Russia. The content in the reading backs up this idea. Russia is presented as Shirley Mac Laine, a popular woman who was very public about her psychic abilities. This could be a statement about the mysterious ambiance that Russia has created around themselves.]


The vice president looks at this as being partly his own authorship, while not realizing that he is completely naked.

The interim period decides the next victor.

[3/19/09: This is an amazing sentence, because it ended up perfectly predicting the election crisis in 2000 between Gore and Bush. I wrote about this after it happened — first on November 24, 2000, when I discovered it, and then again on December 13, 2000 when Gore finally conceded.

Gore thought he could control the vote recounts in Florida: “The vice president considers this his own authorship”… but the New World Order / Neocon faction had already rigged the election, hence Gore did “not realize that he (was) completely naked” in this battle and could not win.

The election did not have an immediate victor — there was a prolonged ‘interim period’ between Election Day and the final decision, which came about through the Supreme Court. Hence, “the interim period decides the next victor.”

Next is my original note about what this might mean.] 

[Note: Based on the dream context, these above sentences seem to be about the military alliance between the United States (NATO) and Russia. The idea of the US being “completely naked” is interesting, as is the idea that “the interim period decides the next victor.” This story certainly is not over yet, and the readings imply that further military conflicts might yet take place. NATO is certainly not impervious to further Russian military action.]


We have come allying ourselves with those highest forces of Love and Light to insure that no one is harmed further than necessary.

In the event that a special staged appearance does occur, we have all the contingencies with women in place to make them back down. The women we speak of are those angelic entities of Light who can mediate in conflicts through means direct, and obviously more indirect as well.

[Note: This paragraph builds upon the idea of a military alliance between the United States and Russia that might again turn to bitter warfare. It seems to be saying that the forces will do everything they can to stop a larger war (or “special staged appearance”) from taking place. These direct interventions may be referring to contacts between the Extraterrestrials and the world governments, as well as the possible threat of Earth Changes if they do not stop their aggressions.]


This whole thing is about furnishing the house with new sets of equipment, discharging old penances and realizing never before seen opportunities, even in the midst of the most adverse circumstances. Think about it.

When we all begin applying ourselves to the basic laws and principles of the Law of One, then no longer must we focus our attention on the hill that is before us, as we have indeed already climbed the mountain, so to speak.

[Note: The dream metaphor of a house is the environment in which we live. So, furnishing our “house” with new sets of equipment has to do with fundamentally changing the way we live and treat each other into a more positive, loving framework.]


The least persuasive argument for change is that without it, there will be no further opportunity on your planet. While that might be true, we are muttering to ourselves about the fact that the reasons for change are much more severe than this.

When you look at it strictly from a higher-dimensional perspective, there is a certain quantitative value of negative energy that exists on the planetary sphere at present.

This needs be counterbalanced, for as we move closer and closer to the vernal point, or the conjunction of the solar cycle that we have spoken of, there is then no further wiggle room, so to speak.

As this energy continues to expand, it produces an increasing stress upon the Global Grid mechanism of energetic vibrations. And this does then directly create a host of internal stresses, the product of which is the polar realignment at some distinctive point in linear time.

[Note: What we get from these paragraphs is that the more negativity we create as a people, the more we speed up the advent of a magnetic pole shift. The forces have repeatedly stated that this pole shift has to happen in our near future. We can forestall its arrival and lower its severity by remaining positive, loving God, other people and ourselves with equal intensity.]


In order to redirect your thoughts, we scan the most immediate circumstances that are likely to occur in your future. And with this knowledge, we suit ourselves up with the forethought and the awareness that you can be healed, that we can enact change within your life.

Higher and higher the chariot raises in the sky, and it will be seen by all. The buildings will be smoking, the people will be crying, and at that point it will already have been done. There will be other stages of it, of course, but this is an important point.

[Note: What this paragraph says is that the Ascension will occur before the Earth Changes, and the event will be surrounded with the advent of massive UFO “Chariot” sightings that “will be seen by all.”

These ships might be quite colossal in size as well, as according to Dr. Richard Boylan’s recent disclosures from NSA informant Dr. Wolf, there are at least three ‘very large objects’ (mother ships) orbiting in our Solar System right now.

These objects have been photographed by SOHO and have been referred to as “SunCruisers,” since they have been seen to actually fly into the Sun. So, the point is that those who have not Ascended will see the ships leaving with those who just did. This has been stated at other points in the readings as well.]


To make one’s exit prematurely [or in other words, to commit suicide] would not be wise, as this would impede the viewing of the proper situations in question.

However, on the other hand, we also know that it is much better to wield a crucifix than it is to wield a sword.

As the light and love of the One Infinite Creator is reborn, likened to the Second Coming of Christ within each entity, we can then see how it is that this change comes about.

[Note: I think the point of this paragraph is that if any person realizes that they did not Ascend in the first wave and life gets very difficult, they should definitely not kill themselves, as there will be multiple “situations in question” to “view” in the future.

Then, they go on to say that it is not proper to have an aggressive, violent attitude towards others in this “Mad Max” scenario. It will be far better to try to embody the Christ Principle of service to others than to try to kill others, which is obviously service to self, the negative polarity.]


Since those who have Ascended will return, and will have their master, so to speak, you can indeed see a physical counterpart to the Second Coming of Christ metaphor.

There will indeed be these Christed beings who appear before the angry multitudes and help to guide the way. We will try as best as possible to make sure that everyone on your planet is able to see one.

Of course, due to all the crises, mass political movements and sudden cataclysmic situations, these visitations would probably have ended up in the mythological realm, had the human culture continued on Earth.

[Note: So, the point is that if you miss the first wave of Ascension and are still on Earth, soon afterwards you will most likely see the return of those who Ascended.

Jesus was simply foretelling the future events that would occur at the end of our most recent 25,000-year cycle when he made these prophecies in the Bible. (See my book “Convergence” at www.ascension2000.com for more information on these cycles.)]


We must again remind you of the fact that the third-density is cycling its way out of existence to make way for the fourth-density. Within that paradigm, it is important to see that those who inhabit the Earth will be seen to change.

We do not speak of this as happenstance or as possibility, as to us it is as eventual as the turning of the tide or the dawning of a new day.

The validity in our arguments comes from the fact that we have access to the intelligent currents of Light / Love energy that seek to make themselves known when one is able to access the fifth density, or sphere of beingness.

[Note: The particulars of this “new breed” of humanity have been tackled in other articles that are available to be read on the website, such as “The Birth of the Christ Within.”]


Within this density level, then, we see how it is that all others who have fought and struggled to attain liberation are then able to master the cosmic Internet, so to speak.

As this knowledge translates down into your physical sphere, it may indeed cause some resistance. We know that you might never fully understand all the wisdom that there is to be gained in the universe at this time, but that does not mean that we cannot give it to you.

The value of this information is priceless. Never before in your human history has the veil between the “waking” and the “dead,” so to speak, been so thin. And of course, we are implying that you are the dead, and we are the waking. You are dead to your own potential, dead to your own identity.

It is only through a very elaborate series of cooperative dreaming exercises that your physical illusion exists as it does. It is rather humorous for us to contemplate on the fact that everything around you is an illusion, and that you have become so captivated with it that you have completely forgotten that this is what it is.

So many of the events that you call ‘Random’ are actually scripted and guided by Higher Intelligence that it would bring your mind to fathomless depths to even be able to conceive of the level of planning and forethought that is actually going on.

Cigar smokers indulge themselves after a new baby is born. Although we do not smoke cigars, we do certainly look forward to the new delivery. We eagerly await each of you coming before the Throne of the Divine and signing your name on the parchment of Everlasting Life, as we have said.

You will then complete your obligation to the third density of bondage, polarity, karma and suffering, and move forth into higher directions of space and time. And with that, we remind you that you are being taken care of, and that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.



And with that, we conclude this article. More updates will continue as they come in. Also, look for a new section that will be coming up on the website, entitled “David’s Personal Readings: Latest Updates.” This material builds off of the newly edited book of my life story, and the continuing quest for self-perfection in the eyes of the One.

No one has received more attention from my readings then myself, as their main goal was to get me to the point where I could live completely by their teachings and be prepared for the highest level of growth at the time of Ascension. Again, check with me if you would like us to produce a full-length reading of your own.

[3/20/09: We stopped doing all client readings in August 2005 to focus on large-scale service.] 

I thank you for taking the time to read this article that we wrote, and Peace be with you. See you in the Ascension.