Three days before the event itself, this dream came in. A surprising “twist ending” as well — love could have solved the problem.




As anyone can see, this dream came through more than two days before the event itself, which was on Tuesday, April 21, 1999.

The best thing about it is that it featured someone who I actually saw that same Sunday.

Since this woman was in my dream, I described it to her in great detail.

So, there is an independent person to confirm that this dream did come in before the event itself. It is also documented on audio tape, where each day’s dreams are recorded in sequence and later transcribed.


Sunday 4 / 18 / 99 — 4:40 am

D: This dream started out with a firing line. Everyone was trying to hit me with baseballs. All these jock-type people lined up with baseball bats, and they were all going to start trying to hit me with these baseballs and expect me to stand there.

I told them that they were foolish, and I refused to stand there. I was very angry and terrified about what these jocks were doing to me.

[Note: This first section obviously correlates directly to the stories coming out from other members of the “Trench Coat Mafia.” Apparently the athletic types in their school were pelting these students and others with rocks if they walked or rode bicycles to school in the morning. That was what led to their violent outburst in the first place.]


Then, the dream completely shifted. Basically, I became Luke Skywalker, yet I would also watch him as a character instead of actually being him physically. It alternated back and forth between my living the experience and my watching the experience.

It was nighttime, and he felt very threatened by his environment — including the baseballs listed above. He wanted to escape into his room that night even though he knew that he was being watched and was in danger.

As Luke, I definitely knew that there was some sort of surveillance camera watching me.

He was very afraid, and he ended up hiding under his bed to try to become safer. Then, I believe that his morning alarm went off, and Luke said, “Damn it,” but he knew he had to get up anyway. It turned out that he was going to go to high school for the day.

Since he was indeed Luke Skywalker, he had the ability to use the Force. So, before he ever even got out from under the bed, he reached a hand out and used telekinesis to bring a glove down off of his bedstand.

This glove looked similar to the gloves that we use here on the farm. I myself had used these very gloves to haul the dead carcasses of fish into the pickup truck so that we could put them into the compost pile. That was their main purpose, and they were made of black rubber and were extra thick so that the fish guts didn’t get onto your hands.

Then, after he got his gloves, he got out from under the bed. His friend showed up, who looked a lot like a gawky Italian keyboard player who I worked with in high school.

They both suited up like Darth Vader, for some reason. The costume consisted of black boots, black pants, a long black leather jacket that went down to their knees, and a rubber Darth Vader head mask and helmet.

But, when they actually put the mask on, it didn’t look like rubber anymore; they became two perfect replicas of Darth Vader. Obviously, they both thought that they looked very bad-assed from having this outfit on.

Then, they entered directly into the old science wing of my high school and were walking down the hallway.

I looked at the back of the one that was me, and I could see that the leather jacket that he wore was slit in the back. You could see a white shirt poking through in the back. It was definitely like a chef’s shirt for some sort of restaurant or dishwasher job.

[Note: This proved to be another telling detail, as one of the shooters took his jacket off at some point, revealing a white shirt underneath. At first the person with the white shirt was thought to be a separate shooter.

Also interesting is the fact that apparently both young men had worked at a pizza place — thus explaining why the shirt I saw in the dream was restaurant-styled.]


They walked up to the part were they had all those glass blocks of different colors in the wall, down by where the all the jocks used to be in the Science wing. At that point, all these adult people were trying to talk to us. They even said that we were beautiful.

That was interesting, because I had construed this outfit to be antisocial.

I was very surprised that someone started talking to me anyway and said that I looked beautiful. So, I said very nice things to her, rubbed her hand and stuff like that.

[Note: What we see here, as well as with the rest of this dream, is the fact that the shooters were prompted to take action because of the fact that they did not feel loved. In the study of suicides, it is indeed very common to see that a sense of hopelessness precludes the act itself.]


Then, right after that, Marcia’s mother was sitting on the ground, looked me in the eye and realized that was me. This woman has had many children and is extraordinarily compassionate — thus I have often thought of her as the ultimate mother.

She said, “You’re David Wilcock, right?” and I was really surprised.

I asked her how she knew that it was me, and she said that my warmth and compassion shined through regardless of what was on the outside with the appearance.

That just warmed my heart when she said that.

She reached up and kissed me on the lips. 

Then, all the costume disappeared and I turned back into Luke Skywalker again.

I just cued on the words Skopje, which is one of those towns in Yugoslavia where all this stuff is happening. 

[End of dream]



I believe this dream is telling us that regardless of the negative actions that anyone may perform, they are still a part of the One and must be loved equally. The rest of the metaphor would come through shortly thereafter in the reading I also posted today.

There is a direct connection between the two youths’ bombing campaign and the actions of the US / NATO alliance in Yugoslavia. The later reading made it clear that if we were not going to feel compassion for those who are suffering in Yugoslavia, something had to happen in our own country to activate those same feelings.

Only then can we see the truth — that suffering is suffering, pain is pain and killing is killing. We shouldn’t wish it on anyone, and especially not upon innocent civilians. 

And thus, since these boys had decided that they were going to do this mass murder, their timing was subconsciously manipulated to occur at the most effective period of time for America.

While this might not seem possible, we need to keep in mind that the Universal Laws of Karma must still be in effect.

The United States’ support of the slaughtering and destruction of a country has indeed brought negative karma to the country itself.

The grieving of the populace for those who were bombed and shot, even if not directly for the people of Yugoslavia, has indeed helped to lighten the planetary vibrations in this wartime period.