By David Wilcock 



Monday 8 / 16 / 99 – 8:42 a.m.

D: Just by the fact that I have not wanted to exert the energy to get up before now, I have been through an incredibly long and complex series of dreams here. It just literally seemed to go on and on and on.

The earliest dream that I can now remember put me back in the White House. I had a job at the White House. It was an area that I was working in that reminded me of the art gallery portion of Chateau Bullshinski at first, where I used to live. The job that I had seemed to have to do with the library, the requisition of various records, just organizing and collating files, that kind of stuff. At least that is what it seemed like it was.

Maybe even before this, there was an earlier section that I am cueing on briefly, that had to do with a bunch of young people and entertainment. Little did I realize it, but John F. Kennedy, the real JFK, showed up in the house unexpectedly. I guess I was working right along with him – that was what my job was. He kept trying to encourage me. He used the White House library. He said that they had done a lot of work to move all of the books into one room. There was another room where there were a bunch of little kids, and they had tried to move most of the books out of that room and into this other room so that they could collate them.

It seemed like I was on the inside, because I was hanging out with them and a few other people in this house quite directly. It seemed that what he wanted me to do with the book was some form of creative writing, although it wasn’t exactly clear what at first. I might have told him a little bit about what I do now, and he was interested by it. We had some conversation. I remember that there was a stairwell right over by the far window in the apartment, right over where I set up my drums when we first got there. I just remember him coming down that staircase, and that was when I was going to try to help him. Then, it seemed like there were some other people who showed up, and they were all going to have dinner in the apartment, which was now much fancier.

That reminds me. There was a horrible section, maybe before Kennedy or somewhere around this part. It featured Joe F and some guy like Shilo. They were in my house and smoking cigarettes, and I didn’t realize at first what they were doing, or the fact that I didn’t allow it. When I finally did catch on, I stopped them, put the cigarettes out and told them that I was just not going to let them do this. That was earlier.

So, Kennedy had this dinner. During the dinner, I felt obligated to go into this library and do some work. The library was located in an area outside the apartment. After the far wall, there was an entirely new section, and you could go there. As I headed over into that direction, I found myself among some women. The women were the hippie, granola, artistic type, and I wasn’t even sure if they knew what I was doing at first. Then there was a flirtatious vibe between myself and one of these women, and it became obvious that she did know what was going on.

When I actually got to the library, I found this whole area that contained some really gruesome and even horrifying books. I realized at some point that these books were not something that the government would want me to read. They were books that I was obviously not supposed to know about. The content was all like a horror movie, really gruesome stuff.

D: I am so tired still that my brain is improvising new storyline creations as I go along that are not what the dream is that I am trying to remember. Maybe if I just keep on talking with the recorder on, I will get it.

At some point, I realized that there was a sinister and horrible thing going on. Pretty quickly after that, I realized that there was still this one guy who looked like a combination of Jason B and John M, both drug-using guys I knew in high school. He seemed to keep oscillating between the one or the other. His face was really skinny. He was like this villain figure that was identified, and I realized how intense this negative element really was. Then, it seemed like I was supposed to keep on maintaining the status quo of this job.

Even though I had just seen him, I was aware at some point that Kennedy had been assassinated, and that it was a long time ago. For some reason, in the dream this was not a problem. It seemed that someone who was with me in this room had the coffin, and he was right there. Kennedy’s body was right there with an open coffin. I knew that there were some big questions around Kennedy and everything. Somehow, one of the two of us, now this is very irreverent, but one of the two of us wiped our foot over the face of this body, which looked just as plastic and as phony as anything. It didn’t even look like Kennedy.

Once we wiped our foot over it the first time, what was underneath it was the face of Hitler! It was contorted into a rather fearful facial expression. Then, we wiped our foot over it a second time, and it turned into that Screaming Man face, like the one in that famous old painting that they always use now. So, after I saw this, I believe that I felt a responsibility to tell other people about it.

D: Now that part at least seems to be encouraging me to write the JFK Jr. Assassination story up, which I still haven’t done. I just am really enjoying the state of consciousness that I have here, and I don’t really want to waste it, so I am just going to stay in it.

4:03 p.m.

D: Afternoon nap.

This started out with a series of military things that were going on. They looked like a weekly series of different files, all stored on a computer. There was some kind of branch of military service, and it seemed like it might have been the Air Force, I am not sure. There was this big long metallic stairwell that would lead down into a main control center type of area that had big, mainframe-style computers and stuff like that. I got the sense that there were other TV shows that showed up like files on a computer with icons before this one. There was a guy who was in charge.

In this particular “episode,” there was a connection that was made between the military and my younger brother with his bedroom in 621. A definite connection was made between these guys in the military and a lot of blocked childhood energy. So, there was some sort of effort being made to bring out the kid in them.

So, things were rolling along, and it didn’t seem like there was anything really horribly bad about it; the episodes kept on coming. And then, there was this one case where the commander was bringing in a couple of prisoners. These prisoners decided that they were going to give him a hard time, and create some disruption and some havoc in the midst of their capture. It might have only been one or two people, but I believe that they were handcuffed together and that they resisted being brought down the stairs and into the main control area, unlike other prisoners. This was like another episode of the show.

In this particular case, because they resisted, this guy shot them with a machine gun, right on the staircase! Everyone was just horrified that he was this brutal! It was also connected to N, the director at the interfaith church I attend. She was also there, and she was horrified by the brutality. Another note is that I cued on a song that was played during the time that I was helping move the VC family. It was the only song that C disliked by Dave Matthews band enough that he asked the girl who was playing it to change it. When she asked him why he didn’t like it, he said that it was because of the dissonance and dark energy in the tune. The guy was screaming pretty intensely.

So, for some reason, when he shot these people there was something near or around them that caused them to be flammable. So not only were they shot, they burst into flames. Then, he went back to his post. Then, there was again this connection to my younger brother’s bedroom, and everybody was really mortified that he had done this but he tried to act like nothing was wrong and it was going to slide off of his back.

That was pretty much the end of the episode. I then knew that there was only one episode left, and that this was like the season finale. What happened in this particular episode was that he had been collecting some sort of address labels, and they were supposedly representing his career advancement. These were the return address labels, like what you would see that someone would stick onto an envelope, and for every envelope they have the same one.

When he realized that he had killed those people for the wrong reasons, it caused him to snap. He realized at that point that even though he had been collecting all of these labels to advance somehow, there was just something very fundamental about life or about his job or about spiritual growth or whatever you want to say, that he had missed altogether. So, he became self-destructive. He took all of these labels that he had collected, and went over to where the body of the person who he had shot was burning.

For some reason, something having to do with the labels and the body and something else that he was trying to carry caused him to walk down the stairs, and then down underneath where the body was, dripping with gasoline. He might have shot the fire into existence, but somehow he set a fire, and it went all the way from the top of the stairs, over the body, down the stairs and then underneath the stairwell to where he was. This created a huge fire all around him in this lower area! He was taking all of these little stamps that he had earned, and throwing them into the fire one at a time. It was very clear that the flames were completely engulfing him and he was burning to death even as he was doing this.

[8/30: As I read the above paragraphs while transcribing, it suddenly dawned on me that this dream must be about Waco. Back in July, the readings had made mention of the fact that we might see something happen on this topic, even though at that time nothing was being talked about. Apparently there are new developments coming to light that might make those people who were involved in the event feel more responsible for what they have done. My intuition is that they will brand Janet Reno as a scapegoat and remove her from her position. The reason for this is to allay the public’s anger over the incident as we head closer and closer to the new millennium, with the possibility of social disruptions. They hope that knocking out Reno will somehow make up for what happened.]

As we watched this, the fire just got so huge that it covered the whole area of viewing. And then I realized that even though it was just the end of him, it was also just the end of another episode, and a whole new production would start afterwards. That whole new production was also on the computer.

D: So, I believe that this is a combination of factors. I believe that it is a reading about the global situation in general, and wars and how you can never win. I think it is also possibly a reading on C V, and the fact that he is hoping that this show about the military that he starred in, is going to be popular on television. It would put him in this role as a sort of very temperamental lieutenant. I am waking up now, it is interesting to do this in the middle of the daytime as it feels like it is morning when you wake up, but it is really not. Apostol has not yet gotten home, so I am still within that bubble of time.

D: One further note about this dream. When I left my room and looked at the clock, it said 4:20. That is a time associated with Hitler’s death as well as the Columbine High School shootings. That makes me think that this has to do with the death of the established order. It really has dawned on me and become very clear that the electricity really is going to completely go out at some future point from these changes with regards to the solar cycle. And so, the absolute worst case scenario of y2k is real, because nothing electronic is going to work after the first wave of Ascension. That’s it for now.