Remember Your True Identity



Wednesday 8 / 18 / 99 – 7:39 a.m.

D: With all the visitors I had, yesterday was totally unproductive, except that I did read part of “People of the Secret.” I did get a good part of the way through that. I ate dinner too late as a result of how late the second visitor arrived, who I had agreed to eat with, and now I feel the pain in my stomach.

This dream was very, very unusual, especially at the end. There was a part where I was cutting my own hair, and worried about how it was going to look. I had a goatee / beard like Apostol’s. Sometimes it was there, and sometimes it would go away. There was another part more towards the end that featured me in some really weird capacity. I was aware of these people who I was talking to, incidentally, at the dinner table at 621. They were telling me about how you can release roaches into the air to attack people. They basically released a roach into the air around me, and I was trying to cut it in half with the same scissors that I used to help Apostol trim his beard last night.

[Note: The dream clearly seems to be about how I allow my time to be wasted through things like dinner guests who then arrive very late, getting into long conversations with my housemate and the like. The roaches attacking me represented the energies that I was facing in the midst of all these vies for my attention.]

My notice is mandated upon the concerns of the globe. I do not require a police state, but please understand that you are required to keep your boundaries around you, in order that the gate-crashers of the Spirit world do not take hold. In some way, in some form, there are little different entities that you can grab hold of. In Malaysia, there may be such an occurrence. However, do not think that the tired old ways of the Creation are in some ways more liable to boogie down than those which you have received.

In short, we have arrived at that point in the book where you can then truly see the importance of this work and others like it, in revealing and unveiling the true dimensions of the massive secret tradition that has been in place for a very long time. Indeed, our satchels are packed, and you must be aware of the imminency of this transformation upon your planet, all over the place.

Most of your people have no idea that this is so soon to happen, and they may or may not even believe in Earth Changes. And so, we do need to step up the efforts somewhat, and keep stricter boundaries surrounding those times of working such that your energy is not being dispersed. When we do have the opportunity to come to the aid of an Australian shade tree, (scratch shade tree) or otherwise, we can reach out and know and expect the operative stress is still in place to make this transformation available.

[9/10: It is very interesting to me that Apostol was playing the song “I come from the land Down Under” in his room earlier, and I still was singing it in my head as I typed in that sentence above. The “shade tree” part seemed to be a distortion in transmission.]

The rungs on the ladder need some fine-tuning in order that they not be climbed upon in such a way as to create the potential for disaster. We wanted to illustrate for you in this dream the fact that the forces coalescing within might still be scattered or otherwise misappropriated. You yourself are aware that a strict boundary must be maintained. And thus, if a future situation like this arises again, simply say that you are too busy. That is all [on that topic] for now.

The memories put forth into the ethers reveal that the side of humanity that is of the treble clef is of a much different nature than the side that is of the bass clef. We try to rectify these opposites by illustrating how it is that you can go down even as you go up.

A prayer for those Roswell entities who sacrificed themselves for humanity must be combined with the present state of affairs of the Wanderers – those who have also volunteered to crash to the Earth and take upon a human physical incarnation as such. At this point in time, many of the Wanderers will be given their most intensive tests on the Earth plane, and this gross influence of transformative energy can indeed be quite intensely powerful in a way not heretofore imagined. We do have a few champagne corks to pop for them, and we do see that their efforts and our efforts indeed have been met with some wondrous circumstances.

Changes like those occurring in India have a vast asset to motivate the people, even as the events themselves retain the discrete elements and qualities of hysteria. So, I wouldn’t take too much time on this line to appear to be bolstering only those who are Wanderers. It is important to remember that this is a collective effort, and that all those who participate in the raising of their consciousness and of humanity are indeed being equally served by us in each and every moment. Each and every human life is watched, guarded and protected over with such fastidious care that it would literally boggle your minds to conceive of it.

And so, we never have to ignite the fires of the Spirit. We can indeed see the inner flame that has burned within throughout all eternity. The stories of those who have raised it into a gigantic and crackling fire are complete with their own qualities of action and dismemberment.

So, just living around these changes and transformations can be quite awesome to see from our perspective. From your perspective, it involves much more than a female spirit with a sexy voice, trying in any possible way to alter the future course of your behavior and actions. There is indeed a much more active, persistent presence that we try to maintain in order to insure that things continue to run smoothly.

The Board of Directors have a few new proposals for you. There are some last-minute itineraries being tried, and you need not go to another source to learn of them. The wealth of exercises that your people have gone through have been profitable, though not as much as heretofore seen in many other cases, as you are already aware. And thus, we have added a hand to your planetary affairs in a variety of ways, without directly intervening in a materialized physical form as such.

[9/10: As yet another telekinesis note that I should add here, about 20 minutes ago (8:05 p.m.) I went into the kitchen to think of what to eat. I was going to reach for the salmon that I had made earlier today and have some more of it. At the exact instant that I touched the glass of the salmon dish, I heard a clattering in the other room. I went back to look, and realized that my headphones had fallen and hit the floor at just the right moment. I then knew not to have more fish, but go directly to my nighttime fruit meal of grapes and plums instead. (It was about an hour early for me to do this.) This is yet another example of “Threshold Telekinesis Synchronicity,” one of “their” ways of working.]

This information resides within each of you, were you desirous of enhancing its capabilities. A finely tuned channel is needed, and this requires that the entity follow all of the basic parameters for guidance that must be maintained. These basic parameters can indeed be such a violent change in the lifespan of many a human being as to be quite unknown otherwise.

D: 7-minute break.

And so, even those far afield can again reorient themselves into the Light. The consistencies with which we command practice can be attained; they just require a diligence and a persistence not usually seen. We already understand that the available energies arise and coalesce within to do this work. It is only a question of appropriate timing. And thus, so as not to appear lonely, or otherwise embellished upon the nature of the craft itself, we have indeed distinguished a few moral sentences with which to work off of:

  1. An array of solitudes awaits those who seek the magical truth of inner peace through service to others.
  2. Only those who behave in an orderly and friendly way will have orderly and friendly lives.
  3. To mislead another is to mislead the self.
  4. The anxieties of special children arise from the anxieties of their parents.
  5. Salute those who do not have a will, as someday their experiences might make them even stronger than yourself.
  6. Legends of old describe that the wisdom of the ages can be transformed into compassion. Discover this for yourself.
  7. In all things, see only unity and Oneness, and you cannot slip or slide.
  8. Remember your true identity, and nothing will fail you.

To cover these statements in some great detail is not our intent. Rather, we chose to focus upon those points not usually seen in these readings in the depth that we would like them to be.

[9/10: Right away, I notice that these statements refer to lessons that you can absorb for each dimensional level. The first level is about the very physical self, the second is the more emotional self, the third is others and your relation to them, the fourth is love, in this case from parent to child, the fifth is light or wisdom, also the expression of will and communication, the sixth is compassionate wisdom, the seventh is unity and the Octave is Oneness and the I AM presence.]

Our vital energies are depleted somewhat, and in that sense we know that the blueprint will survive even as the workings must extend past the sphere of one day of influence of your linear time. And thus, the arbiter of escape retains its positive polarity even as these workings must draw to a close. The condition in the stomach merits such attention at this time. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading.