Accepting the Economic Change as Positive



Tuesday 8 / 24 / 99 – 4:49 a.m.

D: I am feeling just perfect in terms of phase shifting right now.

I have just been through a rather complex series of dreams, and it ended with several interesting parts. There was a teacher who seemed very homosexual. He was lecturing to a class, but also trying to include me in the lectures as he went along.

At one point, he asked me if I had read “Mein Kampf” by Hitler. I said that I hadn’t, and he seemed surprised. He was concerned that there was a fan blowing on him, and that the air was too cold. That might have an analog in the physical to the window being open here.

[Note: As this dream has to do with Apostol’s leaving, I would like to state for the record that I am not a homosexual, and nothing of the sort happened in our interaction – just two housemates, that’s it. Sorry for all the tabloid feature buffs out there who might read into this the wrong way!]

Anyway, the last thing was that there were a lot of changes and people leaving, things like that. Most importantly, my brother’s girlfriend was leaving. She had decided to go back home. She was thanking me at quite great length about all of the things that I had done to help her.

As I was hugging her, it became my brother. He was thanking me for all the ways in which I had talked to her, and the things I had done for her, the help that I had given her, and dreams that I had dreamed for her.

D: I can’t help but make a correlation between this and Apostol’s announcement yesterday that a friend has offered him a free room in his house. It appears that this whole phase is coming to an end, because I can’t imagine that he is going to refuse the offer. It also means that I go back to having a lifestyle where I don’t have to deal with that stuff.

[Note: It certainly is interesting that today, as I transcribe this, he is finally leaving after an extremely prolonged wait.]

D: Now we are going to start a dictation.

Just because your resources start to dwindle, that doesn’t mean that the entire façade of family relations needs be maintained any longer.
[Note: In other words, any fear of lack of money should not figure in as a reason for having Apostol stay with me any longer. I definitely got what I needed and it was high time for everything to wind down to a close.]
When we have the opportunity to be alive and present in these circumstances, there can be no further discussion as to the why and wherefore and what of these predicaments.
To have extended oneself long after the moment of truth is to be clearly cross-examined by the Spirit, and in so doing create wisdom.
Many are those whose lives have become seeded to a larger extent by the negative vibrations, and its various mundane holdings over people.
Here, ministers have arranged this meeting for you to illustrate how it is said in one sentence that there can be those who are almost ready for Ascension, but the work is constant as the polarities are just not quite there yet.
[Note: We can already see here that they are talking about Apostol. The next paragraph makes this even more clear.]
[tape flips]
What we are showing you is a typical example of one of those whom we are investing the greatest energy pulses into at this time. While accomplishing something like this is certainly no small feat, there can be no further progress until the entire display is viewed once again, from an altogether realistic standpoint. Your previous views have not afforded them.
We have a high deal of confidence and understanding relative to the knowledge of the pinions that have circumvented the Easter egg syndrome as it is now seen.
[Note: The only thing I can get from “Easter egg syndrome” is that it refers to the beliefs of many immigrants that America is the “land of plenty,” or that limitless wealth is available at every turn as soon as you start looking for it. The metaphor of the Easter egg hunt certainly has that same ambiance.
The pinions, or bars that surround this hunt for money would be the harsh economic realities of life in America, which Apostol did not want to admit to being in existence. He was convinced that being here was like hitting the lottery, and that great riches were the next natural step.]
Realistically, this change is precipitated upon a system of beliefs so hardcore and alien to many others that it would almost be nothing more than a massive, delusional world of fantasy, as one such person indicated to you in the Email.
[Note: In other words, moving away from a materialistic perspective and into a spiritual one demands a level of inner seeking that many people simply never attain. The metaphysical knowledge that represents “truth” as expressed in these readings is certainly a very big pill to swallow!]
So, you have been offered the opportunity to look back upon these circumstances, these workings, et cetera, and see how it is that one in a million stars have reached their goal, and indeed have receded back into the Light.
This recession that we speak of is now almost complete for you, and that excites me greatly.
To be complete in it is to play the guitar strings without ever plucking a note, and yet all the while knowing that the music that is sounded is of the most sonorous and reverberating nature. It can be easily used for personal transformation.
In some deep, dark corner of the mind, there are those memories which play off of your sense of separation, and which realistically have a lot more predetermined “facts” than you could have ever imagined.
When the cosmic recycling is completed, we now know that the entire caseload of opportunities have been given their fair shake (by) resonating with the higher vibrations as such.
And thus, do not see this system change as a bad thing. Rather, be clear as to its purposes and motivations. The starry-eyed wonders in the sky continue to hold their influence over you in a way that redefines the character of service. [1:44 on trans. 9/12/99.]
The airplane takes off and again moves into flight position and pattern. Similarly, patterned economics come to an end, and the global monetary system’s financial involvement is quite high indeed.

[Note: Since the dream from the day before referred directly to the “Silent Weapons” document, the readings’ statement about “patterned economics” certainly appears to be talking about the exact same concept. In other words, our current, manipulated global monetary system will no longer be in the hands of the elite – through collapse, the resources will be returned to the people.
All of this wealth is really only useless paper-backed credit anyway, as the only true resources that we have are those of Mother Earth Herself.]
Do not think of these situations as cataclysmic entities where all must collapse into rubble. Rather, see them as the final stage of awakening, so as to bring forth the dawning of a new awareness within the people, caused by their own adaptability to struggle and to change.
D: I must comment here that last night, I again was put into a situation where I did something that I didn’t want to do. Paul was trying to crush my hand with his greater strength, and even now as I do this reading, there is a pain in it that I am feeling. It is not strong enough to affect the signal, I don’t think, so let us please continue.
The cat illuminates a whole spectrum from a perspective of beingness, instead of from a perspective of knowingness. There is a very big difference. In your case, the spectrum itself revolves around the idea that there can never be enough opportunities for positive change, growth and transformation.
And thus, that event in and of itself, because of its dramatic overtones, will help prevent you from ever letting something like this happen again. And that is an important point.
We do beg your pardon, but now your struggle with the material ends has also reached its ends, see? Now and then, we have become aware that the real difference between seekers and followers is their internalization and understanding of the teachings that propel them forward.
Followers have never sighted the core of the truth to a high enough degree to feel a sense of self-sufficiency, whereas seekers are enthused by the knowledge that the truth exists, even as they are aware that the knowledge itself might come with even greater difficulty than this.
And thus, in the aura of the wedding custodian, I have circumvented all available opportunities for growth and service in the typical sense, to compress years of experience into one small package.
We do then see last night how much of your experiences with bullies was able to be processed in one fell swoop. I agree that this oversight in the past was simply due to the lack of professional circumstances to bring it about.
And so, I would ask that you use your pain as an opportunity to reinvigorate those portions of the life processes that involve the generations of bullying, and use same for personal transformation.
When I was doing a reading, it didn’t become anything else but what I already knew myself to be. And in that clearly defined moment, there was something elusive that was never heretofore planned, and that defied categorization.
I was aware that the struggle for material omnipotence would lead nowhere, and that the blind drive for satisfaction was an empty road indeed.
And yet, as I take these lessons of the heart and incorporate them within myself, I am also innately compelled to receive visions; visions of an enigma of sorts, namely the processes of self-transformation.
When all we have to do is become a dead ringer for the self, by the self, then there is no question about how we will accomplish these workings anymore.
Instead, we are left with the knowledge and forethought that the signal itself retains the discrete aspect of the unitary nature of the One in all its ways and forms and means. And so, what we like to see and what we don’t like to see revolve around a simple concept of Oneness.
Anything that you do which may become in alignment with the Oneness is indeed grandiose, whereas those things that you do which misalign you with the Oneness can be quite abrupt and difficult indeed.
Now and again, I become something familiar, to me, and I can learn to use my own tools of self-gratification of the Ego for another new purpose, namely the transformation of this planet and its inhabitants.
I shouldn’t need to worry about stuff like this, but in one form or another, it continues to be an issue. I wish there were more opportunities to climb this ladder of the Spirit and arrive at a destination point.
This foundation is, shall we say, complete, as though entering the marbled corridors and hallways of the Divine by simply choosing to ascend what at first appears to be a simple attic staircase or ladder.
It is this processing of the deepest nooks and crannies of the self that will produce such amazing findings. And it is in that present moment that we are then capable of doing so much more than we could have ever imagined.
Seeing the stars and being the stars might seem to be a leap of faith. It is more directly a manifestation of true knowledge and Oneness. And in that light, in that love, in that awareness, do we not then see how all concatenations of matter / energy emanate from the One?
We no longer need to create false distractions for the self as the reality of the higher vibrations becomes more and more apparent.
We don’t need to fail at futile efforts that deride the source and keep us congested from the reality that indicates that the road ahead, though straight and narrow, is indeed moving ever closer to the forefront of your awareness at this time.
At this time we may proceed, and we ask that you breathe for a few seconds before doing so.
[D: Sound of breathing. Long pause.]
Self-integration does have a finishing point, and we are aware that the bringing about of this wisdom is an entire new process for you – a process that demands self-sacrifice, and / or the ability to remain discretely objective in the midst of a whole host of alternative stimuli as such.
In order that we do not become overly concerned with the facts, we must condition ourselves to the acceptance of paradigms of sorrow. And when we say “Acceptance,” we want to imply here that this means transformation as well. That is an important point.
D: That dictation cut off there, and I woke up. It was 5:17 or something. I have now slept again, starting at about 6:30, and it is now 17 minutes after 8:00.