The Time to Awaken is Now…

And a Dream of a Moon Expedition



Wednesday 8 / 25 / 99 – 7:07 a.m.

This is the first new dream of the night. This dream was really incredible in a lot of ways. Obviously, it is longer than just a small thing. There was a whole portion of it that took place on the Moon! We were investigating the Moon to try to find evidence for intelligent human habitation, which was certainly an interesting concept. It was also loosely associated with a ship, kind of like the Enterprise, and a modality similar to Star Trek.

Anyway, one of the main points from the whole thing was that I watched as several other people were going near to this cliff. There was some immediate danger that the cliff might collapse, and people were able to jump down the cliff and get to the solid ground beneath, before there was any major collapse. But as the cliff started to collapse, there were some very large cubical blocks coming loose that certainly seemed to indicate the possibility of advanced geometric structures on the Moon.

There was definitely a kid who was one of the ones involved with going down this cliff.

[Note: The dream voice later reminds me of a detail that I forgot in this dictation. When the boy jumped down the cliff, he remained still when he reached the bottom. But then, as he thought of the cascades of blocks that might come down on top of him, he dove out of their way.]

There were later expeditions to the Moon as well, and at one point my mother showed me this natural little bowl-shaped depression in the sand. She thought that it might be a sign of intelligence, but even as she showed it to me, it filled up with water. I told her that I thought it was just a natural geyser, and she agreed.

There was also something having to do with J V. It was all people from the church. My mother was in the shower. I was going to take a shower and J was going to take one as well. It happened in such a way that my mother basically wouldn’t let J in. J was basically trying to force her way in. I was just glad that my mother was keeping her away. After they got their showers, I knew that I was going to be able to take mine.

There was some powerful ET type stuff happening here. This was undoubtedly indicative of possibly real things that had happened in the past. Expeditions to the Moon.

Who cares what the text says if you haven’t bothered to finish writing it yet? Now, we don’t have any other picture of reality, save for the design that comes around full circle, and tells us that the entire adventure that we are about to embark upon is indeed something totally new, and never heretofore seen.

We have loved and lost, lost and loved, but it matters very little when seen in conjunction with the greater whole. All those things that might happen in what you would term as the past do indeed have their direct bearings on the present and future states of human civilization. And thus, as a brass lamp may well be designed to shine the light in the darkest of places, it can also be used to keep the door open, which then affords a view of previous locations as well.

And so, we can say that the entire dream herein does have some bearing on reality, and of life in the Atlantean continent as you would have it, and the trips to the Moon that were made therein.

[Note: That is a very, very heavy concept indeed! Megalithic stone structures on the Moon! Richard Hoagland’s research supports such conclusions quite well. I suppose that with the right resources and time, we could go back there now and confirm these discoveries firsthand.]

There have always been a few of those people who would trigger Palestine, Israel into a conflict. Warlike actions do not supercede the glory of the One Infinite Creator, and the decisions that are made as a direct result of same. And so, keep that in mind as this warlike scenario develops itself yet again.

The signal beacon broadcasts quite strongly this day. It is for this reason that we can tell you that all you are is all that we are, and so much more as well. It boggles the mind to see how we could aid in the firing of those from their jobs who have used the privileges of power and bankrupted business systems all across the board. More importantly, however, you should see the process that we are doing as being indicative of a new, higher order of events than the order which contemplates more fully its nature of existence than ever before.

The toilet bowl is used for sanitation, to keep wastes from building up in improper places through the usage of water under pressure of gravity feed. We are also aware that a cosmic toilet of sorts is going on in the public consciousness at this time, and it is for this reason that we gave the dream, with the crumbling of the Moon and such. In this dream, the young boy who was aware of the crumbling was able to jump down a very long chasm without injuring himself. He did lie down for a time once he was on the bottom, only to then realize that other parts of the rock might then land on him as well. And this caused him to move again.

Now again might we say that as you head into the future of your own conceptions, there are still as yet many challenges that will face you and present themselves. So, you don’t have to be too concerned about that. Just let the trade winds blow in the direction that seems most appropriate, and try to follow along as best as possible without significant disruption. You will find that over and over again, the candles that you light can change the world, remaking and reforming the ideas and ideals of the past so as to brighten up the future with the promise of the new world that is being born each and every moment.

We have done so much in what you would term as the past, both archeologically and through extensive documentation and mythology as well as other sources, to try to prepare you for this. Indeed, our rendition of the Pyramid Timeline is also another example of how this Ascension metaphor was conveyed. The point is that you should not be so concerned about the how and why of this event, as you are about the preparation for it. We know that it seems unfathomably vast, and that when looking at all of these readings [it all must seem to be quite hard to swallow.]

[tape ends]

And so, a personal soliloquy on these matters reveals yet again that once you have been deprived enough of the very essence of life itself, your search will intensify greatly. You can no longer continue to deny human life, nor your own life, when you are so deeply involved in the reverence and love of same. You cannot continue in the ways of the past when the knowledge of the future becomes yours to explore. And lastly, you cannot continue to dig trenches for invisible graves, not knowing when or if they will take their effects. In other words, the abuse and / or use of substances and other forms of addiction that are harmful to the body and mind and spirit all originate from this sense of separation from the One Infinite Creator.

It is in this blinded moment of separation that we do then see how it is that one can become diverted off course, and have other priorities come to the fore that are only tangentially related to the Great Work as it is then seen.

We speak to you of a system of physics, and of a system of being. To us, there is no difference between these two terms. The higher and the lower, the here and the there, the in and the out, all revolve around Oneness. And so, since there is only Oneness, there will only be a unanimity in the Source as we go through these different manifestations of same. That is important to remember.

Now and then, when we look in upon ourselves and upon these workings, we may find various small inconsistencies with the Oneness. Many of those who have sent David email have stated that these inconsistencies might well be their downfall for the Ascension. We will again state that it is important to remember that the more bellicose actions, deliberately harming, hurting and / or killing otherselves, are those actions which most directly lead to a loss of compatibility with Ascension.

Other self-serving actions which cause damage to otherselves are on similar levels. And so, regardless of whether you think that your humble efforts are sufficient, just be most aware of those areas wherein your actions have hurt or otherwise disturbed otherselves, and attempt to cessate those behaviors by replacing them with forgiveness and a love of service. Again, we are not talking about something that requires you to become an avatar while here on Earth. We are talking about a simple phase shift in evolution, long in coming, that should be, and we stress should be, quite easy to attain by this point. We have already discussed how those of your planet do need a chiropractic adjustment of sorts, and this is indeed coming. So let’s just stay focused on the here and now, and we will discover how it is that the target is in sight, and we are approaching it closer and closer ever moment.

The time to awaken is now. We remind you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We now end this reading. Adonai.