Sunday 8 / 22 / 99 – 8:53 a.m.

[Note: Brief Excerpt only]

The Russian Mafia have a few more surprises left to go. That should be an alert for you.


Monday 8 / 23 / 99 – 8:22 a.m.

This dream was really incredible. It built up and built up, but I never could have imagined where it was going to go. This dream had a lot of different sections. The part that I am now remembering seemed to be taking place inside some sort of classroom. There was actually, it was like a drama class, and people were dressing up. They were getting ready to do this elaborate stage production. One of the girls who was right near me was E W (a female) from high school, who had a locker right next to mine too, near to where T’s (female) was.

Anyway, there was supposed to be this really famous psychic guy. He was supposed to come and do these tricks as he went through. He couldn’t make it, so they sent his son, who was still old enough to have a mustache and be an adult. He was wearing a rather flashy cape. He was supposed to walk through this circuit, which was initially inside of a big building and had some reminiscences to the theater building at New Paltz, where I went to college.

For whatever reason, I was compelled to walk ahead of him. Let’s back up a little bit. There were a lot of other people in the class where I met E. Before this walk happened, I was sitting with E L. He had some very perverse pictures and was trying to share some very perverse writings from a certain musical group with me. I just didn’t want to be involved with it. Already, there were lots of people who were rumor-milling about E, talking to each other and getting this whole thing going.

I basically ended up walking in front of this magician with my hands out, like I was sensing where the people were going to be for him. I felt like since he was only the son of the great psychic, he might not do as well, so I needed to help him.

D: I am still getting all kinds of visual things as I lie here. My body obviously needs more sleep than I was giving it, and I was tremendously rewarded once I did it, with this same dream that I am dictating now.

As I walked through the backstage, warehouse type of area, the magician’s son finally asked me why I was doing this, asking me if I was psychic. I told him that I had a repetitively documented ability. We eventually came out into a wide open area. I believe it was outdoors, but there was a concrete floor. We saw a big group of other people when we got out there. At that point, things got kind of fuzzy – I am not sure what happened.

I think that when I hit that point and after that point, I started to have the standard Ascended abilities. I realize that this dream has a parallel with my arrival at the ARE. I went up to the second floor of a building, I believe it was the second floor. There were tinted blue glass walls that defined each office, and there might have even been a bullet hole in part of it. I met with a guy who I do now realize has strong similarities to (the ARE staff member whom I first met with.) That was obviously a big part of this, because I was just having another conversation about it yesterday that really made some incredible progress for me.

So, he was very interested in me, and I was doing some remarkable Ascended abilities in his office, levitation, et cetera. He seemed to be threatened or scared by me, and didn’t quite know what to do.

D: For some reason, because of my sleepiness I am getting a lot of Level Two data that are like little visual sequences like movies. They donÃ