Very Powerful Reading: The Autumn Season of Humanity



Saturday 9 / 4 / 99 – 8:25 a.m.

D: I went to bed around 4:30-ish, so this is about four hours of sleep here.

I had a very long dream involving my father just now. It wasn’t just him, J from the farm was involved as well. It seemed to involve a broken plate, and I was eating spaghetti off of it. My father was having all of this stuff happen for his career at the same time, which is obviously a metaphor for me. He did this one interview, and all of a sudden it was being shown on NBC. He was calling me up to tell me about it. We spent a lot of time in a library. In the library, there were many people talking, reading books and so forth.

There were some really weird vibes at the farm with J and with the other people.

Prayer Update.

I am not exactly sure what that was about, that part, except that there was some real awkwardness. There was something that I was trying to do with J, some type of clearing or something. It was working out well – I tried several times. There was something involving my heart. Oh, that’s what it was! They had this pad that they stuck on the back of your neck and lit it on fire, and they gave you a haircut because your hair was singeing. J was doing it, and it made his hair look very strange, the way that it was working on his hair.

Aerospace ceramics include the most difficult conceptions for you and yours to be aware of. And so, thinking of the opening between worlds, be cognizant of the future faces of those children of children who will still resonate with those words that were created at this time, and understand their meanings yet again. As fall springs into bloom in its own unique way, utilize this time and this energy to be present within the shedding of past conceptions within the soul, and allow those conceptions that have held sway for whatever length of time to gradually dissolve and drop off of your branches. For you will see that it is with their passage that the beautiful colors must emerge – the colors of their transition as they become the faded pages of a forgotten past, to make way for a new tomorrow where the werewolf does again rise, but only to remove those parts no longer necessary from you.

Embrace the power of the wolf, and accept your course correction. The future destiny holds that you must maintain focus on the straight and narrow path, aligning yourself most specifically with those emanations of Light, Love, Sound and Color that will produce the highest vibrational intentions and intonations. Make a point of it to contact such energies with a degree of focus that aligns you with your own true being, such that the activity itself becomes a fire extinguisher for those blazes that have raged out of control from anxieties and desires unmet, business opportunities that have cascaded into the realm of the forgotten, and the broken plates of meals that might once have been had.

The dream, of course, is indicated to tell you how it is that this phase of opportunities from your past no longer holds sway in the present. The situation with J burning his hair is once again our metaphor of you [David] losing all those things that are no longer necessary. We have mentioned the testicular cancer in these readings, not to indicate the physical presence therein, but rather the issues surrounding your sexuality and the degree of frustration [that you have felt in the past.]

[tape flips]

We are proud to report that your integration surrounding these issues has nearly completed itself.

When the discs are made visible in daylight, all will then see how the hidden strings are being pulled, and who is responsible for these aerial visitations – certainly not flocks of geese, swamp gas and the like. Rest assured that under the most adverse and difficult circumstances, there will be miracles the likes of which never before have been seen. We will come with an armada of spaceships, glistening in the morning light, prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect you from any and all hardships.

Think about the rainbow that is created when there is sun and rain at the same time. The reflections of the sun vibrate through the rain itself, and in so doing there is the filtration of the light beam, so as to make the entire spectrum visible to the naked eye. We want you to be aware that the rumors surrounding these mass sightings on your planet do have some basis in fact. However, it will only come about when each one of you is capable of recognizing the Sun as poking from behind the clouds, and not simply being content with the floodings caused by the rain, as it were.

To make this a more practical metaphor, we could say simply this. You yourselves know that when you want to, you can call upon your own higher spiritual force through prayer. Since we are your guardians, it is our responsibility to insure that when the free will has been granted, the appearance will be made. Understand that this has happened many of your times in the past, wherein open communication has existed between those of humanity and those from the stars. It should not be much of a surprise to you that we are readying for this again, only that you can see how it is that there are those who still would resist this contact through their own sense of fear and foreboding of some imminent mock alien invasion or the like.

And so, we never have to bear the same fruit twice, as the tree itself grows withered, and the branches have indeed reached their autumnal point. The fruits that we have given you are for your own consideration in the heart, or the green-ray center. And as you have soaked up the sun, so too must you now accept the clouds. As those fruits of the Spirit drop off of your tree, they will then once again cloak Mother Earth with a luscious blanket of color and vibrational life, and you can remain pure in that awareness that you yourselves are the One Infinite Creator, bound in human form only for a certain purpose.

You must go forth and understand that your awareness, your mind, is connected to the All There Is, and the connectivity permeates the entire social structure of your people, and much further than this as well. When you start seeing yourselves as a social entity as well as a spiritual entity, you will realize the utter futility and nonsense of classism, genderism, racism and the like. Even the act of harming a fish when you are out on your schooner in the ocean could be construed as a failure to adopt the Oneness, if it is not an action wherein the blessings have been appropriately said. By this, we mean that you must bless the suffering of that particular fish, as it is then designed for you to partake of it, and it was that particular fish’s choice as to when such a process would occur.

We leave you with the notion that the fruit of the vine can produce the purest wine, or the sourest of vinegar. It is up to you how you will decide to milk your own fruits of the Spirit, so that the lamb may again come and choose to lie in your pasture, radiating peace, serenity and believability that there is indeed a Oneness. Come forth and extend your hand to the One. Know that the action will be met, and the results will be quite profound, although simple. Even though you cannot see it, it exists all around you. Its vibrational emanation, or the blanket of Light / Love energy, cascading in ripples, can emanate from the surface of your skin and heal you vibrationally as they move throughout your body.

Take the moment to see how the plane is circling over the airport and preparing to come in for a landing. Do not let the stormy weather disturb your focus, or make you fail to see how it is that you are indeed coming home, and your ship to be berthed in the hangar. We remind you once again that the infinite love of the Almighty One, Creator of the Universe and God of all Gods, is omnipresent. Since you in your physical environment are entirely composed of this same etheric substance with a unique personality, we suggest that you begin remembering who you are. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We are now ending this reading.