Healing the “Serious Ghosts” of War in Self and Others

By David Wilcock 



Saturday 8 / 14 / 99 – 4:40 a.m.

D: I just remembered that there was a part where I was fighting someone who may have represented my fears. I was fighting them with the sticky-wrists technique, where full wrist contact is maintained at all times. I was surprised about how when I started to go really fast, they just couldn’t keep up with me at all, and in fact posed no threat whatsoever. But I really wasn’t trying to hurt them anyway.

[Note: This is telling us not to fear the threats of wars and rumors of wars referred to in the reading below.]

C, an African-American boy from my high school and the only one in my grade, was featured in this dream at some point. There was all this stuff in there about alchemy and transformation, and it is very interesting on that level. There was all these crossing plots and subplots and intrigue, and a lot of it is eluding me right now.


The fuselage contained a little bit more information as we go along. Sally Wong might have something for you as well. When take a worthy look at our opponents, we then no longer need to remain focused on ourselves. Instead, we can clear the pathway for the future, and know that the entire lake bed is being cleared for a giant new school of fish.

Heraclitus once said that to wear tennis shoes is to escape the problem occurring in India at the present time. Neither do we wish for each individual entity to single itself out through prayer and meditation as being somehow different or better. We can indeed keep it very clear and to the point, and in that awareness, there is then no need to falter with one’s inconsistencies.

[Note: Not quite sure about all of this yet. I believe that it is saying that we shouldn’t run away from problems like the ones occurring in India. We all have to stop making distinctions based on religions, creeds, races or other characteristics.]

Another unilateral change of pace… correction, troop withdrawal, in the inner circle is already lagging behind in its timing. We want to see the changes occurring in due earnest. We eagerly look forward to the opportunity to serve you more in the future.

[Note: Usually when I get a “correction” I simply put the correct word in. However, both of them here seem significant in their own way so I left it as a verbatim transcript. I believe that this phrase is telling us that “they” are trying to de-escalate the India situation at present.]

[tape flips]

[Note: The last sentence before the tape flipped came out very fast, and therefore it fit in perfectly before the tape went off!]

D: Just as I was about to sign off on the other tape, it ended, which was very, very interesting.

One more night will show you that the laundry list does indeed have many more surprises on it. So keep that chained tether within yourself so as to become unswayed by outer circumstances. What we want for you is to be calm and relaxed, and to never worry about how such things will be done. Just get them done, and all is well.

[Note: Since the context is ‘war’, it seems to be saying here that other things could still break out, even if India is able to be controlled. Therefore, “the laundry list does indeed have many more surprises on it.”]

We do have some concern over your chimney or smokestack, namely the venting or releasing of same. And so, do not fear or fret the extra physical labors at this time as you go through them. Accept the work as a necessary part of your healing process of otherselves.

The curtain call is occurring soon enough. We don’t want you to be afraid about it, but rather excited and prepared for it with whatever resources are available. Do not ever forget the significance of what is occurring here. If you move too rigidly, you could miss the whole thing.

And in that moment of shadow, there appears a little disdain. You are progressing quite nicely well, however, and we do know that there are many surprises still ahead, so keep that thought at the forefront of your mind. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. We are now ending this reading.

D: I just remembered that in this dream I have been discussing, there were three different serious ghosts in this one room. Everyone was really scared of them, and I ended up communicating with them quite directly and getting them to cooperate. Everybody was really amazed about that.